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Repressed Emotions

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or it's characters, this is merely a work of fanfiction. 

A/N: This is an unbeta'd piece of random that was in my head. Enjoy. 

Bella repressed a shudder at the cold hand on her arm, and allowed the leech to bring her further into his home. Bella was once again grateful for his inability to read her thoughts, and the empath's inability to read her true emotions.

It was easy enough to fool Jasper, if you were used to burying your feelings. Because Bella knew what few others her age knew. If you lied to yourself about your feelings enough, they began to change. Or at least, they would for a while. 

No, she didn’t hate Renee for being a terrible mother. 

No, she didn’t resent being kept from the reservation, and her family her entire life. 

Yes, of course she loved Phoenix.

She was a pro. 

It had all overflowed the second she laid eyes on her cousin Sam Uley the day she returned to Forks. The floodgates had opened, and she had cried for hours. He held her and stroked her hair, telling her it would be okay now that she was home. 

Then the stupid ginger leech had taken an inordinate amount of interest in her. 

“No!” Paul had screamed when he heard, shaking in rage. “There is no way she leaves the rez! She never should have gone to school in Forks. Just cause Charlie lef the rez, doesn’t mean she has to!”

Bella watched from the bottom step of her cousin’s porch as Paul ranted and raved and punched holes in trees. Leah came out and handed her a glass of lemonade. 

“Are they always like that?” Bella asked blandly. 

“About their imprints? Yeah. Sam’s crazy protective, even though I’m a wolf.” 

“The treaty should have never been made!” Paul screamed, and for once Sam seemed to agree with the volatile wolf. He nodded his head, but he wasn’t sure what he could do. 

“Use me,” Bella offered, setting down her glass. 

“What?!” Paul demanded, a wild gleam in his eye. 

“Use me. I can distract them, get them worked up about me, and the pack can attack their home. When will you ever have another opportunity like this?” 

Sam and Paul looked at her like she was insane, but Leah’s eye had that dangerous gleam that meant she thought it was brilliant. Jacob and Jared came out on the back door of Sam’s house, similar looks of intrigue on their faces. 

“Bella…” Paul warned. 

“Paul,” Bella said softly, “I am Quiluete too. I might not be a wolf, but I’m descended from Levi Uley every bit as much as Sam. I have the right and responsibility to protect our tribe. You said yourself the treaty shouldn’t have been made. They’ll just keep coming back and doing this again if they’re not killed.”

Bella could see her logic getting through to Sam, but knew it would take more convincing for Paul. He would have to fight his wolf to let Bella leave the rez again, and they would have to put a swift end to this family of leeches if this was going to work. 

Bella was drawn back into the present by an icy hand on her back, drawing her forward. Edward was introducing his “mother”, a woman who looked no more than twenty five herself. Alice and Jasper entered the room, and Alice drew her into a hug that Bella forced herself to lean into. 

She liked them, really. 

Jasper kept his distance, and gave her a tight nod. 

She didn’t mind him, really. This was all fine. 

Bella left her hand in the pocket of her coat, and felt the metal of the lighters in her pocket heat under her touch. Paul had insisted she carry one, and she hadn’t put up a fight. She had no desire to be on the mad end of a leech. 

She just needed them to be distracted for a few minutes, to allow the wolves to get close. If she could light a couple on fire, all the better. Leah had assured her that they were extremely flammable. One lick of fire and they would go up in flames. 

Bella made a show of looking out the glass wall that made up one side of the house. It looked out into the woods. How lovely, and convenient. Bella let the happiness of knowing she would soon be free of them forever fill her, so Jasper would be unawares. 

“It’s such a lovely home,” she noted, walking carelessly towards the door. She thought of the most whimsical things she could, things that invoked awe and love, as she drew even closer to the door that led to the woods. 

The coven was following her closely, amused by the human that was so entertained by their world. Bella stepped out the back door and onto the grass as she heard the sounds of approaching wolves. She didn’t stop or turn around. 

She was safe in these woods. 

“Wait, Bella, it’s not safe.” 

Bella turned to look over her shoulder at Edward, who was looking out at the woods in confusion. He must have picked up on their thoughts, though she was sure Jared was singing some obnoxious sound mentally to drown out their thoughts. 

Bella raised one eyebrow, and drew the lighters out of her pocket. 

“Bella, love-”

“I’m not your love,” Bella smirked as she lit and tossed a lighter onto him. She threw the other towards Jasper, who she had a feeling was their best fighter. They went up quickly, and before she knew it the wolves were in front of her, tearing the others limb from limb. 

The screams were terrible, but Bella couldn’t bring herself to look away. It felt like an offering to their ancestors. How many people had died at their hands? How many of their tribe were killed by cold ones? 

The treaty should have never been made. As the purple smoke of their remains floated towards heaven, Bella found herself hoping it would absolve the pack that made the treaty of their sins. They had tried to show mercy, and it had been thrown back in their faces by those they tried to help. 

She felt the warm arms of her wolf wrap around her from behind, and she tilted her neck so he could nuzzle it and scent her. 

This pack was stronger, bigger, and more deadly than those that came before. There would be no more warnings, no more lying, no more treaties. 

To cross the pack, was to die.