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Brutal Bytes - Mom stolen at the Haunted House

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The line to this haunted house is taking forever, much to my deep annoyance. There are so many people here tonight looking forward to being scared out of their minds to fake zombies and getting chased by actors with bloody chainsaws. I’ve noticed a few kids from my neighborhood and school are also here, but they steer clear of me because I don’t shy away from being an asshole. And maybe because I’m dressed in a black robe with blood dripping from my mouth, but that’s beside the

Despite how impatient I am, my mom doesn’t seem to mind. She quietly hums to herself and bounces on her feet as we wait in line. It’s so embarrassing to wait with her considering what she’s wearing. She has on the most revealing costume anyone could possibly have on, and calling it a costume is generous because of how little fabric there is covering her. She’s dressed as Starfire from the DC comics. Her costume consists of purple arm warmers, and purple boots that reach her mid-thighs, making her thick thighs pudge out. Two tiny pieces of fabric stretch tightly across each breast, only covering her nipples. The fabric leads down to her bottoms, which is just a glorified thong. It’s obvious with how she’s dressed that everyone is staring at us, and I hate it. I don’t even want to be associated with her, but we came here together and I can’t just ditch her, otherwise she’ll whine about how she only wants to spend time with me. I’m torn between wanting to stand in front of her to block her from everyone else’s view and stand as far away from her as humanly possible. Why couldn’t she just wear something normal like me? My costume might not be the most creative, but at least I’m not flashing the public.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a familiar face in the crowd of people waiting for their turn in the haunted house and I groan when I recognize who it is. Melvin Sweats, my school’s residential short, fat freak. He stands by himself, obviously here alone since he doesn’t have a single friend. If I wasn’t here with my mom right now, I go over there and beat his ass just because his face annoys me so much.

He isn’t even wearing a costume and instead has on a stained t-shirt with a half-naked woman on it. I silently curse as Melvin catches my eye and perks up. ‘That fat fuck better not come over here,’ I think, but my plea proved to be ineffective when Melvin makes a beeline for my mom and I.

“Hi, Sean,” Melvin says, awkward smile gracing his fat face. Just the sight of him near me and my mom makes me want to puke. When I don’t respond and instead only glare at him, my mom lightly
elbows me in the ribs. I glance over and see her giving me a look that says ‘be nice and say hi’, and I roll
my eyes at her but comply with her unsaid wishes.

“Melvin.” My greeting is short and cold, but it's enough to get my mom to turn her attention away from me. Instead, she turns to Melvin, who doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact he looks like he’s going to bust in his pants at the sight of her. He ogles her breasts and thighs freely, but my mom doesn’t seem to notice or care. How is this guy so sleazy and shameless?

“Hi, Melvin!” she says happily. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sean’s mother, but you can call me Michelle. I can’t wait for the haunted house! What about you?” I roll my eyes at her small talk and notice we’re almost at the front of the line. ‘Finally,’ I think impatiently. ‘Hopefully we can ditch this freak inside.’

“I’m so excited,” he responds. “But I don’t have any friends to go inside with.” Melvin trails off, looking at his feet sadly. A sympathetic look crossed my mom’s face and she places a compassionate hand on his upper arm.

“Oh, that’s alright! You can go inside with us! Sean and I will keep you company. Isn’t that right, Sean?” I look at my mom’s hopeful expression, then at Melvin, who’s eyes are glued to my mom’s fat tits, and I can barely keep the scowl off of my face.

“Sure.” I grind my teeth in frustration and disgust but neither of them notices, both too busy conversing about the horror that awaits us. I tune out their conversation and walk forward when the line moves up, and we eventually make it to the front of the line.

“Tickets, please,” a bloody clown asks, hand outstretched. We all dutifully hand her our tickets, and she waves her hand towards the entrance. “Have a frightful time!”

We shuffle through the gate into a dimly lit hallway filled with fake cobwebs. It’s more bothersome than scary because of how it gets stuck in your hair and clothes, but I hear my mom yelp then laugh behind me. Melvin laughs with her and I feel my blood boil. I push on, leading us deeper down the hallway until we reach a room filled with creepy dolls. Some are the size of normal dolls, and the others are life-sized dressed in dirty gowns. We walk through the room quietly, collectively holding our breaths, when one of the life-sized dolls jerks up and screams.

“AH!” screams Melvin, grabbing my mom around the waist. My heart spikes in terror and we all scurry out of the room and don’t stop until we’re in a safe spot. I lean over, hands on my knees, and pant from running so fast. I look up and immediately notice that
Melvin hasn’t let go of my mom. His pudgy arms wind around her waist, molding their bodies together. My mom doesn’t seem to care, instead rubbing and patting his back soothingly as he shivers. My face burns in jealously as she comforts him, but I don’t say anything about it. He can’t be that much of a baby, can he? I bet he’s just acting like this for an excuse to get my mom to touch him.

