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A man from my past

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It was a bright beautiful sunny Saturday morning a 12-hour shift that leads to the next five days off, walking into the firehouse and smelling the aromas of food. Coming into work early always meant Bobby had food ready for the oncoming and off going crews’ breakfast was no doubt already on the table. Of course the two of them overslept this morning and still having to drop Christopher off at his abuela’s.

Both walked into the locker room to get ready for their shift changing out of their clothes into their uniforms. The two were so in sync with each other on the job and at home they reached into the locker at the same time and grabbed the necklaces pulling off their rings off they place them onto the necklaces as they put their partners necklaces around their necks.

Eddie looked to his left to see his husband with a huge grin on his face he reached over grabbed ahold of the belt loop and pulled him close. Placing a sweet but light kiss to his lips as Bucks arms wrapped around him and held him close.

“I love you.” Buck said

“I love you too Babe. Let’s get through this day and we have the next five days off.” Eddie said as Buck kissed him again.

“Five days alone with you up in the cabin, can’t wait.” Buck said

“And in two weeks we’ll be back up there with Chris.” Eddie said as Buck nodded, they were going up to celebrate there one year wedding anniversary.

“Come on boys, breakfast is ready.” Bobby said as the two of them followed him upstairs. All the tables were full so Buck and Eddie went to the island with Bobby as both crews were eating breakfast.

“So, what are you two doing for your anniversary?” Piper asked

“Yeah, we would like to know that two?” Chim asked

“Well, we are going away just the two of us and that’s all you need to know.” Buck said wicked smile as Eddie blushed

“Come on not even a little hint?” Hen asked

“No, it’s our anniversary and it’s between us.” Eddie said as he looked to his husband.

“What about Christopher?” Sanchez asked

“He’s staying with Abuela tonight and tomorrow Sophia is going to pick him up and spend the rest of the week with her.” Buck said just as Jones got up the alarm went off.

“Ok guys let’s go.” Bobby said as they left the loft and got their gear on and hopped in the truck, they pulled her headsets on to listen to the call.

“Ok guys row house fire reports of two houses involved with a man and a child still inside, Buck, Eddie, I want you going in on rescue, Hen you and Chim set up and start treating people.” Bobby said as they pulled up to the house as they all got out of the truck. Buck and Eddie grabbed their tanks and just as they entered, they fist bumped and headed in.

Buck and Eddie started their sweep of the first floor checking all the room meeting at the steps, both headed up the stairs and started to check the room up there. Buck opened the bathroom door and there he found a man and a kid sitting in the tub full of water.

“Cap we have adult male and a child coming out now.” Eddie said

“Copy that Diaz, is Buck with you?” Bobby asked

“Yes, Cap I have the child, labored breathing hearing some wheezing.” Buck said as he was out of the bathroom and down the steps handing over the child to Chim, as he turned back and headed in to help Eddie with the man. Once at the bottom of the steps Buck took one side as Eddie held him up on the other making it out in time as the house made a groaning sound just before there was an explosion.

“Lucas!” He yelled as the blast threw all three men, Buck and Eddie were both slow to get up, as Bobby was there helping them get the man on the stretcher, as the other man came running to his side. The man took the other man’s hand as he kissed it, looking up to the firefighters to say thank you.

“Thank you so much for saving my fiancé.” He said as both Eddie and Buck turned after taking their masks off.

“No problem, sir it’s our job.” Eddie said

“Brady.” Buck said as he looked to the man who just about destroyed him.

“Evan, it’s so good to see you again.” Brady said with that smile as Buck looked around to his family, he knew that Eddie would understand, and he’d get yelled at from Bobby.

“Fuck you.” Buck said as he turned and walked away rounding the truck out of sight. Storing his gear in the proper compartment he grabbed a bottle of water and took a drink as he poured the rest over his head.

“When we get back to the station my office, get in the truck till we leave.” Bobby said as Buck nodded and just got in the truck. Sitting in his seat he wanted to think about anything else but that ass hole out there. He was the reason that he became the version of himself that he didn’t like and never wanted to be.

Flash Back
Buck walked into the house dropping his bag by the door, he’s had a hard ass day, it was his third 24 hour shift this week all he wanted was a hot shower and to cuddle up to his boyfriend. He heard the music playing from the bedroom, so he made his way down to their room opening the door he got the surprise of his life.

“What the fuck Brady?” Buck yelled as Brady looked up.

“Um… Buck this isn’t what it looks like.” Brady said

“Looks like you are cheating on me. Yet again I should have known better once a fucking cheater always a cheater.” Buck said

“Buck, please I can explain. I love you, I really do, I just needed to get this out of my system.” Brady said

“You love me, that’s funny. You know I thought I was enough for you but then again, I was wrong at least this time I wasn’t your punching bag, so whoever you are, I’d be careful he’s got a temper. Broke my nose and a few ribs all because I didn’t do the dishes, but you know what I am not the same person I was back them. Get your shit and get out of my apartment before I get back, if you’re not I am calling the police.” Buck said as he walked out and put his shoes on and grabbed his keys and left the apartment.
End FlashBack

Hearing the doors opening and closing he noticed that everyone but Hen and Chim were there, Eddie sat next to him placing his hand on his husband’s knee. Buck looked over to him with a few tears ready to fall, but Eddie reached over and wiped them away. Buck didn’t care about their rule of pda right now he needed to feel his husband close to him.

