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Break of Day (A Twilight Fanfiction)

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Third POV


“Aqua,” Renee called from somewhere outside.

“Yeah?” the girl called, dropping the jacket she was wondering whether to wear or not and bolting to where her mother called from. With Renee, no one would ever know if she got hurt and needed the hospital or couldn’t remember whether or not she should water the cactus that invaded their backyard until they reached her.

“Do you remember where I put the gardening gloves?” Renee looked up, her childish blue eyes shaded with pink rimmed sunglasses.

“Mom,” Aqua sighed, shaking her head. She pulled her long rose strawberry blonde hair out of her face with one of the ties on her wrist before kneeling down on the dry dirt. “You can’t dig up the cacti.” Her green eyes sparkled under her sunglasses as the rising sun caught them at just the right angle.

Gingerly, she took the jacket from her mother’s waist and wrapped it around the cactus her mother had dug out and started to pick up. Once the little demon ball was safe inside the jacket that would have to be burned, Aqua took her mother’s too pale hand in her lap.

“I just thought Bella would like her own piece of Phoenix before she left,” Renee confessed looking at her daughter. The round ovalness of her pale, wrinkled face made her childishness that much more apparent. “She hates Forks. I thought it would make this easier on her.”

“This was Bella’s idea,” she reminded her, not looking up, causing the lines on the older woman’s face to deepen.

“She is only doing this because she thinks Phil and I don’t want her here.” Renee looked at her spiky hand.

“I’ll call you later, Candy,” Aqua said suddenly, taking her phone from her pocket, leaving her mother’s hand on her light blue jean covered thigh.

“Love you,” a muffled feminine voice called over the phone.

“Love you more,” she responded as she ended the call before setting her phone on the dirt.

“Mom,” Aqua soothed, tugging her mother’s shoulder length dark chestnut hair behind her ear, “Bella will be fine. We legally have to spend two school years with Dad and we have only done one.”

“I know,” she sighed and the girl turned back to pulling cacti spines from her mother’s hand. “But that doesn’t make me want to let you girls go.”

“Mom, we will be fine. It’s you we should be worried about.” Aqua glanced up at Renee briefly as her mother winced. “Point proven,” she added, pulling out a few more spines. “Besides, cacti won’t survive in Forks. It’s too cold.”

“She could have kept it inside,” she argued childishly.

“She would have had to hold it for six hours.” Aqua moved onto using her long nude nails to get the smaller spikes out.

“Oh, right,” she muttered, letting the conversation die.

“Right,” Aqua finally declared after both of them had begun to feel the heat of the sun, grabbing her phone. “We better get to the car; we should have left ten minutes ago.” She slipped her phone into the back pocket of her high waisted skinny jeans before pulling her mother to her feet.

“I got my boots all dirty,” Renee whined, looking at her dust covered black UGG boots.

“It’s fine, Mom,” she patted her shoulder reassuringly. “I’m sure Phil will buy you a new pair.” She took her mother’s hand, leading her around the house and to the car.

“Is Bella out yet?” Renee called to the figure focused on the engine of the car.

“No that I know of,” Phil responded, not looking away from the object in his hand.

“I’ll get her.” Renee’s disappearance left Aqua alone with Phil.

“Would you help me for a second, Rosie?”

“Yep,” she skipped over to her step-father. “What’d you need?”

“Hold this.” He handed her a funnel. “Hold it there.” He turned, bent down and grabbed a container as Aqua followed his instructions.
“You sure you want to wear that to Forks, kid?” he gestured at her light green sleeveless backless vest halter top tank top before unscrewing the lid. “Isn’t Forks cold in December?”

“It’s still November for another four days, Phil,” she remarked as he began to pour the oil into the funnel.

“Same same.” He waved his free hand in dismissal.

“Only in the forties or something. I’ll steal Bells parka if I need it,” she rolled her eyes.

“She gets cold faster than you, doesn’t she?”

“We’ll share,” she joked as he clicked his tongue in feigned disapproval.

“Rosie,” he shook his head, sighing. “When will you ever learn?”

“I still have another year before I have to, Mr. Jetson,” she patted his shoulder— whipping the oil he had gotten on her finger on his dark shirt— as he screwed on the lid to the empty oil bottle.

“Rude,” he scoffed, turning to his step-daughter, jabbing a hand at her side.

Too slow to be safe from the oil he rubbed on her bare skin, she took a few steps back, laughing.

“I can never leave you two alone,” Renee exclaimed exasperated as she and a younger version of her with brown eyes exited the house.

“He started it,” Aqua responded— hands raised in the air— at the same time Phil responded— motioning to the barely visible oil stain on his shoulder— “Rosie started this.”

“We’re going to be late,” Aqua’s little sister responded, leaving Renee’s side to push Aqua into the back of the car, moving her leather backpack from the seat to the floor.

“I can do this myself,” she complained as Bella tried to buckle her, pushing her sister’s hand away. The click of their belts sounded simultaneously as Phil and Renee opened their doors.

“Everyone buckled?” Phil asked after he started the car.

Renee —who had been too distracted with rolling down all the windows— fumbled with her seatbelt.

Aqua loosened her’s at the same time her twin leaned forward, buckling their mother’s seatbelt.

“Now we are,” Aqua told him, turning to fix something on her sister’s sleeveless, white eye lace shirt.


