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Don't despair. Someone might see you.

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They'd walked from the water, they'd gotten to safety on the first level and hid someplace secure and comfortable.

But Arthur wasn't very comfortable, even when they entered the reinforced walls and locked every lock. 

He walked off from the surviving members of his team and tried to find some place to be alone.

When Eames finally found Arthur, the man was face down on a mattress and feeling miserable.

"Please leave me alone," Arthur said, his voice sort of muffled. "I just need a minute."

"It took ten minutes for us to make or magic up dinner, and that was after we'd gotten out of our soaking wet clothes."

"How long did it take you to find me?"

The mattress dipped as Eames sat on the edge of it and scooted a bowl of some rich, meaty stew over to the still prone point man.

"Not very long."

Arthur sighed and got out of his prone position so he could sit up and not spill the stew everywhere. He picked up the bowl and was startled to find that it was still pleasantly warm to the touch.

"You're lying a little," Arthur commented as he held the bowl and toyed with the spoon. "But you're also being extremely that's fine."

Eames chuckled, but was silent as Arthur actually tried the stew.

"Good?" Eames asked, curious about Arthur's thoughts on it.

"It's not bad for dreamed up stew."

"We also dreamed up some pretty good things to drink. Quality vintages that we couldn't normally afford, and so on."

"I don't want to get drunk," Arthur sighed. "I came in here to despair in private. It's so much worse if anyone sees."

They were both seated on the edge of the bed now, side by side, with Arthur's half-empty bowl of stew now resting on the bedside table that hadn't been there until Arthur wanted it to be there.

"Did you want to talk about it, darling?"

At first, Arthur began to shake his head, then he changed his mind.

"I trust you."

Eames raised an eyebrow. "You don't trust me to touch your hair care products anymore."

Arthur rolled his eyes, obviously familiar with this topic. "You used the last of my shampoo when you stayed over, Eames. My hair was devilish the next day!" Then Arthur shook his head. "Fine, I trust you more than I trust other people in dreamshare. I trust you at my back, I trust you to get the job done...and you did an excellent job."


Arthur looked at Eames and despair shone on his face. It was an unguarded expression. So much more unguarded than the look Arthur had shot him in the hotel room bathroom that time Arthur's hair had decided to fight against the hair gel and endearingly curl to make him look a decade younger!

"...Saito died and he's in Limbo now, for sure. Cobb is in Limbo too. I'm worried that Cobb really won't be able to find Saito. That he won't be able to get them out of Limbo. And I've tried so hard to get Cobb back to his kids...I feel like I failed."

Arthur leaned against Eames's shoulder, and since he was certain that Arthur wasn't in enough of a bad mood to punch him in the kidney, Eames hugged Arthur closer to provide support.

"You didn't fail, Arthur. Cobb made some mistakes. Very shitty mistakes. I will be sure to remind him of these mistakes once he comes back safe and sound."

"What makes you so sure that Cobb will do it?"

Eames shrugged. "He's brilliant. Mad, but also brilliant. I think he's going to manage it and bring Saito along with him."

Arthur laughed, unable to stop himself from doing it. "Right. He's a bit crazy, but when he's not torn up by grief he really can be brilliant."

Eames smiled. "Feeling a little better now?"

Arthur hugged Eames back. "Much better, actually. Do I look okay? No longer obviously full of despair?"

Eames leaned away and made it a point to examine Arthur's face carefully, nodding to himself. "Yes. You're handsome and dangerous even with those cute little dimples." Then Eames kissed Arthur, satisfied that his efforts were working when he felt Arthur smiling into that kiss.