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Puppy and Kitty Love

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The house smelled peculiarly sad; it was a familiar type of sad. 

Laszlo walked into Nandor's room. "You smell it too, Nandor?"   

"Yes," Nandor growled as he got up "fucking shit." 

They both made their way to Guillermo's room upstairs, the big blue room with the velvet chairs and curtains. 

Laszlo knocked on Guillermo's door and opened it regardless of whether Guillermo let him in or not because he was Laszlo.  

"Memo dearest, what's wrong?" Laszlo asked, barging in the room with Nandor in tow. 

Guillermo was laying on the bed face down with his head hanging off the bed. 

"I don't feel too good, that's all," Guillermo said with a sigh. 

Laszlo sat next to him, rubbing a circle in his back. 

Nandor pouted, he didn't like seeing Guillermo all sad, but what could he do to make Guillermo feel better? What made him happy? What could bring him peace and joy? 

Suddenly Nandor had an idea. He sauntered until he was in front of Guillermo and he turned into a giant puff of smoke. 

"Nandor!?"Guillermo sat up in surprise. 

The smoke dissipated as a big fluffy black German shepherd was sitting down on the carpet, wagging his tail. 

"Oooooh, you look so cute!" Guillermo squealed as he sat down on the floor and began to scratch Nandor's neck. "Who's the cutest master? " 

Nandor was obsessed with Guillermo's hands, this had no reason to feel as good as it did. 

"Are you a cute master? Yesh you are. Sho cute." 

Guillermo began to scratch Nandor under his ears. And then he stretched his hand and began to scratch Nandor's neck at the same time he scratched his ear and Nandor melted into Guillermo.  

Meanwhile, Laszlo was staring at them contentedly but l he felt a bit jealous, why should Nandor be the only one getting all the attention. He recalled that Guillermo liked watching cute cat videos at times. 

"Do you like kitty cats, Memo dear?" 

"Yeah, I do," Guillermo said, still focused on kissing and cuddling Nandor. 

"Cat!" Laszlo said, turning himself in a big grey Persian.  

"This is the best day of my life! "Guillermo said as Laszlo purred into his lap. 

Guillermo began to scratch Laszlo's head, squealing as his kitty ears twitched. "Aww, you look adorable!" 

Now, this was more like it, who knew despite the years of working Guillermo would have such nice fingers? 

Guillermo grabbed Laszlo and raised him admiring how big and fluffy he looked, he kept staring at his toe pads. 

Guillermo put Laszlo back on his lap and touched his little paw. "Can I?" 

Laszlo purred and rubbed his head on Guillermo's stomach as a form of consent. 

"Your toe beans are perfect! So squishy."  Guillermo said, squishing Laszlo's toe pads. He gave them little kisses after he finished squishing them. 

And that was too nice, Laszlo would never ever admit it but being cuddled and kissed possibly maybe felt nicer than having sex. 

"Can I rest my head on your belly?" Guillermo asked after giving Laszlo a peck on his nose. Laszlo purred again and Guillermo giggled, meanwhile Nandor glared at Laszlo. Devious bastard, stealing Guillermo's attention.  

Guillermo put Laszlo on the carpet and the vampire laid on his back. Guillermo gave Laszlo's nose another soft kiss and laid his face on Laszlo's stomach. He inhaled deeply and giggled while Nandor laid down on the carpet and growled softly. 

"You're the sweetest, so good and fluffy. "  Guillermo cooed, while he rubbed his head on Laszlo's belly. 

Oooh, this was too much. Nandor thought that if Guillermo wanted a big soft cat, he was going to get it. 

With another puff of smoke, Nandor turned into a tiger. 

"The fuck!?" Guillermo cried while Laszlo raised his hackles and hissed. 

Nandor began to rub his head on Guillermo's stomach, unaware of his weight against Guillermo, who toppled over as Nandor began to lick his face.  

After the initial shock receded, Guillermo realized what probably happened.  

He began to scratch Nandor's cheeks. "Aww, are you jealous? Come here." 

Guillermo hugged Nandor's face, giving his head little kisses. "Who's the sweetest? Is it you?" 

Nandor rested his head on Guillermo's lap, content on being petted and cuddled. "Yes, it's you."  

Laszlo, still in cat form, hissed. That stupid bastard had years worth of attention from Guillermo. Why didn't he just stop being a needy wimp? As retaliation Laszlo morphed into a wolf.  

"Huh? "Guillermo looked at Laszlo who also licked his face and gave him puppy dog eyes. 

Guillermo just rolled his eyes, of course, they would be having a pissing contest over who would Guillermo pet more. Instead of being angry, Guillermo petted both Nandor's and Laszlo's heads. "Thank you both for cheering me up." 

Laszlo whined contentedly, he sat down behind Guillermo while he nuzzled Guillermo's back. "You want me to lay down on you, Laszlo?" 

Laszlo nodded his head, he wanted that soft warm body resting on him, especially that tush. Guillermo giggled again and gave Laszlo's nose a peck and rested himself on Laszlo's body, sighing.  

Meanwhile, Nandor laid down and rested his head on Guillermo's lap. Finally, he had that warm and comfy lap all for himself. As he should. 

Guillermo started humming a song happily while he petted Nandor. The pleasant little vibrations made Nandor and Laszlo feel relaxed and as time went on, with the combined combination of Guillermo's warmth, both fell asleep.  



Nadja walked around the house, popping her head in all of the rooms of the house. 

She huffed and headed to Guillermo's room. 

"Guillermo, do you know where my Laszlo is?" She stopped in her tracks when she saw Guillermo resting on a wolf with a tiger on his lap. All three were asleep and despite being animals Nadja recognized her husband and roommate. 

She sighed dreamily. "My boys." 

Nadja walked over to Guillermo's bed grabbing a blanket and covered Nandor with it. She then bent down and pecked Guillermo's forehead leaving a red lipstick mark. And finally, she scratched Laszlo's ear before leaving the men to sleep.