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Not Just Mindless Sex

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It was an odd relationship. One with a sound mind would call the relationship unnecessarily bothersome with a side of pointless struggle. Charlie, however, understood nobody in this relationship was of sound mind.

It started out small, little glances shared between him and the other man. His golden eyes piercing like a golden javelin aimed straight for his chest.

Carlisle was always… weird to Charlie. For lack of other words, he was an odd man. With children who date, adopted but still, he couldn’t be much else. But as his child’s relationship grew with the officer’s own, they grew close as well. Closer than Charlie could ever have imagined.

Charlie wouldn’t ever have imagined they would be so close that Carlisle was inside of him. No. Charlie never would have.

But here he was, bent up against a wall Carlisle’s office in the hospital, trying desperately to hold in sinful noises. It always ended like this, Charlie bending to the vampire’s will. He didn’t even try to fight it. Didn’t want to.

A moan slipped from between his lips. “Carlisle I-” his breathe draws short, eyes hazy, “so big”

“That’s it baby, doing so good for me Charlie, so good” Carlisle was pressed along Charlies back, pressing soft kisses into the brunet’s face, neck, shoulder. The softness of the kisses was betrayed by how rough Carlisle could be. It was a sharp pain before it was a pleasure. But fuck was it a pleasure.

Charlie had never felt like this. Never been filled like this. Never wanted so much to be filled. And Carlisle so graciously filled him.

The vampire started pounding more roughly, drawing louder, lewder noises out of the human. Charlie thought he would hate it. The way he was yapping, moaning out like a fucking slut. But with such a huge dick fucking the shit out of him, he really couldn’t do anything else.

“Baby you know I love those sounds you’re making but I need you to be quiet-” Carlisle made a spectacle out of slowing down, slurring out words and slowing down the pace “- But I need you to be quiet, can you be quiet for me baby?”

“Yeah, fuck yeah Carlisle I’ll be quiet for you” Charlie had to bite down on his own lip to stifle his moan.

“That’s a good boy. You like that, you like that baby, being fucked like this”

“Yea-” Carlisle’s hand closed around the human’s mouth.

“I told you to be quiet for me baby” two cold fingers pressed firmly against Charlie’s lips, asking for invitation. All the officer could do was open his mouth and let those two cold digits in. It should have been wrong. Should have been disgusting. But Charlie had never felt more aroused. He was fully erect, his length rutting against the cool wall. “Think you can be quiet for me now, Charlie?”

The human can only hum against the two fingers. He couldn’t even respond if he tried, his brain a mush and his heart in his throat.

“Suck” though Carlisle could be sweet, he could be cold and harsh too. Charlie succumbed and did as he was told. “Fuck, just like that. Fuck you’re a little slut huh Charlie”. Charlie gave another hum.

“You’re my little slut Charlie-” the vampire pulled his fingers out, and using his palm forced Charlie to look sideways, pressed hard against the wall and spat the words onto the human’s cheek “-My slut.”

“I’m your slut Carlisle, Fuck please just- Fuck Carli- Fu- gonna- haaaahhhh- gonna cum”

“Cum for me baby, cum for me” Charlie finished against the wall. The thrusts grew more sporadic. Hard and harsh and good. And then he felt a cold, thick consistency fill him. The familiar feel of Carlisle’s cum finding themselves inside him one more time. Carlisle pulled out, and Charlie drew in a shocked breath at the sudden loss.

“Did so good Charlie, so good” Charlie was putty in Carlisle’s hands. Easy and mouldable and liquid. Carlisle spun Charlie to face him and was met with a flushed and dazed expression. The vampire pressed a cool kiss into the human’s neck. And another one to his jawline, and then cheek.

He drew back before reaching his lips. Caressed the officer’s face, love and adoration evident in his eyes and smile. Charlie had blushed to such a degree he turned away, embarrassed to have Carlisle see him so disheveled and spent.

Carlisle just softly cupped his cheek and pressed it towards his lips.

“God I feel so stupid” Charlie spoke before thinking.

“What? Why? You’re not stupid”

“No I- Not like that its- I haven’t blushed like this after sex in so long, you just,” Charlie lifted his eyes slowly, meeting those warm golden ones, “You make me feel stupid”.

THAT CAME OUT SO WRONG. Carlisle made a face so betrayed Charlie would have felt upset if he wasn’t a few seconds away from laughter. “I didn’t mean it like that”

“God I would hope not I really like you” Carlisle chuckled, missing Charlie’s shocked face.

“You like me”

“Uhhhhhhhhhh- I mean- yeah you’re nice and- I mean if you don’t- if you don’t like that- God I’m so sorry I-” Carlisle was cut off by Charlie laughing. A warm bubbly feeling spread from the human to the vampire and a laugh erupted from Carlisle’s lips. Laughter turned to chuckling turned to giggling. “Now you made me feel stupid”

“I like you too”

“You do?”

“Of course, I do” a tooth-rotting sweet smile broke across the vampire.

“And it’s not because I just had my penis buried inside you”

“Shit I’m not gonna say that its not doing anything for me, but no, not just that.”

“Well then do you want to grab a drink together sometime, not just mindless sex. Well not only mindless sex”

“Yes, I would love a drink sometime, and not just mindless sex”