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We'll meet in Catastrophe

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In a land far, far away from here, a boy is in the process of waking up. Yet, in the border between consciousness and sleep. He heard various murmurs.   



'He might not survive tonight?'

'How would he?! Look at him, so frail and skinny. Such an unfortunate boy,'

'Well, what else can we do? Would you consider giving your omega son?' I'm certainly not going to give my daughter as tribute.


'Then, shut up and prepare this boy as tribute.' 

'This is what we have to do to survive,'


Wait! The boy backpedals. When did he fall asleep?

He was on his way to the Blue Moon lake, the lake at his village's outskirt, because his aunt ordered him to get some herbs around that area. 

And then... then, what happened? Wonwoo can not recall. 


He wants to open his eyes now and see his surroundings, move his head or move his fingers so he can at least catch grass or whatever. Yet, he can't do any of that. 


'Is he waking up now?'

'No way, the potion was powerful,'

'Either way, we're pretty near our village, and his tent is not that far from here,'

'Just sleep, boy, it will be easier for you. Don't wake up,'


Wonwoo can feel his body swaying. Even in his drowsiness, he knows he's moving with these people. He tries hard to open his eyes again.


Until, 'Boy, sleep.'

He feels a hand over his forehead, and he can feel the command behind the voice - and somehow, he complied.   






His back is sore, wait. Everything feels uncomfortable and cold. 

Where is he?


Unlike before, Wonwoo can move his body now. Out of surprise, he sits upright immediately. 


The first thing that he noticed was how dark the sky was. Secondly, he's in a barren tent. A tent that looks so empty of furniture and a bit unkempt. Whoever those people who carried him decided to leave him laid in the ground with a thin rug covering it. Wonwoo feels a bit dizzy, which is weird with how long he spent sleeping the day away. Well, he assumed he was sleeping since the last time he remembered, the sky was bright. 


The third and probably most important thing that he should have noticed was that he's not alone. At first, he heard a faint growl when he looked around the tent to determine the time from where he sat. It was so quiet; his mind didn't register it at first. Then when he was trying to stand, the growl was louder. He heard that one - there's no mistaking it or imagining it.


An alpha growl. 

Wonwoo didn't know whether that was a friendly greeting for him or not. 

Either way, being left alone with an unknown Alpha is never good for an omega like Wonwoo. 


Is he standing behind Wonwoo? Sitting? 


Wonwoo tries to sniff around. Now, he realized the unfamiliar scent. He's so confused why that wasn't the first thing that he recognized. He was trained to be aware and wary of his surroundings, especially in an unfamiliar setting with a hostile Alpha. So, THIS strong smell should trigger a blaring alarm in his head, even as he's asleep or when waking up. But no, his senses all betrayed him today and decided not to give him an immediate warning. 


Wonwoo gulped. Somehow all the training and know-how to handle this kind of situation flew out of his mind. Although, to be fair, he was never really tested with the question: What should you do if you're kidnapped and presented to an aggressive Alpha? His tribe was not known to be actively involved in any of the wars or join any coalition. They're pretty happy to live on the border with small but productive land. 


"Hi?" Wonwoo coughed, trying out his voice, "Hi, there. My name is Wonwoo. What is your name?" Although it may seem silly, he tries to wave as the person is situated somewhere behind him. But, he doesn't know what tribe is this and how he should act in front of this particular Alpha. 

He waits for what seems like hours, but there is no response. 


Wonwoo finally tries to stand up, and still, there is no response. 

"Hello, Alpha. My name is Jeon Wonwoo. I'm from a small tribe called Demori," Wonwoo tried to speak in a casual but respectful manner. "It's a tribe near the big lake. May I know where I am right now?" 


Another growl. But, still no verbal response. 

Is he a mute? Wonwoo thinks. 


"May I face you, Alpha?" 

After no other response, not even a growl, Wonwoo finally decided that was the last straw and to face the person. 


His loud gasp might or might not be interpreted as an insult. 

The growl now becomes louder and steady. He certainly hopes the Alpha was not insulted. 

The Alpha's built is intimidating. He's a big and tall male covered in a brown garment with what seems like a buffalo robe. Wonwoo alarmingly concluded that he's pretty far from his village as there is no buffalo range near his town. On top of that. The tall Alpha's hair is long and a bit unkept. He stands tall and looks at Wonwoo weirdly. Hopefully, he won't assess Wonwoo as a threat. 


