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Guillermo opened the door to the basement where Nandor was being kept, he walked in and switched the light on. He made sure to wait until around midnight so he would definitely be awake. He made his way down, lantern in hand, and watched as Nandor turned around to look at him from his position of being crawled up in a ball on his side on the bed. 

Nandor immediately got up and made his way to the front of the cage, pushing his long hair out of his face, getting as close to Guillermo as possible. He was still in the outfit that they had escaped in. Hands gripping on the cage, avoiding the silver chains. "Guillermo! Have you come to let me out?"

He made his way closer to him so he was merely a meter away, and he placed the lantern on the ground next to him. "Well, what are you gonna do if I do? Will you leave me?"

"I don't know…" He frowned. It hadn't been that long since they escaped the cult, about 2 days now, but the effects of the brainwashing might as well have fully faded away. What was left over was just a fog of confusion and mixed emotions. 

"Tell me then… Are you a vampire?"

Nandor frowned. "Unfortunately."

"Well, you're getting better. Still not ready yet."

"It's not fair. I hate it inside here, it's so boring. And I'm not brainwashed anymore. Stupid."

"Yeah, it really sucks in the cage, doesn't it?" There was a sense of pleasure in Guillermo's voice, like he was getting revenge on him. 

"Oh! I see this is just payback for the time you were in here. Is this some weird power kick for you? Because, I'll have you know that I was the only one fighting for you! And the reason why you're still breathing at the moment!" Nandor passionately yelled out, full of emotion. 

"And I appreciate that. I'm also the reason why you're alive. But it goes deeper than that. You can understand that, can't you?"

"No, I can't understand anything right now..." He could. But what he couldn't do was admit it.

Guillermo breathed out, looking to the ground. "Why is that not surprising?" He casually spat out without thinking, and especially not thinking about how rude it sounded. 

"Hey! That's not very nice! I'm not stupid and I wish everyone stopped acting like I am! I deserve to be respected." Nandor tried to shake the two bars in his hands to make a point. Why he did that exactly, he didn't know, as it clearly did nothing and he didn't think it would.

"Sorry, Master. You're not stupid..." There was clearly a lot of sincerity in Guillermo's voice. He never realised how much those comments from people actually affected him, and he started to feel bad. 

"Thank you… Now, why have you come here?"

"I just wanted you to have some company, Master. So you weren't bored and alone."

"Ah, so you merely want to have a little chat?" Nandor realised, looking down, hands no longer gripping on the bars. 

"Is that not enough for you? You don't want to talk to me?" He gave a fake smile and pretended to be offended to give more humour to the tense situation.

"I didn't say that…However, is there really no way I could persuade you to let me out?"

Guillermo walked even closer and gripped his hands on the cage. "Master… I'm not going to."

Nandor looked down into his eyes and pouted in a way that was forcing himself to make him look upset. He tried his best to cry, or look like he was going to cry, while giving Guillermo sad puppy dog eyes. "Please…" He begged. 

"I…" Guillermo gulped as he tried to collect himself while looking at how adorable Nandor looked while making that face. He was almost convincing. But of course, it did not work. "I can't do that. Sorry, Master. It's not just up to me anyway."

"Hmph… Isn't there anything you want?" Nandor placed a finger on Guillermo's hand that was latched onto the cage. He eyed the hand as he caressed it and then looked up in the other's eyes. "Please, Guillermo. I'll do anything…" He thought Nandor sounded almost flirty… No, definitely flirty. But, why? Did he mean to be?

Guillermo almost choked on his own breath. What the hell was happening right now? He could not rationalise this in his head. Nandor sounded so… enticing. His smooth voice echoed in Guillermo's mind, like it was playing on repeat. "What are you talking about?" He finally answered as multiple moments had passed of him not knowing what the hell to say to that. It could just be innocent…

"Come on…" The smooth and flirty voice remained, Nandor now moving in to gently grab Guillermo's sweater, trying to bring him even closer. "I know you've never been touched. I can smell it on you." He sniffed as the two were brought even closer together. 

Oh . Definitely not innocent then. 

His eyes shut tight, giving Nandor all the power. "Master…" Was all that he could think, or want, to say. 

Nandor's hand then reached down and grabbed the waistline of Guillermo's trousers, pulling it towards him. His forefinger then reached down the entrance slightly - only half an inch. Guillermo made a little noise that could only be described as a gulp of pleasure, followed by a shudder. 

"If you touch me, I'm not going to let you out."

"Can't you let me touch you, anyway? I'm so horny in here, Guillermo." Nandor placed his thumb down the top of his trousers and drew an imaginary horizontal line on his skin, a few inches away from where his dick was. "I need a hot, human dick in my hand… And who knows? It might be so good, we can do more around the house." 

