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Peer Pressure Magic

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Gravel crunched under the tires of Juliet's Mercedes as she turned up the drive.  She skidded to a halt and slowly backed up in an effort to convince herself that she had read the sign wrong, yet staring back at her in black letters were the words 'Spellman Mortuary'. 

This is what she got for listening to Caitlin's nonsense about witches and spells.  In fact she if anything happened to her she was also going to blame Zoe and Mia for agreeing with Caitlin. All she did was agree to one, okay maybe two dates with Davis.  She was an adult and he had been her husband for many years, they shared a child together; would it have been so bad if they tried to work things out even if they had spent the past five years divorced?  Mia's response rang in her head, "Yeah, a husband who cheated on you HOW many times?"

She nearly jumped out of her seat upon hearing a thud on the hood of her car.  Glancing out the windshield she saw a black cat staring intently at her before it jumped down and ran up the drive towards the house. Juliet was never one for superstitions, but an anxious feeling began tugging at her as she resumed her trek up the driveway, which only increased as she caught sight of a small patch of gravestones to her left.

Juliet took a deep breath as she got out of her car.  She had already made the journey, she might as well see it through.  After what seemed like an eternity after she pushed the doorbell, the door swung open and Juliet had to do everything in her power to keep her mouth from dropping open.

"Yes, what is it that you want?" Came a stern voice through a cloud of smoke.  Zelda raised a suspicious eyebrow the instant the smoke cleared and she saw a woman who was nearly the spitting image of her standing there.

"Juliet." She said after a few moments of trying to form words. "Juliet Draper.  I was told you could help me with.... magic."  The words sounded absolutely stupid to her as they came tumbling out.

Zelda furrowed her brow and took another drag from her cigarette.  "Do come in."  She led her to the sitting room and motioned to the empty couch.  As she watched the woman sit down, Zelda ran through a rolodex of family members in her head.  She couldn't think of one Draper that they knew and yet this woman resembled her so remarkably that either they were related or this Juliet was really someone in a well crafted glamour.  Whatever the case, Zelda needed to find out the truth.