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If love ever exist

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Chan- Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter
•High School 3rd year

Minho- Ace/ Wing spiker / Opposite Hitter
•High School 3rd year

Changbin- Middle blocker / Pinch Server
•High School 3rd year

Hyunjin - Setter
•High School 2nd year

Jisung- Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Defensive specialist
•High School 2nd year

Felix- Libero
•High School 2nd year

Seungmin- Middle Blocker
•High School 2nd year

Jeongin- Middle Blocker / Pinch Server
•High School 1st year



"Alright line up fellas, should we do a 4 on 4 match?" Chan shout clapping his hand to call his boys closer to him, as the boys making their way to the team captain and shout a 'yes' excited.

"Jisung, Felix, Seungmin and I will use the left side first and Minho, Changbin, Hyunjin and Jeongin will serve first"

The boys went to their side without any objections or hesitation, they all are excited to play volleyball like always and they enjoy playing with each other.

"Yah! Seungmin-ah if you can block my quick shot I will buy you lunch tomorrow" Minho said, knowing he's the most powerful one at the team "Tch.. If you can go through my blocks I will buy you lunch tomorrow" Seungmin darts back, Minho just put on his smug face say Not-Today face while Seungmin smirk.

And the conclusion is that They Both Are Pissed and probably want to punch each other but don't worry they are still friends and are very close but the both won't admit that they are friends because of their pride.

"I'm glad I'm not the both of them" Felix said getting goosebumps at the two competitive animals, Chan and Hyunjin just laugh.

"Jeongin-ah nice serve" Changbin shout as the youngest one over hand serve and Seungmin take the ball and pass it on Chan, the setter right now at this game.

Since they play 4 on 4 or team match between them a lot, they give each other artificial positions for the game.

Chan set the ball lower, just the way Jisung likes.

Jisung came running second tempo, he started to approach once the ball leaves Chan's hand and spike it hard, on the opposite of the net.

Since it is the best moves and hardest spike from Jisung, Changbin missed it.

"A 4? Seriously? Yah! Han Jisung don't use them during a team match" Hyunjin complained.

"Well it's not my fault, Chan Hyung is the one setting the ball besides stop complaining you have Minho Hyung, you dumb setter" Jisung argue back.

"Here we go again" Seungmin sigh knowing Hyunjin and Jisung's love-hate bickering is going to start.

"Yah! You're moves are sloppy and you lack when it comes to 1st tempo, you dumb wing spiker" Hyunjin dart back.

Jisung gasp feeling offended "You... You can't even do back setting before you practice 4 times, you're worst than Channie Hyung" Before Hyunjin could argue back Chan stop them.

"Seungmin-ah nice serve" Jisung shout as Seungmin walk out the line a bit further to do his jump float serve, he toss the ball up in the air with his one hand, then came running 2 steps and jump, he hit the ball to the other side of the net, hard enough for his opponents to take the ball since he's the smart ass player and he's high level in techniques, He's an intellectual person.


Not for Minho who is way smarter than him in techniques, he's a higher level than everyone.

Minho steady his leg as Seungmin hit the ball to their side, he than smirk and ran to the side where Seungmin hit the ball, he must've read Seungmin, although he hit the opposite side to where he look when he was hitting, Minho take the ball at the perfect time, following a 'Nice receive' from Changbin.

Before it lands on the ground Changbin take it and pass the last to Hyunjin, easy for him to set the ball for Minho..

'Alright this can't be good' was all his opponents side thinks.

Hyunjin set the ball up high, it's not a 5 or a 4.

'This isn't good'

1st tempo.

Minho jump and spike the ball over the net, since he's a southpaw (left-handed) it's harder to read him, they can't even read him anyway since he always keep a straight face whenever he do his quick moves, his moves, and spikes, it's unpredictable..

But luckily Felix was quick to take the hard spike by diving, he luckily made it in time..

Here's another, an incredibly good libero.

