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Fur Babies || Taegi

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"I don't understand all the secrecy. We agreed that we could get a pet. Why can't you just tell me what it is? Why the theatrics?" Yoongi crosses his arms over his chest as he waits for Taehyung to unlock their front door.

"First of all, I minored in Theater, honey. I literally have a degree in theatrics. One would think you’d have learned to appreciate it by now,” he clicks his tongue in mostly mock annoyance. “And secondly; it's a little more than a pet..." he answers over his shoulder cryptically, not looking at Yoongi but the smirk and teasing are still apparent in his voice.

Yoongi furrows his brows. Now he's really confused. They didn't agree on "more than a pet."

He'd agreed on a pet. “A” as in one. That was all.

"We have a house now. We don't have to worry about a landlord getting upset if our pet makes a mess or neighbors complaining if there's noise like we would have to in the flat. Plus we have a whole backyard for an animal to play and run in! It would love it here!" He'd presented as one of his many arguments when he'd first began to plead his case.

Yoongi was one hundred and ten percent against it, thinking that from the sound of it– from the way Taehyung immediately brought up no neighbors to complain about noise or messes to hide from landlords– he was wanting something a little more free roaming than a hamster or something that could be caged.

(Let alone that he had brought up the backyard and an animal having room to run around in.)

Yoongi knew it would likely not be a small, fairly manageable animal. Taehyung didn't do anything small and their yard as well as their new home was decent sized. He was just hoping Taehyung would do something uncharacteristic and get a mundane pet for them like a turtle or a fish.

Something easy to care for that didn't require walks and grooming and energetic play sessions.

Lord knows Yoongi doesn't have the energy for anything too high maintenance. Something to chase after and keep off the furniture.

For all Yoongi knows there could be a pony on the other side of the door.

That may seem like a stretch, but it also kind of isn't. If there's anything to be known about Kim Taehyung, it's that he adores caring for things.

People, mammals, birds, amphibians; anything in need of love. And if there happened to be a pony in need of love while on his search for a pet... Yoongi is about to be introduced to something far larger than a turtle.

He can only imagine. It's hoofs scratching up their new floors, pooping on the area rug they'd just laid down, eating the houseplants-

Yoongi's heartbeat quickens as a thought comes to mind that he quickly voices.

"If we're together who has been with this new pet of ours? Has it just been running around unsupervised while we've been gone?!"

Yoongi has been out of town– the perfect excuse for Taehyung to buy a pet if you asked him; him being home alone– Taehyung having picked him up from the train station over an hour ago.

"Relax, babe," Taehyung laughs, sounding just a tinge uneasy. "Kookie is here with them-"

Yoongi sees Taehyung's shoulders tense, a tiny squeek leaving his lips as he cuts himself off. He catches himself too late though. Yoongi definitely heard what he'd said.

"Them?" He gapes, blinking excessively. "Please. Please tell me I heard you wrong."

The way Taehyung keeps silent speaks volumes.

Them... Yoongi should have seen this coming. Of course there can't be just one.

There could be two ponies? Maybe even three?! Yoongi can hear Taehyung's defense now.

I didn't want them to be sad and alone-

"He would get lonely all by himself! I couldn't just take one and leave the other behind!" Taehyung voices, saying almost exactly what Yoongi thought he would.

Yoongi opens his mouth to argue when Taehyung turns to look at him with his large, sparkling eyes and his bottom lip jutted out.

"I didn't want them to be lonely," he says more quietly. Genuinely.

They stare at one another for several beats before they hear a thud from inside the house– fairly close to the entryway it sounds like– followed by the unmistakable giggles and voice of Jungkook, speaking lowly.

"You'll love them, Yoon," Taehyung assures, eyes impossibly large as he adds, "I do. I love them so much already.”

Yoongi's eyes soften when he sees the excitement creeping back across his Taehyung's features.

He is the one who told Taehyung they could get a pet. He should have known a pet probably meant more than one with how Taehyung is; with his big mushy heart ready to love anything and everything he can.

He's so obviously happy about whatever animals he's found to love and spoil.

Yoongi shouldn't knock these pets– these ponies he's convinced he's about to meet– before he actually meets them.

Besides, Taehyung is the one who works from home. He'll be the one to keep an eye on them and do a lot of the training. The one who will be there to feed them in the day and play with them-

Actually, do you play with ponies? What do you actually do with them?

