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squid game one shots cause i can't get enough of it

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hello, everyone!

in this one shot book i will be writing about:

—cho sangwoo
— seong gihun
— hwang junho
— kang saebyeok
— ali abdul
— the salesman / gongyoo


i literally got the ao3's invitation on friday and i'm honestly so excited to begin!

and i apologize if there are any grammar errors, english isn't my first language:)

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jaebum sighed, leaning back agains his desk chair, tired eyes looking at the screen in front of him, any glimpse of hope he had vanishing every second that passed. his eyes traveled down to his wristwatch, the needles marking two in the morning.

his head was racing despite the hour, thinking about so many possibilities of what could possibly be happening, and why all the people he loved disappears from his life. first, it was his younger brother and then, as if it wasn’t enough, his other younger brother and colleague. and last but not least, the man that was supposed to love him no matter what, it seemed like a total lie.

a bitter yet sad feeling washed his self at the thought of ehim, how he left without a word. jaebum clenched his jaw, his lips trembling slightly, jaebum wasn’t one to cry, he could even count how many times he had cried with his fingers, but the way he fucked him up seemed to crawl into his insides, making the once, confident detective constantly more self-conscious about his actions.

he saw the plaque on his desk that read hwang jaebum and pursed his lips, staring at it for a moment and finally standing up. giving one last glance at the map that showed were his brother’s phone last location was sent.

he picked up his coat and his phone, also his car keys in his right hand, passing by his colleagues that had the night shift, he offered them a dim smile with low eyes of tiredness. when he pushed the station door, the cold breeze hit his face only for him to rush into his car and into his home.

he plopped down on the couch, turning on the tv and placing his feet on the coffee table, tomorrow was his free day and he couldn’t be more thankful for it, he could finally sleep and recover himself from the amount of sleepless days. he was drifting to sleep, the tv long forgotten, but the ring bell startled him. he made his way to the front door, running his hand through his hair. “it’s two in the morning what the—”

jaebum thought his mind was tricking him into some twisted shit, playing him with the shit that hurt him the most. yet, the recently turned forty-year-old knew, at least this time, it wasn’t a ghost. well, it kinda was, and he wished it was.

his disheveled appearance contrasted with his usual smart and expensive look, he always looked clean, that this image of him made jaebum cringe internally, he even had a scruff now.

the older man stared at jaebum, his eyes examining every inch of his face in incredulity, not believing he was there, in front of him after the guilt ate him alive after leaving him with no trace or explanation.

he still wore the suit he was wearing before the game started, he didn’t even think about changing clothes, because the first thing that came to his mind after these people threw him to the road was him, yet jaebum couldn’t help but stare too. jaebum wanted to cry, but the part of him that didn’t let the tears roll down was the same that was angry at sangwoo.

“jaebum,” it was barely a whisper but it was there, loud enough for him to hear. sangwoo stepped closer, making jaebum step back. “i’m so sorry, jaebum, so sorry jae—“

“don’t,” he interrupted. “don’t call me jae, you can’t call me that after all you did, how you left me and disappeared, not a note, not a text or anything.”

sangwoo looked at him, pursing his lips, knowing everything jaebum was about to say would be true. “i know i fucked up.”

jaebum held tightly the door in his hand laughing sarcastically. “i didn’t know you did? maybe because i was too busy crying because of you, wondering what i did wrong and even getting weekly appointments with a psychologist,” he confessed, the sarcastic tone not leaving his voice. “could you even tell me what happened, huh?” he pressed, and sangwoo was ashamed of his actions now that the judging stare of jaebum was directed to him.

“i—“ he swallowed. “i had debts, six billion won debt,” jaebum opened frowned, looking at the man in front of him.

“you what?”

“yes, and i had to get the money, i had to leave you because the people i was in debt could have hurt you,” sangwoo confessed, leaving the game part out of the story.

“yes, but we were supposed to be together in everything, but you decided yourself to leave out of nowhere without a word. isn’t that fucking selfish? to hide things as if i’m a fucking kid?” jaebum started to get angry, feeling just betrayed on how sangwoo hid something like that from him. “i could have helped you, damned idiot!”

now sangwoo laughed in disbelief, shaking his head. “selfish? don’t you think it hurt me to, jaebum? i did it all because i wanted you to be safe and because i loved you!” he yelled at him.

“then if you loved me you could have communicated with him! i wasn’t the one who loved between the two! and i’m an officer and could have helped! and you were a fucking imbecile for getting with those people, because i know whom you’re talking about, cho sangwoo. the things i told you to not invest in, but you are so stubborn that—“

sangwoo held him by the jaw and made him stumble as he looked at him straight in the eyes. tears present in their eyes. sangwoo’s breathing was erratic and jaebum could even see how his bottom lip was trembling a little bit. sangwoo closed his eyes loosening his grip and then his chest started to shake with sobs, he lowered his head pressing his forehead against jaebum’s shoulder, taking him aback.

there was still rage running through jaebum, he was still angry and confused, but at the end of the day, he wasn’t that insensitive. and before he could do or say anything else, sangwoo raised his head and looked at him in embarrassment. “i’m so sorry,” he whispered, and could see the glimpse of regret he had in his entire self since he knocked on his door. “i’m so sorry, but please shut up,” he sobbed more. “shut up and hold me, please,” a broken whisper left his lips.

and he did so, because jaebum couldn’t hate him after all, no matter what.