He's the only person to almost read Minho's moves,

"Nice receive" Jisung shout excited, getting all hyped up cause Felix takes one of Minho's ace spikes, he's more happier and proud than Felix himself.

Seungmin take the ball and passed it to the other side (Minho's side)

They were all so focused on Minho's next unpredictable moves, they don't know what comes next, he might do a straight, hard driven spikes, off-speed spikes or maybe a back row attack, he's all good at that and other many more spikes.

Hyunjin toss the ball as Minho jump, he forcefully hit the ball or so they thought..

Chan's team widen their eyes, just freeze the way they stand as the ball rolling off the group.

A feint?

This is why they hate playing against Minho, they will never be on the same level as him. Not even an university players.

Even his own team was surprised with his moves.

"What.. The hell was that" Jisung said looking up Minho who put on his innocent I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about face with a slightly smile which really pisses off Jisung.

"Wahhh! Hyung I like that even better than you're spikes.. You shut them down" Hyunjin said looking at the.. Still-can't-believe Jisung with a smug face.

Seungmin rolled his eyes picking up the ball while Felix and Chan give Minho a thumbs up seeing his new move.. Like Minho never feint before, unless he's at his limit.

"Hey kiddo next time try to take my Balls" Minho said to Jisung who look like he could kill someone with his glare, if he could right now he wants to punch him till his death. Well that's creepy but true..

Jisung hates feint and dump...


After playing for 3 sets and all set taken by Minho's team, they started to pack their things up since they still need to go home and eat their dinner or they starve to death.

Minho went to the school locker room (especially made for the man) on the 2nd floor of the school building since the court bathrooms were already locked by the janitor, 'what a waste of energy, they're so careless' Minho thought to himself but went to the locker room anyway since he really need to take all his waters out.

(A locker room connects with a bathroom, after practicing volleyball or PE class they usually take a quick bath there)

If he didn't run he need to walk like 5 mins since they have a big campus and their court wasn't connect to the main school building, (it's in the back of the school building, if you watched haikyuu, just imagine their court to be like theirs)

After taking a leak, he walks towards the sink, turn on the tap and washed his hands, it was already dark, he didn't even remember how many hours they've played since they're all so into the game.

"Why didn't you let me win this time.. You smarty-pants" Minho smile, continue washing his hands, he don't need to look at the person talking since he knows exactly who was it.

Minho waggle his hands after turning off the tap, he than take the tissue paper and wipe his hands dry, finally turning his way to Jisung who was standing by the door, arm crossing while leaning his back at the door.

"How could I possibly do that when my lover is watching me?" Minho make his way to Jisung, wrapping his arms around Jisung's waist, he leans in and kiss Jisung's neck all over.

"Seriously? Then why don't you let your lover win and make Hyunjin fall on his knees for him? It's way better" Jisung say sulking.

Minho chuckled into Jisung's neck, placing a last kiss, then look up to him "You know I couldn't loss on Seungmin either you know that" Minho said caressing Jisung's cheeks.

"But I'm still angry.. Why the fuck did you feint on me?" Jisung say pushing Minho who just laughed and cling onto Jisung more.

Since Minho is way stronger than him, Jisung gave up.

"I just want to pissed you off" Minho sigh, hugging him as he rest his head on Jisung's shoulder and place a kiss on his neck again.

"Good job on doing that caused I might bitch slap you anytime now" Minho once again laugh "That's my part, you're my" He said lightly biting Jisung's neck.

"What the heck? Stop biting me, I'm covered with sweats, I'll be salty" Jisung said pushing Minho but he just grab on Jisung's wrist and continue sucking on his skin.

"Doesn't matter" He(Minho) said with his raspy voice, sending shivers down Jisung's spine "H-Hyung" Jisung whine.

Minho travel his hands up to Jisung's chest from his waist, Jisung moans softly at the feeling of his nipples being nipped.

"You know" Minho started, Jisung hum in response "If you moan like that I may not be able to hold myself back" Jisung started whining at his boyfriend's words.

"Hmm? Why?" Minho questioned why Jisung  being so whiny "Who told you to hold yourself back?"

