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Rely On Me

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Cassandra had truly expected the honeymoon to last longer than it had.  After all, the couple seemed convinced that this could work out. She wasn't entirely sure why this was. Edward had already proven that he had the ability to drop her at the slightest inconvenience. Perhaps she should be more supportive of her 'brother', but she simply wasn't. He had shattered the poor girl and everyone had just taken it in stride as if it wasn't a big deal. 

Some would claim that it was her own feelings clouding her judgement when it came to the relationship between them. Maybe slightly, but that didn't make her beliefs any less warranted.

  What truly worried her was the reason that they were coming back early. She hadn't even realized that it was possible for a vampire to get a human pregnant. But she supposed that stranger things had happened in the past. That was hardly the point, though. The point was that she couldn't see dear Eddie handling this very well. 

Rather than perch on the arm of the couch as she usually would, Cassandra opted to linger beside Jasper when they finally arrived. She figured Bella would need the couch, seeing as this was a rather big development. She wanted her to have somewhere comfortable to sit. 

Edward entered first, looking as if he'd just bitten into something incredibly sour. One didn't need to be an empath to know that he was incredibly pissed, perhaps even with Bella herself. It was practically radiating off of him and the way he stalked over to sit at his piano was another  give away. 

Bella followed after, a small nervous smile resting on her lips. Clearly the news was something that pleased her, despite the nerves. She wasn't too surprised by this. The other woman had always been a worrisome little thing.  She perched on the couch and Alice immediately took the spot beside her.

It surprised her greatly when Rosalie followed suit- but it wasn't something that she questioned too deeply.  What should've been more surprising was the fact that she was that had been called in the first place.  It really wasn't, though. Rosalie had always  regarded humanity and the things that came along with it rather highly. Deep down, of course. 

She had blocked out most of the conversation, only slightly invested in the check up and resulting conversation. Her attention wasn't truly grabbed until Eddie-boy had to go and stick his foot in his mouth. 

"There has got to be something that we can do about it, Carlisle!" Eddie blurted,  gesturing wildly  to the small bump that had already formed on his wife's stomach.  It wasn't too hard to guess what he actually meant by that. 

Bella gasped in horror, wrapping her arms around herself almost protectively, the expression on her face very much resembling a kicked puppy. 

   "I'm not going to let you kill them.. I can do this Edward." Bella's voice was stronger than  expected. It was unheard of for her to actually deny Edward. Even when she did, she usually gave in after he prodded her enough. This change brought a slightly proud smile to her lips as she observed her. 

Edward moved as if he was going to grab Bella, a small snarl sounding in his chest. She flinched back into the couch and Rosalie moved to intercept her brother, one regal brow arched questioningly. Alice hadn't reacted at all, too busy focusing on something. Perhaps another one of her visions. Either that or she was trying to look for the future, despite how questionable her gift was. 

"Let's all take some time to ourselves. Stressing Bella out any further is not going to help." Carlisle finally commanded, though it was  worded politely, as always. There were a few beats of hesitation before they began to disperse. Carlisle and Esme remained in order to help straighten some things out. 

    After all, Charlie wouldn't be able to see his daughter for obvious reasons. Though, those obvious reasons were very different from the one that had always been assumed. 

The next morning, Cassandra returned to the house. She was greeted almost immediately by Bella throwing herself into her arms, clearly inconsolable. She did her best to get a straight answer out of her, but the woman didn't seem very capable of speech thanks to the sobs that continued to wrack her body. She gave up quickly, wrapping her arms around her. She toyed with the ends of her hair in an attempt to soothe her. 

"What happened?" She demanded the moment that Alice entered the room. If she couldn't get the answer out of Bella, her pixie like sister was clearly the next best choice.

The shorter vampire seemed uncomfortable, standing as still as a statue. She stared her down, knowing she'd give in eventually. This was proven when Alice heaved an unneeded sigh. 

"He left, Cassie. He left her. I tried to talk him out of it...but his mind was made up." She informed, crossing her arms over her chest. 

The answer enraged Cassandra for more than one reason. Alice had known. That was what she'd seen the night before. She could've warned anyone but she hadn't. The growl that left her was entirely subconscious. 

Eddie was smarter than originally thought. He had timed it at the precise time when he could be sure that he wouldn't have to deal with too many goodbyes, if any. Carlisle was at the hospital, Esme was most likely getting food for Bella. Rosalie and Emmett were probably in their own little world and Jasper was most likely hunting. 

She was taken out of her thoughts when Bella fisted the material of her shirt in her hands and peered up at her tearfully, clearly assuming that she was angry with her. She calmed herself with a sigh and rested a hand on the back of her head, guiding her head back to her shoulder. Cassie proceeded to sway slightly, figuring the motion would help a little. 

"I'm not mad at you. Calm down, sugar. Being this upset isn't good for your little baby." She soothed, turning her head to press a gentle kiss to her temple. 

"Mmkay." Bella hummed, her voice a little huskier than usual. Her posture slowly relaxed but she didn't pull away. She simply wrapped her arms around her waist and nuzzled her face against her shoulder. 


If Edward dared to show his face around here again, Cassandra wasn't sure that she could be held accountable for what she'd do to him. She really wasn't.