'Let me'. Guillermo thought it was funny in an ironic way that he said that. As if this wasn't something he had wanted for years. 

This was a dangerous game. And not just because the silver chains around the cage could physically harm Nandor if he accidentally touched one.

Guillermo undid the button on his trousers, a non-verbal way of telling Nandor he was allowed to continue on. He wasn't planning on saying anything, but he thought it's probably best if he does. "How can I deny that offer?" He finally spoke.

Nandor smiled at the confirmation and pulled his hand in further, grabbing the slightly soft dick, with his cold fingers. At first he kept it in there, and touched it up and down a few times, stroking the entirety. "Your skin feels so hot, Guillermo…" He purred out. 

"Master..." Guillermo groaned out and couldn't stop as Nandor kept on grabbing at his dick and began jerking it off within his pants. "Ah! Feels good! Keep going…"

Nandor smiled at him. "I knew you would like it. Then again, you're a virgin. So you'd probably be happy with anything." It wasn't supposed to sound mean - well, maybe a little bit - but it really did. 

"Shut up!" Guillermo spat out, followed by a loud and long moan at Nandor's harsh and now fast touching. 

The jerking motion continued on for a few more seconds, until the dick in Nandor's hand became fully hard, and he pulled it out and into the open with the help of Guillermo. 

Going in closer, without moving his hand off Guillermo's dick for a moment, Nandor played a risky game as the silver bars were even more of a danger. His body was almost pressed completely against the front of the cage as he pressed the dick against his left thigh. Guillermo came in even closer as well, his hands grabbing onto the bars for support, even though he would have been fine without. "Be careful, Master. You don't wanna get hurt." 

"I know. It's okay, Guillermo."

Every so often, his dick would touch the shorts above where Nandor was guiding it, giving Guillermo the feeling of needing to rip the fabric right off him and claim what was underneath.

Nandor got a better grip of the dick in his hand, removing his hand for a moment before grabbing it harder from the top, jerking it next to his inner thigh, thick skin rubbing against the hard cock. 

"Ah! Oh, fuck! That's so good, Master." Guillermo leaned forwards as he let Nandor take control, closing his eyes and he experienced the europhia, of what he had just decided was the best feeling he had ever felt. 

"I know, baby." 

Well, that just came out. Nandor didn't know where that came from, and there was a silence for a while after it was spoken into existence. 

Guillermo was confused by the pet name, but loved it too much to mention it or question it, in case it ruined his chances of being called it again. 

The thrusting movements Nandor was doing in between his legs had slowed down for a few moments, but immediately started back up again. The dick in his hand was completely hard now and it almost felt like it was throbbing, but that could have been in his mind. He then grabbed Guillermo by the sweater, pulling him in as close as possible and placed his dick right in between his thighs and trapped it there, moving his hand away. Nandor's shorts were slightly covering the dick, as they were a little bit loose but all Guillermo could feel was the heavenly sensation of skin on skin. 

"Fuck into me." He ordered Guillermo, holding onto his sweater with a tight grip, as that would make the slightly awkward physical position less so. 

Guillermo started thrusting into Nandor, fucking into his thighs as hard as he could. He was desperate and needed more, he kept on moving his dick in between his skin, and pre-cum started leaking out. Nandor kept on moaning and whining at the feeling of Guillermo beneath and between him, his voice being the most high-pitched that the other had ever heard. This kept on going until even more pre-cum came out of him and Guillermo brought his hand down and grabbed his own dick, taking control for the first time in a while. He then placed the tip all over Nandor's thighs, wherever he could, getting them wet and sticky and cleaning the substance mostly off Guillermo. 

"Fuck." Guillermo peered down at how wet Nandor looked, and all because of him. It was extremely hot and he couldn't focus for a few moments as he was trying to process it all. None of this felt real. "You're so sexy, Master." 

That was when Guillermo got a better hold of his own dick and started jerking it off, the tip just touching the front of Nandor's left thigh, just under where the shorts ended. He kept on thrusting into his hand, getting the other more and more wet, as it did not take much at all for his virgin dick to cum. 

In fact, he could feel it coming, and thought he should probably warn him considering the situation. "I'm gonna come, Master." 

"Shit." Nandor groaned out. That name was so hot in this situation he couldn't really focus on what Guillermo was saying. However, he realised when he started to feel cum leaking out and onto him, making his thighs even sticker. "Oh, shit." He continued, just realising what was happening and what was said. "I'll swallow it." 

Guillermo gulped, thinking that was an extremely good idea. "Good thinking." 