Minho pulled away looking at Jisung to see whether he's messing with him or not but when he saw Jisung wasn't joking and have a serious yet erotic and needy mixed with his cheeks burning red like a tomato he take as a good sign and attack his lips on Jisung.

Jisung was quick to respond the kiss with an equal force Minho put in their kiss, it was a passionate kisses with tongue, teeth and saliva, it's kinda gross but both enjoy feeling each other.

Minho pushed Jisung on the wall, pinning him as Jisung shivers a little when his back touched the cold tiles but continue what he was doing.

Jisung's hand interlacing with Minho's hair while Minho pick up Jisung, squeezing his thighs and the other hand placing on his ass.

He walks towards the shower and turn it on, just broke the kiss "The fuck are you doing?" The water running down Jisung's hair to his toes, now he's completely soaked.

"You said you're covered with sweats, why not getting a shower together?" Minho smile giving him that innocent looks again but he isn't even close to that.. He's the real devil here.

"You're such a dick.. You know I don't have any clothes at my locker since you and Seungmin ruined them all yesterday" Jisung get down pushing Minho lightly, trying to get out the shower although he knows there's no point doing that, he's already dripping wet.

Minho pulled him back "You can just wear my clothes"

"But Hyung... Others are waiting for us.. We should probably go back, we can continue later" Jisung tries his best to be the mature one here.

"I think the fuck not, you know when they're hungry they're animals and they kept on complaining how hungry they were earlier.. Besides You've got a situation here" Said Minho, tapping Jisung's bulge lightly, Jisung groans, holding onto Minho's arm, He hide his face on the older's shoulder feeling so embarrassed.

"And I don't want others to see it" Minho lean closer, placing a light kiss on Jisung's neck.

"Because you're mine"

He whispers the last words into Jisung's ear, lips lightly touch his earlobes and hands on Jisung's hips drawing a circle.

Alright quit trying to be the mature one here, Jisung pull Minho closer into a deep kiss again, kissing all mess but the water running down from the shower was enough for Jisung to calm himself down from exploring, he always feels like he's going to explore whenever Minho touched him.

Minho smirked into the kiss knowing his technique was working, actually he don't even know whether the boys are hungry or not.. He's the hungry one here.

Minho broke the kiss, admiring he's now so-into-it boyfriend, who also look at him with such an erotic eyes.

Jisung just want to fall on his knees and worshipped Minho's look and beauty, he feel weak with every touch of his, not to mention he's hard only just by Minho kissing him.

His body is heating up seeing the water running down Minho's hair dripping on his face, swollen lips slightly parted, eyes only on Jisung, the outline of his chest and abs from the fabric of his jersey that was clinging onto his body (cause it is all wet) and hands on his hips drawing circle.

Minho smile taking his clothes off than help Jisung too.

Jisung saw Minho's bulge too, he realize he wasn't the only one who got turned on here but his boyfriend too.

"I can" Jisung's started "I can help you" He said looking away too shy to face Minho.

It took time for Minho to answer "I think we should stop, Jisung-ah.. It's getting a bit far" Minho said with a calm voice, squeezing Jisung's arm "But Hyung I wanna help... Please?" That look again.. Jisung's puppy eyes that Minho can't win against.

Minho sigh, he just can't ignored the look and his needs "Go down on me" Jisung quickly kneel down, pulled his boxer down as Minho's dick sprung up. .

What a massive eggplant.

Jisung widen his eyes, tilting his head a bit as he think whether it will fit his mouth or not.

He look up meeting his eyes with Minho who also look down on him, running his hand through Jisung's hair.

He feel nervous and shy, it's actually his first time seeing Minho's dick, and he was about to take it in his mouth, he's anxious that he might not satisfied Minho and can't let him cum, it will be very embarrassing.

Not to mention it's his first time, he was about to have sex with no experience.

Believe it or not, Minho is really gentle and never forced Jisung, if he's a bit horny too.. And all they use to do was kissing and Minho giving Jisung a hickey, making out a bit after and nothing more, Minho don't want to rushed things.

