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Dead by Dawn

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He looked at me blankly, shaking his head slightly side to side. We knew this day would come. I just didn’t think it’d be today.
“Please, Dante,” I mouthed silently, being careful not to alert the Volturi guard members. I looked away from his stare for a moment, wishing I could cry. There’s no way we were gonna make it out alive, not when we’re outnumbered. What am I going to do without them? I’ve never been alone. Never.

I looked back at Dante, watching as he reached for Selena’s hand. There. That was it. He had a plan for us.

“I won’t ask again. How many are in your coven?” One guard member asked viciously, raising his voice. I stayed hidden behind a tree, remaining completely still. I held my breath, hoping the guard members would not hear me. This is my fault. I should’ve listened to Dante. We should’ve just stayed home.

“As I’ve said before, it is just me and her,” Dante replied, squeezing Selena’s hand tightly. “It has been this way for decades.”

“Lying to the Volturi can result in dire consequences, Dante. I am sure you’re aware that we do not give second chances.”

“I am aware.”

“Are you? A nomad relayed a message to Aro, informing him of an unknown third member of your coven. He described an individual with a unique gift, one that is likely to be unheard of.”

Hmm. It seems like this informer did not see me. He probably sent a letter to the Volturi. I wonder what happened to him. I can’t believe we were being watched.

“As I have stated before, it is just us two. Now that we’ve established that, I do believe we are done here.” He looked at me and smiled, as did Selena. “We will meet again one day. I promise.”

No… no, please.

One guard member looked confused by Dante’s words. He soon noticed the look in Dante’s eyes. This made him start to turn his body in my direction, but before he could finish, Dante and Selena began to sprint. The guard member’s attention was turned back to them. All four of the guard members began to chase Dante and Selena. As they began to follow, the scent of human blood rushed into the air, making my throat ache. That must be Selena’s stash. I’m running out of time. I immediately took out my stash. I… I don’t want to do this.

You have to.

I ripped the seal off, revealing an ounce of human blood. The burning in my throat intensified as my mouth began to pool with venom. One time. Just this one time.

Reluctantly, I drank the human blood. Within a second, it was gone. Pure bliss filled my head, distracting me from the current situation for a moment. Is this what I have been missing out on? Should I...? No. No. That isn't me.

Thankfully, I have more willpower than I had anticipated. I threw the empty bag onto the ground. I hope they don’t notice the smell…

I began running towards the river, trying to distance myself from everyone. My face felt stiff and numb. Reality began to set in: I probably won’t ever see Dante and Selena again. I may never see them again.

As I neared the river bank, my feet froze. A panic started to set in. I.. I can’t hear them anymore. All I heard was the sound of running heading towards me.

I turned my head towards the source of the steps; a lone guard member was there, looking straight into my eyes before lunging towards me. Instinctively, I jumped up, letting him move forward beneath me. I landed on my feet and turned towards him and scowled. I didn’t want to look scared. Dante taught me better. He cocked his head slightly to one side before glaring at me. “I found her!” He yelled. Shit. I immediately jumped over the river and began running once again. I
closed my eyes and concentrated for a moment. Think of home, think of home…

I looked back for a second; he was right on my tail. Fuck. C’mon Audrey. C’mon, you’ve done this before.

I could sense his hand nearing my neck. He let a soft chuckle slip out. “Ha, got you,” he muttered. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. This will work.

“Wai—“ he exclaimed.

Too bad he couldn't finish his sentence.