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A tailor

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Nandor had torn his favorite cloak and he was very very sad about it. He examine it before shaking his head.


No good. Absolutely no good.

He looked for local tailors, finally deciding to check out one named Guillermo.

First, he checked through all of the other clothing, just to make sure nothing else needed to be repaired. He found a few old shirts and pants that needed to be retailored and took those as well. He packed everything up and brought some gold coins to pay with before heading over to where his shop was.

The tailor met with him immediately and Nandor thought he was just adorable. So short with plentiful curves and a kind sweet face. His eyes were very dark but still so bright that Nandor found himself leaning in whenever he looked directly at him.

He’d have to find more clothes to take in.

Guillermo started to discuss prices and Nandor held out several more gold coins than necessary, nodding.

“Um… I won’t say no to the money but… are you sure you meant to give me this much?” He held it up, having to cup it with both hands while looking up through his lashes.

Nandor thought of picking him up and laying across his desk and giving in to his lust.

“No! I meant to give you that much.” He said dumbly, not able to think of much else.

“Oh! Thank you. You’re very kind, sir.” He smiled and started to work, being very careful with the pins. He had to get a stool at one point to balance on thanks to how tall Nandor was.

Nandor stopped breathing, something he didn’t really need to do but it felt weird to not do it.

Guillermo’s breath was so close to his ear as he pressed the ribbon against him and measuring how much fabric and what thread he would need and so many things. His lips were so close to Nandor that he was honestly a bit surprised he couldn’t smell the death that rolled off of him.

A pin pricked him and Guillermo fervently apologized, touching his shoulders gently as he did.

“Don’t worry about it. It was just one.” Nandor assured, careful not to open his mouth too much. There was an intense pressure in his fangs that made him carefully hide them away.

Guillermo nodded and carefully finished measuring his top half. He started to get off the stool and Nandor quickly offered him his hand. The smile that he got from it made him feel like blushing.

Such a sweet doll.

Guillermo stepped down and started to measure his waist, complimenting him on his “gorgeous proportions”. He glanced up at him sweetly and Nandor had to look away and think of one of his dead wives to keep himself calm. Getting hard at this position was not possible.

He saw Guillermo use more pins, extremely careful with him. The ruler ribbon or whatever it was called came back out to measure his inseam.

Guillermo was muttering something about 44 inches while he measured the rest of him and then stood up. He took out all of the pins after some sewing work.

“There! Your cape is fixed and I’ll work on your clothes later.”

“Did you need something else?”


“Um, si-” Nandor picked him up easily, making him cut off. He knocked most of the things off the desk and laid his prey down.

“You are simply gorgeous.” He muttered, ripping open his shirt and watching the human’s body flush all over.

“Sir… This… We shouldn’t…” Guillermo looked too delicious for Nandor to make himself stop. He kissed his body, palming his cock until he stopped arguing.

“I’ve never done this before… Please be gentle.” The human mumbled into his skin before tangling both of his hands into his hair and exposing his neck, enjoying the kisses Nandor happily put there. A little fang pierced his skin and he moaned as Nandor finished pulling off the rest of their clothes. He pushed his fingers into the human’s warm wet mouth and got them wet and slick before pulling them back.

Gently, carefully, the first finger pushed into Guillermo, making him wiggle and cry out a bit. His legs shook hard Nandor’s waist and he could smell the fear and arousal dripping off his skin.

“Do you need me to stop?” Nandor could force himself to back away he supposed… He didn’t want to ruin the best tailor he had ever had.

“No. Please, please don’t stop. I want to keep going please.” His legs shook harder as he spoke and he looked up at him pleadingly.

“Of course. I couldn’t say no to such a beautiful face.” He pushed in a second finger and watched his eyes roll back.

“You are simply gorgeous. I want to make you feel very good, my sweet Guillermo.”

The tailor nodded quickly and held onto his shoulders, biting his lip and wrapping his legs tighter. After a moment, Nandor noticed he was making sure not to look down and he found that very amusing.

Finally, he pulled out his fingers and started pushing his cock into him, ignoring his little whines and shrieks until he had bottomed out inside him. He rocked slowly until he felt Guillermo relax around him.

Nandor felt a small warm mouth press into his neck and he purred.

“You’re very cold, sir.”

“You can call me Nandor. And yes. Don’t worry about it too much.” He thrust deeper into him, making Guillermo moan loudly.

“I’ll make you an extra coat. Maybe a vest. I don’t want you to catch a cold. Nandor.” He flushed when he said his name and kissed him, moving up a bit.

Nandor slowed down and took him gently, breaking him and loving his body sweetly.

Guillermo gripped him tightly, making nail marks in his back. His body shook hard and pressed tight against Nandor as he suddenly came, blushing harder.

Nandor continued for a few more pumps before coming in him, liking the soft, almost surprised look that passed over Guillermo’s face. He blushed harder when they caught eyes and looked away.

“Will you stay for just a little longer?”

“Of course.”


It was hazy, looking back. Nandor had zero clue how much time he spent with him. It felt like millennia. Visiting him.

Loving him.

Doing his best to always, always make sure he was well fed before visiting, wary that he’d take a bite and not stop.

He got used to the smell of his blood while watching him work, seeing him prick himself more times than he ever pricked his customers. Got used to seeing his precious bandaged hands gently grasping his own.

He thought of turning him of course. Keeping him by his side forever.

But when he finally got the resolution, he went to the shop and found it… empty.

Not vacant as there were still items strewn around that clearly showed he didn’t move. But then, he saw the scratches on the floor.

Smelled the blood and ash in the air.

The words written on the desk with a knife blade.

His fault. For not being more careful. They lived in such dangerous times and he had forced him. Made his love too obvious.

He swore to stick to women after that.

Until he saw those beautiful brown eyes staring back at him again in a new, but still familiar face.