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Hard Ties

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One of the most boring things to do at night when you could be sleeping is to sit in the police station waiting room. A little more than an hour and a half ago, FBI agent Dean Winchester stepped off a plane that brought him 1,661 miles from Washington, D.C., to the beautiful city of Denver Colorado. Agent Benny Lafite came along with him, and Benny got to check-in at the hotel and get everything set up. Dean’s luck had him getting in the back seat of a police car at the airport, being chuffed to the city’s police station by a very sweet Denver police officer named Donna Hanscom. He was still ticked even after six hours, he had to drop everything he was doing, drive to the Bureau Headquarters, drive an hour to the airport, and then finally wait another hour to board a three-hour plane ride. Just because the Denver Police Station had caught and arrested a man on the FBI’s most-wanted list. But hey at least he had Benny with him during the miserable few hours.

Grumbling to himself he decides to take his phone out of his inner suit jacket pocket. He doesn't see any new messages from Benny yet talking about the hotel room. Sighing he puts his phone back in the pocket from where it came from. Shifting in the uncomfortable seat he opens his computer bag and pulls out a file. Looking around and not seeing anyone that could be close enough he opens the file. This was the first real-time he had time to open it. He was shocked when a pair of strikingly blue eyes met him through a photo. Looking over the man’s information he learns some things about this supposed Criminal. 

Full Name: Castiel Dimetri Krushnic,
Age: 29
Birthday: 8-20-1992
Birth Place: N/A
Height: 6’
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue 

Flipping the page he is met with Castiel’s Parents and Siblings. Still wondering what makes this man a dangerous criminal - except his looks.

Father: Chuck Krushnic
Mother: Naomi Krushnic (Deceased)
Siblings: Gabriel Krushnic (Presumed Deceased), Mikail Krushnic (Micheal), Rafiel Krushnic  (Raphael), Luke Krushnic

Flipping the page where Novak’s parents and siblings where he sees something that makes his blood run cold. This man is woven into the Russian Mafia, The Krushnic Mafia to be exact. The amounts of people he has killed and the money his family has taken from people. He quickly shuts the file not wanting to see anymore and puts it back into his computer bag. How this man and his family have escaped the officials so many times. Dean is glad he has been caught and he’s pretty damn sure that Krushnic is gonna have his ass shoved in prison.

“Mr.-Agent Winchester '' He hears his name be called and he looks up towards the front desk and sees the woman he first met when he walked into the station smile at him. “They are ready to take you back,” she says gesturing to two officers who are by a hallway that leads to the rest of the building. Standing up he makes his way to the two officers smiling at the woman at the desk.

“Officer Anna Milton,” The short red-headed woman says, putting her hand out to shake him. He takes it with his hand and gives it a firm shake. Turning to the other officer he gives his hand to shake the man’s hand. 

“Officer Trenton just calls me Cole,” the man says with a tight-lipped smile shaking his hand tighter than normal, seeming to try to be more dominant than Dean. 

Dropping his hand to his side he shifts his bag on his shoulder to a much more comfortable position. Gesturing to the hallway he lets the officers guide him to the interrogation room to meet one of the world’s most dangerous men. The three of them walking silently he turns his head to look at the decor on the walls, Mostly pictures of people that have served with the force but also some medals and trophies. 

Eventually, they come to a stop in front of a door and one door to the slight side of it. Dean figures that it’s the Interrogation room and the watch room doors. Cole stops him before he places his hand on the doorknob. “I may not like Feds that much but still this guy is dangerous, I’ll be on the other side if anything goes wrong.” Smiling at Cole Dean replies “No problem” giving the officer a light smack on the shoulder before he walks into the interrogation room.

Opening the door there’s a metal table bolted to the floor and two chairs on either side of it and one person is sitting in the chair furthest away from him. He lays his eyes on Castiel Krushnic, sucking in a sharp breath trying to cover it up with a cough. Dean meets a cold steel-blue gaze from his own green eyes. Studying Krushnic’s features more closely he has light stubble on a sharp-cut jawline. His dark brown hair is neatly parted onto one side of his head. And it’s tied neatly all together with a black suit with a solid light blue tie that matches his eyes. 

