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Wei is hungry.


He’s used to it, mostly. It’s the essence of him, primal, instinctive in a way that comforts as much as disgusts him. It’s also painfully at odds with Kun Lun’s demands and expectations: to comb his hair and wear silk, to sit up straight and walk without falling on all fours, to speak with elegant scorn instead of snarling when he encounters a threat, to preserve human life instead of ending it, to learn instead of feed, feed, feed.


Wei has learned to ignore the hot burning coal of it in his belly. Mostly. It's more difficult today than it’s been in other days. They’ve just emerged from crossing a desert back into a weak spring bubbling up a scrubby patch of greenery that could barely be called an oasis, and Wei hasn’t eaten in weeks. The only things to eat around this desolate place are the weak hell beasts that try nd fail to attack them, and distant travelers whose bells Wei can hear carried through the breeze.


Kun Lun levels him a severe look whenever he gets too close to a hell beasts’ corpses, or too alert to the noises the humans made as they went past them, unseeing. It’s always enough to chasten Wei, to dip his chin down and bury himself against Kun Lun’s side. Half-expecting to be shaken off like the speck of filth he is, but instead Kun Lun places a gentle arm around him. The hand running through his hair always makes him forget the churning in his belly, at least for a little while.


(Kun Lun’s scent, the warmth of his flesh makes Wei’s mouth water more than any raw meat.)


Still, he does it too often. He’s pacing the edge of the oasis restlessly when Kun Lun breaks the silence.


“Xiao Wei, come here.” He’s just taken a dip in the spring. Wei had been watching him through the curtain of his hair, a sensation like ants biting at his flesh when he watched Kun Lun soaking without a care in the world, all damp golden skin and lean lines. He hadn’t realized how much his mouth was watering until Kun Lun smirked at him.


“Care to join me?” Wei had stared at him mutely, his heart pounding. Unable to move his lips, to take a step forwards, and Kun Lun had sighed.


“Suit yourself,” he’d leaned back against the edge of the spring and closed his eyes. Wei had wanted more than anything else to join him, to press against Kun Lun’s water-cool skin, but his own churning self-disgust had stopped him – uncertain about his ability to not keep his teeth and claws to himself, when the very sight of Kun Lun was driving him mad with the need to sink his teeth into something living and vulnerable.


When Kun Lun had resurfaced, Wei had burned at the faint disappointment in his glance. Wei had swallowed desperately, trying to banish the thoughts of soft skin parting beneath his teeth, of tearing at meat with his jaws. Of devouring Kun Lun, piece by precious piece until he's safe in Wei's belly where no harm can ever get to him.


Now Kun Lun’s lounging under the shade of the single tree growing by the spring, out of the burning sun. His eyes are closed, and his green robes hang open, revealing a tantalizing strip of gold skin. Wei watches him silently, hunkered down on the ground. He bites down on his lip when Kun Lun moves and his robes fall open wider. Thinking, dreaming of all that tempting, tempting meat, and he almost doesn't hear when Kun Lun calls out for him.


Xiao Wei."  Wei jumps at the impatience in Kun Lun's tone. "I said come here.” Wei swallows, keeping his back very straight as he walks towards him, the sand hot on the soles of his bare feet, the sun beating down the top of his head, all the tangles combed out of it like Kun Lun had taught him to do. Kun Lun stands up, reaches for Wei, and Wei gladly lets himself be touched, loving how warm Kun Lun’s skin always is. Tamping down his hunger as brutally as he can, his teeth gritted so tightly they ache.


“Look at me, Xiao Wei.” Wei, always obedient, allows his chin to be gripped in gentle but unyielding fingers, to look deep into light green eyes that remind him of the first budding leaves of spring. The touch on his skin in this heat is near-scalding, and Wei cannot get enough. Kun Lun studies his face for a long moment. Wei doesn’t realize he’s grinding his teeth until Kun Lun lifts his other hand, curls it around his jaw.


“Enough of that,” Wei stops immediately. Kun Lun traces a finger against his chin, his expression considering. Wei shivers, forcing himself to keep looking up at Kun Lun’s face, to not let his teeth sink into those dangerously straying fingers. It’s a few moments before Kun Lun speaks.


