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Working for the Knife

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Shoto never felt as if he had a say in his own future. Since his quirk first appeared, it was already set in stone what his future would be. Hero work and grueling training that makes his joints ache and his chest empty. His father was a determined man, if he couldn’t become the number one hero, his son would. Shoto never even thought of what he’d want to make of his future.
Shoto wanted to be a hero. He wanted to help people, if he could make his father proud and help innocent people at the same time, he knew it would be worth it. He wanted to be a hero, it was all he knew how to do. It was all he was ever taught. If he couldn’t be a hero he didn’t think there was a reason for him to even continue on.
His path for the future was never called into question in his eyes. He was going to be a hero, not for his father. He was going to be a hero for himself and for others who were like him. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t happy. It didn’t matter how he still felt the pricks and hits of his father every time he trained.
Shoto ignored every single thing that made him doubt his path. He avoided questions and he avoided others. He didn’t need friends to be a hero, he just needed himself… Then he entered U.A.
He made friends, made more than friends. His path still never felt like it was called into question, until someone did call it into question.
“Hey Sho?” Izuku caught him by surprise one day as he was exiting his room. It was their final year at U.A and the pair had been together for a year at this point. “Have you ever thought of doing anything other than hero work?”

No, he hadn’t. He told Izuku such and that was the end of the conversation, though it wasn’t the end of the question that suddenly plagued Shotos mind.
Had he ever thought of anything other than being a hero? He’s not completely sure but he knows that as a kid he must’ve… but he couldn’t remember. He was raised to be a hero. He had a strong quirk, he could easily climb rankings and become successful…
Is that what he wanted?
Did he really want the constant remembrance of his father every time someone spoke to him? If he didn’t go into hero work he didn’t know what else he would try. He didn’t have many hobbies. Izuku had gotten him into writing, though he doubted he could make that work as a career.
He couldn’t sing, he wasn’t musically talented. He was smart, he could easily use his status as Endeavor's son to get a position at a school… though that felt like cheating. Planting was always nice. Gardening was something he had gotten into after the dorms got into place… so maybe a florist would be a good fit for him.
He didn’t know, he doubted he ever would know what he really wanted out of life. His upbringing had completely ruined his prospects of life. He didn’t have his own life, not in the eyes of the people around him. He was just a second Endeavor. His life wasn’t his to live, at least not until he graduated.
Graduating meant his future was in his own hands. His life still had years upon years left; He could decide for himself how he would live the rest of it, or if he wanted to cut it short.