 “ Pull it together Winchester now is not the time to be lusting after a man, especially a criminal,” he thinks to himself.

As he wore his professional agent face, he greeted the man with "Castiel Krushnic, Pleasure to meet you. Special Agent Winchester." He spoke in a voice a little deeper and more authoritative than normal. His computer bag was laid down on the chair in front of Krushnic as he spoke. "The FBI has been following your family's trail through America for the last several months," he said. Continuing his Rambling “You wanna tell me why you are in America? I thought that your whole family was in the Russian Mafia?.” Electing a snort from the man Dean grabs the file from his bag and opens it to the Mafia information and throws it on the table. Castiel shifts his gaze down to the file then flicks his eyes back to Dean in a glare. Rolling his shoulders at the hard gaze thrown upon him he turns his back and starts walking around the room. “Not a talker? Alright” coming up behind Castiel but staying a bit aways just in case he decides to do anything dumb. “Over 74 murders just by your hands alone not to mention the total tally that your family has brought down is incredible.” walking back over to the other side of the table and resting his hands on the edge and hunching over the man. “Start talking,” he says, looking the man straight into his blue eyes.

Castiel rolls his eyes and shifts in his seat “Za cyan v shopu” he says with a Russian accent that surprisingly isn’t too heavy not to understand. 

Standing up suddenly shocked “What?” he says “What did you just say to me?” Looking at the one-way glass for the first time “Does anyone know what he just said?” Turning when he hears the interrogation room door open a girl walks into the room.

“Rowena,” she says with a smile “I’m a Russian Translator but also translate for more languages other than this one” Walking to the one-way mirror with her red curls bouncing and heels clicking she turns back to Dean and says with a slight snicker through her Scottish Accent “What he said was, stick it in your ass.” 

Snapping his head back to the dark-haired criminal “You don’t want to piss me off Krushnic” Dean snaps.

Castiel replies in English this time not sounding at all impressed more bored than interested “No, Agent. You don’t want to piss me off.” Shifting his gaze to the red-headed “I’ll speak in English only if you get that translating bitch and everyone out of the listening room” he says glaring towards Dean again.

“Son of a bitch” Dean says, stumped. Pointing at the one-way mirror he starts speaking “You heard him.” In response to a crackling noise before hearing who it seems to be Officer Cole’s voice over the intercom “Agent Winchester, we can’t do that.” huffing in response “Do you want me to get Director Singer involved in this? I need answers and I need them now” His tiredness starts to set in and it becomes harder to keep his patience at bay. 

The Crackling comes back on a short while after “Uh, no Sir. We will leave now” Cole’s voice comes back on. “I don’t like this,” he mutters.

Dean chuckles “Cole You are still on the Intercom” shortly after he says that he hears the click of the speaker turned off. Rowena gives him a smirk as she leaves the room.

Throwing his hands up in the air “You better start talking” turning towards Castiel and pulling the chair out to sit in it after tossing his bag on the ground. Once seated he crosses his arms and sighs “Well” he says raising an eyebrow “I don’t have all night.”

“Fine, Let’s get this straight” Castiel's rumbling voice says, “Agent Dean Winchester, Twenty-eight years old, born Lawrence, Kansas to John and Mary Winchester…should I go on?” Castiel rests his arms on the table as much as his handcuffs let him while he mimics Dean’s lifted eyebrow adding a sly fox smirk. 

Slacking his jaw then automatically snapping it shut and standing up to tower over the man “How the hell do you know that!” he growls. Rolling his shoulders and sighing while remembering that he is a professional agent and should never have his wire cut short by anything. 


“It’s Agent Winchester to you” He snaps at the man cutting him off.