“You’ve been staring at everything that moves like you intend to cram it into your mouth. Including me.” Kun Lun’s fingers tighten on his chin. What’s wrong?” Wei digs his bare toes into the sand. His stomach hurts.


“I’m hungry.” Wei answers, more than a little helplessly, and Kun Lun chuckles.


“Are you ever not starving, little one?” Wei shrugs, swallowing down the small pang he feels at Kun Lun’s words. He lowers his gaze, tries not to stare too hungrily at the curve of Kun Lun’s throat, tries not to imagine the rich give of it beneath his fangs, his claws, the taste of his blood.


He braces himself for more chastisement, but the soft laughter that falls over him like spring rain has him looking up, startled. Wei stiffens, looks up, face flaming red. Kun Lun tilts up his chin so he can’t hide, his other hand cupping the back of Wei’s head so he can’t get away (not that Wei would ever want to). His eyes are amused, hot with an emotion Wei doesn’t – quite -recognize, but looks an awful lot like the hunger always churning, churning, churning in his gut. 


“You can stand to be more imaginative than that, little ghost.” He says, his voice husky, and Wei’s face flames even hotter. Kun Lun's expression goes throughtful. 


“Perhaps I can teach you how to sate your hunger.” Kun Lun’s grip tightens on his chin. Fear sluices down Wei’s back, but he’s hungrier than he’s afraid.


All of a sudden, Kun Lun releases him. Wei actually lets out a low sob at the loss, and Kun Lun’s expression softens. He traces a knuckle down Wei’s cheek, and Wei can’t help it, his tongue darts out to lick his god’s skin. Tasting salt, skin, a hint of sweetness that reminds Wei of the echo of tree sap. Kun Lun's flesh, incomparable. Wei wants more. 


The corner of Kun Lun’s lip curls up. He holds his hand against Wei’s mouth for a long moment before drawing back.


“Disrobe,” Kun Lun commands almost lazily. Wei stares at him, confused. Then he scrambles to obey Kun Lun, his hands shaking as he carefully undoes the ties of the silk robes Kun Lun gave him, folding them into a neat pile. Kun Lun watches him, and Wei burns under his gaze, swallowing at the whisper of silk gliding off his skin, and he’s naked. Standing small and bare beneath Kun Lun’s terrible gaze.


“What a tempting little treasure you are.” Wei’s voice hitches. Kun Lun’s voice has gone low. He slips off his already-untied robes, letting them fall carelessly to his feet, and Wei trembles when he sees Kun Lun is as naked as him. Gold skin. Vulnerable meat, fragile bones. His cock, long and thick between his legs. The hunger in Wei’s stomach aches like sharp knives slicing into his guts and twisting.


He’s not ignorant, he’s witnessed the lust-fuelled fucking of the underworld far too many times to count, and he’d never felt anything but disgust towards the act. But that had been before he met Kun Lun. Before Wei dared hunger for things he has no right to crave.


(Never in his life did he think Kun Lun would want this, want him, too.)


Kun Lun’s eyes flash, reading every thought flickering in Wei’s mind. “Kneel,” he says curtly. This, Wei does with eager apprehension. Kun Lun steps forwards grips the back of his neck, tugs. His expression serious, soft.


“Do everything I tell you to do, Xiao Wei.” Kun Lun says. Wei swallows, biting back his whimper as the emptiness in his belly burns.


“I always do,” he whispers. Kun Lun smiles.


“As you should. Now, start sucking.” Wei trembling uncertainly, but at the sharp tug to his hair, he obeys.


He lowers his head,  gives Kun Lun’s cock a careful lick, tasting sweat and salt and musk. He licks Kun Lun again, feeling him grow and stiffen until he’s erect, pearly white liquid starting to bead the tip. Kun Lun shudders as Wei curiously mouths the head of his cock, and Wei draws back, alarmed.


“Xiao Wei,” Kun Lun says, his voice rough. “Don’t you dare stop.” Wei swallows, and obeys. Leaning back down and making little kitten licks. Here, Kun Lun tastes. Strange. The flavor  reminding him of feeling a mountain breeze against his face, or the sensation of hard rock digging and cutting his palms. Wei's  tongue lapping up the liquid like a greedy cat, then sliding from the tip to the base, then his balls as Kun Lun moans. 