Their staring contest has to cut short when the Alpha suddenly yelped in pain and fell to the ground. 


Again, despite all the alarms and many teachings, Wonwoo approached the Alpha and asked him, "Alpha, are you okay?" 


The Alpha looked at Wonwoo again, now with what seemed like concerns in his eyes. "Should I try to find you help?" Wonwoo panics. 

"Okay, that seems ridiculous. I didn't even know where I was and most definitely kidnapped. But, I can try to find some people,"


"No," he croaks when he sees Wonwoo walking near the tent flap. 

He can speak! 


"You should run," the Alpha tries again, gulping for air and seemingly suppressing his pain. "Now... It's dangerous,"


Wonwoo's panic double and tripling now. "What? This village is dangerous?" he asks. 


The Alpha closes his eyes while gulping for air again. He tries to stand up, but then he yelps in pain again while grabbing a spot near his stomach. 


Wonwoo can't stay still now, "You are in pain. Where are you feeling the pain?" He approaches the Alpha. 


The Alpha snarled at Wonwoo, his eyes glowing red. "Me! I am the one that is dangerous for you!" he howled. 


Now, Wonwoo knows what type of danger he's in and why exactly he's in this place. Normal Alpha's eyes will glow gold from time to time. But red eyes. That can only mean one thing. One thing that Wonwoo thought was a myth. 


A Berserker Alpha. 


One with superb durability, stamina, power, and speed. Highly valuable for tribes who join the endless war. These days, Wonwoo and his tribe never heard of a sighting of Berserker again. Or, there is a possibility his tribe's peaceful nature may cause them to be out of the loop of what is happening around them. 


Now is not time to blame his 'ancient' tribe. Famous for his value in war but not known for their leading nature, Berserker can hardly lead a pack or tribe. Primarily because of their violent nature in battle and during the rut, it is challenging to maintain a Berserker. Wonwoo heard before that to keep a Berserker happy and productive for a long time, a tribe has to provide them with numerous amounts of Omegas. 


Berserker is not known for their loving personality during the rut. Hence, most omegas can't endure being paired with a Berserker. Some Berserker is even known for their violent behavior toward Omegas during the rut. This includes slamming and even aggressive bites to their neck - so powerful that the Omega might bleed to death. 


So, yeah. Wonwoo immediately understands the danger the Alpha alludes to, and he's not staying to figure it out. 


Wonwoo runs to the tent flap. It may be dark outside, but he will find a way to run and probably hide in the forest. He knew he could.


What he didn't expect was the number of people waiting outside the tent. He was even surprised to see that the tent is actually located in another more giant tent. 


"Don't even think about it," an older man with an aura of authority said to Wonwoo. 


"Go back inside, Omega," now an older female says while menacingly moving her spear. 


"Wait, there must be some mistake," Wonwoo tries. 

"No, there is no mistake," the older male said again, "Our Berserker needs an Omega during his cycle. So, please be honored that you are selected to accompany our highly respected Berserker, General Kim Mingyu,"


"I'm not even part of your tribe. I don't know any of you! Shouldn't your Omega be a part of this or something?" 

This situation is so ridiculous! You have to understand Wonwoo's explosion. This morning he just wanted to visit the lake, get herbal plants, and return to his compound to learn another lesson with his aunt. Yet, this is where he ends up?


"That is none of your business, Omega. You are selected by our High Goddess of Light for the honorable duty of being the accompaniment of General Mingyu. So, you have to return inside."


Wonwoo stands his ground. He is so near pulling his hair and stomping his feet. Your Berserker, but you got me as the tribute?? What the actual fuck, bald oldie??


"Return inside, NOW." He said with finality. 

As he said this, the other people with spears and swords all moved in unison. Ready to tackle or attack Wonwoo if he chose to disobey. 




An hour probably passed of Wonwoo watching the honorable General writhes in pain, laying on the ground. 

Wonwoo has no other options. He chose to return to the tent—much to the dismay of that Alpha, who threw a look of disappointment to him. 


Ha, he's disappointed in him? Tell that to the numerous sharp objects pointed at Wonwoo outside. 


Wonwoo tries to think and recall any other lesson about Berserker. He was also thirsty and hungry, and a starved person couldn't think well. So, he decided to help himself and eat the various fruits, milk, and water in the corner of the tent. He didn't touch any of the meat, as he's not fond of them. He would love to offer any of these to the Alpha, but he also values his neck, blood, and life. So, for the first hour. He decided against it. 


