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That's what Friends and Family are for

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January 1988


It was a stormy day. The days seemed to get grayer each day for Oswald The Lucky Bunny (formerly Lucky as he referred to himself). But today he felt worse than he had in years. Just a few days ago he just had a discussion with his friend Woody the Woodpecker about a small cameo appearance in a movie.



"The movie is called 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. Disney company asked Universal, who asked me, if I would like to make an appearance in it and I told them I'll think about it," said Woody. Oswald was in total shock. The company his creator made had the chance of having many cartoons from different studios to be in this one movie and they never even considered him. Out of rage he pounded the table. "It's not fair," Oswald said aloud, "It's just not fair". Woody looked at Oswald sympathetically. He knew Oswald's history, and he felt sorry for his friend.

"If you don't want me to accept, I'll gladly turn it down," Woody said, "it doesn't seem right that I should be in a Disney film, when you were Walt Disney's first cartoon hero". Oswald looked at him, and put on a fake smile. "It's ok," said Oswald, "Your going to be in a movie with an entire cast of cartoon characters from other companies. It's only fair that Universal's most famous cartoon should make a brief appearance". Woody looked skeptically at his friend. He had been friends with Oswald for a while now since he joined Universal, and he knew how much his friend wished to be apart of the company his creator had formed. The fact was, he asked if Oswald could be involved, but Universal said that Oswald was too 'unknown' as they put it.

"Are you absolutely sure about this?", Woody asked. Oswald patted his friend's back saying, "Yes, go and have fun. I'll be here when you get back".

"Thanks," he answered. Before he left, Oswald said, "Just one question". Woody turned around.

"Is Mickey Mouse going to be there".

Woody paused for a few seconds, exhaled and said, "Yeah, he'll be there. But like me and most of the other cartoons, his appearance should be brief".

Oswald felt a little more depressed, but put on a smile and said, "OK, well enjoy".


Woody left about a week after their conversation. When Oswald had finished his day, working on setting up stages for other cartoons. He got back to his apartment, feeling very exhausted. He got a letter from Woody today, talking about working on set with so many other cartoons. Many of which he probably would never work with again because of opposing companies. After finishing the letter he got up to go to sleep.


He looked in the mirror. He hated the day when Universal told him, he needed a new look. He couldn't stop them, because they owned him. They had him go to the animation center, he was put under and when he woke up, he felt he lost all traces of himself. Like everything Walt Disney put in to create him was just gone. They made his fur fluffy and white and gray, he looked like a normal, nothing special bunny. Though he went through changes before, the last one felt like the most dramatic. He knew under the paint, the old Oswald was still under there, but it didn't really matter anymore. No one would recognize him either way.


He turned off the lights in his apartment and went to sleep, wondering if this would be his life forever. Working for a company that no longer needed him, nor wanted him. Then again, what company would want a washed up former star like him.