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Daily Life With A Lilim

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~The Devil Girl Who Fell From the Sky~

It was just another day in the life of Stanley, a rather short introverted man who spends the majority of his time inside the spacious home he bought and paid off. He stood at 5ft tall with long greasy black hair, his boyish face made him reminiscent of a highschool freshman and he had bags under his dark eyes from staying up late playing online games.

A yawn escaped his lips as he finished shit posting online, he couldn’t even remember why he was doing it but somehow it just felt right trolling this nerd. His room was currently a mess, with some laundry piled in one corner, his bed sheets scattered, open snack packs, takeout boxes and soda cans laying on and around his workspace, ie the computer desk.

The time was currently 5am which was around the time he usually fell asleep anyway so having conducted his business he wheeled himself across to the door, left his work room and travelled upstairs to his bedroom where he proceeded to plop himself down on the bed and sleep the morning away.


Stanley jolted up at the sound something crashing off the roof, he could vaguely hear something landing in his backyard. He really didn’t want to get out of bed but luckily being the paranoid sort he was he had long since installed security cameras in and around the place. So reaching for his tablet on the nightstand he opened the app connecting to cameras and tapped the one in the backyard to see what was…shit…

“Shit” he spoke out looking at the screen suddenly becoming very awake.

There was a person sprawled out on his backyard, a woman if he’s looking at it right and she was dressed oddly but that didn’t subtract from the fact that there was person who may or may not have fell from his roof currently in his backyard.

“Fuck me”

And she wasn’t moving which could mean she might be dead.

“Fuck me sideways” he rolled himself off the bed and started to make his way to the back. After pulling away the blinds and hissing at the sun like the urban vampire he was Stanley slid the doors open and was met with a bizarre sight. Upon laying eyes on the unknown woman passed out in his yard a single thought crossed his mind.

‘She is HUGE!’

His jaw dropped, he wasn’t all that handy with measurements but just from eyeing her she must have covered at least six feet or something. He could tell she was taller than that one guy he knew played basket ball in college. Oh and uh, there was also that other thing about her BIG OL’ TITTIES!

“Holy Shit” he said with more interest as he took a closer look at those melons. And he meant melons because her breasts were bigger than his head.

He’d seen some big tits on pornstars (being a reclusive virgin certain sites were perused extensively on a near daily basis) but none of those flesh wrapped plastics could compare to these, if only for the simple fact that they look completely natural.

Whoa. Mind. Blown.

“How is this even possible?”

As he tried to wrap his mind around the biology of such a thing he almost felt remiss to notice just why his brain came to such a conclusion. After all he was not some kind of Super! Pervert who could tell a woman's breast size with a mere glance, this wasn’t like anime. He realized it was the way she was dressed or rather the lack of one. This wasn’t anime but she sure dressed like it was one.

Her attire was all black leather and consisted of thigh high ‘fuck me’ boots, a thong bikini bottom, a customized corset that left her flat stomach exposed and secured most of the bottom half of her massive chest with though just barely as the laces criss-crossing over her cleavage looked like they were straining to hold her top together. That’s not even mentioning that the thing barely covered above her nipples leaving her cleavage totally exposed in a boob window that would make Power Girl’s costume look decent.

It looked like just one wrong bounce could either. a) make her top become undone or. B) cause her tits to spill out over the boob window.

Her outfit was so distracting he almost missed the other parts which make up her aesthetic. Those being; the spaded tail, white wings coming from behind her waist and the horns curving around her head like a crown. Oh and her hair was somehow dyed white, like snow white.

“That is some hardcore cosplaying” he mumbled to himself looking at the life like appendages.

Funny he didn’t recognize the character she was supposedly copying. He also hadn’t heard of any conventions in town recently and perhaps the most important question, what was a cosplayer doing in his backyard so early in the morning?

As he mulled over the question his eyes finally caught her face and he was almost struck by how beautiful she was. She looked so peaceful and pretty with her breaths coming out in steady puffs causing her chest rise and wobble and bounce a little (huh?) and her pouty lips that he just wanted to see wrapped around his co-

“Whoa what?” he looked around as if there was someone else around writing down his thoughts for him.


He needed to focus. Now despite what this girl may look like, it was very clear she took a nasty fall or she just got punch drunk and passed out. Or both. At least he confirmed she was alive, the last thing he needed was to explain to a cop how he, a reclusive virgin and otaku with no friends and a library of hentai saved on his hard drive found a dead girl cosplaying as a supernatural hooker in his backyard early in the morning.

Oh he could just picture how that conversation would go.

“She fell from the sky and landed in my backyard officer, I swear I’m innocent!”

Wait, how long was he out here ogling an unconscious girl instead of helping her?

“Shit” his eyes swiveled around again, looking for anyone who might have wondered what that sound was and went to investigate their creepy neighbors house.

“Gotta hide the body”

Poor choice of words he later realized but his cringe was hidden beneath his grunt as he attempted to lift her up bridal style. That went about as well as how one would expect an out of shape middle schooler lifting up a sack of heavy potatoes to go. Needless to say he may have gotten her an inch or two off the ground before falling back and dropping her.

“God damn she’s heavy”

He tried a different approach and attempted to drag her by holding under her armpits only to collapse after nearly throwing his back out. After a minute or two of panting and silent contemplation he went back in, drank a can of energy drink and came back out with some dirty bedsheets he got from the hamper.

