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Way Too Close For Comfort

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"No, you didn’t.”

“I did!”

Donghyuck smacks the top of Jeno’s arm with the back of his hand, repeating, “Did not.”

Jeno reaches over to pinch him in retaliation, and Hyuck covers his chest, turning away with a small yelp. Jaemin taps his fingers lightly on the thigh that Jeno has thrown into his lap, and Jeno obediently moves back to meld against Jaemin’s side.

Hyuck narrows his eyes at the two of them with a bemused scoff, then rolls his eyes as he states, “Whatever, you have no proof.”

“I do, actually!” Jeno grins triumphantly. He fishes his phone out of his pocket, cradling it with one hand and tapping through it with his other. Jaemin hooks his chin over Jeno’s shoulder to look, and Jeno tilts the screen a little in his direction so he can see, too.

Hyuck rolls his eyes again, but the two of them are too caught up in their little world to notice the dramatic flair he adds this time.

He crosses his arms and leans back against the couch as he waits, judgmentally eyeing the two of them glued so closely together that they’re practically on the same cushion. Jaemin stares blankly at the phone for a few seconds as Jeno scrolls through his gallery, but he eventually gives up feigning interest in that and opts to stare at Jeno’s profile instead like he probably wanted to in the first place.

Hyuck raises his eyebrow curiously as Jeno briefly tenses before resuming his scrolling much more rapidly than before. Jaemin’s eyes flicker down to the screen and he breathes out a small huff of laughter through his nose. Hyuck crawls towards them to sneak a peek, but Jeno is quick to throw him a warning glare. It’s about as intimidating as a chihuahua to Hyuck so he moves closer anyways, but Jaemin saves Jeno by clicking on one of the photos and letting it fill up the screen.

Hyuck looks down and sits back with a frustrated groan at the fact that Jeno does indeed have proof and that Jaemin was the one to find it. He wasn’t even aware that Jaemin was tuned in to the conversation, but it seems that he caught just the right bits and pieces he needed to know how to antagonize Hyuck. Either that or the weird telepathic link the two of them have going on helped him understand the situation through osmosis or whatever.

Hyuck rubs his forehead with his fingers, watching with thinly veiled disgust as Jeno looks at Jaemin with heart eyes, probably telling him thank you or promising him head later or saying ‘I love you’. Maybe some combination of all three. Hyuck’s not as fluent in Jeno speak as Jaemin is, but those are usually what he thinks Jeno is trying to convey with that dumb, lovestruck face he puts on whenever he looks at Jaemin like this.

Fed up with waiting for their silent conversation to end, Hyuck deems it safe this time to reach over and pluck the phone out of Jeno’s hands to examine the game screenshot for himself. Unfortunately, it does look like Jeno wasn’t lying and that Hyuck was wrong. As Hyuck does some mental calculations to determine whether it’s worth the energy it would take to argue about it some more before they have to resume practice, Jaemin’s gaze has now dropped to Jeno’s lips and Hyuck acknowledges that Jeno has most likely already moved on.

Since they’re too preoccupied with each other to stop him, Hyuck decides now is as good a time as any to snoop through Jeno’s gallery. He flicks uninterestedly through some miscellaneous photos of food and scenery, then nearly flings the phone across the room with a horrified shout as he stumbles across a photo of Jeno that he could have gone his entire life without seeing.

“Photo” is too generous a word for the filth Hyuck just witnessed. He covers his face with a distressed wail that gets louder in volume as he can still see the image seared into his brain even when he closes his eyes.

Jeno’s head whips towards the sound of his phone clattering across the floor of the studio. “Hyuck, what the hell?” he frowns. He heaves himself off of Jaemin’s lap and shuffles forward to pick it up. When he flips it over to see what caused Hyuck’s outburst, he jolts with an embarrassed squeak of surprise.

The phone jumps out of his hands and he fumbles with it, waddling closer to the couch. Jaemin reaches out and catches it in his waiting palms, then turns his head to look at the photo, letting out the same amused huff as before. He locks the phone and sets it on his thigh, then gestures for Jeno to come back and sit down on the other.

