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Jun Ho's POV

Hi, I'm Hwang Jun Ho, I'm 20, and an omega

I am a cop and is currently stuck in a game as a guard just to find my missing brother

I found myself here since I tracked down a player here, 456 or Seong Gihun. He had the same card as my brother when he went missing. I got on a van when the player inspection started

When the guard started to scan my ear, also the other one, I opened my eyes and made him unconscious. I swapped our clothes and put my ID in the pocket. I then threw his body into the sea where I almost got caught

Now the guys scent was all over me, musky and gross. He was an alpha while I was an omega. People often told me that my scent was very, very sweet. Chocolates and Caramel was my scent, as what everyone says

But now, I'm in a different uniform, still from an alpha. I used heat suppressants so I wouldn't suddenly get my heat from constantly being around alphas. But there were rogue omegas here too, but they're all players. And most died already anyway

And now I'm serving a fat VIP guy, which they call VIP #4. I could smell the disgusting scent he has. His mask kinda looks awful too. I don't even know what animal that is, but its obviously part from the big cats family

"Come here and sit here" VIP #4 said, patting the room next to him. I was disgusted. "But I have to serve the other guests too" I told him, wishing he'd understand

'Oh God. What if he can smell my scent?! Or what if he can just sense that I'm not an alpha?! Even under this forest-y smell?! Please don't' I thought to myself, panicking. I felt sweat start to drip down from the side of my head

'What if he can see that I was drowning in these? I still am not gonna admit I'm short! Wait- I just fucking did!' I then started to fight with myself that I wasn't short, but the fight was cut off fast

"Hey, I'm keeping this one close to me. Any objections?" I heard him ask the other four VIPs. They all replied with 'no', 'its fine', and more. The fat VIP then looked at me then patted the space next to him again

I then sat down and kept quiet. I was uncomfortable, tho this happens a lot at work. Those sicko alphas thinking omegas are bad at these kind of work and are only good in bed and all that, but oh well, I proved them wrong

"You got some beautiful eyes. Why don't you remove that mask and show me what's under there" He says, which made me panic. 'I can't die! I have to find my brother!' I thought to myself. Seeing the front man there too made me break into cold sweat

"But after you leave, they'll kill me" I said. My gun intact in my pocket and my phone in my sleeve. I was still holding onto the tray with a bottle of scotch on it

"If you don't remove your mask, I will kill you before I even leave" He threatened, which made me more scared. 'Stupid omega traits!' I yelled inside to myself

I didn't have a choice don't I? But okay, I kinda noticed that one of the square masked guy was missing, but not the shot one

"Please, take me somewhere where we can be alone" I said and moved my smaller hand into his own bigger one

He chuckles as he stands up and was about to lead me when another VIP spoke. "Are you seriously gonna leave at the best part?" The VIP laughed, I wasn't even facing them

He said something that I couldn't understand but the others laugh and teased him, in return he chuckled and finally led me the way

As we were walking, I sniffed the air and smelled something strong

'Peppermint? And... Lemons? Huh? I know I'm a young omega and all but, that smells like an alpha, and because its strong, I'm guessing he's in rut? Huh, I guess I'm not that bad at guessing. Damn, who'll guess that I've only been working as a cop for 2 years?'  I thought to myself and giggled silently

We came to a halt and stopped in front of a door. The VIP pervert guy opened it and there was a guy on the edge of the bed. The guy with a square mask next to him, on the bed. The scent of peppermint and lemons welcomed me as I slowly drift away

"Jay? Son? How's your rut? Any better now?" I heard Mister Pervert here say. I suddenly was lost in my thoughts

'Did I take my heat suppressants this month? I'm pretty sure I did. This alpha's scent is so good, very intoxicating' I thought to myself, mind going blank as I get drunk at the scent. I then pinched myself to get myself back to my senses

The VIP pervert then motioned me to sit on the couch. I did and put my hands on my knees. He then tugged a little at the bottom of my mask before removing it completely

"This is not the kind of face you should keep behind a mask" He said, the small pauses very evident. I just looked up to him with fire in my eyes, completely ignoring the fact that slick was dripping out of me

"Now, if you can satisfy him in 5 minutes, we'll change your life" I heard him say, and to be honest, the guy was attractive. But I had no choice since I'm saving the last bullet for that front man

I ended up nodding while my brother's name was spinning in my mind like a mantra. 'For In Ho hyung! For In Ho hyung! For In Ho hyung!' It repeated more as the alpha in rut went to me and lifted my chin

I could feel my tears start to build up, but I held it in. He then leaned forward and motioned me to wrap my arms around his neck, which I did

I could hear another chair move which was probably the VIP pervert. I wasn't even minding him anymore

'I love you, hyung. I'm doing this for you. Thank you for giving me a part of you' I thought to myself as a set of tears finally fall down

The guy finally kissed me. His kisses were rough, and as a sensitive omega, yes I'm sensitive, I cried more. His hands then guided itself to the zipper of my pants

He unzipped it and removed it with no struggles even tho I was kneeling. He then let his free hand toy around the waistline of my boxers before he inserted it and went straight to my ass

At this point I was in a different position to make myself comfortable. He took this as an advantage to squeeze my ass, eliciting a high pitched moan from me

Jay's POV

As I squeezed this omega's ass, he released a high pitched moan. I used it as an advantage to insert my tongue and taste every inch of the warm cavern

I stopped squeezing his ass and removed his boxers. I then moved my hand to the buttons of his shirt and started to, obviously, unbutton it

He started whimpering from being stripped bare, but I didn't care, the rut inside me clouding my head to just fuck this omega and knot him

I let my hand trail back to his ass and let it slide in between. I let my fingers ghost over his wet and leaking hole. I heard him whine and tried to press his ass against my fingers

I pulled away from the kiss and looked at him with lustful eyes. He looked up only to look back down with a whimper

I lifted his chin so his eyes could meet mine. His eyes was glossy from the tears. 'Ooh, a sensitive one. I'm very lucky. But hopefully after this whole game ends, I can finally find a mate" I thought

But when a sudden wave of rut hit me again, I inserted my finger in him. I heard him gasp, grinding in return

I wasted no time to add two more fingers in and stretch him. Once I felt he was stretched enough, I carried him to the bed

By the sudden lift, he yelped, which instantly turned into a moan. After I lied him down, I removed my fingers and looked at my slicked coated fingers. 'Sweet, very sweet' I thought before licking it clean

"You taste so amazing, omega" I praised, I then saw a small blush on his cheeks and tried to hide his face

"Are you, perhaps, a virgin?" I asked. I felt so powerful after he nodded. To be honest, I am too. But I've watched porn before and like, masturbated too, so I have experience. Also my adoptive dad gave me this one teddy bear that I can fuck to relieve my rut

I then waited no time and entered him. Slowly with a steady pace so he can adjust. It feels so different to actually fuck someone. I then start moving a bit

His moans get louder every seconds pass. He sinks himself down on my dick as I made me movements faster

I then go really fast to the point that he comes without warning. I then fastened my pace, searching for something I'm not quite sure what my wolf was searching for. I then slipped into somewhere tight

My wolf howled with joy as the omega cries, almost bent in half. My wolf was also trying to say something, but at this time of rut, I really can't pick it up

I then went further in and then felt the tightening in my stomach, my knot slowly swelling up. No words have been exchanged during this whole hour as he comes 3 times

As without warning, I came, knot expanding and me getting knocked out. I heard a yell then silence, silence