What, he’s not wasting clean sheets on some drunk cosplayer.

So after rolling her onto the sheets he began toiling away at pulling her inside. The sheets compensated for his lack of upper body strength very nicely and the few bumps that did occur were cushioned by the pillowy flesh of her chesticles.

Another couple of minutes, another two cans of generic energy drinks and Stanley found himself staring at the unconscious girl’s backside which was now turned to him. To be fair she did have a nice ass but astonishingly he was more concerned with the tail just above her behind and the wings just above those. See the thing is those don’t seem to be attached to her uh, ‘fetish costume’ so to speak.

A stray thought came to him at that moment. One that could only come from a man who has viewed way too much anime and manga (and hentai, naturally) that it skewed his perception and expectations of the cold cruel and mundane reality that was his life. The thought was as follows:

‘What if she’s an actual monster lady and her falling off the roof was her exiting a portal from another dimension?’

Now any sane rational man would have dismissed the thought but Stanley has not experienced the real world for many, many moons due to his conditioning as well as the circumstances of his reclusive nature and lack of social interaction outside of the internet. As such he did not immediately dismiss these thoughts and instead decide to simply ‘roll with it.’

His hand reached out to the closest thing of hers near him, the tail. He casually grabbed it by the spade and gently rubbed his thumb across it. Two things happened, well three things actually, the first being that aside from being remarkably nice to the touch Stanley could feel an actual pulse in the spade and that in turn made his rise. The second thing to happen was that the woman gave the most erotic moan he had ever heard in his life.

He’s talking pornstar orgasm type shit.

The third thing to happen as he stared slack jawed at the woman was for the tail to wiggle and slip from his numb hand and for the girl to settle on her side and curl up, her wings visibly shifting to account for the change in position. For a long moment Stanley simply stared at the gorgeous woman, all sound drowned out save for the steadily increasing beat of his heart. He felt both cold and warm at the same time and light headed as his mind finally caught up to him.

There was an actual succubus and/or sexy demon lady lounging in his living room.

What would you do?

He let out a laugh, almost as broken as his view on reality before answering that age old question posed by people to authors on fanfiction sites.

‘There’s only one thing to do’

And so it was that Stanley began to pull the slumbering not-human back outside to his backyard where he will then lock all the doors and windows, pull up all the blinds and hide out in his room behind a barricade of furniture, a week supply of rations (ie takeout food, snacks and soda) and his trusty electronics in an effort to bleach his mind of the last hour and pass out in a food coma hopefully to wake up in a few hours with short term memory loss.

Unfortunately the first step of his plan which was to get the body out of the house came to a screeching halt and not because of the lack of energy. He froze once he heard a yawn behind him.


Ever so slowly he turned around, cold sweat forming, heart rate spiking and blood rushing to his ears as he witnessed a most terrifying and alluring (…huh?) sight. Her eyes, he was staring at her eyes which were as red as rubies and seem to burn in the pit of her coal colored sclera.  And yet her face was the kind of beauty that expresses equal parts temptation and…innocence? Yes believe it or not that was what he saw as she sat on her knees while sleepily regarding him with an inquisitive stare.

For a few agonizing moments they did nothing, Stanley too shell shocked to move while the girl seemed to be fighting off the last dredges of sleep which she eventually did. Eyes wide the woman regarded him with an aware curiosity rather than an absentminded one. It looked as if she was expecting something the way how she looked at him with such intensity.

Of either of them Stanley proved to be the weaker and so he opted to break the silence. Also her stare was downright unnerving with those creepy colored eyes. So plastering on his most charming smile which naturally wasn’t and came off as fragile as his confidence at that moment he spoke as eloquently as possible.

“C-could you please stop at staring at me, it’s really creepy.”

Shit that was not what he meant to say!

~Waking Up In Another World~

She had so many questions in that moment.

What happened to her?

Where was she?

How did she end up here?

Ah wait, she already knew the answer to that last one. In either case all of those questions became irrelevant as she looked into the eyes of the boy standing before her. He wasn’t particular much to look at from a neutral standpoint and she couldn’t feel any kind of enchantments or holy power coming from him.

Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t sense any form of magic at all but back to more immediately important concerns.

‘Why isn’t he falling to my charms?’

She had been looking in his eyes, sending charm magic at him for the better part of a full minute. Even before she actively began to do this her mere presence should have sent him in a lust induced haze. Yet there is no red faced stammering and wandering eyes, he just maintained her stare silently until it eventually became a battle of wills. Surely he must be trained extensively to have enough mental fortitude to resist her.

“C-could you please stop at staring at me, it’s really creepy.”

Excuse me.

“Excuse me?” she blinked and her eyes narrowed a bit, not quite sure if she heard that right.

He seemed startled at first but then his eyebrows came down furrowed “I said stop staring at me, it’s really creepy.”

She stared at him mouth parted open some and eyes wide ‘creepy?’

She had been called many things in her life, not all of them flattering but never had she been called creepy and never had she been called as such by what appears to be a small man-child virgin of a human.


She scowled “who do you think you are to insult me, human?” she spoke indignantly.

“I’m the guy who dragged your fat ass inside his home because you hit your head on the way out of a portal from another dimension or something” he added last bit as a mumble, clearly not sure about the means of how she ended up here.