“Curiosity killed the cat, Hyuck,” Jaemin drawls lazily as Jeno shuffles forward and curls shyly against Jaemin’s body. Jaemin throws an arm across Jeno's shoulders and pats his arm consolingly.

“You two are horrible,” Hyuck bemoans, still rubbing over his tainted eyes. “Why would you even save something like that?”

“Why were you looking through my photos?” Jeno retorts as he folds his arms across his chest. He looks to Jaemin for confirmation as he muses, “How did the rest of that saying go? But satisfaction brought it back?” After Jaemin gives him an agreeing nod, Jeno turns back to Hyuck with an indignant huff, “Well are you satisfied now? That’s what you get for being nosy.”

“NO!” Hyuck shouts. “I am not satisfied!”

Jaemin picks up the phone again and swipes through a few more photos of a similar genre as he adds with a smirk, “You might not be, but Jeno looks plenty satisfied to me.”

Hyuck hauls himself off of the couch with an agitated groan and trudges across the room and out of the door, pushing past a confused Mark that jumps out of his way and lets out a small yelp.

Being in so many different units and having gone through the hectic disasters of promotion schedules that occasionally even manage to overlap time and time again, Mark has developed the ability to fall in and out of sleep at a moment’s notice. He can fall asleep anywhere and anytime, and if he believes hard enough, he hopes he can convince his body that the little power naps he accumulates here and there are able to amount to at least just enough sleep to get him through the day.

The naps are never deep though, so he comes to easily as their manager nudges his arm to wake him up. He peeks one eye open to look up at him, straining to reorient himself under the cheap fluorescent lights of their music show waiting room.

“Hey Mark,” the manager smiles tiredly. Mark quietly wonders if his eyebags are as bad as that, too. “The vans will be here in a few minutes to take you all home, could you round everyone up for me?”

“Sure hyung,” Mark nods through a yawn. “Thanks for letting me know.” The manager nods back at him and walks away towards the other staff members huddled near the door.

Mark braces his hands on his knees as he pushes himself up with a breathy grunt. He points a finger at his chest to start a silent count in his head, smiling to himself as he’s silently grateful that he only has to count to 7 instead of 9 or more than 20 like Taeyong-hyung does.

He twirls his index finger around, scanning around the room and finding Chenle and Jisung napping against each other to his left. The adrenaline of their first show has run out even on the youngest members it seems, and Mark walks forward to run a gentle hand through both of their styled hair to wake them up.

They blink up at him drowsily and watch as Mark continues scanning, catching Hyuck curled up in one of the makeup chairs playing a game on his phone. Renjun walks in shortly after and leans against the chair as he rubs his eyes clean with a wipe.

“That’s five,” Mark muses out loud before he starts craning his neck around the room. “Where are-”

“JenoJaemin-hyung?” Chenle mumbles sleepily. “Probably off in one of the closets somewhere.”

“Aww, that’s cute,” Mark coos. “They still help each other change?”

A silence so thick you could hear a pin drop falls over the room as the younger dreamies exchange a series of charged glances with each other. Mark tilts his head in question and Chenle opens his mouth to say something, but Hyuck bolts out of his chair at an inhuman speed to rush over to Chenle’s side and slap a hand over his mouth.

“Wha-Hyuck?” Mark scrunches up his face in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“We should play rock paper scissors,” Hyuck blurts with a suspicious amount of enthusiasm. “For who has to go find them. We do it all the time, it’s like hide and seek kind of.” He finishes the statement with a wide smile, finally taking his hand away from Chenle’s mouth and smiling wider as Chenle wordlessly holds out his fist.

“Aw, but I always lose,” Mark pouts.

“We should all play,” Hyuck nods loftily as he stretches his fist forward. “It’s only fair.” Jisung and Renjun share a look, then both extend their hands to join.

“Okay, fine,” Mark shrugs, then regrets it immediately when he loses. Chenle and Hyuck are delighted, jumping and laughing together while Jisung covers his mouth, poorly concealing his own mirth. Renjun shoots Mark a small look of pity as he leaves the room, and Mark is too tired and too ready to go home to think about it further.

He trudges down the hall, peeking into the storage closets as he walks past them. He gets through quite a few rows, so deep into the building that it’s practically abandoned by any of the normal staff. He supposes it’s to be expected for a private guy like Jaemin and if this really is some twisted little version of hide-and-seek that the kids like to play.

