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Finding Closure

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Cid Highwind knows he was going to tick some people off. Not that he was worried about upsetting the kids. He was a fully grown man and can take care of himself. Besides, it's not the first time he went exploring. He tells himself it's just exploring to see what might be out there. Which worlds came back or any new places.

It has been several years since he upgraded his gummi ship. When Radiant Garden fell, he used his gummi ships to evacuate who he could. HE can still remember that day as clear as if it was last week! The nobodies swarming from the castle. He remembers seeing one of the palace guards, being just as confused and alarmed as he was. His brother in all but blood, Vincent, was going to charge into that. He knew it was a suicide mission. Besides, anyone still alive from the palace would have fled already.

“ %$#@^&! There ain't nothing left inside to save, Vince! We need to evacuate the living! “

Vincent grimly nods, “ Where is Shera? “

Cold horror strikes his chest like an ice spell. Shera was helping a friend with a sick child. He wasn't even certain he couldn't get to where o his wife was in time if he went for the gummi ship first. Or make it to the gummi ship if he went to her. “ She's with Gloria. “

Vincent, “ I know some shortcuts. Go on ahead, we'll catch the gummi ships on that end. I will get her out of here and we'll find you. “

So Cid trusted his young wife's fate to Vincent and went to see who he could grab. He wasn't the only one with a Gummi ship, so he was hoping they will be able to meet him later. On the way, Cid collected some kids, he had to fight tooth and nail. Almost got away clean, except for an exceptionally tough heartless got between him and his Gummi ship. Attacked before he could do anything. Lost a couple of the kids. With all he had, he attacked the brute. Gave one last attack, with all he had, and thank god it was enough. The heartless dropped. His family spear shattered. His body hurt from wounds that went deeper than a mere cut. Yet, he got the surviving children away. It does give his heart hope to see other Gummi ships leaving the world, too. Each going off into their own chaotically planned directions.

He had to then deal with piloting to a safer world and take care of children, who were dealing with the aftershock of living a nightmare and losing everything they knew. When not piloting, he had to bandage their wounds, help soothe their hearts, and be a responsible adult. The older kids did seem to rally a bit when they realized his own dumb self was still wounded from that last fight.

After arriving in Traverse Town, they had help finding a place to stay. Finally, able to breathe again, Cid began to wonder when he would see his friend and wife again. One of the departing Gummi ships was close enough to that area. He had faith Vincent would give it his all to help Shera. Yet, they hardly met many from his world. His own physical wounds healed. But the one over his heart left a scar. It would twinge every time a heartless got close.

The children grew up some, taking charge of keeping Traverse Town safe. During their stay, Cid did try to go looking for his lost family. Only left a couple of times. He couldn't go too far and for too long, or the kids would think he wasn't coming back. The one time he did a real trip, he came back to find the kids panicking. Cid never felt so guilty and decided to just stop looking till they were a lot older.

Then Sora arrived. So Cid used his talents to help the kid travel through the worlds. Even make use of the warp points. Sora in turn would visit and tell him what he found in the other worlds. Cid gave the kid a good discount if he could be descriptive of who was in see worlds. Things did change for many of them. Gave Cid a chance to help reclaim Hollow basin and later help fix her up till she could become Radiant Garden. More of their people came home. They were not the same, but they were still alive and willing to make this place work. Heck, even he changed some. Looking older than he really was. Cid thinks it was a side effect of the damage done by that heartless and raising a bunch of punk kids. He could point out the grays and which kid caused them.

Radiant garden still needed a lot of his attention with fixing things up, the computer world, and security. Then he had to help the key-wielding kids and the period of trying to find the hell Sora went. A situation he rather not think back on. It was bad enough to find out he forgot the kid for a whole year.

Then life went on. His kids became adults and had their own lives. They needed him less, yet still insisted they needed him just cause. Cid almost forgot all about his own dreams and wishes. But his dream wouldn't let him. He wanted to see some more places before he died. Mostly, he just needed to know what happened to Vincent and Shera. He long gave up hope of their survival, but Cid needed closure. That is what drives him to update his Gummi Ship. This might be the last time Cid travels, but he has plans to come back home. He likes his little house and Gummi garage. Cid has grandkids to spoil! Might not have made them, but Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa, and even Cloud were his kids now. Just hopes they forgive him for being selfish.