Nandor got onto his knees and used a hand to gather the front of his hair, bringing it out of his face. Guillermo grabbed his own dick and brought it closer, through the cage as Nandor opened his mouth. At first Guillermo shoved his dick inside without any warning and as quickly as he could. All 5 and a half inches of the hard and leaking dick filling his cheeks, as he easily took it entirely. 

Taking his hand and reaching it over the cage, Guillermo grabbed Nandor's hair and started pulling it, yanking it hard as he could, while repeatedly pushing his dick into his mouth. The timing and rhythm of the hair pulling and thrusting were in sync, driving Nandor crazy as he took in all the craziness that was happening. The position they were in was extremely awkward, not all that comfortable, and at any point Nandor could come into contact with a vampire-proof chain, but it was way too hot for any of them to care. 

After a few more seconds, Guillermo's dick started leaking more and more cum and he could feel his orgasm arriving. He let go of Nandor's hair, hearing a little whine around his dick, and pushed him off, so his mouth was free of him. 

He looked down to see Nandor on his knees, with his hair a complete mess, tongue out, the tip covered with cum, panting like a dog as he looked up at him with pleading eyes. If only he could take a picture, or keep the image in his mind forever. It was the best thing Guillermo had ever seen, and it was even hotter that he was actually trapped in a cage as he was doing so. That thought worried him for a moment, but he immediately shook it off. It's already happened now, he can't take it back. 

"Guillermo?" He had been silent and just staring at Nandor for a few moments now. 

"Sorry, I can't stop looking at how gorgeous you look right now. On your knees. All vulnerable. Covered in my-" Perhaps he had said too much. Regret was filling him, so he stopped himself before saying even more. 

If the last time Nandor drank blood was recently and not a while ago, he would have blushed hard at that. All he actually did was peer up at Guillermo with a look that told him he's the only thing Nandor cares about. 

"Nevermind that." Guillermo continued. "Open that pretty mouth of yours again." 

Going back to what they were doing, Guillermo leaned in and placed the tip of his dick on the tongue that was once again open and ready for him. He started jerking himself off onto him, a spurt of cum falling onto Nandor's tongue. The substance was then immediately swallowed with a little smile and a hum of pleasure, before opening his mouth to receive more. 

Reaching down past the chains and into the cage to brush Nandor's hair out of his eyes, the two made eye contact as it continued on. Guillermo was very close to finishing emptying himself out onto Nandor now, he jerked off even quicker and faster into his mouth as a flood of cum came pouring out of him. A lot more than had previously been done came out, filling Nandor's mouth with the white substance. He waited until there was no more cum left to swallow the rest of it, just staying there as Guillermo tugged on his own dick, pushing his head back and screaming out as his orgasm came over him and loads more cum came shooting out. "Fuck!" As his climax made him push his head back and ruin his aim, some cum had landed on Nandor's face, getting some on his beard.

The scream and the fact that there was nothing more coming out of Guillermo, Nandor rightly assumed he was completely finished and swallowed the cum in his mouth. He moaned out as he did so, thinking it might have tasted better than the most virginal blood he's had. The softening dick in front of him still had some cum on the tip, so Nandor kept on licking it like he was dying of thirst, until every drop was in his mouth and swallowed. He then licked his lips and wiped his face, getting some of the cum off his beard and now on his shirt sleeve.  

After recovering himself, a breathless Guillermo put his now soft dick back in his pants and did up the button on his trousers, looking as he did before any of this happened.  

"Guillermo…" Nandor had fallen lower onto the ground, still on his knees, and looked up at him. "That was…" He couldn't find the word. 

"I know." Guillermo clarified. "And I know this isn't why we did that, but I'll have words with the others about your situation."

Nandor gave him a little genuine smile, looking up into his eyes. He didn't know what that meant for him, or for them, exactly. And he didn't want to ask in case that ruined things. But it was certainly a step in the right direction. 

Bending down to pick up the lantern that was on the floor, he turned around and began to walk away. "Bye bye."

"Wait, now? Is that it? You're just gonna leave me?" Nandor was now sitting knees to the floor, ass touching his feet, and his dick was obviously extremely hard, as it looked like there was a tent under his shorts. 

Guillermo turned back around to face him and stopped in his tracks. "Well, that was what we agreed on." It was extremely hard for him to deny Nandor of that, mainly because all he wanted to do was let him out, tear those shorts off him and ravish the bastard. 

A growl was then let out of Nandor's mouth, one that was mixed with horniess and frustration.

It was true. But still. Human decency. 

He thought Guillermo was supposed to be the human. Nandor knew he was getting closer and closer to at least feeling like a human again. 

"I think your baby's had enough." Guillermo told him, hoping it would make him embarrassed about calling him baby earlier. "I'll see you later." 

He walked away and left a horny and extremely hard Nandor on his knees, defeated, and left to finish himself off.