Finally, he gets to a room that seems to display some signs of life, the telltale shuffling of clothes and rattling of jewelry behind the door where Mark is pretty sure he can find #6 and #7. Worried that he’s taken too long and that the manager has already come back to collect them in their waiting room, he flings open the door with no preamble only to get a face-full of Jaemin’s bare ass.

“Oh, FUCK!” Mark exclaims in English, slapping his palms over his eyes. He was at least half right, he supposes. They had at least started by helping each other change if Jaemin’s lack of pants and Jeno’s lack of shirt were any evidence, but they seemed to have gotten distracted midway with Jaemin wearing only a T-shirt and Jeno still wearing his stage pants about ¾ of the way.

“You-why-” he blubbers, at a complete loss for words. “Here??? Now???” He’s trying his best to be open-minded, everyone has their own ways of burning off excess adrenaline from the stage, but this is asking way too much from him all at once.

“Uh. Hi, hyung,” Jeno stammers. He sounds rather breathless, and not in the out-of-breath-from-performing kind of breathless that Mark is used to, but the out-of-breath-from-getting-railed-in-a-closet kind of breathless that Mark never wants to be used to.

“Can you give us like… three minutes?” Jeno suggests meekly. Mark slides one hand away from his face so he can shoot half of an incredulous glare at Jeno. Jeno is now properly wearing his pants and Jaemin is hidden behind him, hugging around his waist.

“Three?” Jaemin mumbles, unfortunately not quietly enough for Mark not to hear. “You wound me Jeno-yah. I only need one.”

“OKAYYY,” Mark claps his hands together. “We are not doing this. Get dressed. Now, please. Everyone’s waiting for you.” He turns around to give them at least a little bit of privacy but not enough that they decide to continue from where they left off. After he hears the sounds of shuffling from behind him and after an internal debate with himself, he decides to waddle backwards all the way into the closet and shut the door just in case they send someone else to find them.

“I can’t believe this,” Mark starts babbling as he fidgets nervously in place. “You two really just…” he buries his face in his hands and releases a strangled groan.

“Why are you so surprised?” Jaemin asks with a much too casual tone in Mark’s opinion. “It’s not like this is the first time you’ve caught us.”

“What?!” Mark exclaims. “It definitely is! Last time I promoted with you two was in 2018 with the…” Mark blinks, staring blankly ahead at the wall as he trails off. “With the… the mic pack…”

Jaemin solemnly pats Mark’s shoulder as he walks ahead of him towards the door. “You’ve put on a mic pack plenty of times, hyung,” Jaemin drawls. “Do you think Jeno really needs to be on his knees to help me put on mine?”

Chenle barges into the dorm, bending down to let a squirming Daegal out of his arms. She wiggles inside immediately, darting all along the floor and up and down the couch, tail wagging a mile a minute in excitement. Chenle shuts the door behind him and the sound draws Jisung out of his room who promptly crouches down to greet Daegal when she bolts towards him.

“Hey,” Jisung smiles up at Chenle. Daegal turns to smile up at him too, tongue hanging out of her mouth as she pants happily.

Chenle mirrors their smiles, endeared by the pretty picture the two make together. It’s such a nice little moment that he swears he can hear music playing to frame the scene like it’s straight out of a movie. It is a bit odd that his brain would choose to supply an English pop song rather than something more melodic or gentle, but he chooses not to question it as this certainly isn’t the strangest thing that’s ever come to his mind before.

Eventually, Daegal wiggles out of Jisung’s embrace, padding away to sniff around the living room some more. It’s then that Chenle realizes the music wasn’t coming from his head but from Jeno and Jaemin’s room down the hall. He looks at the closed door with a quizzical expression and Jisung turns his head to follow his gaze.

“Oh, that,” Jisung nods, mouth forming a small ‘o’ in understanding as he turns back to answer Chenle’s silent question. “Jaemin-hyung has 10 speakers.”

“10 speakers?” Chenle repeats with a small snort of disbelief. “What on earth would anyone need 10 speakers for?” He trudges forward curiously, “I gotta see this for myself.”

