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Reign of Vengeance

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It was a night under the full moon.


That night, she found her destiny, not bringing balance to the world, but being the embodiment of vengeance.

All of a sudden, she was 5 again. Fire, blood, explosion and screams. She could never unlive the night.

"Run, Korra!" It was Tonraq, her father and the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He was a skilled waterbender, but still no match to the attackers: a group of five, one of whom his brother. The tall woman shot explosion from her head, he solidified the water into ice, attempting to shield the attack, surrounded, he had nowhere to run.

Her leg felt as if they were made from lead. Her eyes followed a trail of blood, at the end of the trail lies her mother's cold body. How could she run? She is the Avatar, she has the power to bend water, fire and earth, she has all the power in the world… Interrupted by a scream, she followed the voice, she found the short woman's ice blade impaling her father's chest... And yet, she couldn't protect her very family.

"I'm sorry to end this way, brother. All of these won't happen if you just hand in the Avatar." said Unalaq, the pretentious man she used to call uncle. HE WILL PAY. She could feel her heart pumping, blood running through her veins. WATER, THERE'S WATER IN THE BLOOD, AND THERE'S BLOOD IN HIS BODY. She knew well enough what's needed to be done. Without hesitation, she bent the blood in her uncle's body. It was a success, she could see his body twitching, with utter fear on his face, he squeezed these words out of his mouth, "bl-ood-bender…"

A muscular man, the only non bender among the attackers, faltered quite a bit. "Listen Korra, your uncle means no harm to you. Please put him down and go with us, I can ensure your safety."

"Safety? You killed my mum and dad and I'm now supposed to trust you? " Her voice became coarse due to extreme anger, and yet she still managed to keep her composure. MY FATHER GETS KILLED BY ICE, THIS IS AN EYE FOR AN EYE. She froze Unolaq's blood, little spikes of frozen crimson pierced through his eyes, tongue and skin, like needles poking out of a bag.

The murderers took several steps away from her. Their leader, the non bender, had finally raised enough courage to take a step forward. "We will end this evil thing right here, right now, let the cycle be broken for good." They approached her; she felt no fear, no regret, her eyes burning with the flame of hatred. THIS CANNOT BE THE END, I HAVE YET TO MAKE YOU SUFFER.

"Freeze!" The shout came from the tribal worriers. Within seconds, they secured Korra from her enemies. An old woman passed through the crowd, with hands on her back while facing the assassins:" Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

"With all due respect Master Katara, the very thing you're protecting is responsible for Unalaq's brutal death." The non bender replied, pointing at the bloody corpse lying in snow.

"During an attempt to assassinate the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and his family?" Katara glanced at the Tonraq and Senna's body, "This is a righteous act of self-defence."

"Then by tomorrow morning you will hear the Chief of Northern Water Tribe declaring war on you."

Katara answered him with her attacks, thin blades of ice that could hardly be seen. The short woman blocked it with her makeshift water arms centimetres away from slicing the non bender's throat.

Korra's eyes were glowing, not from the Avatar State but from fascinating Katara's power.

Two of the warriors took her to safety. Again and again, she couldn't stop looking back to the battleground, she wanted to see, so desperately, to see these murderers paying for what they had done, she must see it with her own eyes. But the last thing she saw they were no longer here; they had fled.

Korra woke up from the afternoon nap. After all these years, it still haunts her as nightmares. She'd better catch up some sleep before she rendezvouses with Asami Sato, who will be confronting her father tonight. She had shown her the proof of him making weapons for the Equalists. Never did she thought she would be some kind of hero, considering what she has done and what she will be doing in her pursuit to power. Stop, she reminded herself, you're now a waterbender and a triad boss of Republic City, and you, you have a long night ahead.