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Finding Closure

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It has been a couple of weeks since Cid woke up in his own world again. Cid didn't expect to wake up or even see his kids again. What he did expect was to get lectures if he did manage to get home and they delivered. After they knew Cid was going to be fine, they each told him how upset he was when they found him gone. Some of them also tended to up and leave and he used to fuss at them. Cid just took it all in a tired stride and claimed they musta been a terrible influence on him. Cid did promise them that he was done traveling. Time for him to get old and lazy! Once they vented their worry, they each hugged the hell out of Cid and let him rest. Not till Cid got a little stronger, did he even find out how they found him. More, a heartless found them.

Vincent;'s heartless actually brought him all the way home. Cid only heard references of the corridors of darkness but was never able to enter any. Cid does remember accurately most of his travel along the hall. He was safe only because he wasn't trying to control the darkness and Vincent's heartless scared away most of the bothersome free roamers. When he came out in Radiant Garden, Cid finally passed out, so he was not able to help what would happen next.

The first thing to happen, the defense systems were set off. When the defenses were destroyed, Leon was sent to see what caused it to fail. Seeing a heartless that tall was by itself alarming, but to see it holding Cid in a cradle was its own level of worry. The shock is the only reason she didn't attack right away. It did give Leon to see that it was trying to hold Cid out to him. Leon carefully approached it, taking Cid from its hold. Just looking at the older man, he can see he has been in some battles and needed attention to his wounds. When Leon looked back up, the heartless had disappeared. Cid was unconscious for several days. It was figured this was a combination of his injures. being somewhere he couldn't really get a full rest, and just being older.

Cid is pleased to find the kids kept an eye on his home. Honestly, he doesn't really want to go anywhere if he has to. Sure he's fine taking a small trip with the others. Just as happy staying home now and helping out when they need it. Besides, he brought something back. For better or worse... has he brought something back! The heartless still follows him, sticking to his shadow. Only really comes out, when it's late in the day and Cid is alone. Cid knows he should be more concerned. The heartless seems fine guarding him against anything else dark. Though he knows better than to really forget this fellow is heartless. He's had a drastic drop in solicitors. That alone makes it worth keeping him around


~ The end ~