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I would wait for you

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It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
-See You Again by Khalid

There was nothing particular with the white two-storey house. No, it was quite an ordinary night with stars high above and quiet streets illuminated by yellow street lamps. The extraordinary thing was the girl that lay asleep in the room behind the second story window. She tossed and turned in her sleep, twisted her bedsheets as she moved around. A bone piercing scream penetrated the night as her eyes flew open, glowing golden for a second as she drew a shuddering breath. She opened and closed her eyes several times as if she could chase the lingering gold and nightmares away.

It took several minutes before she could catch her breath and she sat up in bed just when the door to the room opened. Lisbeth, her younger sister, put her blonde head through the gap. Some people, like Michelangelo, see angels in every block of marble and see it as their duty to free them. Lisbeth, on the other hand, saw it as her duty to look after her older sister, even if she was 3 years younger than Emblyn. Lisbeths worried green eyes met Emblyns blue ones.

“Are you okay? I heard you scream. Was it another nightmare?”

Emblyn shook her messy strawberry blonde hair out of her face, she could feel her eyelids beginning to drop but she was not ready for sleep to claim her again just yet.

“I'm fine. Yeah it was a nightmare, but it was different this time. I woke up in a forest…”



The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was a clear blue sky surrounded by trees. She blinked uncertainly a few times before sitting up, finding herself in a small clearing in a forest. The trees and ground were covered in green and she could hear birds singing. It had to be a summer day because she could feel the heat in the air.
She stood up on unsteady legs and took a few steps towards the edge of the clearing. There was a small path between the trees that she followed trying to find some kind of buildings or life.

After about a mile she could see the end of the forest. When she stepped out of it sunlight immediately hit her face and she squinted up ahead. A huge castle, unlike anything Emblyn had ever seen before, rose high above the ground. The walls were thick and really tall so all she could see was some towers with a flag at the top and the gate, surrounded by guards.

She felt really small standing before the castle. Like she didn’t matter. She took a deep breath and walked towards the gate but when she tried to walk into the castle she was stopped by the guards.

“Who are you and what is your business in Camelot?” asked the dark-haired guard. If it was possible Emblyn felt even smaller and she wanted to run. But she held her ground.

“Is this Camelot? I’m just…” she trailed off. A raven-haired boy was headed towards them, a determined look at his face. He looked kind of strange, Emblyn thought, and somehow out of place. He had a sort of glow around him that she couldn’t explain but when she saw him she felt a sort of warmth spreading from her chest. She relaxed. Everything was going to be okay.

No, she became tense again. She had no idea where she was or why she was there. It was not alright.

“Emblyn! There you are! I was looking for you, come with me” the gangly man shouted. Emblyn waited until he got closer and then she answered warily.

“What? Who are you? Do I know you?” He smiled and it lit up his whole face. Something about him made her want to trust him.

“Yes you do. Don’t you remember me? I’m Merlin!” Something floated up in her mind but it was forgotten long before she could grasp it.

“ I don’t know. I recognise that name but I don’t recognize you.”

Merlin gave her a kind smile and took her hand. "Come with me. Don't be scared, I will help you remember." He led her back over the field and into the forest again, not stopping until they reached the clearing where Emblyn woke up earlier. After checking that there wasn't anyone else close by, Merlin stepped into the middle of the clearing and looked up at the sky. "Don't be scared." He said "O drakon, e male so ftengometta tesd'hup'anankes!" His call echoed through the forest as if it were a cave and then everything went quiet.

Emblyn had almost given up when she heard the flapping of what sounded like giant wings in the distance.

The first thing she saw of the dragon was a glimpse of its eyes. Terrifying and golden, yet ancient and almost kind. Emblyn did her best not to flinch when it landed. Then it spoke.

“What makes you call me this time, young warlock?”

Strangely enough, the gigantic dragon that could evidently talk, was not the weirdest thing that had happened that day.