That part about the portal wasn’t wrong and she would have focused on that if she were not focused on the first part of his tirade.

“Did you just call me fat!?” she shrieked.

“Damn right I did fatso!” he shouted back with straight shoulders looking slightly down at her knelt form.

This time she surged to her feet gaining about two feet in height and towering over him.

“Whoa” the change was so sudden that he had to step back in awe…and also because her face was blocked by her chest at that angle.

She grinned in triumph seeing how easily her height and size made his confidence drop. She had always been developed for her age, some would say overdeveloped and even amongst her many siblings she was one of if not the most voluptuous, second only to their mother.

“I am Princess Ezraphel of the Royal Makai, a daughter of the Mamono Overlord, how dare you show such disrespect to me!”

She saw him pale at the proclamation and she grinned savagely showing off white gleaming and slightly fanged teeth. But then he scowled “I don’t give a fuck where you come from or who you are! This ain’t Makai or whatever World of Warcraft name you said so your title doesn’t mean shit. In here this is my home and my kingdom. I make the rules cause I’m King. And as King I say you can take your fat ass” he emphasized “and get the fuck out my house!”

Princess Ezraphel stood looking down at the human, face flushed with indignation and fist trembling with anger barely restrained by her willpower. No one has ever spoken to her in such a way and she found the novel experience of that outburst to be highly unpleasant.

“Enough!” her voice took on a dangerous tone that had him flinch back in fear “it is time I educate you on how to address your betters human” she spoke while raising her hand. With a few loud incantation her hands glowed with archaic energy and then…fizzled out into nothing.

She blinked.

He blinked.

A few beads of cold sweat started to form on her brow.


“Wow, I sure learned my lesson” the human spoke in an overtly bored tone.

Her expression morphed into indignation again and she thrust her hand out at the human shouting out incantation after incantation only to receive at best a small puff of energy that fades as instantly as it appears. Ezraphel’s embarrassed flush was furthered by the snickering man and turned to anger as he laughed harder and louder with each failed spell.

Until she thrust her arm out at him and shouted “FIREBALL!” a spark plus a puff of smoke wafted towards the human.

He looked up at her in shock as the smoke tickled his nose “d-did you just try to light me on fire?”

His question went ignored as she looked at her hand, the dread of her expression as clear as the lack of any magic spells or the feel of her mana. Now that she thought of it Ezraphel felt exhausted, whatever little mana she may have recovered during her sleep was all but used up in her failed attempts to cast simple (for her) spells.

‘If I can’t even make a damn fireball then how will I be able to return home?’

“Hey!” the shout snapped her out of her musings and her attention was trained on the short human “I’m talking to you.”

As she looked at him an idea came to her and she smiled slowly, seductively down at him. He paused, looking more uncomfortable than transfixed by her sudden (sexy) turn of expression.

“I don’t believe I’ve gotten your name, sir”

“Sir?” he shook his head and glared “and of course you didn’t.”

They stared for a moment and she wordlessly gestures for him to continue with the expectation that he will say his name with all the bravado befitting a…man(?) of his stature.

Once again he broke her expectations by not doing that and instead points to an open glass door “exit’s that way. Don’t bump your wings on the way out.”

If he had been attentive enough he would have seen a subtle twitch of her eye as her charming smile seemed to freeze at his words. But her and her sisters wouldn’t have been called titles such as ‘the embodiment of lust and carnal desires’ if they were so easily flustered. Well some of them are but those girls are weird even by her family’s standards.

“I am afraid I cannot leave”

“Why not?” surprisingly the question came out as an exasperated whine rather than a indignant retort.

“As you have seen, I am currently unable to cast any spells and the one that brought me here is particularly draining.”

“Is that why I found you passed out in my backyard like a drunk homeless person?”

Another twitch of her eye and a frosty “yes” was her reply.

She did not appreciate being compared to a drunken peasant but soldiered on by bending down while emphasizing her massive mammaries. As expected his eyes were firmly glued to her cleavage.

Some things never change.

“Fortunately there is a way I can refill my magic but only you can help me” she fluttered her eyes when he looked up.

He was surprised at her close proximity, not even noticing when she shuffled closer “uh, r-really?” he stuttered trying to decided if he wanted to look at her face or her breasts which were inches from his face.

“Yes~” she purred and reached out to caress his cheek.

He was practically melting in her hand and she relished the control she had over him. It was, as always, too easy. Even without enough mana to fuel her ever present charm ability it was all too easy to seduce a man, especially if the aforementioned man was but a boy who had never known the touch of a woman.

She didn’t need to be a powerful succubus to know he was a virgin. His appearance practically screamed it and despite their less than stellar first meeting she will very much enjoy taking his first time and receiving his pent up spirit energy.

‘Ooh, he’s already hard~’ she mentally cooed, a slender hand delicately went down to cup his visible erection and to her surprise he was more endowed than she would figure for someone of his stature.

What a pleasant surprise!

Her tongue trailed over her bottom lip as she went to tug his pants off. It would have been so much better if she could just use a spell to undress him. Still her deft hands worked on his garment either way, only for his hand to hold her wrist.

“Wait…wait-wait-wait-wait-wait” he said trying to gain some distance but Ezraphel was not one to be denied however.

She inched closer to his aroused and nervous face whispering a sultry “no~” before crashing their lips together in a tongue filled kiss.

