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James had been trying to make the most of his first day at a new school in his new home. People were curious and a little rude about asking him questions. He supposed that’s just how small towns in the middle of all this green and rain clouds were. There were a few nice ones but he was getting tired and just wanted to sit and eat lunch. Most of him still wished he could stay with his mom in Arizona but he was putting on a brave face for both of his parents.


Lily, the nicest and least invasive of the students he’d met, saw he’d gotten his food from the lunch line and waved him over to the table she was sitting at. Most of the students at there were unpleasant but luckily he was seated closest to Arthur and Lily so there was almost a barrier from Molly, Snape, Narcissa, and Gilderoy. They were mostly too busy arguing about something to notice him too much anyway.


It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation with two of the seven curious strangers, that he first saw them. 


They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria and there were six of them. All of them were chatting with each other and laughing in their own little world. James noticed none of them were eating a single thing and it struck him a bit odd. Each one was pale for their skin type with dark eyes but varying hair colors and devastatingly beautiful. Like dolls.


The most left two of them had many piercings but other than that were total opposites. There was the larger, built one with dirty blond curls hidden under a beanie. He was in a snug t-shirt with a cool art print on it and distressed jeans which made him look like a hot band member of some alt rock or punk group. The other was in a dark brown button down and black suit pants. He looked like a casual Gomez Adams, had wide curious eyes, and was probably the second smallest in the group.


In the middle were two girls who seemed to be much more friendly as James caught sight of a sweet kiss shared between them. One had long dreads tied up in a bun and from her arms looked like she could bench her cute partner fairly easily. A small lip ring glistened from the middle of her bottom lip and she dressed in a dark floral shirt and cargo pants. Her companion was tiny and had very long wavy blond hair. She was in a cut up band tee and distressed shorts. She looked like a fun time and trouble all wrapped up in one energetic ball of rage.


Last there was… them. Bronze shaggy curls, a round distinct nose, freckles and scars all wrapped up in an old cozy sweater and dad jeans. Adorable in a soft, comfy way. Right next to them and trying to get in their lap was almost the exact opposite. Long black waves tied up in a bun with a pencil, subtle and soft features, the only marks on their body were a few tiny moles and some small tattoos. And they were wearing what looked like rave gear mixed with clothes for a sexy punk show. Adorable in a wild, fun way. Both hot as hell and drawing James in.


“Lily, who are they?”


As he asked, the wild one with black hair looked at him curiously and then smiled as they leaned over to speak to the cozy one. It made his heart to do a little leap in both shock and excitement. 


She looked at the people and rolled her incredibly green eyes. “They’re the McGonagall family. Minerva McGonagall and Poppy Pomfrey take in teens that are close to aging out of the system to ensure they have an easy time doing so. Which is great, but it’s really annoying how everyone goes gaga over them. Do they look like models? Yes. Do they do anything else besides that? No.” 


James could sense there was something more to it that Lily wasn’t saying but he wouldn’t make her say anymore of course. 


“From left to right. Jon the pierced up beefcake, Edgar the odd future mortician, Dorcas the athlete on no team, Marlene the feral munchkin, Remus--well actually Remus is just a nice quiet guy, and Sirius the manic pixie space cadette.”


There were more surprises to be had as it seemed each person Lily had listed reacted in some way to what she had said. Most looked amused though Dorcas’ arms had tightened around Marlene as she furiously cursed and struggled. All of which might have been fine if they weren’t sitting on opposite ends of the cafeteria and unable to hear each other easily.


It left James very confused but Lily seemed unphased and uninterested. 




When they left the cafeteria and James split off from Lily he felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. As he turned his head Remus stepped next to him to walk alongside him. “So, are you enjoying your day so far?”


“If I had to guess, he's trying his best to make the most of it but not actually enjoying it.”


Sirius seemed to pop out of nowhere as James turned to see they were walking on his other side and beginning to walk circles around the two. “How did you know that? Did you guess? How did you all hear us?”


Remus smiled and James could see sharp canines in that lovely mouth. The moment Sirius passed in front of them again he caught sight of similarly sharp canines. It made James swallow as his throat dried a bit. 


“They didn’t know. They guessed. And we don’t know what you’re talking about. We didn't hear you. You’ve got something in your teeth.” James looked confused as he pulled out his cell to look at his reflection. There was nothing in his teeth and as he looked up they were gone.