Merlin, who was leaning against a tree in the dragon's shadow, totally at ease, answered calmly.

“This is Emblyn, I know who she is but she doesn't remember me. I need you to help me make her remember.”

The wise golden eyes rested on Emblyn for a moment. In his gaze was something she couldn’t identify, but it made her want to squirm. Finally, he answered.

“Of course I'll help her remember who she is. She is important to you Merlin and I wouldn't want to hinder you from fulfilling your destiny.” The great dragon closed his eyes as if calling upon a power within and took a deep breath.

But before he could open his eyes again a scream broke the silence. "A dragon! There's a dragon in the forest!" Emblyn pressed her hand to her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Merlin took her hand and pulled her behind a tree just as three men emerged from the other side of the clearing. They had swords in their belts and one of them had a crossbow slung over his shoulder. The man with the crossbow took an arrow from his quiver and aimed at the dragon's chest. "Leave us alone you vile creature! A monster like you has no place in Camelot."

Kilgharra roared at the men but they seemed unmoved by the loud noise. Emblyn heard the flicker of the bowstring when the arrow was released. She threw herself forward instinctively, her eyes golden, and the arrow fell to the ground, two centimeters before the dragon's chest. She dove back behind the tree with her hand to her mouth but it was too late. They had already seen her. The men’s attention left the dragon and they began to head towards the tree that hid Merlin and Emblyn. Merlin leaned forward to whisper something in Emblyns ear but before the sound could leave his lips the men grabbed them and they were brought out from their hiding spot.

Emblyn couldn’t help but to hope that they really hadn’t seen her eyes and that the men were just rescuing them from the dragon. Stranger things had already happened that day. But the leader of the men spoke up.

"Sorcerers in Camelot! Arthur is going to pay us well for this!”

Yep, felt about right considering her bad luck this far. The man nodded towards the others.

“Bind them and make sure they can’t escape. We have a reward to retrieve.”

At least the day couldn’t get any worse. They still had their magic. Merlin raised his free hand and aimed it at their captors. His eyes turned gold but nothing happened. He tried again and again. After every time he breathed heavier and panic crept slowly into his eyes. He was without the weapon he always could rely on and he looked like the very foundation that he stood on had been removed from under his feet. Emblyn could feel it too. Like a hollow inside of her that she never knew she would miss until now. The leader just laughed.

“You thought it would be that easy huh? You won’t be able to use magic this close to us.”
The men proceeded to drag them to the castle that looked, if it was really possible, larger and more intimidating now. But instead of heading towards the gate they entered the castle through a backdoor. Emblyn realised that it was because the captors wanted to avoid being seen by the guards and townspeople. They made a final turn and were finally able to see the doors to the throne room. Surprisingly, there were no guards outside the doors like there usually were. Maybe she was wrong before. Maybe this day could get worse.

The leader directed them through the doors and the men holding them threw them carelessly on the hard and cold stone floor. When Emblyn looked up she was met with two clear blue eyes. The eyes belonged to Arthur, the king of Camelot. Arthur's eyes widened with shock when he saw the two persons that had just been thrown on the floor in front of his feet.

"Merlin! What are you doing? And who is this girl?" He took a deep breath to steady himself as Emblyn and Merlin got up from the floor.

Merlin fumbled for words "Listen I can explain. We were…" He didn't have time to finish the sentence before Emblyn interrupted him.

"It's my fault. We were out in the forest when these men scared us and I tried to fend them off using magic. Merlin had nothing to do with it."

Arthur's eyes widened. Emlyn thought that if she looked closely she could also see a glimt of relief, but it was gone before she could confirm it. Instead his gaze hardened.

“So you admit to using magic in Camelot? Even though you know that it’s banned?”

Deep inside her she knew that she was condemning herself but she was desperate. They could not hurt Merlin. Not for her mistake. So she did the only thing she could.
“Yes! Please just don’t hurt Merlin. He had nothing to do with it. I don’t think he even knew that I had magic.”