As her tongue invaded his mouth, her eyes widened at the taste. She had tasted spirit energy before, from ordinary men and even Heroes but not like this, nothing could compare to this. He tasted so sweet like Alraune nectar. Sweeter even and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Why did she end up here again?

Something clicked, a thought crossed her mind and the realization made her more fervent in her ministrations. When he attempted to back away she growled lightly and wrapped her hands around him. Eventually his frantic movement slowed and even she had to separate for breath.

The two of them stared at each other, eyes lidded, breath panting and red in the face, him more than her. Her grin was the very definition of salacious while it wouldn’t surprise her if he wasn’t even coherent right then.

“Hmm~” she let out a breathy moan, her hands cupping his cheek gently “that was even better than I ever imagined. I want more.”

He mumbled incoherently as she nuzzled against his neck planting kisses. It was so strange she never realized how good he smelled. She hugged him closer into her chest while inhaling his scent. It was so different from other men she had met and it made it clear that this short stranger clearly led a different lifestyle compared to those other men she had met.

It was just different and unexpected.

‘Just like him’ she mentally giggled.


She hadn’t paid too much attention to his mumblings as she assumed he was simply overwhelmed. That word however gained her attention as she was of the thought that given his lack of decorum he perhaps did not know of her kind.

“Oh, so you are aware of us” she pulled back with a delighted smile only for it to slip at the look of utter horror on his face.

“Oh…my…GOD…” he said slowly.

Ezraphel felt a pit form at his look, like so many other humans before him. What came next should have been expected but caught her off guard anyway.

The human was deceptively strong for his size and the Lilim found herself shoved back stumbling two steps before regaining her footing “get off of me!”

“What is the matter?” she was genuinely confused with his actions. Yes he recognized her name but the he seemed more angry than afraid thought not by much.

“What’s the matter!? What’s the matter!?” he yelled in fury “You’re a Lilim!? SHIT!” he backed away before a look of thought crossed his mind “wait, do you have a sister named Druella?”

‘He knew Druella? Of course he knew her. Why wouldn’t he know that…ugh.’

Something in her expression must have told him something because the small lull in his inquisitive expression was gone and he yelled “shiiiit.”

Her attention turned to him and he froze up, like a small animal in the face of a larger predator which wasn’t really far from the truth.

He started to inch around her “please leave” he spoke with all the mustered strength of a frightened child.

Ezraphel had no intention of leaving but she had enough tact to realize a runner when she saw one. Without her magic she would rather not put in the effort as her disposition made unassisted physical activities rather…tedious.

“As I have said before I do not have enough power to leave. I need-”

“Spirit energy right” he interrupted with a quick reply then added “is it semen?”

Something about a human being aware of the source of Mamono power felt awkward to Ezraphel who tentatively answered “yes”

“Well I’m sure if you walk the block you’ll find more than a few guys willing to donate to your cause” he said whilst still inching away.

“Are you suggesting I whore myself out to random men?”

He paused “well when you say it like that you sound surprisingly offended at the thought of sex with strangers”

“That is because I am”

“Aren’t you supposed to be a succubus?”

“I am a princess with class! Not some harlot.”

“Then go fuck a rich guy! Five houses down, across the street, you can’t miss him trust me.”


“Then whatever, go bother somebody else!”

“I don’t want anyone else!”


Suddenly everything stopped and Ezraphel realized just what she had uttered.

~ Stan’s Decision~

Every single one of his furniture was piled against door while Stanley was pacing the carpet floor muttering to himself.

“Lilim, why the hell did it have to be Monster Girl Encyclopedia? Why couldn’t it have been Daily Life With Monster Girls or some other shit. As a matter of fact, WHY ME!?”

Just his luck he got a monster woman from the only author who has a reverse rape fetish.

“Fucking Kenkou Cross”

The worst part is the guy is obscure enough to not have all his work translated and shipped to western audiences when written and what he does write is more in the vein of world building than characterization. There is no story in MGE so to speak since he got other people to write a bunch of stories for him then slap on ‘Alternate Universe’ and calling it a day. That’s basically glorified fanfiction and they’re not even good.

He jumped startled when the handle for the door tried to turn but to no avail. Stanley held his breath less she figure out he was inside.

“I know you’re in there.”

Well, shit.

“Please open the door.”


“I know you must be confused”


“-and afraid”

Very but probably not for the reason she was thinking.

“I promise I won’t hurt you…I…I don’t think I could ever bring any harm to you”

Oh he really wished he could yell at her to take a fucking hike right now but his heart won’t stop racing.

“Please come out”

He kept his mouth shut, he didn’t know why but the scathing remarks just wouldn’t come. Was it because of her charm? The uh, magical one? He didn’t know but he did find himself close to the door, or as close as he could get with a pile of furniture blocking it.

“I understand if you need some time to yourself. I…I will be outside when you want to talk” his eyes found themselves on his tablet looking at a security feed and there she was, walking into the living room and sitting down on the couch.

He put the thing down and dropped himself on a bean bag chair “what is my life right now?” he groaned.

This is the type of shit situation he read in fanfiction and he was such a Schizoid that he couldn’t help but picture what the kind of shit he read in fanfiction would pan out in his real life. What would he do if he were put in the shoes of the author’s main (male) character? The thing about it is those thoughts usually came with a helping dose of hindsight which he currently didn’t have.