Cid is leaving without really telling them ahead of time. He does get his home ready for an extended leave and asks a neighbor to hold his mail. He didn't tell them about the trip, because they would either stop him or insist one of them go with Cid. They all had their own obligations. While he had less and less the older he got. The security was now in the hands of younger, capable people. He trained someone to fix the Gummi ships just as skilled as he was. Yet, he knows he couldn't just up and disappear without some note for them to find. He had to do this while he still could travel. His hair is mostly white with gray accents. His body held aches. Its now or never. So he leaves a carefully thought-out note. Leaves it in an envelope on his computer desk, resting on the keyboard.

The letter read:

Hey kids. I'm sorry you're findin' out this way. There are things I need to do. Don't want to die with regret in my heart. I'm not looking for something that doesn't exist, just need to find closure. Don't come lookin' for me, cause not looking at the worlds we got mapped. Made this warp piece that'll take me further than what you guys can go. So don't even think of trying. You won't find my trail. Just know I'm gonna come hope. If by chance I don't, know I love ya'll a lot. You need to live your lives, just as I need to follow my own path.

Love Cid Highwind

Ps: I have a damn name and it ain't old man, ya daft punks!

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The warp drive worked wonders. Perhaps a little too well, as he almost slammed into this world. Cid makes some notes to adjust the next jump. Since he needed the warp to cool, he decided to explore where he landed. Upon leaving his hidden Gummi ship, Cid finds himself changing to fit the world. Looking down he can see he's a bear. Not exactly what he wants to look like, but it's what it is. His fur though was mostly soft yellow fur. Not sure how his head looks but still think he has hair and his goggles. His outfit was adopted to fit his new frame and thank god, or he would have needed to go naked. After locking up his Gummi ship, went for a walk to check the place out. Later he would find out he looks quite handsome with how his fur has silver and gray batches an older animal might get.

He comes upon the city and catches a ride in. The many people who look like animals are quite amazing. Plus, the tech level of the place is impressive. Seeing predator and prey type living side by side is enough to make him just stare quite, bordering rudely, around himself. The place looked nice enough to stay a few days. To do that, he needed a place to stay and a job. Maybe he could get some goods to take along. It didn't take him long to get a feel of how their rides worked.

Cid found himself looking for work at the local police department. There was about of a bg going around and they needed someone to keep their cars working. One cop was a good-looking fox fella. Due to the backup, it was going to take a while for their car to get working. Technically, Cid wasn't hired yet as he just submitted his application. Just out of sheer boredom he goes over to see if he can help. The Fox looks so bored and disgruntled.

Cid gives a nod to the fox, “ Hey, What's the name?. “

Fox looks surprised he doesn't know and gives a nod back, “ The name's Nick. “ Though seeing a bear of that color with blue eyes does get his curiosity.

Cid, “ Why so glum? “

Nick, “ Was in a chase when our car died. Third time this month! “

Cid, “ Man, that sucks. So how does she feel or sound before each time? “ Nick describes the problem. Not that he thinks this guy will fix it but he had nothing better to do. “ And gas tank full, eh? Let me take a look. “

Nick still has nothing better to do so watches the old bear poke around his engine., “ Be careful there, old-timer. “ Cid rolls his eyes, no matter where he goes he gets called old. With Nick handing him things, he gets the problems found and fixed. Then rebuilds and Nick starts the car. It purrs like new. “ You did it! “

The chief mechanic comes over, “ What are you doing? “

Nick, “ He actually fixed my car. “

The mechanic, “ You know the headache I'll get if they hear someone not part of this garage worked on a car?! “ He looks at the car, “ He did a good job though... “

Cid, “ Hey, just let me work till your mechanics get better. Then I'll get outta your fur. “ Giving the winning Highwind smile.

Nick, “ Come on, he did this for free just to help us. That has to be something and you do need help. “

The chief mechanic, “ Well, okay... I'll set something up, Mr. Highwind. This is a temporary thing. “

Nick shakes Cid's paw, “ Welcome to the team, Cid Highwind! “

So for a few days, he had some steady work. It helped that he was he both good at figuring the problem out and did it in far less time. During one of his breaks, he noticed the a/c sucked. So give it some tweaks, getting ac and heating worked like a dream. He was able to use their system to look for Shera and Vincent. Sadly, he couldn't find any information about them being here.

He also got treated to lunch a couple of times by Nick and his partner Judy. He thought they made a cute couple, even if Miss Hopps was a bunny. She might be a bit puny lil thang, she made up for it in spunk! Reminded him a bit of Tifa. Cid hopes the kids are going okay without him.