Guess Yoongi and Taehyung might just have to figure out how to live like ranch hands, taking care of the hoofed creatures. But, it'll be worth it for Taehyung's happiness.

"Let's go meet these new pets of ours then," he sighs, flashing a smile he hopes comes off more relaxed than it feels.

"You're going to love them!" Taehyung beams, turning around quickly as he finally pushes the door open; Yoongi's luggage long forgotten in the car for this much more pressing introduction.

Yoongi follows hesitantly, trying to keep himself calm, eyes wide open as they scan what he can see of the house from their entryway with his utmost attention.

He doesn't see anything out of place per se. He can still hear Jungkook laughing and as Taehyung quickly toes off his shoes and makes his way towards the living room– where it sounds like Jungkook is– Yoongi takes his time removing his own shoes.

Although nothing seems out of place, and it noticeably doesn't sound or smell like a barnyard, he still isn't sure he's quite prepared for whatever Taehyung has in store for him.

After a few deep breaths, he stands up straight and begins walking slowly further into the home.

It's suspiciously quiet, the only sounds being that of Jungkook and Taehyung's quiet murmuring echoing off the granite floors and yet-to-be-decorated walls of the home.

So imagine Yoongi's surprise when a sudden and very unexpected gravely noise blares through the home, nearly knocking him on his ass due to the jump-scare.

Oh. Oh… That was a bark.

So, maybe it isn't a pair of ponies he's come home to... Or maybe the pony's friend is a dog?

After a second more of hesitation, he finally rounds the corner– still being extremely cautious– to see Taehyung and Jungkook huddled together with their backs to him.

He's surprised yet again when his eyes land on a large– like, very large– dark colored dog he sees peak around Jungkook's legs, looking right at him.

Before he even has a chance to ask if this is their new pet, what his name is or where it's pony friend might be, the dog is barreling towards him, yapping excitedly as if it were happy to see Yoongi.

He stumbles backwards until his back hits the wall at the exact moment the dog jumps up, being as tall as he is on it's hind legs, and begins licking his face happily.

Is... Is this their dog? Is this what he has to look forward to everyday?

If so, he may have to take Jungkook up on his many offers to take Yoongi to the gym with him.

How's he supposed to fend for himself if needed? This animal doesn't weigh much less than he does.

"Bam, down," he hears Jungkook say in an uncharacteristically stern voice.


The dog immediately drops from where it'd been pinning Yoongi to the wall, sauntering over to Jungkook's side, sitting down obediently, awaiting his next set of instructions.

Yoongi stares at the dog, still trying to decipher what the hell is happening. He slowly moves his confused stare to Taehyung as he walks up next to Jungkook.

His heart sputters and swells in his chest as he takes in the view, his jaw dropping a little as well.

The first thing that catches his eye are the two sets of fur-lined eyes staring back at him, heads tilted curiously.

The second is Taehyung himself. The smile on his face is probably the brightest Yoongi has seen him wear in– well, possibly ever. And that's saying a lot because Taehyung is smiling the majority of the time.

Any weary feelings Yoongi had been feeling quickly dissipate as he stands frozen in his spot.

The three of them look absolutely mesmerizing. He wishes he could take a picture of it.

When Taehyung's gaze falls away from him, Yoongi follows as it drifts to the two puppies in his arms.

He doesn't have much interest in inspecting the rest of the place for any signs of other animals Taehyung may have brought home. Not anymore.

The only thing he can see right now is the elated expression on Taehyung's face and two sets of curious eyes watching him.

Yoongi didn't realize he had begun walking to the three of them until he hears Taehyung speak, sounding close now, breaking him out of his daze.

"This," he nods towards the puppy cradled in his left arm, "is Yeontan. And this," he gestures to the puppy on his right arm, "well, I was thinking we could call him Holly. Isn't that what you said your Grandmother's dog was named? The one you would play with when you would visit her growing up?"

Yoongi nods, cheeks splitting into a bright smile.

"It was kind of perfect how it all happened. This little guy," he coos at the darker of the two fur balls, "came right up to me when the lady at the shelter took me to meet their puppies. His friend here, Holly, was a little more shy, but followed right behind Yeontan. The lady said they were the best little friends and he looks just like the dog from some of your pictures when you were little."