Until he heard what sounds like a whine - or to be precise - a sad whine. 


A Berserker can whine?? Now, this will be valuable material for his tribe. No one ever mentioned this to Wonwoo before. 


"Are you hungry?" 

Wonwoo indeed hears what sounds like a hing~ from the other person.

"I'm not coming over super close to you, but I will drop some dried meat for you." 


Wonwoo approaches the curled-up form of the Alpha. Kim Mingyu, that's what the old baldie said—trying to put around 3-ft between them. Wonwoo put a plate full of dried meat and a glass of wine. He assumes that's the favorite of Kim Mingyu while seeing the abundance of it. 


Wonwoo then returns to his side of the tent, away from the Berserker and his bed made of rugs and animal skin blanket. It's probably his nest, and Wonwoo wants to be far away from it. 


But, he is looking curiously at Kim Mingyu. He stopped writhing in pain some time ago and now is eying the wine. He probably will drink them soon, right? Wonwoo doesn't know the pain level he's probably in right now, but will that incapacitate a Berserker?



'Why is it so long for the Berserker to start his rut this time?'

'We have put the Omega in this tent with him for two nights already. I have no idea what's happening,'

'It needs to happen soon; I'm so anxious whenever Berserker is in a rut.'

'Same, I told my daughter and niece to go for a hunting trip for a week. They will be back in three days. Hopefully, this will end soon,' 


Wonwoo sighs as he hears the people patrolling and guarding outside gossiping with Mingyu. So, that means they kidnapped him days ago and then transported him somewhere pretty far from his village. 


You want the power of a Berserker, but you kidnap Omegas from other tribes to keep them entertained? What a fucked up bunch of people, Wonwoo thought. 


He needs to be alert and figure out an escape plan tonight. 





Wonwoo's jerked awake. 

Sometime in the night, he falls asleep instead of running away.


Great, Jeon Wonwoo. Just great,  he scolds himself while wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth.  


As he tries to gather the situation and what time it might be, he realises an absent form from the ground.

No Kim Mingyu. 



"Looking for me, pretty Omega?" a deep-toned voice said from Wonwoo's right. 


Wonwoo snapped his head in surprise to find the Berserker crouched near him with a smirk allowing Wonwoo a full view of his canines, with his eyes glowing red. He looks and smells like a real danger that Wonwoo once read. 




Wonwoo rise to his feet immediately, fuck the guards; Wonwoo is out of this tent now. 


Not even a complete two-step from his spot, Wonwoo found himself pulled back and slammed hard to the ground. 


"UGH," Wonwoo yelped in pain as all he can feel is now just pain all over his backbone. Wonwoo grunts while trying to take a breath. 


"That's not the way to treat an Alpha, sweetie," the Berserker said in a mocking tone, as he's on all four on top of Wonwoo's spread body. 


The Berserker comes closer and nuzzles against Wonwoo's earlobe and down to his jaw. Wonwoo's reaction is now just his body responding to the overwhelming smell and presence of the Berserker. 


He's trembled in fear. "Please," he whispered, "Please don't,"

The Berserker froze on his ministration. 

Instead of snuggling to his neck juncture, he moves back to his earlobe.



"What's your name, Omega?" 

"Wonwoo - Jeon Wonwoo," Wonwoo tries, despite his fear.



Mingyu stops and inhales slowly as if trying to memorise Wonwoo's scent, "Wonwoo, I'm sorry," 


That won't be the last time Kim Mingyu said that to Jeon Wonwoo.




Unlike all his expectations and imagination for when he will couple with an Alpha, the Berserker didn't go the slow and gentle way with him. 


Mingyu immediately grabbed his soft red garment clothing and tore it apart. He pulled it despite the unique pattern of snowdrop flowers embroideries decorating his garment. Mingyu throws the red garment despite Wonwoo's plead.  


He then starts to murmur as he touches Wonwoo's soft skin. He is mapping a random pattern in awe while gripping Wonwoo's hip in place on the ground, blocking any unwanted movement from the Omega. 


"Such a wonderful scent," he said. "Such a pretty Omega."

"All for me," 


Then it was all a blur of movements, groan and pain, pain, pain for Wonwoo.


That night the sky is dark with no moon or stars. 