Cid learned enough of this place and can feeling the need to travel creeping up on him again. It's on his last day, Nick comes around for a chat. He was having another argument with his partner Judy and sometimes liked getting advice from the older bear. “ I will never understand rabbits!“

Cid, “ Rabbits.. women... They will always be confusing! “ Enjoying his break with a fresh cup of coffee.

Nick, “ I bet you known a few females in your time. “

Cid nods, “ Well, only really known one that mattered to me. Her name was Shera. Skilled, smart, but worked slowly as a sloth sometimes. I miss having to wait on her slow butt. “

Nick's ears go down a little, “ I take it something happened? “

Cid, “ Yeah... something. “ Sometimes he wishes he still smoked. A habit he kicked when he had kids to raise. “ A disaster struck. Haven't seen her since. “

Nick looks confused, but offers “ Hey if you want, I could help! Finding people is part of my thing. “

Cid, “ Not in this case, kid. “ Giving Nick a sad but fond smile. “ Mind if I share a bit of some old bear wisdom? “ Nick has never seen this side of the old bear before. Cid looks so sad and serious. “ Once upon a time I had someone special to me. One day they were next to me.... and the next, gone. That's just how life is. You find people who crawl into your heart and, not till they are gone, do you realize they mattered so much. There isn't even enough I love yas that you can give without regretting not saying more. So go take that Judy girl out! “

Nick nervously, “ You think me and Judy? No way! “

Cid makes a gruff laugh, “ Please, even a Mole could see ya got the hots for each other! “ Playfully smacking the fox on the back and makes Nick stagger, “ Don't wait too long, kay kid? “

Nick fidgets with his tie, “ You think she would go for a fox like me? “

Cid, “ Why not? Pulls the smaller than him fox into a hug, “ Who knows, maybe we might meet again. “ Gives the fox a hug, knowing he won't be back tomorrow. Didn't have the heart to tell the fox.

Doesn't take him quite as long to get back to where he landed. When he does leave, something tells him that he won't be seeing this place again. Cid lets the warp take him to his next stop and hopes it's just as interesting as the first.

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The next world had normal tech and humans. Something Cid was looking forward to! Till, once again, Cid has to assume a form of something native to this world. As a blowfish. It's a world where he was in a deep ocean. As a blowfish. “ Nope! “ Cid promptly swims back into his ship and leaves.

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It's been a few worlds since he skipped that ocean world. Cid landed on this world without much expectation. It looked like a regular place but no sign of people. The first thing to happen was his Gummi ship actually saying, “ Good morning, “ to him.

Cid jump back, ” GAH! " At first he wasn't even certain what to say or do. This is a very disturbing thing and yet, he always wondered what she would say if she could talk. “ eh... Good mornin' to you, too! How are you talking? “

Highwind, “ I don't know... I think it's something to do with this world. “ She sounded excited over the idea.

Cid, “ Huh? Maybe. We still get chatter on the radio. Let's see what the monitors show! “ Then has to ask, because it wouldn't be right otherwise, “ Can I go inside? “

Highwind, “ Of course, sugar. “

Cid climbs in and she brings up some of the broadcasts, “ All the vehicles are living! Dang... “

Highwind, “ Oh my, I wonder if there are any ships like me here. Then it might not be safe for you though. Not sure how they would react to a human. “

The world seems quite interesting. How do they do maintenance? How do they fuel up? So Cid suggests, “ Hey, darling, I'm not opposed to staying here a few days. Let's see what's here!. “

Highwind, “ Really? You don't mind? “

Cid, “ I just need to stay inside you and out of sight. All the times you took me places, it's about time I let you have an adventure. “

So Cid sat back and let his gummi ship Highwind do whatever she wanted. It was kinda fun, too. His gummi ship could be lil sassy sometimes and even a lil snarky. There were cars, trucks, different kinda planes. Heck, even the forklifts were self-aware. Lucky he would have to scream to be heard inside his gummi ship. So, he could have conversations with him anytime he wanted. The fun times were the many races Highwind got into. She may not win them all, but she gave her all and Cid was quite proud of her. Sneaking food to Cid was also a tricky task. He still needed to eat. As he munches on a sandwich, “ So... Do you have memories of things before coming here? “

Highwind giggles. “ I remember you and Shera sometimes intimate inside me. “ Makes Cid choke on his food. She giggles as Cid coughs a lot before clearing his throat. “It's okay. It made me feel special. “

Cid, “ You know I love you. and she liked you lots, too. “

Highwind, “ It did make me sad when you forgot me a while. “

Cid brushes his gummi ship, “ Sorry about that, baby. “

Highwind replies softly, “ But you made it up to me. Fixed me better than new. “

Cid, “ If you could... would you wanna live here? Look, I'll be square with you. If I survive all this, I'm not gonna travel much anymore. I think you would be happier here. Hell, back home you'll just be gathering dust again. “

Highwind, “ That would be nice. But how are you going to get home?