So, what should Stanley do about having the most powerful and dangerous species of monster girl from a reverse rape heavy, human submissive centered, fetish reel hentai of a dimension sitting in his living room?

On one hand from what he knew about Mamono they genuinely don’t have any ill will towards humans and from what he remembered about Lilim, they weren’t the rip-off-clothes-and-fuck-you-silly types (and thank whatever god exists for that). No they are just the use-magic-to-brainwash-men-into-wanting-them-then-fuck-them-silly types.

Shit and he’d been staring directly in her eyes the moment she woke up.

“Fuck, does that mean if she wasn’t powerless I’d be a mindless fuck drone right now?”

Fear gripped his heart a bit at the thought and therein laid the crux of Stanley’s issue with having the scantily clad, big titty Succubus traipsing about in his home, well the first reason anyway. He understood all too well what the monster women from MGE are all about, more specifically he knew what the ‘canon’ Monsters under the Succubus Overlord’s banner are about and he wanted nothing to do with that.

If he had to choose between a life without sex but the freedom to do whatever the hell he wanted whenever he wanted vs. a life with totally-awesome-mind-blowing-out-of-this-world-earth-shattering-sex with the sexiest woman in the world every day but with a damn near symbiotic codependency on said woman, the answer was simple.

He’d rather stay home and play video games.

You can’t trade freedom for pussy.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a retard with obvious issues. It’s why the idea of relationships beyond a one night stand was so bizarre to him, personally. Why would he want some strange woman coming into his life, using all his shit and telling him how to live? And for what?


He’s got the best kind of friends on the internet.


He’s got internet porn sites, two working hands and a fleshlight.


What the fuck is love supposed to be in this day and age?

“Whew, I am on a roll” with those thoughts he has psyched himself up enough to forget how she sounded while pleading to him so now it was time to drive it on home.

And dangers specifically to himself aside he had no idea what the hell the repercussions of her appearance on earth could entail. She wasn’t some random Monster Girl who fell through a portal, she was a damn princess whose mother, if the wiki is to be believed, is basically a God. If she is half as protective of her daughters as he assumed most Mamono are to be then she could literally rip apart dimensions to find her.

And what would happen if she discovers a world comprised of only humans with no magic, no gods and no experience with their kind while numbering in the billions? He remembered at least five different fanfics with this scenario in mind and they do not bode well for the places that have first contact.

The aforementioned princess was inside his house.


He might be looking at a Cut and Run/Connecticut Yankee situation where the entire human race is fucked into near extinction. At the very least there’s going to be a war and he might be involved now because he made contact with an otherworldly princess and swap spit with her.

“What do I do?” he kept repeating to himself like a mantra.

Getting rid of her seems like a good bet but then what? She wanders the neighborhood, a bunch of jackasses decides to have some fun with her and inadvertently give her power through rape and she decides to pay the midget who treated her so badly another visit? Or he decides to let her stay like those dumbass anime protagonists which will only end in one way down the line.

It was with this realization in his harried thoughts that he realized “there’s no way out” no matter what happens after he leaves this room he will be involved.

She seemed willing to wait for him because of some strange sort of attachment she developed for him for…reasons. Whatever the hell it is it can’t be good for his health. And if he sent her away it’s going to be an even bigger pain in the ass in the long term once the Overlord and her army of slutty monster bitches come around and start searching for her missing princess.

He downed an entire can of mountain dew in huge gulps and prepared to face the music but not without an insurance plan in case she got a bit too handsy. Depowered or not, Stan didn’t think he could survive having any kind of sexual relations with that woman. And he might have passed it off since he wasn’t desirable to any woman he’d ever met but Ezraphel was already reaching for his junk within the first ten minutes of waking up so... he was still trying to come to terms with that actually.

When it comes to women he learned that if it’s too good to be true, it is usually a big fat lie. There was no back story behind that little nugget of wisdom, that’s just common sense.

He ventured into his closet and pulled out a heavy looking suitcase. Imputing the three number code for the lock he opened it and for a moment he imagined the inside had shining golden light, he smiled. Looking into the suitcase there were an assortment of rifles, pistols and a shotgun cluttered together.

…he meant to get that awesome looking black foam insert but that shit is expensive so he settled for stuffing them inside. Not the most glamorous presentation but to hell with that for now.

He took up the pistol and in the rush of being caught up in what he’s about to do, cocked the hammer back and spoke in his ‘cool’ voice “time to nut up or shut up.”

Several minutes later…

“Hey~” he called out to the Lilim in a long, overly friendly and obviously fake drawl.

The Lilim put down the remote and looked only to pause as her eyebrows raised in surprise. Stanley walked into the living room covered from head to toe in tactical paintball gear which includes a visor, helmet and fingerless gloves. He also had a pistol strapped to his thigh, a shotgun across his back and held a tactical rifle almost lazily in his hands.

He aimed the rifle with the precision of young adult who had participated in many a paintball wars in his youth.

“Let’s talk” 

~The Talk~

Ezraphel had no idea what she was looking at right now but one thing is for sure, is that the boy she had met before was gone and in his place was a man ready for war. She had no idea of this dimension’s weapons  but she knew armor when she saw one and that strange looking thing in his hand reminded her too much of a magitech rifle once shown to her by a Gremlin working in the Sabbath.