“Sorry, Agent” Castiel pauses for a split second and taps his fingers on the table like he’s pondering what to say next. “You think I would be so reckless to get arrested on the spot…Well, I willed myself to get caught because I needed to see you.”

Keeping a cold glare onto the man not letting his eyes drift “What kind of sick game are you playing Krushnic?” Shifting on his feet, “What do you mean you needed to see me?.” So many thoughts are circling through his head at the moment it’s exhausting already on his sleep-deprived body. Dean hears his cell phone ring and takes it out of the suit pocket he sees it’s Benny. Answering the call he turns his back on Novak. “Yo,” he says gruffly. 


“Hey Cher, everything is set up at the hotel. Room keys weren’t working so they had to get a locksmith to open the door.” Benny’s southern drawl sounds through the phone.

“About damn time,” Dean says rubbing the palm of his hand down his face starting to pace the room”

“Alright, should I come and get you-” He hears Benny say but then Castiel starts to speak. “You want Revenge and I want revenge, Only makes sense if we both work together.”

Whipping around to face Krushnic not believing what he just said “What?” is all he gets out before Castiel starts to speak again. “Your mother was brutally murdered in her house twenty-five years ago by the man who shot down my Father at an Auction seven weeks ago” the man calmly replies. “I have been hunting him down for weeks and made little luck.” Not taking his eyes off of Dean the whole time he speaks, “I pop's favorite apparently and he has some stuff that I still have to get, and I think the man who murdered part of our families has that stuff that I need”

Dean can’t believe what he's hearing, Benny’s voice is still on the other side of the phone trying to get Dean’s attention back. All he can do is say “I’ll call ya back man” and he hangs up on Benny. “What-, Why-, How-” Striding over to Krushnic the one name falls off his tongue before he can stop it, “Alistar Black” all he gets in reply from Krushnic is a head nod. Scoffing and not believing the man he says “After my mother was murdered he was hunted by the FBI and he killed himself…” Realizing what he just said, “Wait, why the hell am I giving you this information?.” Standing straight again and smoothing down his suit jacket and rearranging his tie he pulls out his phone and shoots Benny a text of the station's address. Grabbing the file of Castiel Krushnic he places it in his computer bag and zips it up. All he says to the man is “We’re done here, it was nice talking to you” and he walks for the interrogation room door to exit.

“See ya tomorrow Winchester” Krushnic chuckles “You might want to go a size smaller in the dress slacks if ya want to impress me.”

“Hell no” is all that he says as he walks through the door and hears it slam behind him leaving Castiel still handcuffed to the table. Walking back through the hallway from where he came into the station he passes the desk lady and gives a smile before wishing her a good night. Just in time as he walks through the police station doors Benny’s GMC Yukon rental car pulls up and he opens the passenger door and hops right in ready for this night to be over.

Entering the hotel room he looks around and the place is full of information on Krushnic, his family, and the Russian Mafia. Walking towards the bedroom where two king-size beds sit Dean throws his bag on the bed that Benny didn't take and takes his suit jacket and tosses it on the bed. Walking over to his suitcase that Benny lucky brought into the room with everything else he grabs a pair of grey sweat pants and a faded Led Zeppelin shirt and walks to the bathroom. Turning the shower on he takes his tie off, then works the buttons to the bottom of his shirt and tosses it off unto the floor with a grimace, Unlatching his belt buckle then, unzipping his pants pushing both his dress slacks and boxers down. Stepping into the shower and closed his eyes while standing underneath the shower spray.

Stepping out from the shower and grab a towel that's hanging up. He dries himself quickly. Quickly throwing his sweatpants and shirt on he dries his hair. Tossing the towel over the shower curtain and turning to the mirror. Looking at himself he sighs. Resting his upper body onto the bathroom counter. He replays the whole meeting for a few hours.

“Your mother was brutally murdered in her house twenty-five years ago by the man who shot down my Father at an Auction seven weeks ago”

“See ya tomorrow Winchester”

“What the hell” is all he says to himself smacking his head with his palm before he opens the bathroom door to head to bed. Checking the clock he sees it’s three am, he groans and pulls back the covers, and climbs into bed. He looks over and doesn't see Benny in the other bed. He shuts his eyes and tries to sleep. Eventually, sleep overtakes him.