“No!” Jisung blurts, getting up to wedge himself in between Chenle and the rest of the hallway. “You don’t wanna go in there.”

Chenle tilts his head and raises an eyebrow, “Why not? I haven’t seen their new room yet.”

“It’s like a 50/50 whenever the music is on,” Jisung exclaims with a slight flush to his cheeks. Chenle can’t resist reaching forward to poke one with his finger.

“What does that mean?” Chenle grins as Jisung doesn’t move his face away.

“Jaemin-hyung puts on the music when he’s… busy…” Jisung explains patiently, hoping that Chenle will receive the message without him having to spell it out.

Chenle isn’t going to give him the satisfaction, so he grins wider and asks innocently, “Busy with what?”

“You know,” Jisung whines. “Either he’s in the zone or he’s…” Jisung sniffs and lowers his voice to a whisper, “in Jeno-hyung.”

Chenle throws his head back to cackle at Jisung’s phrasing, and Jisung frantically ushers him away from the hallway and back into the living room. Daegal rushes over to them to see what all the fuss is about, running circles around their legs as Chenle walks backward, still shaking with laughter when he falls onto the couch.

“Just stay here,” Jisung grouses. “I’ll be right back and then we can go, okay?”

Chenle wheezes out a few more laughs, raising a thumbs up in the air to Jisung in agreement. Daegal hops into his lap and he runs his hand through her fur as his giggles gradually peter off.

A few minutes go by and Jisung still isn’t back, so he sits up and quietly searches around for any other witnesses. He looks down at Daegal and holds a finger up to his lips, and it almost looks like Daegal nods at him, tail wiggling excitedly as Chenle picks his little accomplice up and starts tiptoeing down the hallway again.

Chenle is big enough to admit that he can be a bit of a nosy person sometimes. It’s not like he wants to see them going at it, but he is kind of curious as to how the room is set up. Plus, Daegal would probably like to say hi to JenoJaemin-hyung, too.

Jisung did say it was 50/50, and Chenle thinks his chances aren’t too bad considering it’s the middle of the day and Jisung was also home. He chooses to ignore the fact that Renjun is already at the WayV dorms waiting for them as he rests his hand on the doorknob.

He presses his ear up against the door, though it’s a bit hard to make out anything clear over the sound of the music. He doesn’t think he hears any suspicious voices, so he opens the door a sliver and peeks inside.

There are indeed about 4 speakers mounted around the part of the room Chenle can see from here. Chenle doesn’t think he’s curious enough to open the door all the way to look for the others because there are also two bodies currently on the bed that Chenle can see way more of than he ever wanted to.

Jaemin and Jeno don’t even seem to notice their accidental voyeur, too caught up in each other as they stare into each other’s eyes with such fiery passion that Chenle can feel the heat of it under his own collar. Jeno’s legs are wrapped so tightly around Jaemin that Chenle suddenly feels short of breath himself.

And of course, the way the two have drifted so close makes it look like they’re almost a singular body, Jeno cradling Jaemin’s face like he’s holding the entire universe in his hands the same way Jaemin is squeezing Jeno’s waist like it’s their only anchor keeping them from floating away into the cosmos. Chenle has been privy to their moments of weird foreplay and inexplicable magnetism so many times that this almost doesn’t faze him, like this is exactly what he should have expected, and he regrettably only has himself to blame for this situation.

Chenle silently closes the door and gently sets Daegal back down on the floor since he feels like he’s just about lost feeling in his hands. Jisung trots out of his room just as Chenle starts trudging down the hallway and does a double-take at the harrowed look on his face.

“What did I tell you,” Jisung frowns in disappointment, though he does give Chenle’s back a half-hearted pat of solidarity as he passes through.

“Let’s go,” Chenle says blankly. “We’re leaving now. Forever.”

Renjun climbs into shotgun before Jisung can even manage to protest. He pulls an eye-mask and his airpods out of his bag, then gets nice and cozy for the long drive home. Jisung pouts, watching grumpily as the manager slides open the other door, but when he looks to the side to see how Jeno and Jaemin are draped over each other and basically dead on their feet, he supposes he’s safe for now since they should be too tired to do anything weird in the car.