So erring on the side of caution she slowly rose “yes, let us”

“No sudden moves” he spoke “you just stay right there and uh I’ll take a seat over here” he punctuated this by dragging a chair over and sitting down.

It bothered her that he didn’t trust her seeing as how she hadn’t made any threatening moves towards him. Then she remembered the fireball incident and almost smacked her forehead.

“So, I thought you should know that in this dimension we don’t have magic or monsters or any other race aside from humans. I mean we know about you but it’s all fictional to us.”

The Lilim pursed her lips “I had thought that. The air feels different in this dimension perhaps due to the absence of magic.”

“Yeah that’s probably it” he said while fiddling with the…thing.

“What is that in your hand?”

“Oh this? It is a Crosman M4-177 tactical air rifle”

Those words mean absolutely nothing to her save for the word ‘rifle’ and he could see it in her expression, the unsaid “what?”

“Are you familiar with uh…what was it, flintlock?”

She frowned “yes, there were a few human kingdoms who use such things. I heard that they are not reliable.”

“Yeah well, if humans in your world survive a few centuries then they might perfect the formula. To make a long story this rifle can fire more pellets a lot faster, a lot farther and with more accuracy” he paused “oh and it’s a lot quieter too” he demonstrated by aiming above.

Ezraphel’s sensitive ears picked up the sound before a glass shattered above her head causing her to jump with a small shriek while instinctively covering her head. She looked at the glass shards on the ground then above at the thing he shot, then at him and swallowed lightly. She couldn’t see his face and his posture was a bit tense.

 Ezraphel didn’t know what to say to that, the threat was all too real for her but she felt it was time to get down to business.

“What will you do with me?” she asked with a twinge of fear.

“I…have no idea” he trailed off “I’m not gonna kill or torture you if that’s what you’re asking. This thing wasn’t made to kill people but it does hurt like a bitch I’ll tell you that. Mamono are supposed to be tougher than humans right?”


“Then there you go.”

Her brows furrowed “it isn’t necessary to have a weapon. I gave you my word that I will not bring you any harm.”

“Yeah well, your species on a whole are a little too handsy for my taste and I don’t plan on being raped today” he stated bluntly and she fought down a slight wince at his statement.

“I will not rape you.”

“Uh-huh” he hummed unconvinced.

“I don’t need to force myself on a man, they are always very willing.”

“Not this man though” he scoffed

“Is the thought of having sex with me so terrible?” she spoke looking him (hopefully) in the eyes.

“I won’t trade my freedom for pussy.”

His answer surprised, confused and infuriated her all at once “and what is that supposed to mean!?”

“Oh come on, I know what the deal is with you Lilim.”

“And what would you know about me?”

“I know that you’re powerful enough to charm humans with a single glance. I know you enjoy corrupting humans into monsters-sorry Mamono and Incubi without a second thought. And I know that the only reason why I’m even able to talk to you properly is because you don’t have any magic in you to do what you’d normally do if you came across a human!”

Throughout his entire rant his voice had taken on a higher and angrier edge from the near nonchalant way he started until it all ended with him screaming at her.

Ezraphel’s lips quivered and she looked down in some shame “you’re wrong” she whispered.


“I said you are wrong!” she repeated, eyes blazing. It actually made him straighten and aim the rifle at her.

“And w-why is that?”

“It is true that under different circumstances you would have been charmed but that has less to do with my magic and more to do with my energy.”

“What’s the difference?”

“With magic it is intentional”


“And the reason for my earlier actions is not for the reasons you assume.”

“You mean the part where you chased me around the room? You mean you weren’t trying to rape me?”

“No I just…it is difficult to explain.”

“Difficult? Why do I get the feeling it has less to do with me not understanding the situation and more of you not wanting to explain the situation?”

Ezraphel bit the bottom of her lip, this is the reason why Mamono as a general consensus have sex first and explain themselves later. It cuts the time for pointless chatter and the man is usually pliant enough to forgive and forget. Ezraphel now found herself in the unenviable position of having to explain herself after an embarrassingly failed attempt to catch a man whom at the moment could hurt her.

“That is to say I…could not help myself.”

‘This is so embarrassing’ she felt her cheeks flare.

She had imagined this moment many times and all those times were some variation of her in control. If not of the situation then at least she would be in control of herself.

“Couldn’t help yourse-wait” he paused and she could feel his eyes looking over her “you’re not going to say something weird like you’re ‘in love with me’ are you?”

She didn’t say a word though she covered her cheeks with her palms and looked away like the shy maiden that she was behind all the glamorous pomp she put on for most.

“Yes” she confirmed “I think I am.”

The silence after that revelation stretched on for an uncomfortable amount of time whereby she was made to stare at a blank dark reflective visor covering his face. Then the sputtering and half formed sentences start.

“How? Why? I mean-” he scoffed gesturing absently with his hands before coughing to settle down and compose himself “okay, I know that you mamono are pretty flippant when it comes to relationships” he paused at the frown on her face “well most of you are” he emphasized and Ezraphel grudgingly agreed “so how the fuck did you come to that conclusion after meeting me for a few minutes and I swear to god if you say something like ‘fate’, ‘destiny’ or ‘I don’t know’ I will unload this entire clip on your fat ass.”

“Grr” her teeth grinded together at the last of his sentence.

‘Breathe…’ she told herself.