Minho smile "It's okay, we can still wait" It was a soft tone, Minho changed completely, like he become a saint, he's so gentle and mature, stroking Jisung's head like he's comforting him, did they put a drop of holy water on the shower?

Jisung shook his head, he look back to Minho's dick, he take a deep breath and lick the tip of it lightly.

It's not that bad.

He look up and meet Minho's eyes once again, he's amazed.. Minho smile telling him 'you don't have to push yourself'

Jisung really hates it, he didn't pushed himself or anything, he wants this too, to be dominate by Minho completely.

Jisung look down again kissing the tip of Minho's dick, then open his mouth wide enough, so that it would fit in his mouth.

He slowly take the length in his mouth, making Minho groans, somehow he likes the older's moans, it's sound so melodious in his ears.

Jisung gagged as his length touched his throat. He pulls away, now he knows how much he can take it in.

He look up again, as if asking Minho permission, Minho nod.

Jisung again put the length in his mouth, started to move his head slowly.

Minho groans again, looking up at the silling, it was a torture for him, feeling Jisung so slow as if he teased him, he bit his lips to prevent himself from going insane and hold Jisung head thrusting his dick hard in his mouth but he won't do that.

"I'm getting impatient, if we do this more, I won't be able to hold myself in as I have been always" Minho warned, Jisung don't like it when Minho hold himself in for Jisung's safety and he wants Minho to do whatever he likes to him.

Jisung pulled away.

"Can we do it?" He asked.

"Do what?" Minho asked, he knows what Jisung meant but he just want to make sure.

"Can you fuck me?" He asked.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Look Hyung, it's annoying.. We've been together like 1 year now and you never do anything more than kissing me, I-" He looked away, too shy to admit that he was also waiting for him to make a move

"I was also growing impatient, I want you to touch me and devour me" He finally confessed.

At first Minho was just planning on teasing Jisung a little bit then take a shower with him but seeing him like this.. It's incredibly hot and insane.

"You asked for it" Minho pulled Jisung up by his arms and pin him on the wall (the wall that separates each section of the shower block)

He turn off the shower.

He pulls down Jisung's boxer, finally reveling all his bulge, he take a look at Jisung's exposed body, Minho is actually glad, he is the first and only person to see him like this.

An art that no one is able to see and admire but him only.

"Don't look it's embarrassing" Jisung hide his face with his hand, Minho pulled his hand away from his face "You're beautiful" He placed a kiss on his cheeks

"You're gorgeous" Then he placed a kiss on the other side.

"You're pretty" Then to his forehead.

"You're lovely" Another on his nose

"Mine only" Finally kissing his lips.

Jisung feel so safe and secure, he have never felt this happy and blessed in his life to have Minho by his side.

Minho never make him feel insecure, unsafe, hesitant and doubtful.

All he feel is love, fondness, tenderness and warmth whenever he's with him.

It's so heavenly soft, safe and warm to be with Minho.

"If I go too far, just punched me like the first time we met each other" Minho said "Did you have to bring back that? It's embarrassing and annoying" Minho chuckled "But you punched really hard on my face and I couldn't even practice volleyball for 2 days"

"You're just weak, don't blame me, you're the one who suddenly appear in front of me.. And besides I punched at your face but you can still use your hands" "Yeah well, i got bruises all over my right cheeks and lips, But I also get a chance to run away from the practice, it's not that bad" Jisung lightly hit Minho's chest as Minho giggles

"What the? Then why are you using me punching you as your excuse? Did you know how uncomfortable I was whenever i see you for the past few weeks after I punched you"

"Yeah I'm sorry" Minho leans in kissing Jisung but he (Jisung) was quick to pull away "Are you just trying to brush it off like that?"

"I will make it up to you, but now focus on me"

Jisung nod.

"Now turn around and bend over" Jisung do as Minho said, holding himself on the wall, bending down a little bit.

