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Putting on a show

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It’s been half a year since Junho found out what happened to his brother. It’s been half a year since he's been trapped on the island. 

The scuffle on the cliff edge didn’t end with Junho falling off. Inho caught him, tied him up, and dragged him back to the front man’s room. 

After coming back to full health Inho started parading him around. Treating him like treasure. A beautiful object to be showed off but not touched. Junho didn’t know what to think anymore. 

He tried escaping at first. This game where people murdered each other for money, no matter the argument he could never accept it. He thought that if he managed to get out he could save his brother. But he never got far. 

When Junho wasn’t with his brother he’d be surrounded by guards watching his every move. Inho probably threatened them with death if they somehow let him escape. He tried fighting them but the guards were too strong, and he could never hurt Inho. 

Then the touches started. Innocent at first, a hug that lasted too long, a slight grasp a bit too low, soon turned into something that couldn’t be ignored. 



Junho woke up to his brother hugging him from behind. Inho was always comfortably warm and it was nice having his brother hold him so close.

“Are you awake?” Inho says while sitting up to look his brother in the face. 

Junho turns around “What are you doing today?”. 

“I need to start preparing for the coming year’s game” Inho says, getting out of bed. “I have a meeting with some VIPs since I’m the new host and you’ll be joining me”. 

“Why do you want me there? You know how much I hate these games, what would I have to say that would be useful?”.

Inho walks over to Junho’s side of the bed and caresses his younger brother's face “You won’t be saying anything, you’re just going to sit and look pretty”. His hand moves, thumb passing over Junho’s bottom lip “They need to know that you belong to me and this is the easiest way to do it”.

Just as the ex-cop starts melting into his brother’s hand Inho moves away towards the bathroom. 

“A guard will bring you some food shortly, I’m going to start getting ready for the meeting. It’s early due to the complications with different time zones”



Junho looks at himself in the mirror. A finely pressed black suit hugs his body perfectly, accentuating all of his curves. Beautiful patterns covering the jacket. An overly detailed black mask covering the upper half of his face leaving his lips exposed. He hates how he’s unable to recognize himself. Everything is tailored to fit him perfectly but he’s never felt less like himself. 

“You look lovely brother” Inho says while placing his hand on Junho’s hip. He’s dressed in his normal gray front man suit. “now remember” the new host says while putting on his mask, causing his voice to become distorted “you may only refer to me as Sir outside this room, am I clear?” 

“Yes Sir”. 



The walk to the meeting room isn’t too big. Inho holds him by the waist as they walk surrounded by 4 soldiers, all triangles. They leave the area with the colorful rooms and reach rooms with darker colors and more elaborate decorations. 

The new host signals the soldiers to stand guard outside when they reach a specific door. “Remember pet, all you need to do is sit and look pretty”. 

Entering the room Junho notices how all the VIPs were already there and chatting amongst themselves. While his brother greets them he stands confused as there’s only one chair left available. 

“Who’s this?” the VIP with the deer mask asks as Junho is dragged along and sat in his brother’s lap. 

“This is my precious pet. Anybody who brings harm to him will be eliminated without warning”. The new host holds Junho still while the ex-cop blushes madly. “Any objections? No? Then let us begin this meeting”. 

Junho was not expecting this when his brother told him he would only need to sit and not speak. They’ve never done this before and it’s utterly embarrassing being watched as he’s sitting on another man’s lap. Suddenly he feels Inho’s hand go lower and caress his inner thigh. “Sir?”

“Hush now pet, we’re in the middle of an important meeting” Inho says while his hand moves towards Junho's crotch. 

“Sorry Sir” Jun-ho tries and hide his gasp as his brother starts stroking between the ex-cop’s legs. The table is hiding what is being done to him so as long as he doesn’t make any outward noises the VIPs would never know what’s happening. 

It’s absolutely adorable seeing Junho try and hide his moans. This is all a powerplay. The VIPs are used to getting everything they want but on this island Inho is king. As cute as it is watching his brother struggle to stay quiet, he didn’t bring him along just for this. The VIPs need to learn that Junho is his and nobody else is allowed to touch him, including them. 

Junho tries his best to not make any noises but he can see the VIPs getting suspicious as his brother starts opening Junho’s pants. He suddenly let’s out a loud moan as Inho grasps his cock directly. Absolutely mortified he holds his hands against his mouth as he blushes down to his neck.

“I see you’re having fun front man, care to let us join?” the tiger VIP asks as he starts to stand up. 

Inho presses a button causing the guards to enter the room. 

“What is the meaning of this!” the VIP yells, clearly uncomfortable with the sudden appearance of guards. 

“While I appreciate you finding my pet lovely enough to savor, he belongs to me. You VIPs may watch but not touch and the guards are here to make sure of that”. 

Junho’s head is turning into an embarrassed mess. Not only are the VIPs watching him but so are the guards. He never thought his brother would be into doing something like this, he really shouldn’t be surprised that he is. 