“Magic” she stated simply.


“You see, the reason I am here was because of a spell to locate my husband…or at least the person who is most likely to be my husband” she looked him in the visor as she spoke.

“…I can see where this is going” he mumbled but she did not hear it.

“I went into the portal not knowing where it would take me and I awoke here, with you.”

“…does anyone else know you’re here? Family? Friends? Your mother and her army sex fiends?”

“I have not spoken to my family in several decades. I doubt they realize what has happened to me”

“I feel like there’s a ‘but’ coming”

“However, I do have friends and they may seek to find me if I do not show myself.”


Actually Ezraphel had more than a few weeks before her friends would try to find her but he didn’t need to know that. Obviously the thought of more of the radical Mamono crossing into his dimension frightens him so if she could use this to her advantage.

“I would be willing to return but as you already know I need” she trailed off with a smile.

“A shot of semen right, I get it already” he gritted out.

Instead of being put off she smiled even wider “actually I need several” she couldn’t see it but she could imagine the scowl on his face getting deeper with narrowed suspicious eyes “It was a powerful spell”

“And you won’t bother anyone else for this because…?”

“I like you” she said very honestly.

“I have a loaded weapon aimed and ready to fire if you so much as try to lewd me.”

Her brows furrowed again and she stared at his blank helmet for a very long time before she stood up slowly. Not taking her eyes off him she began to make her way around the couch, strutting in a slow sensual manner not unlike a runway model unbeknownst to her.

“W-what are you doing?” he jolted from his seating position, rifle aimed squarely at her.

“I want to show you something.”

“Stay right where you are”

She didn’t listen and with every step she took, her breasts bounced and her hips swayed, not to mention it brought attention to her long slender legs. To him who has spent so much of his life around a computer she was like a walking hentai. Her inhuman features suddenly became exotic and alluring.

“Oh man” he muttered.

~The (Not) Lewd~

In seeming panic he shot her right on the boob.

“Ow!” Ezraphel grabbed at the spot she was hit and after inspecting she found that only a small almost unnoticeable bruise was left, along with a stinging sensation.

He hit her right above her corset on the skin.

“Now I’m going to say this again, stay right where you are…” the last word trailed off in a slur.

Ezraphel was confused for a bit until she realized that she was messaging her boob absently to nudge the sting away. A salacious smile spread across her face as her messaging turned to straight up fondling and she used both hands on both boobs this time.

“Ow, that hurt~” she pouted while continuing to fondle herself.

“Uh…” was his sensible reply as he was seemingly transfixed by the sight before him

Damn she wished she knew his name, even with his face covered he was so cute

“Why don’t you put that thing down?” she requested pausing her ministrations,

She was getting hot playing with herself.

As if someone clapped in front of him he aimed his gun, this time at her face “drop your hands”

Ezraphel pouted in aggravation before she smiled and shrugged “as you wish” then with hands still on her chest she deliberately dragged them down bringing her corset down with them and freeing her constricted breasts “oops~” she said with a teasing smile.

His reaction did not disappoint.

The rifle dropped from his now trembling hands “h-holy shit”

Ezraphel chose that moment to lunge at him, emboldened by her distance as well as the lust rolling off him in that moment. The Lilim tackled the man before he could reach for that other weapon at his side and now straddled him.

“Aha!” she grinned in victory.

“Get off of me!” he struggled but it was ultimately futile, even without magic Ezraphel was much stronger than the average man (and even some mamono) and he was far below the average man in terms of strength.

She giggled before her tail snaked to his weapon and tossed it away “there, now you don’t have any weapons” she leaned down to his helmet “now you’re all mine~” another triumphant giggle as the futile efforts began “now let’s see what’s behind here.”


She slipped off the helmet to reveal an angry watery eyed man glaring heated daggers at her despite the tears.

Ezraphel's smile slipped away and turned to concern “are you alright?”

His teeth gritted “what do you think!?”

She recoiled a bit at his vehemence “I…I wasn’t going to hurt you”

“I know that!”

“Y-you do?”

Ezraphel was hesitant again, she knew what was supposed to happen. She had him right where she wanted him, pinned down under her, his body was small but his spirit was oh so vast and irresistible. The only thing stopping her was his emotions, an ugly mix of lust, hatred and fear, heavier on the latter than the former.

She needed to tip the scale back to the former and so she leaned down and attempted to kiss him. He began struggling again, turning his head from side to side while yelling “no” over and over again. The Lilim stopped but let her face remained close to his and eventually he stopped though with his turned away, he stared to the side.

The silence lingered for a moment before being broken by the Lilim “I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“…no means no” he replied lowly with a scowl, still not making eye contact.

Ezraphel was at a loss “why?” she was truly curious. She offers him the greatest treasure she could, herself. It is so painfully obvious to her that he was attracted to her. He knew she would not hurt him and yet still he denies it “am I not good enough? Do you prefer men?”

“The fuck?” for the first time he looks at her with incredulously.

“Do you?”


“Then why won’t you love me?”

“Who in their right mind would be okay with getting raped!?”

“I know of many” she replied knowing several mamono couples who love rape play.

“I said ‘in their right mind’ because obviously those people are fucking crazy!”

Ezraphel scowled with some impatience “what are you saying?”