Wei can feel heat roiling in his belly, filling him up at every sound Kun Lun makes, his own cock already stiff and erect. Sweat rolls down his forehead, his back, his cheeks flushing deeper as Kun Lun rolls the head of his cock against Wei’s lips. Once again, Wei has to resist the urge to sink his teeth against soft flesh. Kun Lun laughs lowly.


“Open that sweet little mouth of yours as wide as it can go, Xiao Wei.” His fingers knot into Wei’s hair, giving him a sharp tug. Knowing what Wei’s thinking even if he doesn’t dare verbalize it. “I will be very upset with you if you bite, do you understand?”


“I understand,” Wei says quickly, longingly, tongue darting out to lick at his lips, to taste Kun Lun as much as he can. Kun Lun smirks.


“Take a deep breath, treasure.” Wei obeys, and Kun Lun slides his cock all the way into Wei’s open mouth.


Kun Lun feels heavy on his tongue, Wei opens his mouth as wide as he can go without choking, taking care not to scrape sharp teeth against vulnerable flesh. tears gathering at the corners of his eyes as Kun Lun keeps a firm grip on his jaw with both hands. Kun Lun slides all the way in, and Wei trembles, a whimper breaking from his throat.


Then Kun Lun draws back, and Wei catches sight of the amusement there, mingled with cruel glee. Before he can react, Kun Lun’s hips snap forwards, and Wei almost chokes. Breathing in through his nose as Kun Lun slides all the way into his mouth, then pulls back. Thrusting until Kun Lun’s cock damn near hits the back of Wei’s throat, making him choke. Doing it, over and over, fucking Wei’s mouth hard and sweet. Driving out his air until he’s lightheaded with lust and need.


Sweat stands on his skin. Wei moans with every thrust, every grunt, his own hard, neglected cock pulsing, wanting to touch himself but Kun Lun hasn’t told him he can. And for a very long time, the drag and taste of Kun Lun is all he knows. Kun Lun’s light eyes on his, Wei watching his face blur as tears spill down his cheeks as Kun Lun fucks his mouth to bruising, taking and taking and Wei wants all of him, so damn much.


“Are you still hungry, Xiao Wei?” Kun Lun pants. He’s also sweating, his skin fever hot. Wei answers by scrabbling for his wrists, taking Kun Lun in so deep that he chokes with it. Breathing through his nose and watching Kun Lun through his tear-lined lashes, and Kun Lun swears.


Fuck, Xiao Wei. If you could see yourself -” he thrusts in faster, more erratic. Wei whimpers as he tries to keep up. The sun is burning his shoulders, his skin, almost blinding him. Wei takes Kun Lun down almost all the way to the root, his shoulders quivering, and he’s hungry, so hungry. The emptiness clawing him open and all he wants is for Kun Lun to fuck him as deep as he can go and come all the way down his throat, fill him up.


Kun Lun’s smile is cruel. Sweat has dampened his loose hair, making him look like the wild thing he is, and his skin is searing. Wei moans around his cock, and then the moan turns frantic, frightened as Kun Lun pulls out all the way, leaving Wei’s mouth empty and aching.


“Kun Lun!” He growls, nails turning to claws as he tries to grasp at him, to keep Kun Lun from letting him go, leaving him alone. And then Wei’s being pushed down onto the sand, Kun Lun on top of him, and his gaze is starving. Chest to chest, breath to breath, and it’s all the warning Wei gets before Kun Lun pushes his legs open and takes him with one swift, brutal thrust.


Wei screams. It hurts, burns as he pushes all the way inside, tearing him open. Kun Lun is inside him, the weight of him crushingly heavy, his skin burning hot enough that it sears Wei’s skin. Part of him crying out yes in complete exultation, the other half shivering in mingled hurt and shocked lust as Kun Lun presses open-mouthed kisses against the corners of Wei’s lips, his chin and throat, licking at the saliva that Wei hasn’t realized has dribbled down the corners of his mouth.