Cid assures her, thumping his own chest with a fist, “ I'll be fine! I got lady luck on my side. So, would you like to?”

Highwind coos, “ That would be wonderful... “

After a couple more days, when the novelty of talking craft well worn off, Cid insisted they move on. With some reluctance, the Highwind agrees to lift off. Cid didn't look at his Gummi ship the same afterward.

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This world was not as bright as the others. Maybe the dark ages. Doesn't help that it's so darn overcast. Cid has no idea what is going on. So he goes for a walk. Spots a castle and goes in for a closer look. The drawbridge lowers and he expects to see a carriage or something fancy. Instead, an army of undead coming marching out of the castle. As if they were once people whose flesh was melted in radioactive snot, only to become glowing, snot-covered skeletons! Which wasn't a problem till they spotted Cid. Wherever they were going was forgotten once they all decided to get that one man.

So Cid did the smart thing and ran back to his Gummi ship, with an army of the dead giving chase. Jumps inside to get his ship started. Not only have they easily caught up, but were almost ontop of him. Then, by some miracle, the army starts falling apart and dissolving. Cid was already done with this and quickly leaves this world.

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Cid finds a world that looks normal. Though he still changes after he gets out of his ship. This time, he changed form once he got out of his gummi ship. Not even sure why he became a dragon but the form is very impressive. Rather a handsome blue scaled dragon with silver accents. Just another reminder that he's no longer a spring chicken. He does have to wonder why the hell he changed form? Looks at his gummi ship, “It's either a glitch or you did this on purpose! “ The gummi doesn't answer but he suspects she did it on purpose. Every since that one world, she seems to still have a mind of her own. So Cid sighs and goes forth in dragon form. This being still a land full of humans, he decided to tread carefully.

Not long till he came across a lighthouse Though before he could get too close, something pulled him down into the brush. The unseen force holding his mouth shut and trying to keep him from trashing. A voice in his ear, “ Shhh, you don't want the humans to see us. And they could see you from the lighthouse, “ So Cid goes still. The invisible friend takes his hand and pulls him to a safer place to talk.

His friend turned out to be a green dragon, as he lefts his invisibility fully drop, “ Its been a while since I seen a fellow dragon. “ The dragon had a wide jaw and came off as a sorta a goofball. Makes him think of Goofy and Goofy was a lot smarter than people give him credit for. “ I'm surprised you weren't invisible. “

Cid, “ Oh, umm.. yeah. “ Didn't want to admit he had no idea how to do that. Or if he could since he was not from this world. “ Not saying long. My name is Cid and I'm kinda looking for two people. “

The other dragon, “ You can call me Elliot. “ Cid shakes Elliot's hand? Paw? They shake.

Cid, “ So what do ya do around here? “

Elliot, “ Well, I help out kids who need a friend. “ Gestures to the Lighthouse he can still kinda see, “ Pete, my current kid, is an orphan who was being used by some no do-gooders. Right now he's living with this kindly lighthouse lady. If things work out, he'll have a new family. “

Cid, “ Are ya sure it'll work out for this kid? “

Elliot, “ We have to have faith that things will work out. “ Cid can dig that. Lost track of all those days and nights he worked hard to keep his kids fed and safe. All he had was his gumption and hope things will get better. Cid makes a hmm of appreciation. “ But is always great and sad when you have to leave them.”

Cid does wonder how his kids are going. He hopes they think kind of him. They did grow into dependable young adults. Yeah, he has enough faith to believe they'll be fine. That doesn't mean he misses being there to see it. Maybe telling Elliot can't hurt, “ I'm looking for two people. Both human-looking. A woman named Shera and a stubborn guy named Vincent. “

Elliot seems to just scrunch his face up as he concentrates on something. Cid starts to worry when the dragon's gone cross-eyed, that he might give himself a stroke. “ Sorry, but they aren't in this world at all.“

Cid nods and realizes Elliot said world, “ Then ya know? “

Elliot, “ That you're not from here? “ Wiggles his goofy ears in amusement and laughs, “ Most proper dragons know how to turn invisible. “

Cid rolls his eyes but yeah, Elliot is correct, “ I better keep moving. “

Elliot puts a paw/hand on his shoulders with a frown, “ I shall give you the best of luck. “ Blowing some smoke into Cid's face. The smoke has rather lovely sparkles and smells of strawberry.