Merlin’s head snapped up and he caught her eyes with his own impossible soft, hurt and angry gaze. Before he could say anything Arthur answered her calmly.

“I won't hurt Merlin, I believe you.” Relief flooded her whole body and she relaxed. “But you know what I have to do. Using magic inside Camelot's borders is banned and, even though you used it to defend yourself it's still a crime. I hereby sentence you to death. You shall be executed at dawn. “

The heavy words left Arthur's mouth and sank slowly to the floor. They left a thick silence in its wake. Emblyn had known what would happen when she confessed but hearing the sentence made it more real. She would die. She would never regain her memories and die without knowing who she was. Would someone miss her? Did she have any relatives that would mourn her? Merlin probably would, but she hadn’t had time to figure out why.

She started to tremble.

“Please! My lord please, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Her voice felt small in the big throne room and the words fell as soon as they left her lips.

Merlin took a step closer to her and she could hear the fear in his voice as he spoke. "She's telling the truth. It was self defense. She got scared by the men. Please, she means no harm."

Arthur sighed deeply and Emblyn caught something that looked like regret in his sapphire eyes. "I'm sorry Merlin, I can't. You know that. She broke the law and she has to pay for it. Guards! Take her to the dungeons."

Two guards clad in armour bearing the Camelot crest stepped forward and grabbed Emblyn by the arms. They led her out the door and she heard Merlin's desperate attempts to convince Arthur that she was innocent. She felt tears start rolling down her cheeks as they descended the stairs towards the dungeons and their voices disappeared.

She was thrown in a small cell and she curled up in a corner when the lattice door swung shut and the guards left to report back to Arthur. The silence was heavy in the little room and she closed her eyes and drew her knees up to her chest. Everything was lost, she was going to die. That was the only thing that she knew for sure, it couldn't get worse now.

Suddenly there were steps outside the cell and she scrambled backwards without looking to get away from the guards. She was surprised, however, when there was a soft female voice coming from outside the door. "Emblyn…"

She looked up and was met with a pair of chocolate brown eyes. She recognized them but she couldn't put a name on the woman standing before her. The woman spoke again. "I don't know if you remember me, my name is Gwen, Queen Guinevere. Merlin came to me as soon as he was released. He begged me to change Arthur's mind, he couldn't bear to lose you. I told him I would do my best because I can't bear that either. I don't know if you remember, but we used to be best friends and to lose a friend like you would crush my heart."

Emblyn shook her head, she didn't remember. But deep inside was a little voice that kept trying to tell her something. Something she had a feeling that she should have known. Suddenly fear came over her. "Wh-who am I? Why can't I remember this? What's happened to me?"

Gwen extended a reassuring hand through the bars. "Emblyn, listen to me. We will fix this. I won't let you die." Emblyn stood up and walked over to the bars. She took the hand and felt a warmth spread into her own.

She smiled at the queen, "Thank you, your highness. I shall never forget this."

The warmth from her hand continued to spread through her body and suddenly the fog in her head lifted a little. There was a memory. She was standing by the training grounds watching Arthur, Gwaine, Leon, Lancelot, Percival and Elyan as they fought. Suddenly a hand found hers and she looked to her side only to be met with a pair of deep blue eyes and a goofy smile belonging to Merlin. She smiled too and they laughed as Gwaine fell to the ground and mock-sulkingly stepped away from the group.

Then the memory disappeared and she was faced with Gwen again. "I-i think I just remembered something." She said uncertainly.

Gwen gave her a questioning look, "What do you mean?"

"The Knights, they were…" she shook her head to try and clear it, "They were out training with Arthur and Merlin and I stood by the side and watched them." She hesitated "Gwaine…" she said quietly.

Gwen looked even more confused, "What are you talking about?"

Emblyn gave her a strange look that she couldn't decipher, "Can I talk to the Knights?"