“I am not crazy! I don’t care how hot you are. I don’t want to be fucked by you against my will! I don’t want to end up a fucking incubus! I have a life and I like my life! And I don’t want my life to suddenly become meaningless and revolve around you!”

The last word he screamed in her face and for a long moment they stared at each other with the only noise being him panting. Suddenly something wet his cheek and he snapped out of his rage haze to see tears running down her eyes and her lips quivering. A moment later Ezraphel started crying and leapt off of him then ran deeper into the house.

~The Make Up~

What the hell did he do?

You made a girl cry, dumbass.

No he made a mamono cry.

As if that makes a difference. Get back out there and apologize.

Fuck that. Why should he apologize just because she couldn’t handle the truth? What? She never thought that maybe there was more to someone’s life than fucking?

That’s not the point, she travelled across an entire dimension just to meet you and you’ve done nothing but treat her like shit the entire time!

What the hell is up with that anyway? A spell that would take her to the person who is the best candidate to be her husband?

‘And it brought her to me.’

Technically it brought her crashing off your roof.

Directly above your room!




You know what, maybe you should at least talk to her or something.

‘I thought you were supposed to be the devil on my shoulder.’

We’re both a figment of your imagination dipshit.

So stop stalling and get your ass in gear before she decides to fly away and cause even more problems for us.

Stanley sighed “shit” he slowly got up and his eyes saw his air rifle but thought better of taking it. He removed his vest and gloves and other implements before making his way to the sound of weeping.

He found her in the bathroom huddled in the tub. Not exactly being particularly empathic to other people’s emotions he took a seat on the toilet. She didn’t seem to notice his arrival and after a moment he sighed and murmured “would you stop that already.”

For the first time her gaze turned to him and Stanley cringed at the puffy eyes, she really was crying.

“W-what do you want?” she sniffled.

“I wanna know if you’re just going to sit there and cry all day.”

 She scowled and wiped her face “why do you care?”

“Because it’s my bathroom and I haven’t showered yet” he informed snidely.

She rubbed her eyes “then let me get out of your way” she staggered up with droopy wings and dragging tail and started shambling out.

“Do you still want help getting spirit energy?”

She turned to him and he bravely fought to not stare at her bare chest as she regarded him with tearful angry eyes “I thought you hated me”

Now it was his turn to scowl “I hate the idea of being infected with demonic energy and losing my mind. I hate the idea of having my body modified to fit your ridiculous sexual standards. But most of all I hate having my every word and actions subverted to fit your ideal of a perfect ‘husband.’ That is what I fucking hate.”

Ezraphel shuffled slightly at his words almost beginning to tear up again.

Then he continued “so no. I don’t hate you specifically.”

Ezraphel’s eyes widened before she hesitantly spoke “so, you don’t hate me?”

He rolled his eyes “what did I just say?” at her flinch he sighed “no I don’t hate you Ezraphel.”

There was another pause and Ezraphel had a contemplative expression as she regarded the shorter man.


Then before he could ask her face erupted in a wide smile and she gave a high pitched squeal. He cringed at the sound and yelled when he was suddenly picked up and squeezed into her massive heaving bosom. The Lilim continued to squeal in joy as her body twisted to and fro. If one could see them now the scene would have reminded them of a little girl having received a stuffed animal and celebrating.

As for Stanley he’d remembered seeing things like this in anime where the man is stuffed into a woman’s chest and it is often described as heaven for the man. He would like to find the writer for such anime and shoot them in the dick. There is nothing heavenly about suffocating in the world’s largest natural tits. Nothing heavenly at all! To make matters worse his struggling and flailing seem to go ignored as Ezraphel snuggled him even closer into her bare chest.

Reprieve came when she pulled him away but only for a second before she crashed their lips together. He would like to say that it was a kiss but when her tongue poked through and invaded his mouth all pretenses were off. Her tongue was like its own entity, longer than his own and seemed to attack with all the vigor of a predator. Seriously it went everywhere in his mouth, poking his cheeks, cleaning his gums then swirled around his tongue before giving what he would later call a genuine ‘tongue job.’

Her mouth open with her tongue entwining his before sliding back into her own mouth scooping up his saliva for her to swallow it down her own throat. Once the deed was done she gave an orgasmic moan and shuddered before giving him a look of pure unadulterated adoration.

“Delicious~” that single word spoke volumes and made him feel but afraid and enticed.

Just what the hell did he get himself into?

Stanley was rendered speechless for a long while as they maintained eye contact. Then he exhaled loudly and laid his head on her chest. Ezraphel didn’t let him go, she held onto his limp form close, his feet dangling off the ground, without a single hint of strain and ran her fingers through his hair. She smiled the entire time while her eyes took in every single facet of his features seeming to want to immortalize this moment in her mind.

Then she perked up as if remembering something “hey” her voice was soft and soothing as her body started to sway


“Can I ask your name?”

“…Stan…” he replied in a sleepy tone, the feel of her soft breasts were like pillows, her skin was the finest sheets and it was oddly comforting in her embrace.

“Stan?” she tilted her head quizzically.

“…Stanley…Berkowitz…” and all of a sudden the entire night caught up and reminded him that he barely got a full hour sleep before all this started.

By the time she spoke the human had already closed his eyes.

“Stanley” her voice was breathy and she nuzzled her face on top of his head “it is a nice name.”

Only light snoring was his reply to her.

~To Be Continued~

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