Not too long after Dean leaves the Interrogation room it opens back up showing Cole. “Well that was fun” Cole says walking over to Castiel getting his keys off of his utility belt and unlocking his handcuffs with a small click.

Taking his hands off the table and rubbing his wrists where the metal started to dig in. “Do you have someone following the Agent’s car?” he asks standing up from the seat. Getting a nod from the officer he opens the door and walks out leaving Cole behind. It's good that he pays these cops good money to shut up, hell he owns almost the whole city, perks of being illegally rich and living a highly illegal life. And the people who won't shut up end up with a bullet in their forehead.

Walking out of the station he sees his brother Gabriel parked in a blacked-out suburban truck smiling at him. Hopping into the truck his brother also found a sucker somewhere and he is in his mouth sucking on it. Grumbling Castiel just says while glaring towards his older brother “Gabriel what are you doing?”

His response is a stupid smile “What does it look like Cassie, I'm enjoying what the gods made.”

“What the gods made? When did you become a believer?” Castiel snorts out as they walk towards the elevator.

Gabriel just smacks his arm “I have only ever believed in the god that made sex.”

Drawing a laugh from Castiel and not responding to his brother's witty humor. “If your humor was as good as the fighting skills you could have taken dad down much sooner,” Castiel says dryly.

Gabe snaps his head towards him with his jaw dropped “Did you just-”

“Yes Gabe, I just quoted Star Wars,” Looking over to his brother he smiles devilishly “Let's head out of here” his eyes track to the side window and he watches the world zoom by as Gabriel pulls out from the Police station parking lot and onto the street.

One hour later, they arrive at a mansion hidden deep in the woods but with plenty of lands to explore. Gabriel pulls the truck up to the front of the house and parks the truck. Both of them get out and begin walking toward the front. A smile from Hanna greets Castiel when the door opens. Greeting her as he approaches the house, Hanna hugs him.

“It's been a while since I saw you Mafia brothers, what brings you around this time,” She says, giving Castiel a death glare. “What did you do?” she says slowly, mostly pointing towards Castiel.

Gabe slaps him on the back “He found a lover”

Squinting his eyes at his brother he snaps back “Oh shut up Gabriel.”

Gabe just gets a goofy grin on his face and continues like Castiel wasn't even there. “He’s a looker also” He looks at Castiel with an evil glint in his eye “But too bad he’s FBI, isn't that right Cassie? Looking to put us into the ground forever.” He says elongating the last words 

“Gabriel” he sighs walking into the mansion. As he walks up the stairs, he steps one by one to the second level." Making his way to the Northside wing, he opens the grand door that he called when he and his brothers first discovered this place. There was his Foyer when you walked through. As he passes by that, heading to the small kitchen, he grabs a bottle of whiskey off the drinks shelf and pours the golden brown liquid into a glass.

Opening the door to his office, he sighs as he heads for his office with a whiskey in his left hand. As Castiel sits down in his chair, he drinks the whiskey and savors the burn that travels down his throat. Turning on his computer and monitors he checks his emails where he was forwarded information on Dean Winchester by his brother Mikail who is handling the Bratva in Russia. Clicking on the email he sees files all about Dean and he smirks. Castiel opens the files and starts reading the information about the green-eyed agent.

Full name: Dean Micheal Winchester
Age: 29
Birthday: 1/24/1992
Height: 6’2
Hair Color: Blonde 
Eye Color: Green
Parents: John Winchester, Mary Winchester
Siblings: Sam Winchester

Castiel keeps reading about Dean as he finishes off his whiskey. Placing the cup down with a soft clank he sits back in his chair and grins. “See ya tomorrow, Dean,” he says before he sits back up and shuts the computer off, and walks out of his office while shutting off the lights.