The last time they got a little too frisky, he ended up starting a vlive to save his own butt, but he’s also way too tired to do that now, opting to follow his hyungs’ lead and take a nap on the way back as well.

Jeno climbs into the back and Jaemin follows him, crossing his arms and leaning his head on Jeno’s shoulder to get comfortable. As Jisung climbs into the seat in front of them, he catches the way Jeno smiles fondly down at Jaemin and snakes a hand behind him to wrap around his waist.

This is fine, Jisung nods to himself, he can live with a little bit of innocent PDA. He buckles his seatbelt and accepts the apology neck pillow that Renjun tosses to him as he gets settled in. Not too long after, he feels the exhaustion in his limbs take him over as he finds himself drifting asleep.

It seems like it’s only been a minute by the time he wakes up again, but when he peeks an eye open to glance at the clock on the dashboard, he sees that nearly an hour has passed. A flash of movement catches his eye in the rearview mirror, and he looks up to see that Jaemin has moved a little closer to Jeno.

He’s still leaning on Jeno’s shoulder, but he’s so close that he’s nosing along Jeno’s neck. Jisung is grateful that the streetlights aren’t bright enough for him to catch it, but he’s pretty sure he just saw a sliver of pink swipe across Jeno’s skin.

Nngh, Jaem.”

Jisung squeezes both of his eyes shut, biting down on his lip to stifle the surprised squeak that threatens to escape him. The sounds of the tires dragging across the road and of them whizzing past other cars helps to drown it out, but Jisung is loath to admit he can still hear the small breathy noises Jeno is making along with some moist sounds coming from a little lower.

Good boy, Jeno-yah,” Jaemin croaks, voice low and raspy and teasing. “So good.”

“Ji-Jisung is right there,” Jeno protests, though even to Jisung’s untrained ears it sounds like there’s barely any weight to his words.

“Jisungie is asleep,” Jaemin croons, “He didn’t even flinch when I covered him up. Relax, baby, let me take care of you.”

Jisung belatedly realizes that Jaemin’s jacket is draped over his torso, keeping him nice and warm from the chilly midnight air. It’s a sweet gesture and Jisung appreciates it, but he would appreciate it a lot more if Jaemin could please keep his hands off of Jeno for at least another hour or so.

“Jaem-inie,” Jeno chokes out. “Wa-wait-”

Yes? Jisung thinks. He listens in with bated breath, hoping to hear Jeno call Jaemin off. At least one of them should be reasonable and see how absurd it is for them to be like this when there are other people in the car right now.

“-I wanna touch you, too,” Jeno finishes.

Jisung just barely manages to contain the frustrated sigh he so desperately wants to make as he deflates in disappointment. It seems that the both of them are equally as insane, he should have known better than to expect anything different from the most accurate example he knows of two people sharing the same brain cells.

Each rumble of Jaemin’s subsequent chuckle grates on Jisung’s ears as he groans quietly in his seat. He doesn’t even need to open his eyes to see that insufferable smirk on Jaemin’s face, doesn’t need to look to know that Jaemin has probably scooted impossibly closer to Jeno. They’re on top of each other so often that it’s weirder to see them apart than together anyways.

“You’re so sweet, Jen,” Jaemin coos. “But not now. For now I just want to touch you. I wanna see you fall apart for me. Can you do that for me, baby?”

Please. Free Jisung from this hell. The keening whine Jeno makes in response makes Jisung want to cry. These irresponsible hyungs are so horrible for subjecting their poor dongsaeng to all of these cursed noises.

You know what, maybe Jisung was wrong. Maybe the shuffling fabric and wet noises he’s hearing isn’t what he thinks they are. Maybe they’re putting on hand sanitizer or rubbing lotion on each other or something. Maybe they’re kissing! Jisung can’t believe that he’s actually wishing that they’re making out in the backseat right now, but it’s still much better than the alternative.

Or maybe he’s dreaming! Maybe he’s not even in a car at all, maybe he’s back at home resting safely in his bed and everything happening behind him is just a figment of his imagination. Maybe if he closes his eyes hard enough he’ll wake up and forget this nightmare ever happened.

