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Their lips parted regretfully, smiling through gasped breaths.

Riley could not begin to explain the happiness he felt-- as if reaching a state of enlightenment, even-- remaining unconvinced that this was in fact reality, and not a dream. The man he cared for was here, beneath his fingertips-- and as naked as he found himself.

There was something about the warmth and comfort of John’s hands that made Riley come undone. The way they would creep down his back, fingers sliding along his spine, caressing every inch of flesh. Lips ghosted his neck, kisses trailing skin, nose nuzzling into his jaw.

Riley could finally understand the heated desire John was suffering from mere hours ago, the way his body was overcome with lusts like no other. But he remained in control of his mind, able to decide what he needed, and more importantly-- who he wanted. Even with doubts, even with faith and the fear of God lingering overhead-- John had still chosen him, and trusted Riley to take care of him--

And now Riley longed for the same care in return.

John clearly felt the same mutual understanding, judging from his actions. He’d practically dragged Riley into his lap now, hands never leaving his skin, humming as the younger man straddled his thighs. Their hands were in each other’s hair, lips meeting once more. Riley deepened the kiss, moaning as a tongue found his own, grinding down against the other man for friction.

Hands caressed his sides, sliding down to his waist, snaking around to the small of his back. Riley shivered when fingers brushed against the sensitive skin on his chest, tracing each of the newfound nipples lining down his torso. The priest drank in the sight of his lean, muscular form-- admiring the differences between their builds, and how he longed to touch and kiss every single inch he could reach.

“Riley…” John mumbled against his jaw, fingers dipping between thighs. “Can I…”

“Hold on, I mean--” Riley gasped, shying away from his touch. “I’ll be fine John, really-- there’s no need to--”

“Where’s the fun in that?” The priest grinned devilishly. “If you took care of me, is it not fair that I do the same for you?”

It not that Riley didn’t want to, fuck-- he could never have enough of the other man. But he couldn’t shake the doubt, the guilt-- and being responsible for John’s questioning faith.

“You don’t have to...”

“But I want to.” John licked his lips, eyes trailing down, drinking in the younger man’s naked state. “Very much so.”

Riley swallowed thickly, flushing as the other man’s hard cock nudged his thigh. “John…”

“If, and only if-- you’d allow me to,” the priest added sincerely.

Riley bit his lip. He didn’t want to deny John-- after all, he wanted every part of the other man-- mind, body and soul.

“Is... is that okay?” He asked sheepishly, ears folding back lower.

John chuckled softly. “Do you think I’d simply bed you once and be on my merry way?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“I didn’t know if this would be a one time thing or not, considering…” Riley pulled a face, reminded of the priest's place at the church. “Well-- everything, really.”

“Oh, Riley,” John hummed, cupping his cheek with a warm hand. “You mean far too much to me, do you not realise? I would do anything for you.”

The younger man stammered at such a confession, unsure if it was possible to flush a deeper shade of crimson. “I don’t deserve that kind of love, John--”

“You do.” There was a chaste kiss to his lips, words mumbled against them. “And so much more.”

Riley wanted to believe him-- more than anything-- yet guilt weighed on him too. “But I don’t want to come between you and your faith, John, you know that,” he added quickly, panic overcoming his better judgement.

“Then allow me to make such a decision for myself,” John requested, tone a little harsher than intended, but intentions remaining genuine. “I will not let your conscience be guilted.”

Riley’s mouth went dry; lips parted, words escaping him. There was no way he heard that correctly, right? 

John couldn’t really mean that-- could he? 

“I’m not worth giving up your entire life and faith for,” Riley whispered, hands steady on the priest’s shoulders.

“Yes, you are. I know you do not see it, but I do. I... choose a life with you, Riley Flynn.” John’s hand rested on the back of his neck, pulling him closer, urging foreheads to touch. “I never thought I’d find more meaning in life than with God, but you-- you’re a once in a lifetime gift, and one I will cherish you now and forever.”

Riley’s heartbeat quickened, increasing to the point where it drummed in his ears, remaining all he could hear. This felt like a dream-- a reality he’d always wanted, but never able to obtain. Was this man seriously proposing to him right now? 

What was happening? Where had his innocent, God-fearing priest disappeared to? Not that he could complain; sin suited him, undoubtedly. But such a revelation did not stifle the guilt.

“I intend to have you, Riley,” John said, hand running through the other man’s short, scruffy hair. “If you would have me in turn.”

The younger man was shaking, unable to contain himself and the lust consuming him. He was so hot, horny, and desperate for John-- overwhelmed by emotions-- his words only adding fuel to the fire within his heart.

“Are you alright?”

Riley nodded incessantly-- he’d reached his limit, and could no longer deny himself.

“Christ, John--” He threw his arms around the priest, face buried in his shoulder. “If you don’t fuck me right now I’m gonna go insane.”

A low, deep hum of agreement caused Riley to shiver in anticipation. “It would be my pleasure.”

John’s hands caressed his cheek, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Fingers crept through his hair, to the back of his head, resting at the base of his newfound ears-- teasing the soft tufts of fur with interest. 

Riley whined, melting into the touch. When he met the priest’s eyes, he was startled by the sudden hunger within them-- piercing his soul with unspoken desires. Hands retreated, capturing the younger man beneath his arms-- and pushing him down onto the mattress in a single, calculated motion. 

