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Shen Wei was desperate. He stood in the black robes of his title and listened as the leaders of various clans spoke. Yunlan stood beside him, giving him curious looks every now and then, but otherwise remained focused on the conversation.

Finally, after what felt like an age, a break was announced, and Shen Wei swept off in search of a bathroom.

A familiar set of footsteps echoed behind him.

When he failed to find any obvious directions, a small wave of panic overcame him. He was about to turn around and ask when a figure slammed into him from behind and dragged him into a small outdoor court area. He would have blasted their head off if it had been anyone but Yunlan, as he was backed into a wall and a hand found the sensitive bulge beneath his robes and squeezed.

"They really don't let their hero have bathroom breaks, do they?" he said, and gave him another firm stroke, the friction against his clothes already driving him wild, his bladder threatening to leak.

"Yunlan, not here. We're exposed."

"No, we're not. There's no one here. Plus, we only have a few minutes before we have to be back." He accentuated that with another firm squeeze. "Come on, go. You can clean it up afterwards."

Shen Wei gulped loudly as he looked around the area, highly aware of his current identity and what it must look like with Yunlan pressed so closely against him. But that hand kneaded him gently and the fabric rubbing against the tip of his dick was nothing short of luxurious. Yunlan soon took that part of him through his robes and coaxed it, fingers stroking the head until a small leak trickled out. The feel of warm wetness leaving his slit against the fabric Yunlan was kneading drove him over the edge and he let his head fall back.

The stream started in small, hissing spurts. His bladder, while eager against Yunlan's awaiting palm, shy because of their current position.

"Come on, Little Wei. For me," Yunlan whispered in his ear while swirling the fabric against his tip just so, and Shen Wei caved even more.

A soft whimper escaped his throat as Yunlan teased another hissing spurt out of him, and another, kneading and pinching his fabric-covered tip.

Unlike what he expected, Shen Wei could not let go completely. Instead, Yunlan expertly coaxed each hiss out of him, his hand becoming wet as it slowly darkened the black of Shen Wei's pants. Each spurt sent slow shivers down his spine as he failed to hold it in against Yunlan's touch.

They both breathed heavily in the close silence as the private hisses met their ears.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Shen Wei bucked into Yunlan's palm to deliver the last spurt, and all was silent.


Shen Wei agreed as he slowly came down from his high and pulled dark energy in his palm to clean them both up.

"We're totally doing that again," Yunlan sighed giddily, as Shen Wei pulled himself together and checked the watch hidden beneath his sleeves, dragging them both back towards the meeting.