Gwen looked totally puzzled now. “I guess I could try and find them but they might be out on a mission." "Thank you Gwen, that means a lot."

Gwen walked away through the dungeon as Emblyn sat back down again. Her hand was still warm from where Gwen had gripped it and the fog clouding her head seemed a little thinner. If Gwen brought back one memory, then maybe the Knights could give her something more.

She breathed heavily as steps echoed through the corridor again. This time, it was Merlin who appeared around the corner. Gwaine trailed behind smiling widely when he caught sight of her. A guard opened the door so that they could enter her cell and locked it behind them.

Emblyn rushed forward and threw her arms around him, “Gwaine! I've missed you!”

“And I you sweetheart. I see you've gotten yourself into a pickle.” She giggled, even though she didn't remember all of him, the familiar sound of his voice comforted her.

“I am really glad you came.” She tried to smile but the smile never reached her eyes. Merlin smiled too and it was the same goofy smile he always wore but Emblyn could feel the seriousness of it.

“We have to get you out of here.” he said “I think Gwen's gone to talk to Arthur.”

Gwaine nodded “Yes but it is not certain that she will succeed and time is of the essence, dawn is just a few hours away.”

Merlin put his arms around Emblyn. “We have to go.” he said “I promise that we will do everything we can. I can't bear to lose you.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead as the guard came back and opened the door. “The King is looking for you.” the guard nodded at Merlin. Gwaine snorted in a failed attempt to hide his laughter and Merlin could almost hear the faint echo of his King's voice. The men exited the cell and Merlin raised his hand as if to say goodbye but changed his mind halfway and lowered it again. They would not, could not say goodbye yet.

Gwaine's faint whisper echoed in the corridor as they walked away and Emblyn knew the words were not for her to hear. “Arthur is a stubborn man, chances are slim that he will change his mind.”

Merlin nodded gravely “I know but we have to try.” They disappeared from view and she sat down on the floor and waited.

The guards returned after what felt like eternity and brought her out from the cell. They made their way out of the castle to the big town square. In the middle of the square, surrounded by a whispering crowd stood the stake. The guards led her to the stake and tied her up. The executioner lit a torch and brought it to the base of the stake.
The fire spread like vines, closer and closer, higher and higher.

She couldn't move, she couldn't escape, she was going to die. Emblyn was certain that the panic could be seen in her eyes and tears fell down her cheeks sizzling in the face of the heat of the fire. She looked at the crowd and opened her mouth. She screamed and in the scream was the pain, sorrow, anger and fear that burned on her inside. The fire inside her spread from the base of the stake and out into the crowd. It made its way past them without hurting them, but nearby hay bales and wooden structures burst into flames at its touch. She screamed and screamed and her eyes wandered over the crowd until she met Merlin's gaze.

The scream subsided as he smiled at her and whispered something. A quiet breeze brought his words to her ears and a smile formed on her lips too. The fires around them went out and small raindrops began to fall. Just as Arthur ordered the guards to continue with the execution, the calm breeze became a storm. It tore at Emblyn's clothes and hair where she stood, stirred up leaves and sand and threw the rain in her face. Then everything became quiet.



After she finished explaining Lisbeth only looked at her with wide eyes.

“That’s a pretty vivid dream.”

“I know.” Emblyn answered after a while “And that magic. I didn't even know that kind of magic existed anymore. Do you think I have it? It's just so strange. I did recognize the young man though. I feel like I've met him before but I don't know when nor where I would have met a young man named Merlin.”

Even when she said it outloud it didn’t sound very convincing and the name burned in her mind.

“I don't know either. It's a very weird dream anyway. Shall we go and have some breakfast? It's seven o'clock and the train leaves at eleven you know.”

Emblyn nodded. “Yeah, good idea.” She was still quite shaken so if Lisbeth noted that her voice was trembling, she didn’t say anything.