John stared down at the startled man beneath him, grinning as he regained control. Lips returned to flesh-- kissing down from Riley’s collarbone in a gentle, calculated line. He appreciated every newfound nipple, licking at each one generously, feeling muscles tense by his actions-- and moans grace his ears with eagerness.

He could hardly contain himself; Riley was truly a gorgeous sight to behold.

But it would come to no surprise that the priest remained nervous-- after all, this was far from known territory. He had no clue how best to care for another in such a state, with no idea where to start-- but from what John could tell, no complaints were yet heard.

Riley cursed, hips lifting off the sheets when fingers wrapped warmly around his cock, thrusting into the newfound heat. John became enthralled by the sight; changing his actions every few seconds to see what response he might receive--

Yet for John, it was not enough to touch--

He wanted to taste.

Staring up at the man writhing beneath him, the priest could not tear his eyes away from the multitude of expressions painted on Riley’s face, changing every moment through gasped breaths and quietly spoken curses.

John chuckled softly, pulling his hands away momentarily. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered, unsurprised when the younger man looked away, flushing profusely. 

Riley couldn’t help it-- he’d never received such pure, vast love in his life-- the desire alone becoming so overwhelming that he was on the brink of tears. He threw a hand over his eyes as a poor attempt to cover his shame, breath hitching when the priest’s fingers returned to his skin.

“Do you mind if I continue?” John asked innocently, intent to ensure both were comfortable.

“Yeah, of course,” Riley replied breathlessly. “Honestly, I’m still trying to comprehend this is happening-- just trying to keep myself under control and not let this end before it’s begun.”

John simply hummed in acknowledgement.

Fingers delicately traced down Riley’s firm torso, brushing through the thick hair between his thighs-- before finally encircling firmly around the base of his cock once more. The younger man swallowed a moan, finding one of his legs hooked over John’s shoulder as he edged closer-- the priest using the opportunity to run his tongue up the length of the cock in his hand.

Riley was unable to form words at the pleasure that coursed through him-- instead digging his fingers into John’s hair, urging him to continue through half-lidded eyes and bitten lips. He threw his head back the moment John’s fingers were replaced by lips, ghosting over the head of his cock-- both men briefly locking eyes before the priest took the entire length into his mouth. The sudden, hot sensation alone nearly caused Riley to clamp his thighs together-- using his waning self control to prevent himself from accidentally choking the other man.

Sucking cock was no easy task-- especially for someone with no experience. It honestly mattered little to Riley what John’s technique was-- after all, the fact that it was John, of all people, doing this to him-- he could still barely comprehend it.

However, unlike John, the tail Riley had been gifted was not short haired and slender-- instead it was extremely fluffy and had a habit of waving around erratically. The tail in question then darted out without warning, practically slapping John across the face-- in turn causing him to turn his head away and sneeze unexpectedly.

“Shit.” Riley clasped the offending tail firmly in his hands, attempting to get it under control. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Tends to have a mind of its own, doesn’t it?” John smiled, lightening the mood. “But I won’t let that stop me.”

Riley hid his face beneath hands once more, unable to deal with the level of shame and embarrassment from the other man’s position between his spread thighs. As if that wasn’t bad enough for a priest to do such a thing-- but Riley could not begin to imagine how ridiculous he must look with a tail and cat ears on top of it all.

John licked his lips, hands returning firmly to thighs as he continued what he had planned before the unexpected interruption. This time, the priest felt more confident-- bolder, in a sense-- hard cock sliding between welcoming lips. He allowed his free hand, slick with lube, to slip between parted thighs-- pressing slowly and carefully into hungry, wanton heat.

Riley hissed at the sensation, attempting to relax and wait for the initial pain to dissipate-- as he allowed himself to succumb to the pleasure radiating throughout him by the hands of the other man. John’s fingers and tongue continued to work, pace quickening; a second digit slipping beside the first.

A hand returned to John’s hair; Riley’s feline ears curving backward, biting his lips as thighs began to quiver in response to such intimate touches. He was overwhelmed, unable to hold back any longer, even if he sought to-- pulling at the priest’s hair to urge him to stop before it was too late.

“Wait-- ah--!” Riley’s request was cut off by a moan, feeling himself on the brink of orgasm far sooner than desired. “John--!”

John was well aware of what he was doing, and what the other man was attempting to warn him about-- but proceeded regardless. Riley’s entire body tensed, coming with a half-muffled shout-- releasing himself into the offered warmth without a coherent thought in his mind.

Guilt followed soon after once his senses returned; Riley practically mortified of what he had done, and how he could dirty someone so pure in such a way. But he was surprised when his eyes met John’s, watching as the priest stared directly at him, unblinking-- licking his lips as he shamelessly swallowed every last drop.

“I didn’t mean to--” Riley shied away, not wishing the other to see him in such a vulnerable state. “Sorry…”

“For what?” John smirked, climbing up higher to face the younger man and biting his lip momentarily. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Riley shuddered with anticipation, sighing as fingers retreated from skin, melting beneath the weight of the older man as his lips were captured. He ran his hand through ebony hair, pulling the priest closer, urging him to continue. John moaned as their kiss deepened; his hard cock resting beside Riley’s with mutual, continued interest.

The feline characteristics that Riley found himself inflicted with remained, and so did his lust for John, concluding that there was so much left to do to one another, after all-- 

It would seem that their morning was only just beginning.