The empty night sky accompanies the prolonged and uninterrupted agony for Wonwoo, which equals Mingyu's satisfaction and fulfillment. 






"Ah," Wonwoo gasped as the Berserker pushed his face to the animal's furs blankets while pulling his ass up. He pushed down Wonwoo's pants and immediately poked his finger to the rim of Wonwoo's hole. 


"AH-Uhm," Wonwoo bites his lip, bearing the pain - as his hole is still dry at the moment. Without further ado, the Berserker sucks his index finger noisily and then puts it back to the rim of Wonwoo's hole. 


Wonwoo's mind flags this as something important, but before he can dwell on it further. A second finger and something wet soon follows the finger. The Berserker's saliva, Wonwoo soon noticed. 


"Shit, you smell so good," 


"HAH!" Wonwoo yelled in surprise as nothing prepared him for the feeling of tongue in his hole. Kim Mingyu continues to move his tongue around along with the two fingers. 


"Tastes so good," 


The tongue disappeared as soon as it came. The next thing that Wonwoo knew was something much more prominent than two fingers trying to find their way inside his hole. 


"ARHHHHH," he screams. "Slowly- slowly, please,"





Wonwoo has no idea how many hours have passed. 

The Berserker keeps taking and taking from him. With all the bruises and swelling all over his body. Wonwoo seriously has no idea how he's still conscious. 


It's probably sometime after their fifth intercourse, and with the way Kim Mingyu cling to him, Wonwoo realizes he can't run away from this soon.

What's important now is to survive. Wonwoo told himself he would not die out of the Berserker's massive dick, nor would he die from his deadly bite on his neck. 


So now, he's trying with all his might to put that dick far away from his hole. Considering his hole's soreness and repeated twitch, it needs all the minutes Wonwoo can get to recuperate from that massive dick intrusion. 


"Where are you going?" the Berserker tries to catch Wonwoo's slinking body. He's sitting on top of the many blankets - which Wonwoo dubs as his nest before. 


"Here," Wonwoo said, out of breath. "Not far," 

Wonwoo grabs Mingyu's still hard dick to prove his point. Then, while looking at his eyes, Wonwoo opens his mouth slowly and licks the tip of his penis. He licks it again and again. Repeatedly. 


The Alpha Berserker's eyes glow red again while he grabs Wonwoo's hair out of despair. "More," he said, "Give me more,"


Wonwoo starts to give the Berserker's stiff shaft kitten licks. He tries hard to grab the shaft with his two hands while moving his head around. Again, despite what his tribe told him in the Omega and Alpha's biology lesson, he never actually has to do this. But now, this is survival. 


He stops midway and sucks and kisses the length, and plays with his sack. Sometime during the night, he stops associating Mingyu's powerful scent as overwhelming and starts to enjoy the potent smell. 


"Mh, ungh," Wonwoo mewls.

"Suck it, pretty one, put it inside your mouth,"


Wonwoo did as exactly as told. He even tries to deep throat Mingyu. Without success. 


He positions Wonwoo on top of him. While his right hand wander to Wonwoo's butt and plays with his rim, his left hand caress his collarbone and move to his nipple. As he coughed and his face turned pink from the deep throat trial, Mingyu pulled him towards him and kissed him hard. As he kissed him, Mingyu was pulling the hard pink nipple mercilessly, making Wonwoo squeal in their kiss. 


Despite Wonwoo's painful squawk, Mingyu smirks, looking at the Omega in his lap. His left-hand moves back to grasp Wonwoo's jaw, his wide hand caress his lower lip, prodding his mouth open with his thumb. Helpless and sensitive to his touch. 


He loves the expression this Omega wear. It makes him heady with lust and power. 


"Open your mouth," he commands the Omega. 

Wonwoo did that while squirming from the way Mingyu grasped his butt. 

"Your tongue," he requested. 


Wonwoo sticks out his tongue. Mingyu's face inched closer. He catches Wonwoo's tongue in his mouth, sucking it heartily. 





Wonwoo woke up, and he could listen to the chirping of birds outside. It's already so bright with the light sneaking inside the tent. 


But, the sun and the chirping sounds are not the things that woke him up. He can feel something wet all over his chest.


He takes a peek at his chest and finds the Berserker already sucking, licking, and groaning over his nipple and collarbone. His index finger seems to return now and then to Wonwoo's collarbone to poke and caress it. While his mouth alternates between licking, sucking, and biting his sensitive left nipple right now. 