“Ti Amo, mi amor.” Eddie said as he kissed Buck’s head letting him know that he was there for him no matter what happened. It didn’t take long for them to return to the station, everyone got out and placed their gear in their spots as Buck walked up to the loft and into Bobby’s office waiting on him to get there. But all he could do is think about the man from his past who almost broke him, the same man who turned him into Buck 1.0 as the tears started as he remembered the first time Brady had beat him.

He was sitting on the kitchen floor with a broken nose and a black eye sitting there with the ice pack covering both. He heard the shower running all he wanted to do was pack his stuff and leave but he didn’t have anywhere to go. He couldn’t believe that he agreed to go back to him after the last time, but he promised Buck he had changed, and he believed him. He was so lost in thought he did hear the water shut off out the opening of the door, it wasn’t until he felt a kick to his chest that he realized that Brady was finished.

“What the fuck Evan, you make me sick.” Brady said as he griped up Buck’s shirt pulling him up as he kneed him in the chest hard, as Buck went back to his knees. “I don’t know why I keep you around.”

“Then leave me the fuck alone and let me go.” Buck said

“Who the hell would want a worthless piece of shit like you.” Brady said

“You know what go ahead be gone by time I get back.” Brady said as he was gone Buck waited until he was sure he was gone as he got up and went to the bedroom and grabbed his bag and just piled his clothes into them, pulling out his work duffel he packed it too making sure he had anything important to him. As much as it pained him to carry everything to the Jeep, he made it. Going back up to the apartment to make sure he had everything, placing the keys on the counter as he shut the door but not locking it. Getting into the Jeep he took a dep breath not knowing where to go until he realized he may have a cracked rib. He drove himself to the hospital knowing this was going to be hard to explain. Walking in the nurse took one look at him and went right to him.

“Sir, are you ok?” She asked

“Yeah, as I can be, I think I have a broken nose and maybe a cracked rib.” Buck said

“How did this happen?” She asked

“My dick of a now ex-boyfriend thought it be good to beat me for forgetting to do the dishes.” Buck said

“Would you like to press charges?” She asked

“Na, I left and am not looking back. I just want to forget it.” Buck said

“Ok let’s get you checked out.” She said as Buck spent the next few hours getting his nose readjusted and they wrapped up his two bruised ribs, telling him to take it easy for the next few days. He only hoped his new boss wasn’t too hard on him.
End Flashback

“When I came into the office, he was like this. Eddie who was that, back there that cause Buck to act that way?” Bobby asked as Eddie knelt in front of his husband.

“Hey Baby, open your eyes and look at me…listen to my voice it’s just me you and Bobby, your safe now, were in the firehouse…he can’t hurt you anymore.” Eddie said as he slowly places his hand on Buck’s knee it took him a minute but Buck place his hand on Eddie’s and looked up to his husband.

“I’m sorry… I thought I was over it.” Buck said as he rushed into Eddie’s waiting arms. “I’m sorry Bobby, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Buck, I need you to be honest with me, is he the reason you showed up here on your first day with the black eye, and later ended up in the hospital with broken ribs?” Bobby asked

“Yeah, Cap that was him.” Eddie said as Buck sobbed even harder into his husband’s shoulder.

“I am sorry, listen why don’t you two head to the bunks and relax.” Bobby said

“Is this going in my file?” Buck asked as Bobby smiled.

“I have no clue what you are talking about, get out of here.” Bobby said as Eddie stood up and wrapped his arm around Buck’s waist and guided him out of the office and to the bunks.

Bobby knew that Eddie would take care of Buck with all the emotional stuff, so he was going to do what he does best and that was cook Buck his favorite dish. It was going on dinner time when he saw Hen and Chim walking up the steps with a concern look on their faces.

“Cap where is Buck and Eddie that guy from this morning’s house fire is here wanting to thank them.” Chim said as Bobby turned off the stove and walked over to the steps and went down to greet the family of three.

“Hello, I am Capitan Nash, what can I do for you?” Bobby asked

“I am Brady Wilson this is my fiancé Lucas and our son James, I’m here to see Evan Buckley, I wanted to thank him for saving my family” Brady said

“Well, I am sorry I don’t have an Evan Buckley here.” Bobby said

“But I saw him this morning when he told me to you know.” Brady said

“Fuck off.” He said as they turned to see a dark-haired man standing at the top of the steps. “Do us all a favor and take his advice and well frankly Fuck off.”

“Diaz.” Bobby said

“Listen I don’t know who you think you are, but…” Brady was stopped by Eddie walking down the steps and stopping in front of them.

“Eddie don’t.” Bobby said holding his arm in front of him.

“You wanna know who I am, my name is Eddie Diaz and Evan is my husband and I know everything you ever did to him. So this is your final warning forget that he ever existed and don’t ever let me catch you near here again.” Eddie said as he turned to head back to his husband who was standing at the top of the steps. Buck smiled as Eddie wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug.

“I love you handsome.” Buck said

“I love you too baby. Just think in four hours it’ll be just us for five whole days.” Eddie said as they walked away back to the bunks away from the unwanted visitors. “You know you can still press charges if you want.”

“I know but it’s in the past, all I care about is you, Chris and our future.” Buck said

“Me too, and I plan on spending the rest of my life showing you how much you are loved and needed.” Eddie said as he placed a sweet kiss to his husband’s lips.

“God, I can’t wait to be alone with you.” Buck said as the alarm went off and they were all thrown into work mode ready to do their jobs. And hopefully never to have to ruin into that horrible man ever again.