“C’mon, let’s keep going,” I say, unapologetically interrupting their moment. Melvin dejectedly removes his arms from my mom, and I internally smirk. Instead of leading the way like last time, I
position myself in between the two of them. Again, my mom doesn’t seem to notice anything amiss, but Melvin surely does. He gives me a dirty look as we advance into the next room.

The next room is much gorier than the others. Fake blood drips from the walls and chains hang from the ceiling. Attached to the chains are rubber limbs – sawed-off, bloody arms and legs that sway with the breeze. I shudder at the scene and move forward, but a man with a chainsaw stops me in my tracks. My eyes widen in fear and I run as fast as I can out of the room. I can’t tell whose footsteps are behind me, so I don’t stop running until I’m completely out of that room. Only when I think I’ve lost him do I turn around. The scary man with the chainsaw is nowhere to be found, but my heartbeat still hasn’t returned to normal. I quickly realize that I’m the only one who made it out, and before I can decide whether or not to go back inside for my mom, she and Melvin burst through the doorway. Her breasts bounce with each step she takes and she clings onto Melvin’s arm tightly.

“That was so scary!” she exclaims, though she smiles as she says it. “Thank you for protecting me, Melvin! If only my own son were that brave.” She throws a jovial look my way, though I can’t help but take her comment personally, especially when Melvin sneers in my direction like he’s better than me. He’s lucky my mom’s here to stop me from beating his ass.

“Whatever,” I grumble, although I really just want to scream. I turn away seething when I see Melvin slips an arm around her waist and squeezes her tighter.

In order to get to the next area of the haunted house, we need to crawl through a tunnel. The opening is a small hole about 3-4 feet long and wide, and it looks like we’ll be able to crawl through, but just barely. I bend down to look inside, but I can’t see where it ends. It’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic. After a moment of silently staring at the tunnel, my mom speaks up.

“Who wants to go first?” she asks.

“Your body looks like a balloon filled with butter, Melvin. Would you even fit through there?” I ask him. His face flushes in anger and embarrassment, and I feel a rush of satisfaction at making him uncomfortable, but my satisfaction is unfortunately short lived.

“Sean! Be nice. We’ll all be able to get through, of course.” She gives Melvin’s bicep a comforting squeeze.

“Ladies first!” Melvin says with an exaggerated hand motion gesturing towards the tunnel. My mom giggles at his silliness and I have the urge to choke him.

“What a gentleman,” she coos. “Well, here I go.” She crouches on the ground before getting on all fours. Her thin waist arches and her fat ass sticks out as she shuffles towards the opening and slips inside. Her costume bottom is so small and basically panties, so when she bends over, we get a nice view of her fat pussy lips. Melvin is practically drooling at the sight, so take this chance while my mom isn’t looking and shove him hard.

“What the hell?” he whimpers, tears threatening to spill down his meaty cheeks like a little bitch. “You can’t blame me for staring! You’re mom’s so hot.”

“Shut the fuck up before I beat you into the fucking ground, you loser.” I’m seething, but I can’t lose my cool while I’m still with my mom. I try to swipe at Melvin again, but instead of running away, he drops to the ground and crawls into the tunnel.
“Holy fuck,” he whispers to himself, and I’m confused for a moment before I realize what he’s talking about. My mom’s thick juicy ass and fat pussy is right in Melvin’s face. Knowing what a sick fuck he is, I bet he’s leaning forward as far as he can to get a better view and a whiff of her musk. And now

I’m stuck crawling behind his ugly ass. I try not to look at him while I’m on my hands and knees shuffling forward. This tunnel feels like it goes on forever before we finally reach the end. I’m just glad to not be stuck behind Melvin anymore, so I stand up quickly and back away from him.

“Let’s keep moving,” I bark, ready to get to the end of the haunted house and go home. I’m tired of being out with my mom, especially when Melvin won’t leave us alone.

We keep walking and eventually reach the last part of the haunted house, which is actually a ride instead of a room. There’s a short river that leads to the exit, and to reach the end of the river, you have to ride inside specially built coffins. We three approach the ride conductor and wait for his instructions.

“Hello! You’ve made it to the end of the attraction!” he proclaims, arms outstretched. He claps for us then points to awaiting coffins. “Now it’s time to sail your way down,” he says.

The coffins are larger than normal coffins, so I assumed we would all ride in one, but my assumption is quickly proven wrong. I make my way to the closest coffin along with my mom and Melvin, but the ride conductor stops me in my tracks.