He repeats these little hypotheticals and excuses to himself like a mantra, hoping that the more thoughts pile up in his head the harder it’ll be to overhear something he doesn’t want to witness. Renjun has the right idea, Jisung should really invest in an eye-mask and be better about bringing his airpods with him.

He really, really regrets not wearing them as he hears Jeno let out a moan loud enough that the manager probably heard it, too. Jisung peeks an eye open to catch him glancing suspiciously towards the backseat, but Jaemin is the picture of innocence with his eyes peacefully closed looking like he’s still fast asleep on Jeno’s shoulder.

“And so we’re going to visit them on set while they film!”

“Uh huh,” Renjun smiles, “And there’s no other reason we would be driving all that way, right?”

Yangyang grins conspiratorially, “Exactly. But if we happen to find a good hot pot place while we’re there, then we might as well go eat right?”

“Right,” Renjun nods, “It’s what Kun would want, probably.”

Yangyang laughs, “Now you’re getting it.” He bites his lip and nudges Renjun with his elbow. “Do you wanna sleep over then? Since we’ll have to leave pretty early in the morning anyways.”

“Sure,” Renjun agrees easily with a small shrug. “I miss the kitties.”

Yangyang cups his chin in his palm, leaning in with a cheeky smile as he asks, “Did you miss me, too?”

Renjun shoves his face away with a short laugh, “No.” They shove playfully at each other a little longer until Yangyang’s phone rings in his pocket.

He reads through the message and turns to Renjun, “We’re heading back to the dorms soon. Do you wanna head back with us if you’re done here?”

“Yeah that sounds good,” Renjun nods. “I left my bag back in the practice room though, let me go grab it first.”

Renjun gets up and Yangyang gets up, too, trotting over to the door to open it for him with a wide grin, “Let’s go together.”

Renjun scoffs as Yangyang ushers him forward with an exaggerated bow. They make their way through the hallways of the SM building, Yangyang trailing leisurely after him and stopping every so often to peer into the different practice rooms.

Eventually, Renjun comes to a stop at the correct door while Yangyang is still lagging a few paces behind. The lights are off so he figures everyone’s cleared out by now, and he doesn’t think much of it as he opens it and walks inside. He flips on the switch and makes eye contact with a wide-eyed Jaemin through the mirror.

The mirror which they use for practice. The mirror that Jaemin is currently holding Jeno up against as he fucks into him. The mirror that Jeno has his head thrown back on with eyes closed in bliss, still somehow unaware of Renjun’s presence in the room with Jaemin nestled deep inside of him.

Renjun slaps the lights back off, throwing a hand over his eyes as well for good measure as he growls out angrily, “JENO! JAEMIN! WHY didn’t you lock the door?!”

“Jeno and Jaemin?” Yangyang calls from down the hall. “Oh, oh, I wanna say hi!” Yangyang jogs into the room with a bright grin, reaching behind Renjun to flip the lights on again.

His smile melts into a look of absolute horror as he makes eye contact with a dazed Jeno blinking back into consciousness. Yangyang throws a hand over his eyes too with a panicked yelp while his other hand misses the light switch two, three times before Renjun reaches over to smack it off himself.

“You two are the worst,” Renjun groans. “Why wouldn’t you lock the door?”

“I forgot,” Jaemin says at the same time Jeno says, “I told him not to.” There’s a long silence that follows through which all of them can very clearly hear the metaphorical smoke coming out of Renjun’s ears.

“Uh, hi Jaemin. Hi Jeno,” Yangyang blurts out nervously.

“Hi, Yangyang,” Jaemin and Jeno chorus back at him.

“Good to see you- I mean, I didn’t see anything, haha. Uh. We’re just gonna. Go now.” Yangyang reaches forward blindly in search of Renjun’s shoulder. Once he finds it, he tugs him back lightly to move the both of them out of the room.

“Could you just bring Jun’s bag back to his dorm for him, I’ll drop by to pick it up later,” Yangyang calls out as he stumbles backwards. “He’s uh, gonna stay with me for a little bit. It’ll probably be for the best after uh. After this.”

“Right,” Jeno gulps. “Uh, yeah, we can do that. Thanks, Yangyang.”

“No problem, man,” Yangyang skittishly replies in English.

