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What Time Cannot Erase

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Catra cackled, high pitched and free, at some joke Adora had made. Adora smiled. She liked hearing Catra laugh like that— seeing her smile so loosely, without any tension in her shoulders. It was a laugh only Adora got to hear. The sound had been engraved into her heart since the first time she heard it in third grade. 


When they approached Razz's, Adora held open the door with an "After you, milady", her voice full of fake posh, to which Catra replied, "Why thank you, kind sir." The two girls giggled as they walked into the restaurant and sat down at their table— a comfy booth right by the window (Catra liked making fun of and judging the people who walked by).


Razz's was… well, they didn't know what it was. Razz's had all kinds of food, and it was always good. It was like The Cheesecake Factory— but one had never come to Etheria so Razz's had blossomed instead. 


Razz, the old lady who ran the place, always kept their table open. No matter how busy it was; ever since she found them crying together outside after hours in the rain when they'd first tried to run away together and took them inside, giving them towels to dry themselves off, and warm food along with a warmed up, melty brownie to share— the girls had been regulars ever since, and their table always open for them. 


Catra tossed her bag onto the chair, and Adora did the same. They walked up to the counter and yelled, in unison; 




A few seconds later, the old lady with poofy pink hair walked out, a big smile on her face. "Ah! There's my girls! I was wondering if you would come today, Dearies!" Razz's smile was always warm, like the pies she baked. 


Razz presented the girls with two covered trays, each one unique. She never charged the girls for their food, and each time she made them something different. She always knew what to give them, even if they didn't know they needed or wanted it. 


They walked back to their table, sat down, and grabbed the top of the covers. 


"On the count of three," Catra said, her ears forward and tail quivering in anticipation.


"One," Adora started. 


"Two," Catra followed. 


"Three!" They exclaimed together, pulling the covers off their trays. 


Their faces bloomed into smiles stretching from ear to ear. 


Catra's plate had crabcake sliders on sourdough bread with potato wedge fries and a small cup of tartar sauce on the side, there was some applesauce (Catra's favorite), and two home-baked cookies. Adora's plate had a burger with a big patty, melted monterey jack cheese, onions, lettuce, avocado, and Razz's special red pepper sauce on a sesame seed brioche bun; on the side there were some potato wedge fries too, and more of the sauce. There was also a cup of Jell-O with strawberries and whipped cream on top. 


Adora and Catra dug into their meals with gusto; neither of their parents took much care of them. Hordak had never cooked a meal for Catra, and Weaver had never cooked a meal for Adora. Both their parents worked at the same firm, Catra's father being Weaver's boss, which was how they met each other. When Weaver got her new job at Prime, Adora moved to Catra’s school. Since neither of their parents were ever really home, and they were left all alone to forage the cabinets and live off of school meals most of the time, they ended up going to each other's houses more often than not. (Both Catra and Adora were adopted, but Hordak was actually a distant relative of Catra somehow— Adora doesn't remember the exact relation— but she always thought that was cool.)


They ate together, played together, bathed, dried, and slept together. Hordak was pleased with the development, seeing as Catra's attitude and grades both improved after meeting Adora. Weaver on the other hand… She hated Catra. Which led to them both running away. 

Which led them to Razz. 

Which led them to this fucking amazing burger.


Adora finished her plate before Catra, like always, which meant she got to watch as the magicat ate. Her eyes blown out, ears at attention, fully focused on completely clearing the plate in front of her, leaving it spotless.


Adora loved watching Catra; looking at her. Catra was her sun. Her entire world revolved around her. 


She couldn't imagine a life without her. 






Adora flung her hand over the alarm, silencing it. Adora was cold, and wanted nothing more than to curl back into bed and snuggle into the warmth of her blankets and pretend Cat—


Adora rolled herself out of bed, her feet hitting the floor with a thunk . It was too early in the day to think about that shit. She grabbed her water from her nightstand and drank a large swig, and then immediately dropped down to the floor and started doing push-ups. She started with 10, took a sip of water, cracked out another 20, took another sip, blasted out another 30 like it was nothing and, satisfied, she stood up and moved to her bathroom to shower. She turned on the water, waited a few minutes for it to heat up, and then hopped in— COLD! Adora jumped back out of the shower, shaken by the cold water. She groaned in frustration and inched back under the unheated stream. She quickly soaped up, rinsed off, dried, and dressed herself. Today was not a good day.