With that very odd blessing, So Cid carefully lumbers back to his gummi ship and, thankfully reverts back to his human form. He can't wait to get back and tell them brats he talked to an actual dragon. Hell, no one is going to believe any of this trip, but that's okay. He'll know the truth.

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This world is something different. He is in a field that used to be some kind of farm if the barn and the rickety house are any indications. There seems to be a wall of darkness in the distance. He can hear birds and see the smaller critters just doing their thing. May not be a lot here but some life. He can hear the wind rustling the leaves. It would be kinda relaxing, except for the distant darkness.

He tried to explore the house, but it didn't seem structurally sound. Only saw a bit of the first floor before his foot fell through the floor and he could hear the building creak with a strong enough breeze. Not that he could see anything useful in the building. The barn was also old-looking but he didn't think it was going fall any second. Which, one would think would be the other way around.

Cid then took a walk towards the wall. The closer he got, the more he noticed that there was this gray area between the side of light and dark. It's so unnatural that gives him the chills. Yet, Cid can't help but think he has to go into the dark to find his answers. Whelp, he has something he needs to do first. Cid heads back to his Gummi ship to think over what he'll do next.

Doesn't know what will happen when he passes into the darkness, or if he will come back out at all. So, Cid set his gummi ship on autopilot. He knows his Highwind will be happier there. Better than gathering dust in a garage or rusting in a field. Smart enough to grab everything he'll need off before sending her to her new home. “ Have a good life! “

Cid then heads towards the black wall. The gray isn't too bad, except the closer he gets to the wall, the quieter it gets. It seems to take forever to get close to the wall. The gray darkens a little bit not too much. Cid has to look behind him, just to verify he is making some distance. Feels as if he was walking for hours when he comes to the wall. So, this is the point of no return! How else can he really describe this? Cid can put his hand against it and, though it looks like mist, it feels solid. He wonders if a keyblade would be needed to get through? Damn shame he didn't have one.

Cid then just rubs his hands together then starts pressing against the barrier. May not have a dang fancy key, but he has heart and mulish willpower. So he pushes with all his might. Didn't seem to be budging much. Squeezes his eyes closed and just focused on all he had. Feels as if something popped because he falls forward; landing on his outstretched hands and not his face. Scrambled to his feet and sees he's on the other side. A world that was not pitch black, but still on the dark side with shadows and moon for light. Tan old ache in his chest where his scar was. Of course, just means there are heartless nearby. He dusts himself off and starts walking forward.

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Cid has decided that he would hate to die here. The place has an oppressive feel that he can't ever shake. The moon hangs in its constant spot. As if the whole world was put on pause. Yet, it was not really empty. Sometimes he would get attacked by a heartless. Usually, the small ones were still a pain in the butt. He can only figure he's not important enough to draw the interest of larger monsters. For an older man like himself, it was wearing him down. He had to find a place to hide so he can rest and fix his weapons. Has a small hand cannon and a gun made for killing heartless. Also a spear. Nothing like his Venus Gospel but he couldn't fix or replace that. When he does rest, it's a very light nap, as he can't afford to nod off too deep.

Cid thinks time is still moving on somewhere. He has no idea how long, as his watch got broken. Died in a good cause of him bashing a heartless. To top it, Cid knows he's being stalked. Something familiar about the red blur. So he starts to chat to his stalker.

Cid, " Hey, Vincent. Sorry, it took me this long to find you. Been busy keeping an eye on a bunch of brats. “ Cid stops walking, “ I guess .. Shera ain't around anymore. “ The stalker pauses, can see what looks like a head hanging down some, “ How the hell can you live in this place? “ The shadow shakes, “ I wish I could talk to you. Ask what happened... “ Then stalker flees, but Cid knows he'll be back.