"I don't think this is the- *Hnngh* " Jisung got cut off by Minho entering his index finger on Jisung's tight hole.

Jisung bite his lips trying to be quiet as he could, Minho leans his front on Jisung's back, kissing the nape of his neck, his free hand/arm wrapping around Jisung's waist to give him support.

He bit the younger's neck and adding the digits on his hole as Jisung whimpered and tears falling down his cheeks. His hole hurts, it really stings.

Minho slowly thrust it in and stretch him up for a couple of minutes. He then take his fingers out leaving it empty as Jisung finally get to breathe freely, he didn't even know he hold in his breath.

"You okay?" Jisung nod, Minho smile and kiss his back telling him he was doing great and it will not hurt.

Jisung believe him but if hurt is not the thing he feel a moment ago then what is hurt?

"I'm going in" Minho warned, Jisung once again just nod, he just can't talk or even say a 'yes' he feel like if he talks his voice will break.

He could feel a tip on Minho's dick on his hole, yes that makes him nervous. Minho slowly enters Jisung's hole making him flinched and tremble. Minho stop for a moment thinking that was too much for Jisung.

"Y-you can continue" Minho nod although Jisung can't really see him, he slowly enter his hole.

Jisung feel so full but he likes it, he feel a hot tingling inside his stomach, like a whole entire zoo lived in his stomach, and his heart beating like crazy, he feel his head pounding and his bones are on fire.

"I'm moving" Minho said placing a kiss on Jisung's back once again. Jisung nod again "I need words" Minho said almost commands "Y-yes"

Minho started to move, at first it was slow and sloppy but then it's started to get faster and faster, Jisung feel so good that he felt like he was about to faint.

"Hy-hyung *mmph* Why are you *hnngh* moving so fast?" Jisung managed to say in his moans "But Jisung-ie you're the one who's moving your hips"

Minho pulled out and make Jisung face him, he pick him up kissing him on his lips and his tears stained cheeks.

"Hold me tight" Minho whispers as he thrusts in his hole again.

Nails digging on his back and a bite on his neck and shoulder, Minho don't mind them although it hurts a bit, it's feeling so good and Minho even doubts that it's Jisung's first time, how can he feel this good.

And for Jisung it's a whole new experience and he likes it, to feel Minho inside and having sex at a public place for the first time.

Minho gave him so much pleasure, Jisung's Pre-cum dripping on the older's stomach and his, he felt like he's on the edge  telling Minho he is about to cum. Minho nod, pacing up as he hit his prostate, Jisung groans, moaning a bit louder than before, then he let go of his seeds, covering his and Minho's stomach with his loads.

Not long after Minho pulled out and cum on Jisung butt and floor. He put Jisung down, kissing him again.

And for the entire next 2 hours the room was filled with their moans, body slapping against each other's and kinky talks

If Jisung have to describe this in one word it will be heaven and for Minho it will be eternity. (In a good way)


  Jisung close his eyes, inhaling Minho's fragrance of his clean hoodie that he's wearing "Smells good?"

Jisung nod smiling widely looking up at his boyfriend who was busy drying his wet hair with towels, Minho leans down and peck on Jisung's lip and continue drying Jisung's hair.

Jisung grins and look down, swinging his legs on the air, humming who knows what song it is.

"All done" Minho said hanging the towel on the drying rack.

"It's pretty late.. C'mon I'll walk you home" Jisung nod standing up, although his back are sore and butthole are about to ripped, he feels fine and healed just by staying beside Minho. Jisung and Minho walk back to the court and take their bags, since they find no one, they assume they all went home but there are so many missed calls and massages from the boys, some cursing words and worried words. They will get scold tomorrow but they don't have to worry about that now..

For now they just want to spend time together, walking hand in hand under the dimmed street lights, feeling the night zephyr and giggling at their jokes.

Jisung love Minho and Minho loves Jisung.

Or so.

They are still very young and don't really know what love is.


If love ever exist, They both believed that this is it.. The love they gave each other. The love that adult feel and cherished...