Yoongi finds himself pouting his lips out as he reaches both hands out to pet each dogs head.

"And you weren't about to separate two friends from each other, which is why we have two dogs," he chuckles before catching site of Jungkook and the other dog in the corner of his eye.

Turning his head enough to see the two, he asks, "Or do we have three dogs?"

"Oh, no. Bam is my dog. I got him about a week ago. He's a rescue and I'm the one that told Tae about the shelter. They had just had all of these adorable puppies brought in that were ready to be adopted and they were all so cute! He's been going on and on about getting a pet– as I am sure you know better than anyone– so I told him about it and voila! Now you have two new fur babies!"

Yoongi fights the urge to cringe. He has no intention of referring to either of these animals, as cute as they are, as his fur–

"Aren't our babies so sweet! Our moms sure think so. They both went crazy when I sent them pictures of their new grandchildren," Taehyung giggles happily.

Yoongi wants to cringe, he really does, but Taehyung is just so incredibly happy.

He's completely enamored with the sight of him– how he's glowing– that he really can't do much of anything but smile like an idiot and nod.

"You're lucky he only adopted two puppies, hyung. And that he didn't have a way of transporting anything larger here," Jungkook says, adding the last part a bit more quietly.

Yoongi's head snaps in Jungkook's direction. 

"What do you mean?"

Jungkook lets out a mischievous giggle, saying, "This place is more of an animal rescue than a simple animal shelter. They have everything from cats and dogs to goats, chickens and-"

"Ponies?" Yoongi gasps quietly.

"Babe, don't you think a cute little red barn out in the back corner of the yard surrounded by a little white picket fence would just be the cutest! And you'd be the sexiest farmer ever," Taehyung wiggles his brows suggestively.

Yoongi swallows thickly as he watches much too closely the way Taehyung's eyes darken as they are dragged down his body, Taehyung picturing Yoongi in a pair of overalls or some sort of flannel get up, no doubt.

It took an embarrassingly small amount of berating for Yoongi to agree to Taehyung's pleas that they should get a pet in the first place.

There's no telling what lengths Taehyung would go to in order to convince Yoongi they needed a full blown barn full of farm animals.

"How about we go to the living room and I can get to know the puppies a little better, hm?" He clears his throat, trying to draw away from the farm talk.

"Awe yes, come meet the kids, Appa Yoongi!" Taehyung exclaims cheerfully, quickly turning towards the living room, scurrying to the couch to take a seat.

Yoongi lets out a sigh as he looks at Jungkook who has an amused smile on his face.

"More like Farmer Yoongi," the younger teases.

"Don't even start with that. I'm going to nip that idea in the bud right now. Two puppies should be distracting enough. That should keep him occupied for at least-"

"Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup," Jungkook interjects, smile growing annoyingly large.

"Blossom, Bubbles... the Powerpuff Girls?"

Jungkook quirks a brow, "I have so much to say about the fact that you just remembered the names of the Powerpuff Girls so quickly, but to answer your question simply; yes,” the younger bites his bottom lip to lessen his smile, staring at Yoongi tauntingly.

He then tries to step around him, but Yoongi steps in front of the smirking brat to cut off his escape route.

There’s no way in hell Yoongi’s not getting an explanation right the fuck now about what this has to do with anything.

"And? What about them?” Yoongi questions impatiently.

"Those are the names of the Powerpuff Girls and the three horses Taehyung has picked out. A mother and her two colts."

"Oh God," Yoongi runs a hand over his face, exasperated. "Three? And he’s named them?"

"He did. Congrats on your growing family, Farmer Yoongi!” Jungkook says, breaking into a fit of laughter as he walks to the living room.

"Fuck," Yoongi curses under his breath.

He stalks after Jungkook, nibbling his bottom lip, already brainstorming how to deflect and redirect his husband away from farm life.

That is until Taehyung comes into view, rendering Yoongi speechless– and thoughtless– yet again.

Taehyung is laying on the ground while the puppies bound excitedly over his chest and around his head licking his face, the man giggling louder than Yoongi has heard him in a long time.

He curses again, but this time in defeat as a soft smile spreads over his lips.

Guess he'd better start looking for a contractor to get started on that barn. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are going to need a nice place to call home right here with Taehyung and Yoongi.