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The Seeds to your Misdeeds

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It takes Shashi a surprising amount of willpower to walk calmly towards the room. The fortress is his now, his men guard the doors, his enemies were dead or powerless, their property now his own. The enemy had been paranoid enough to equip anti-aircraft weapons, even governments would think twice about attacking - and they would think twice, this fortress was remote, not worth the hassle. Given the backgrounds of most of the population here - poor, crime infested, likely they were going to be ignored for a while. No, there was only one reason why any government agency would approach, and it was currently locked up in the room Shashi was approaching.

His enemies dead or powerless, and this one was no exception.

“Hello, Tony.”


Despite being essentially thrown into the room like a prisoner, Tony didn’t look afraid. He had been sitting at one of the chairs, but he got to his feet when Shashi entered. Before Tony could say anything, Shashi punched him, hard.

Not hard enough to break bones, but enough to cut Tony’s lip. The youngest Torreto yelped as he toppled back onto the chair, and Shashi was suddenly crowding him there.

“That, was for the sorry goodbye.”

Tony glared up at him, “You get one free shot. Try that again and you’ll see just how much I’ve always pulled my punches with you.”

“You are in no position to be making threats,” Realizing a fight was not what he wanted, Shashi let other emotions cover his anger, “You left, you dragged me out knowing I could be danger, promised me your protection, only to leave me.”

The gambit worked, Tony’s anger was quickly replaced by guilt, “I wasn’t…look, I’m sorry, I had no intention of abandoning you. Had I stayed with you I would have had to bring you back to prison, you know that. I can’t let you go, I can only give you a head start.”

“And so you’re here again, trying to arrest me, and destroying all that I’ve built.”

“You said you let go of your anger, if you had laid low your capture would be placed in low priority. All this? Taking out enemies, finding yourself another crew, it attracts attention. Shashi, you have to turn yourself in. Come back with me, we can plead your case.”

Shashi frowned, but it was not completely due to Tony’s words. The former SH1FT3R leader leaned down, “You’re bleeding.”

“You’re not distracting me,” Tony pressed the back of his hand first against his nose, than his lips, the latter came back smudged red like lipstick. “This is all your fault…”

His words cut off with a gasp, Tony felt Shashi’s hand in his hair, pulling his head back as the other’s lips descended over his own. Shashi kissed like he was going to devour Tony completely, one hand pinning Tony’s wrist against the chair. The way Shashi took control was relentless, and Tony let out a soft moan that wasn’t just due to the stinging pain on his lips. The sound was enough for Shashi break the kiss.

“Telling me to keep my head down would be similar to telling you not to drive,” Shashi nuzzled Tony’s ear, almost smirking at the way the other shivered. “It was awful, wasn’t it, when Sudarikov took that from you.”

“Funny,” Tony drawled. “Are you going to give me a car? Or at least access to a functioning one? We can have another race.”

“No,” Shashi’s teeth grazed down Tony’s neck, “We both know you will take any opportunity to escape, my men are taking measures to make sure you won’t be able to just steal a car and drive off. Well, I’m sure you will find some way eventually, but I don’t intend to make it easy for you.”

“Shashi…” Tony tried to lean back, realized he had nowhere to go, and submitted to Shashi’s touch. “There is no way you can hide out here for long. If you’re not hiding, certainly you can’t stay here for long. You’ll need to go outside eventually, whether for supplies or to enact any of your plans. Whatever you’re trying to do, I’ll stop you.”

“I know your loyalty hasn’t changed.” Shashi hummed as Tony clutched his shoulders helplessly, “Maybe I just want to enjoy your company without prison bars between us.”

“A honeypot seems below you, sleeping with me won’t get me to change my mind.”

“I could say the same to you,” Shashi pressed a kiss at the side of Tony’s lips, careful not to further aggravate the injury. “Although I would not be opposed to you trying. After all, you’ll be staying with me for a while.”

Shashi did not want Tony as his enemy, he genuinely liked the young Torreto. He liked to think the feeling was mutual. If Tony insisted, Shashi could accept that they were on opposite sides, but this was a fight that Tony lost. So to the victor, the spoils.