“It’s literally the least you could do,” Renjun finally grouses through gritted teeth. “And please lock the door this time.” He yanks his hand away from his eyes to grab the doorknob and slam it shut.

He turns around to face Yangyang who still has his hand covering his face. Renjun pats the one on his shoulder as he lets out a long-suffering sigh, “I’m so sorry you had to see that.”

“You say that like it happens often,” Yangyang squeaks. “Does this happen often?”

“Way more often than it should,” Renjun frowns as he pinches the bridge of his nose. “Why would they leave the lights off and not lock the door, though? Of course someone might think it’s empty and come inside.”

Yangyang shrugs. “Maybe they’re into that?” he offers in an uncomfortably high tone.

“Oh my god,” Renjun runs his hand down his face in begrudging realization. “You’re right. They’re absolutely into that.”

“Can we not talk about this anymore?” Yangyang grimaces. “I’d like to go home now, please.”

“Yeah, okay, let’s go,” Renjun hooks his arm through Yangyang’s and starts walking them towards the exit. Yangyang still has his hand over his eyes like he’s afraid if he releases them he might see something he doesn’t want to see again, the poor thing. “I need to make some calls anyway.”

Chenle comes through the door and into the living room, taking off his bucket hat to rest it respectfully against his chest as he walks into what looks like a collective moment of silence for all of their eyes. Jisung, Donghyuck, and Mark are sitting broodingly on the couch while Renjun is standing gravely in front of them with his hands behind his back.

“Good,” Renjun nods to Chenle in greeting. “You’re here.”

Chenle glances down the infamous hallway with a shudder, chills running down his spine as unwelcome memories flood into his mind. He still hasn’t seen the rest of their room since The Incident, and he’s not exactly jumping at the chance to get another look anytime soon.

“Are they home?” Chenle inquires tentatively.

“Yes,” Jisung nods. “They’ve been in there for a while.”

“Well,” Mark slaps his hands on his knees as he pushes himself up from the couch. “We might as well go get this over with then.”

“You don’t want to do it here?” Chenle tilts his head, admittedly not too keen on peeking into their room again.

“They’ll probably feel more comfortable if we talk to them in their room,” Mark shrugs. “And I don’t want to be the one to have to go into a room where they’re alone together to fetch them again. Do any of you?” The rest of them look at each other and shake their heads. “That’s what I thought, let’s go.”

Hyuck and Jisung hop off the couch as well and follow as Mark leads all five of them down the hallway with quiet steps. Why they all feel the need to tiptoe nobody knows, and it definitely doesn’t do anything to help how tense all of them are as they approach the belly of the beast.

Oh Jaemin-ah, just like that.”

They all freeze as Jeno’s voice rings into the hallway. Jisung shrinks to the back of the line with a small whimper, hiding his lanky frame awkwardly behind Chenle. Chenle honestly isn’t faring much better, blinking rapidly as he fearfully glances back and forth between Mark and Hyuck at the front of their huddle.

“Yeah, Jeno-yah? Like this? Is this what you want?”

They hear a muffled version of Jaemin’s growl through the door followed by a breathy yell from Jeno. Mark opens his mouth to say something, then decides against it as he sets his jaw and marches a few paces forward. He shrinks away from the door as Jeno inhales a broken gasp that echoes into the entirety of the dorm.

Jaeminie, fuck. Fuck, oh my god, yes.”

“Make it stop,” Jisung groans as he crouches down and squeezes his hands over his ears. “I hate this.”

“There’s no music though!” Chenle whisper-shouts frantically, clinging on to the last bits of sanity he has left. “It’s a 50/50 if the music is on so it must be a 0/100 if the music is off, right?”

“50/50?” Renjun scoffs. “Who told you 50/50? It’s more like a 90/10 these days.”

“Everyone shut up,” Hyuck hisses. “I’m pretty sure they’re just messing with us.” He reaches his hand out to shove Mark forward. “Mel, go open the door.”

“What?!” Mark yelps. “Why me?!”

“You’re the oldest!” Hyuck frowns like it’s obvious. “Go do this for your dearest dongsaengs.”

“Oh, so now I’m the oldest, huh?” Mark rolls his eyes.