In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, an insignificant town called Forks exists peacefully under a near-constant cover of luminous clouds. Which, unlike her rain loathing sister, was Aqua’s latibule. Which was exactly what she needed to heal after the horrific events of these past few years, or at least that’s what Renee was counting on. It rains incessantly on this inconsequential town more than any other place in the United States of America. It was from this town and its gloomy, omnipresent shade that their mother had run away from with the twins when they were only a few months old.

It was in this town that the two had spent a month every summer until they were twelve. Bella continued this tradition alone until she was fourteen and finally put her foot down; the three summers following that, their dad, Charlie, vacationed with Bella in California for two weeks. After the summer before the twins’ thirteenth birthday, Aqua stayed with her best friend instead of seeing her father. She loved her father more than her sister did, but her best friend did not believe that Aqua had a safe enough mental state to leave for longer than an hour. Renee would have been fine allowing Aqua to travel with Bella, but Lexi, Aqua’s best friend, was ten times more protective of the girl than Renee was. With the two girls’ having shared the same trauma, Lexi thought she was better equipped to help the older Swan twin.

Unlike Bella, Aqua adores Forks. She could be, and has been, compared to a doe. Due to her love of the forest and her desire to be surrounded by the trees, hidden in the forest surrounded by the green undergrowth and the trees which are so close to one another that many people have felt as though they were closing in around them. Though, she could also be compared to a frog. A frog, much like Aqua, avoids prolonged exposure to the scorching sun and thrives better in a rainy climate. However, being compared to a deer is much more pleasant than being compared to a frog, for most at least. Her attributes do happen to lean further to the side of a deer rather than that of a frog. She moves quite gracefully in the forest even with the undergrowth and roots constantly threatening to trip everyone and everything; she is often silent enough for people to forget she is there or not notice it in the first place. Just like a deer she tends to blend into the background and go unnoticed by those who do not wish to see her or to those who shouldn’t see her.

If Aqua was a doe, then Bella was without a doubt a hedgehog. Not because she is prickly —though she could often seem very prickly—, but because temperatures lower than 70 degrees are considered "cold" for her and can result in a hibernation attempt —also known as incessant complaining. Bella loathes any cold, wet thing. Rain, snow, ice… Ice. Ice and Bella do not get along well. One of the clumsiest people in existence should not be allowed anywhere near ice. Now she could also be compared to a prairie dog, because they too hate the cold and are leaner than hedgehogs. One would compare Bella to a snake or a lizard because of her love of the sun and deep hatred towards the cold, however, to many, that would make her sound venomous, scaly, and a mischievous liar.

Now, Forks was the best part of Aqua’s year until she was twelve. Every night she would dream of escaping to her abitory, to Forks, that is, until new dreams plagued her mind. Which stalked her both in her conscious mind and unconscious one.

The rainy, forested town was Aqua’s querencia, while, to Bella, it was something straight out of a nightmare. Bella needed the sun and blistering heat. She loved the vigorous, sprawling city. It was Forks that she and Bella now willingly moved to. Well, her sister only did it because of her selfishness. Their mother needed them gone; sure she loved the crap out of them, but they are seventeen and, though she won't admit it, Aqua's nightmares were getting out of hand. She thought, deep down, that Forks would help her oldest daughter escape the relentless attacks of her demons.


"Bella," Renee said to Bella — the last of a thousand times — before they got on the plane. "You don't have to do this." Obviously, she knew, as did everyone, how much she despised Aqua’s Querencin.

Renee is so loving, erratic, and harebrained; worry flooded Aqua as she remembered how much trouble she might find herself in without them. Of course, luckily, she now had Phil, so the bills would probably get paid, there would be food in the refrigerator, gas in her car, and someone to call when she got lost, but still…

She sighed quietly as she looked at her mother who had just got attacked by a cacti hardly a half an hour earlier. Would Renee be alright without the twins? Would these dreams become worse once she was no longer in her presence? Could Forks really help her?

"I want to go," Bella lied. She has always been a terrible liar. Though Aqua prefered not to, she had always been a naturally good liar. Another thing she must have stolen from her sister whilst they were in the womb.

"Tell Charlie I said hi," Renee sighed after too many moments of scrutinizing the twins.

"I will," Bella promised.

"I'll see you soon," she insisted. "You can come home whenever you want. I'll come right back as soon as you need me."

"Don't worry about me," Bella urged. "It'll be great. I love you, Mom."

She hugged Bella tightly for a minute, and then Bella headed to the gate for our plane.

“Take care of your sister, sweetheart,” Renee told Aqua.

“Of course, I always have. Bye Mom,” she waved but before she could follow Bella, Renee pulled her into a tight hug.

“And take care of yourself, okay baby. If the nightmares worsen or Forks makes things worse I will come to get you myself, okay? And don’t hesitate to call me or Phill every morning to talk about them, okay sweetheart. I need you to take care of yourself. I need both of my baby swans to be happy and safe.” She tucked a lock of Aqua’s hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead. Renee’s eyes glistened with anxiety for her oldest daughter.

“Okay, mom. I love you, bye,” Aqua managed to get to the gate for the plane, catching up with her twin, before Renee could say another word. It's a four-hour flight from Phoenix to Seattle, another hour in a small plane up to Port Angeles, and then an hour drive back down to Forks. Flying, luckily, doesn't bother them, though it was the ride to Forks that had Aqua worried.

What if Charlie started asking questions? Aqua shook her head, trying to shake away the worry. Her sister looked at her as they entered the plane, worry clear in her chocolate brown eyes.