Inho is stroking him faster and faster. Junho has given up holding back his moans, there’s no point when the VIPs already know what’s happening. Right when he’s about to climax Inho suddenly stops stroking and let’s go of his shaft. “Sir?” he whines from the lack of contact. 

“Lean onto the table pet”.

Junho didn’t think it was possible to be more embarrassed than he already was “Sir, please I-“.

“Don’t make me repeat myself pet. Lean on the table or there will be punishment”.

With his face absolutely flaming Junho starts sitting up to lean his entire chest onto the table in front of him. He can still remember vividly the punishments he’s had to go through in the early days of his confinement. He rather suffer through this embarrassment than go through those punishments again.

Inho grasps Junho’s pants and starts dragging it down just enough to reveal his younger brother’s hole. He’s giving the VIPs a show but he’ll be damned if they see anything further than his brother’s face contorted in pleasure. 

Junho can feel his brother entering a finger into him. A slight burn as there’s no lube but his brother is going agonizingly slow. After some time, he feels a second finger enter him, and before he knows it he has 4 fingers stretching out his hole. He’s a moaning mess drooling onto the table when his brother removes his fingers. He whines from the empty feeling “Sir, please more”. His mind too far gone to care about anything else but pleasure. 

“Good pet” Inho opens his pants releasing his straining cock. He moves his hand towards Junho’s dick and scoops up some of his brother’s leaking precum to lubricate his own shaft. “Come now, sit”. 

Junho sits back and moans as he feels his brother’s cock start to penetrate his hole. He moans for his brother, struggling to fully fit Inho’s whole girth into his body “Ah Sir, I- I can’t get ah more in”. 

“Don’t worry pet I’ll help you” Inho says as he grasps Junho by his waist and slams him down onto his cock forcing the last bit into his brother’s sinful hole. 

Junho nearly blacks out as he ejaculates onto the table, now fully seated again onto his brother’s lap. He sits there for a bit, head tossed back onto Inho’s shoulder as he loudly pants. 

“What a beautiful mess you made pet, maybe I’ll have you clean that up later with this lovely mouth of yours but for now the meeting must go on”. 

Junho is a mess. He slowly hardens again, every twitch of his body causing him to intimately feel where he’s connected to his brother. He sits there, simply warming Inho’s cock. Everything that’s being said through the rest of the meeting nothing more than a buzz of words. Letting out loud, filthy moans when he adjusts trying to find a more comfortable position.

Inho sees the VIPs struggling to pay attention to the meeting. Too distracted by his brother whose entire body is currently screaming sin. Junho’s hole warming his cock oh so perfectly. The VIPs clearly wanting to join in but the guns his triangles are holding being enough of a determent. Absolutely enjoying the power he holds over everybody in the room, he finally decides to start thrusting. 

Junho feels his brother start thrusting after God knows how long. He’s so strung up he immediately cums a second time, quickly becoming oversensitive. “Ah, Sir It’s- it’s too much I aha can’t t-take much more” he finishes with a whine. 

“Be a good pet and take everything I have” Inho says as he starts thrusting even faster. Letting out a grunt he soon finishes inside his brother, the tight heat making it difficult for him to continue much longer. 

Junho moans as he feels his brother’s hot cum filling him up. His body twitching from oversensitivity still seated onto his brother. 

After taking a couple of breaths Inho looks towards the VIPs. He notices a couple of them were stroking themselves and came some time while he was filling up Junho. He speaks up “The meeting is now over, I’ll have my guards lead you guests out as me and my pet get cleaned up. I hope for this to have been an insightful conversation”.

Inho only pays attention to his brother again after the guards finish leading the VIPs out of the room and he hears the door lock. He presses a button causing all cameras in the room to deactivate before removing his and Junho’s masks. 

Junho feels himself being pushed forward onto the table again and moans softly as Inho’s cock leaves his body. He feels empty, his hole grasping onto air, dripping cum, after being full for so long. 

Inho pulls out a small plug from his coat. He uses it to scoop up the cum that has dripped out of his brother’s body before pushing it into the ex-cop’s hole sealing everything inside. He pulls up Junho’s pants before pulling him back towards his chest to close the front. “How do you feel brother?”.

“Sensitive” Junho tries to be mad but he barely has the energy to keep his eyes open let alone yell at his brother for embarrassing him in such a way. He feels his head being turned before Inho kisses him passionately.

“You were absolutely lovely brother” Inho gasps after the kiss. “As much as I would love to see you clean up the table it doesn’t seem like you have the energy for much anymore” he says as he stands up, carrying his brother in a bridal hold after placing their masks back on. “Let’s get ourselves cleaned up and put you to bed, there will always be another time to indulge my fantasy”. 

Junho falls asleep while being carried out to the bathroom, not caring anymore about who sees him while feeling so amazingly full and held in his brother’s warm embrace. His brother will take care of him, he always does.