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Rage Against the Heavens

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It has been a month since I had slain the Chief God. The Order is now nothing more than a squalor in hopes for better times, the Demon Lord has nearly annexed everything into her domain. I was rewarded the hand of one of the Demon Lord's daughters, she was ecstatic to include me as a son-in-law... My journey was over and I was to live with my beautiful wife in a fancy mansion where all our troubles would be whisps that drifted away. If something like that could only happen.

Ever since after the battle I have taken up writing a journal—yes it would've seem more logical during my conquest, but as of recent, things felt... Different. I sometimes see the blood on my hands from the Chief God, I sometimes see her removed head glancing back at me only to vanish when I blink. I'm too afraid to talk to my wife or anyone of this matter—they could misconstrue my ailment.

Pen in my hand, I put all my experiences I've had so far to paper, from the disembodied heads to the blood I periodically see. It's the only kind treatment I could ever give myself. If I work up the courage, or word it properly I may be able to—

I felt her rub her hands across my shoulders—Stacia, my wife—even within that short month we were deeply in love, and with a lover, you could always tell how they feel. Damn it all. The though coursed. I didn't want her to know of my troubles. "Garrison... I've noticed you've been sitting here longer than you usually do. Surely you're writing a journal and not a novel." The concern in her voice was real... It hurts to lie.

Putting the plastic grin on my face I humored her. "What if I am then? Surely there's no issue?"
Her lips ran down my neck. "I wouldn't mind... As long as you tell me what it's about..."
I tapped my bottom lip with my index. "Hmmm... It's about how great you are." I heard a giggle to my response before she leaned over to give me a peck on my lips.

"Well, when you are finished... Please come to the chambers. Don't keep a lady waiting." Her voice was sultry and smooth, delicious to hear... She left eagerly, maybe she was preparing something...

I went back to writing, the more I wrote the more and more I saw the apparitions. Her disembodied head always appears in the corner of my eye before disappearing. I don't feel terror, nor fear... I felt guilt...

I was weary from how much I wrote, my wife did say she needed me, but she would understand if I took a small rest. Closing my journal, I rested my head on the cool oak desk. My eyes lidded before my world went dark...


Where am I? A room paltry and grey and only occupied with two chairs, when my gaze roamed over the second one, my eyes widened, it was occupied with her: The Chief God.

"Please, take a seat." She gestured before me. Even staring into the face of the one who had slain her, her calm and composed demeanor never faltered. "Those few moments before I was slain, I can only suggest that you only heard me, but you never listened."

My lips curled into a snarl. I didn't have to listen. "It doesn't matter what you have to say now. We've won. The Order is nothing but a husk now! Quickly the Demon Lord will be able to aquire the land and finally have the Demonic Energy to be able to create a first born incubi!"

She only shook her head. She acted as if she was correcting a child! Arrogant!. "Wrong. She already lost her chance to create a first born Incubi. Ever since you have slain me, she has lost her chance to gain the power to be able to birth an Incubi in a reasonable time frame. She would require millenia upon millenia to gain the needed energy. Even if she did continue, every Monster would be gone except the select few."

That's a lie... She wasn't going to trick me so easily. "Oh really then?" I call out her bluff. "Tell me then. How do you know she won't be able to perform such a feat?"

The Chief God finger traced along the wooden arm rest of her chair, seemingly interested in it while she continued. "Simple; every Chief God and Demon Lord passes down their knowledge to the next. Surely you should know the fact that Monsters were there to be a balancing act for all humans to ensure population control. With the current Succubus Demon Lord, she's treading on waters that no one has crossed. No Demon Lord has ever stooped to what she has done, and with every new experience it comes from trial-and-error, so far she hasn't failed once. The problem becomes apparent when you begin to experiment with powers that no one has used before. She's climbing higher and higher but she has no cushion to soften the fall, and when she falls is inevitable."

I—I let that sink in... it makes sense, and that terrified me. "That means..." My voice wavered. "This entire time, she had planned nothing and simply luck was on her side. That leaves the question though; why did your death mean her ability to produce an Incubi is gone?"

She responded cooly and I can see the faint smile on her lips. "If she was able to capture and corrupt me with her Demon Energy, she would've had the ability with our combined powers to make birthing an Incubi possible practically the moment I was converted. Thanks to her letting you behead me though—she has lost her chance, already she has doomed the world."

The realization was terrifying... I have single-handedly started the progression of the end of the world... Looking up I went to ask her a questi—

She's gone? The boring grey room now had a warm glow done to it, and as soon as I realized it I had awaken.


I was groggy—and still tired. My arm was asleep from me laying my head on it and some slight drool ran down my lips. My mind was blank and overwritten with so much thought... Surely the world would be fine right? I did my duty and soon Incubi could be born... My conscience said other wise.

I looked at my desk and I saw my old dagger sitting in its sheathe. It was once my implement for when I lost my blade in the midst of battle, and it has saved me a many of times—now it only serves as a means to open letters and be a display piece.

Sliding the blade from the sheathe, I slip the dagger inbetween my pants and hip, my shirt covered over my trousers enough that it wouldn't be seen. Patting it to see if it felt secure, I felt it was about time to take my wife's offer up.

I entered our chambers and I always blush like a young boy seeing his first love... Even Stacia knew this and took full advantage everytime we were intimate. Scanning over her body I took in the black, sheer, lace lingerie she had on, her panties were open cut allowing me to see her flushed red flower, dripping with fluids. It contrasted perfectly with her beautiful white skin and complimented her deep red eyes. Already she got my attention, and I got hers.

"Garrison, you have gotten me in a tizzy worrying about you, but every night you come to bed you have that same innocent look..." Her voice softened and she bit her lower lip and enchanted me with the words. "Let me taste you~"

Already obeying her orders I join her on the bed as she locked her lips onto mine. Our tongues entertwined and my eyes locked onto hers. I pulled her closer and she used her expansive snow white wings and wrapped them around me, pulling me closer. I loved her flavor, she was exquisite, divine and most importantly: mine.

Tears swelled though, I pulled my lips away, a strand of saliva still connected us before snapping and I choked the words. "I'm sorry."

She looked at me incredulously. "Dear! There's nothing to be sor—"

She couldn't finish her last word as I whipped the knife from hiding and implanted it in her throat. The pure shock she felt kept her from reacting and it saved me from retaliation. Betrayal and sorrow were the last things I saw in her eyes. Her death will scar me—but I have a duty to fufill.

I will become the Chief God.