“Sorry about that,” Kun Lun says, not sounding sorry at all. “Always wanted to hear you cry out when I fucked your tight little hole.” Wei looks at him with wet eyes, whimpering as Kun Lun thrusts in between his spread legs. Pulling back and thrusting in, pulling back and thrusting in. Fucking him lazily, cruelly. It hurts. Wei can smell blood. Kun Lun’s heavy breaths against him, the crushing pressure of his body, the sensation of his hips snapping forwards burning Wei alive with lust, and Wei spreads his legs wider, urges Kun Lun to fuck him harder, fuck him till the weight and feel of Kun Lun is carved into his memories, engraved into his bones. Kun Lun kisses him, and Wei bites at his mouth, hard.


“Do you want me to come inside you, Xiao Wei?” Kun Lun whispers, nuzzling his lips against Wei’s throat. Wei shivers mutely, unable to answer once again and when Kun Lun arches an eyebrow and tries to pull back, he clenches down hard with a sob, the agony of that burning through him. 


“N-no,” Wei whispers, his throat raw. “I mean yes. I want you. Please, don’t go.” He whimpers as Kun Lun eases back into his abused hole.


“And you?” Kun Lun nuzzles a comforting kiss against Wei’s forehead. Wei opening his lips, begging like a hungry baby bird and he acquiesces by licking into his mouth as he sheathes himself in completely, until Wei is gasping, moaning, opening his legs for more, more, more. His full cock aching worse than Kun Lun’s girth inside him. Kun Lun presses a kiss against his temple. 


“Do you want to come, Xiao Wei? I won’t ask again.” Wei whimpers.


“Yes. Please, Kun Lun, yes.” Kun Lun bites idly at the lobe of Wei’s ear.


“Hmm, I think I’m getting bored.” He grins at Wei’s choked whimper, sweet malice glittering in his gaze. “Maybe I should just leave you here, pull out of you before you feel my come, before you come. Leave you bleeding and empty. That would amuse me.” Wei shakes his head frantically.


“No! Kun Lun-” He gasps, more desperate than he's ever felt in his entire existence. “I’ll do anything, be anything for you – please!” And Kun Lun’s gaze softens.


“You poor little thing,” he sighs, bumping their foreheads together, his eyes suddenly shadowed. “You’ll have plenty of time to regret that promise in the future.” Wei shakes his head again, sobbing as Kun Lun rocks into him with another cruelly hard thrust.


“No, I never will. I’m yours forever. Kun Lun, please.” The tears are falling freely down his cheeks now. “Don’t go.” Kun Lun traces his mouth against their trails. The touch as gentle as his expression. The jerk of his hips, his grip as he slides it down Wei’s shaft is not.


"Always remember that you're mine, Xiao Wei." Before Wei can gasp out a broken reply, Kun Lun twists his wrist. Painfully. And then Wei is coming violently, shouting with the force of it. A final, agonizing thrust, and Kun Lun is coming inside Wei, his expression smug with lust as Wei sobs and sobs and sobs as he’s completely filled up.


Kun Lun is still inside him when Wei recovers his senses. Hard again. Wei gasps when he feels the ache of having Kun Lun inside his abused passage. He can smell blood, mingled with come, knows it will hurt to walk. He doesn’t care, wants it all.


(He wants all of Kun Lun.)


"Are you still hungry now, Xiao Wei?” Kun Lun asks lazily, probably waiting this whole time for him to regain his senses. Wei swallows, collecting the edges of his scrambled mind. He tilts his face up, presses the lightest of kisses against the corner of Kun Lun’s mouth, making him smile. It sharpens when Wei shivers, thrusts his hips up against Kun Lun, squeezing and gasping with pain.


“Yes,” Wei whispers. Kun Lun’s gaze pinning him to the hot sand like prey caught against stone. Wei stares back, fear pounding in his chest, desire roiling in his gut as Kun Lun brushes their lips together.


“Good. Because I’m not done with you,” Kun Lun purrs, biting at his nape. Wei whimpers again, offers his throat to him. Clenches tight as he feels Kun Lun beginning to move again, shoving his hips back against Wei, Wei crying out and falling apart, helpless as he’s fucked and filled up and fed again, and again, and again.