“Jen-Jeno, baby. Is this good? Tell me what you want me to do, Jeno-yah.”

Faster, Jaem, faster. Please, you’re so close.”

“I can’t do this,” Renjun turns around with his hands raised in defeat. “I give up. This was a bad idea.”

“This was literally your idea,” Chenle shakes his head incredulously with eyebrows drawn together in confusion as Renjun pushes past him.

“No one’s going anywhere,” Hyuck frowns, grabbing Renjun’s wrist and tugging him back into formation. “We have to say something to them before they get us all in big trouble.”

“Okay, okay, yes,” Jisung nods to himself as he slowly stands back up. “We need to all go together. We’re all in this together, okay?”

“Please don’t talk about anyone being in anything,” Chenle groans. Mark takes a deep breath, then motions for them to follow as he starts walking towards the door again. They move closer and closer, Mark’s hand just barely ghosting over the doorknob when they hear Jeno let out an airy cry.

There, Jaem there! Hit it, hit it hit it!”

Fuck, right there, yeah? I’ll get it Jeno, I’ll get it for you, baby.”

“Okay, on second thought,” Mark frantically retracts his hand from the knob like it’s a red-hot stove, promptly turning on his heel to retreat.

“Oh, fuck this,” Hyuck rolls his eyes and squares his shoulders, marching forward and yanking the door wide open. Five trembling pairs of eyes meet two calm, curious gazes in the center of the room.

Jeno and Jaemin are sitting on their bed, fully clothed, with Jaemin propped up against the headboard. Jeno rests against Jaemin’s chest as Jaemin has his arms bracketing Jeno’s waist, chin resting on his shoulder and playing a game on his phone. Jaemin slowly sets it down onto the sheets, the muted sounds of his victory on KartRider nudging through the stunned silence of their friends.

“Hi,” Jeno drawls slowly. “What’s everyone doing here?”

“B-but, you were-” Mark stutters, pointing back and forth between Jeno and Jaemin. “We heard- weren’t you just? Wha?”

“Weren’t we just what?” Jaemin raises an eyebrow as he hugs Jeno closer to him.

Mark blinks at the two of them for a few seconds, then closes his mouth and turns around without another word as he walks away. Chenle and Jisung share a look, then follow him down the hallway as well.

“You two are… so…” Renjun grimaces, then turns around with a huff when he decides he doesn’t have the energy to deal with this today. Maybe ever.

“I hate you guys,” Hyuck deadpans as he sends them both a knowing glare. “You know that, right?”

“What did we do?” Jeno tilts his head innocently in question. He turns his head to look at Jaemin and pets across his forearm as he asks Jaemin, “What did we do?”

Jaemin shrugs in answer, glancing at Hyuck to reply with an uncertain, “Sorry?”

Hyuck shakes his head as he shuts the door, and Jeno and Jaemin wait until they hear his footsteps filter all the way down the hallway before they look to each other with satisfied smiles.

“Nice touch with the random moans,” Jaemin smirks.

“Thanks,” Jeno hums. “I’m surprised they didn’t think it was weird that they didn’t hear the bed squeaking or smacking against the wall.”

“I guess we were just that convincing,” Jaemin shrugs. “I’m more surprised they didn’t think we couldn’t hear them coming in and walking down the hallway.”

“Well it sounds to me like they’ve all left now,” Jeno grins suggestively as he turns around to straddle Jaemin.

“Hmm, they did, but I dunno Jeno, I see why you play this game all the time now,” Jaemin tilts his head back and forth, feigning hesitance. “I might wanna go another round.”

Jeno doesn’t fall for it because Jaemin’s arms come to snake around his hips automatically, resting there possessively like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He squishes Jaemin’s cheeks between his hands, chuckling softly as Jaemin playfully puckers his lips at him.

“Really, Jaem?” Jeno raises an eyebrow. “Would you really rather have another round with my phone than another round with me?”

“You make a strong argument, Jeno-ssi,” Jaemin nods sagely. “I’ll have to think long and hard about this one.”

“Mhmm,” Jeno smiles, full of mirth and giggling when Jaemin makes up his mind and tackles Jeno against the sheets with a kiss.