Soon enough his patience was rewarded by another attack from heartless. This one actually had some of the larger heartless. This time his gun fails and is knocked out of his hand. The thing slams into Cid, making him bounce off the girth and onto the ground. So9ijmething slams into the back of the brute before him disappears into nothing. The familiar heartless was back. Watching his friend tear through the enemy was both amazing and scary. Human Vincent was fast but this was using inhuman speed. Vincent's heartless had his shape. Though it was as if he was dunked in blackness and only his shape was left. Dull red eyes look at Cid, afraid to get too close.

Cid, “It's okay, Vincent. I trust ya. “ Only has a potion left. It'll have to do. He tries to swallow as much of it in one go. “ Dang it... “ He needed more potion or some cure spells. Wasn't going to die right away, but he won't last long in the darkness. “ Doesn't matter.. Goes to lean against a large rock. “ Not that I ain't grateful, but why did ya come back?“ Puts some bandages on the wounds that didn't close.

Heartless Vincent holds a hand out, offering something to Cid. It was Shera's wedding ring. As he takes it, he can see the memories attached to it. Vincent did reach Shera, but they were getting flooded with heartless. He tried so hard to keep her safe only for Shera to get wounded by flying debris. She asked Vincent to give her ring to Cid. His rage as he tried to give the last ship leaving a chance to escape. The heartless once again has the posture of shame. “

Cid pulls him into a hug, “ Its okay, Vincent. Don't need to forgive ya. Just glad she wasn't alone.” Finally has a chance to grieve for them. The heartless lets Cid get this out. He feeling weak and needs to sit again. “Too damn old for this. “ Heartless Vincent looks at him concerned. Cid grunts “ Yeah. I'm still hurt. Unless ya know a way home for me, you might be getting a new heartless roomie. “ The heartless Vincent shakes his head and makes Cid get to his feet. “ You know a way out? “ The heartless nods. “ Well, lead the way. “

Cid does try to walk with the heartless, who was supporting him but they were going down. Long hallways. Paths he had never seen but shrouded in darkness. It was harder for him to keep moving. So Cid told him all that he went through, from the escape of Radiant garden, to when they finally were able to return. The joys and sorrow between. Though he thinks he may have left things out. It was hard to keep focus near the end of his tale. At one point the heartless picks him up and cradles him close. Cid didn't mind if this was it. Not that he was all in love with Vincent. It was okay, to die in a brother's arms. Then the heartless exits the pathway and Cid found himself in midst of bright light.

Chapter Text

It has been a couple of weeks since Cid woke up in his own world again. Cid didn't expect to wake up or even see his kids again. What he did expect was to get lectures if he did manage to get home and they delivered. After they knew Cid was going to be fine, they each told him how upset he was when they found him gone. Some of them also tended to up and leave and he used to fuss at them. Cid just took it all in a tired stride and claimed they musta been a terrible influence on him. Cid did promise them that he was done traveling. Time for him to get old and lazy! Once they vented their worry, they each hugged the hell out of Cid and let him rest. Not till Cid got a little stronger, did he even find out how they found him. More, a heartless found them.

Vincent;'s heartless actually brought him all the way home. Cid only heard references of the corridors of darkness but was never able to enter any. Cid does remember accurately most of his travel along the hall. He was safe only because he wasn't trying to control the darkness and Vincent's heartless scared away most of the bothersome free roamers. When he came out in Radiant Garden, Cid finally passed out, so he was not able to help what would happen next.

The first thing to happen, the defense systems were set off. When the defenses were destroyed, Leon was sent to see what caused it to fail. Seeing a heartless that tall was by itself alarming, but to see it holding Cid in a cradle was its own level of worry. The shock is the only reason she didn't attack right away. It did give Leon to see that it was trying to hold Cid out to him. Leon carefully approached it, taking Cid from its hold. Just looking at the older man, he can see he has been in some battles and needed attention to his wounds. When Leon looked back up, the heartless had disappeared. Cid was unconscious for several days. It was figured this was a combination of his injures. being somewhere he couldn't really get a full rest, and just being older.

Cid is pleased to find the kids kept an eye on his home. Honestly, he doesn't really want to go anywhere if he has to. Sure he's fine taking a small trip with the others. Just as happy staying home now and helping out when they need it. Besides, he brought something back. For better or worse... has he brought something back! The heartless still follows him, sticking to his shadow. Only really comes out, when it's late in the day and Cid is alone. Cid knows he should be more concerned. The heartless seems fine guarding him against anything else dark. Though he knows better than to really forget this fellow is heartless. He's had a drastic drop in solicitors. That alone makes it worth keeping him around


~ The end ~