“I’m sorry sir, but there can be only two people inside one coffin at a time, so you’ll have to ride by yourself.”

“Seriously?” I complain, but the man only shrugs with an apologetic smile. “This is bullshit,” I mumble under my breath.

“Sorry, honey,” Mom says, “You’ll be alright on your own, won’t you?” she asks, but she doesn’t wait for my answer. Melvin leads my mom into their coffin with one hand on her lower back and another holding onto her own to help her balance as she steps inside. She lies down on the plush interior of the coffin and pats the free space next to her, and Melvin jumps at the invitation. He lowers himself inside the coffin right next to my mom, and he’s not shy about cozying up to her. The coffin’s bottom lid closes, covering their lower halves, but the top lid stays open. After they’re secure for the ride, the ride conductor turns to me.

“You’ll be in this coffin, sir.” The man guides me to an empty coffin, and I get in after a suffering sigh and one last glance towards my mom and Melvin’s coffin. Right after I lie inside, we’re all pushed off to float in the water.

The ride is peaceful for about 30 seconds before I’m alerted to the pair ahead of me. I wish I would’ve spoken up sooner, because now I have to listen to my mom and fucking Melvin speak quietly and giggle as they float down the lazy river. I can’t see much over the side of the coffin despite sitting up as much as I can, but the sound of their voices carries through the air. Peaking over the edge, I manage to get a glimpse of Melvin leaning up on his elbow. ‘What is that fucker up to?’ I wonder, not liking how he’s definitely leaning over my mom, who’s lying on her back on the plush coffin interior looking up at him. Mom giggles again, and I wonder what the hell he’s saying to her to make her laugh like that.

Jealousy burns through my veins, but I’m trapped in this floating coffin, alone, for who knows how much longer. ‘I can’t wait for this ride to be over.’

I peek over the edge of the coffin again when I don’t hear any more noise coming from Mom or Melvin, and I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing. Their coffin is rocking rhythmically back and forth, disturbing the water around it. I don’t understand what they’re doing that would cause that motion.

Suddenly, a loud moan rings through the air and my blood runs cold. That was obviously my mom, but why is she moaning? I crane my neck over the edge to try and make sense of what I’m hearing, but all I get is frustrated at my lack of clear vision.

“Mom?” I say, unsure if she can hear me due to our distance. “Yes, S-Sean?” she calls back, but it comes out strained.

“Are you ok? What are you doing in there?” I don’t receive a verbal answer for a while, instead only hearing quiet gasps and light slapping noises, but it’s hard to hear over the sound of the water echoing around the inside of my coffin.

“Everything’s f-fine, sweetie. Melvin and I are just talking.” I’m not stupid. I can hear that they’re not talking, so why is my mom lying to me? What the hell is going on over there?

Another moan pierces the air, and it’s quickly followed by a high-pitched, drawn-out whine. Their coffin is rocking harder now, and my face burns with anger and humiliation. Judging from the noises and the rocking, one would assume my mom and Melvin are fucking, but that just can't be true. I don’t want to think of Melvin’s fat fucking hands all over my mom’s skin, or his disgusting bulging stomach crushing her as he thrusts into her. I could throw up right now just from the mental image, so there’s no way I could accept it actually happening.

But once again, my hopes are crushed when I see my mom’s hair poke out from over the edge of their coffin. I can’t see much of her, but what I can see I notice is steadily bouncing up and down, almost as if she’s riding Melvin’s dick. But that can’t be true. I hear another loud moan, and I just want this fucking ride to be over.

Luckily for me, I soon feel the rocking of my coffin as it runs into the padded wall at the end of the ride. More ride constructors reach down and secure my coffin and help me out, but I’m not focused on that at all. After getting off the ride, all of my attention zones in on where my mom and Melvin are being helped out of their coffin. I rush over to their side and take in their appearances.

“Mom?” I ask, shock written across my face clear as day. The workers also give the pair strange looks as they exit the ride with rumpled clothes, red faces, and bruised lips. Not to mention the unmistakable smell of sex that really cements everyone’s suspicions.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, especially when my mom won’t look me in the eyes. Her face is turned away bashfully, but Melvin looks like the cat that ate the canary, and I want to punch the smugness off of his face right now.

“What a ride, huh?” My mom laughs nervously in an attempt to distract everyone from her disheveled appearance, but it doesn’t work much because she bites her lip and looks up at Melvin when she speaks.

“Best ride of my life. We should do it again soon.” Melvin doesn’t look away from me with that sleazy expression when he answers her, and I’d bet anything that my face is as red as the rage I feel. I keep my mouth shut, but I make a silent vow to beat the hell out of this kid the next time I see him.....