As Wonwoo can feel Mingyu's canine teasing over his abused nipple, he can't help but squirm and moan. Realizing that the Omega is awake, Mingyu gave him a smirk and said, "I have always wanted to try standing sex, yell as loud as you want. I want all of them to hear you," 




After ramming Wonwoo repeatedly while Wonwoo stood near the food stacks, Wonwoo now found himself in the arm of one Kim Mingyu who stands in all his glory. A Berserker who most definitely has enduring stamina on the battleground, but also during the rut. 


Mingyu chooses not only to stand but also carry Wonwoo in his arms. So now, Wonwoo found himself like a lifeless doll who can only cling to Mingyu's shoulder helplessly while being fucked like crazy.


After catching his breath for several minutes, Wonwoo enjoyed the tight embrace they were having. (blame his inner Omega sap!)

Mingyu suddenly puts Wonwoo down and turns him over, and makes him bend on top of the stacks of blankets. Before putting his dick inside of Wonwoo's holes again. 


"Oh," Wonwoo groaned in surprise. 

"It's so warm; you are so warm," Mingyu said while moving back and forth repeatedly. His hands are unforgiving on Wonwoo's hips.


He can tell for sure that it will add another set of bruises over his body.  


After moving and aiming for various angles, Mingyu pulls Wonwoo's body flushed to his chest. His hands now move over Wonwoo's flat tummy and caress his chest. 


Mingyu grasped Wonwoo's chin to kiss him deeply. Wonwoo can hear and feel the vibration of Mingyu's growl while his mouth explores all parts of Wonwoo's mouth. While he pulled and tweaked Wonwoo's puffy nipple, Mingyu continued his ramming to Wonwoo's hole. 


"AAh, so good. So good and pliant, my Omega," Mingyu said as he finally came for the nth time inside Wonwoo's hole.





Wonwoo seriously has no idea how many days have passed since the beginning of his kidnapping. 


One morning, he's suddenly wake up to find three people standing in front of him. 


Where is Mingyu? was the only thing in his mind.



"Get out," a familiar voice now growled from behind Wonwoo's sleeping body. Oh, he's there all along. Sleeping flushed behind Wonwoo with his arms laid possessively over his waist. 


"General Mingyu, your rut is over. So, we would like to start the cleanup process. So, if you can move over, we can start to bathe and clean the Omega," 


"Did you hear me?" Mingyu moves to sit now, "I told you to get out. If you dare to touch him, I will personally slash you open,"


Having a clearer mind now, Wonwoo realizes that one of these three guys is the old baldie from that night.  


"Very well, General Mingyu," he said with an annoying flat tone, "How would you suggest us to start the cleaning procession?" 


"Prepare a warm bath outside," Mingyu ordered. "Along with food refill. After that, none of you should stay here. You have broken my- our privacy, and he has done what you intended by kidnapping him here. Scram."


The baldies seem to hesitate for a moment as if he wants to refuse Mingyu's request but then decide he won't. 


"Sure enough. We will do exactly as you instructed."




After all of them left, there was only silence in the tent, which reminded Wonwoo of that fateful night he met this person. Alpha Berserker, Kim Mingyu. 


Wait a moment, come to think of it. How come he survive the many days so far? He's not dead yet, right? 


Was he bleeding anywhere? As he wants to move around and check his body, he can feel immediate soreness all over.

Most definitely bruises and swelling, but no open wound and blood? Right? 


"Are you okay?" 


Wonwoo turned his head to see the Berserker is looking at him worriedly. Under the bright light of the day, he looks very different. Unlike the aggressive Alpha he was before, he pouts like a child and seems remorseful. Is he, though? Wonwoo's not sure. 


"I am sorry for what happened. I keep telling them that I don't want them to send me Omega tribute during my rut." He started his explanation, "But, well... they were concerned if they didn't take care of their best battle asset... I won't be as productive as I was before..."


Wonwoo tries to sit to take a better look at him.

"I see that's why," was all that Wonwoo can say. What else can he demand from someone whose violent biology made him a weapon and a violent partner in bed? 


"Because your rut has passed," Wonwoo started, and with a soft voice he tried asking, "Can I go home now?" 


Mingyu, the Berserker Alpha, looks so much like a lost wolf pup at this point - as if it wasn't him who violated Wonwoo repeatedly. 


"Don't go," he said, "Stay here with me,"