Then again, she hadn’t had a good day in a long time.


Adora walked out of her room into the living space and— 


“Son of a bitch!” She exclaimed as she watched Swifty take a shit on the rug she had just got cleaned . Adora ran over and grabbed him by the collar before he could make it worse and started peeing on the rug as well. She grabbed his leash, hooked him up, and ran out the door to the nearest patch of grass in the upper floor dog-friendly gardens she could find. 


After Adora had taken Swifty out and cleaned her carpet again , she plopped herself down on one of her kitchen stools and drank a protein shake from the fridge. She was hunched, her chin propped up on the arm not moving the cereal from bowl to mouth. She was happy she didn’t have school or work today, because she could tell that the way she’d woken up would end up throwing off her entire day. After Adora put her bowl and spoon in the sink, rinsing them then but leaving them aside to wash them later, she checked her calendar. That’s when it hit her. It was October 28th. Catra’s birthday. The day they were separated. 


The day she lost her.


The date landed on a Saturday this year. Adora never stopped wondering what happened to Catra after she’d been taken away. Her aunt— apparently— had been looking for her for years. Adora had grown up with Catra and a few others under that Bitch ’s house as foster kids; Adora was passed to her when she was three, having been orphaned after the building she and her parents were in collapsed, and no one being able to find any other family for her at the time. Catra came to Weaver’s when they were five, and the two were virtually inseparable ever since (though, it took Adora a few weeks to garner Catra’s trust at first). And then— out of nowhere, and 13 years late — Adora’s aunt shows up with all the money and legal teams in the world to take Adora away from Weaver… and, consequently, Catra .


It wasn’t Adora’s fault, and she tried to see if she could get Catra to agree to come with her; that they’d find a way to get her out of Weaver’s as well, but her girl— ex -girlfriend had instead fought against her, told her to fuck off, and broke up with her.


Four years later, and Adora is still completely devastated over it. She doesn’t even live that far away, only a four-hour car ride away from the place she grew up at with Catra. It wasn’t the end of the world; it didn’t have to be the end of her world. But it was. It did.


Adora was happy. She had friends, family, she could afford all the things she had ever wanted; but she wasn’t full . She was incomplete, without Catra. No matter how happy or nice her life was, she would always be partially empty, unfulfilled, and incomplete without her. 


Her cousin, Glimmer, had tried to get Adora back onto the dating scene several times— sometimes crossing the boundary and setting up dates without telling Adora that’s what they were, and not just a new friend she was introducing and/or wanted Adora to try hanging out with for a bit. 


Adora grabbed her keys off the kitchen counter along with her water bottle, wallet, and phone— which had been on the charger— and then walked out the door, down the elevator, and to her car. Adora’s new family had big holidays, so Adora didn’t really get to visit Razz a lot; except for Catra’s birthday. Razz always treated Catra and Adora’s birthdays as holidays and closed the store down except for the two of them… even if only Adora showed up for Catra’s birthday. It was the one day in the year she made sure to be back for. Her second year with them, Glimmer had set up a huge family trip event that started on the 28th— and Adora didn’t go, because she refused to not visit Razz on Catra’s birthday. Glimmer got all pissy but when Adora raised her voice for the first time since they’d taken her home with them, she never tried to pull anything like it again.


Adora started up her car, plugged her phone in, set the destination for “Razz” on Maps, and then started the drive. 



Catra woke up slowly to an afternoon sunbeam warming her bed— which would have been absolutely perfect, one of her favorite ways to wake up, if she hadn’t also just had a dream about Adora and then woken up alone, again . With a hiss at the thought, she rolled herself out of bed. She was still in her clothes from the night before— a pair of men’s jeans that fit like slightly baggy pajama pants and an unbuttoned flannel; thankfully she’d had the sense to take off her bra before bed, which was probably why the shirt was unbuttoned. Not that Catra necessarily needed a bra, but she liked the feeling of having an extra layer of protection… or whatever.


Catra checked her phone and saw a text from Mara— Razz’s granddaughter— who’d been helping at the place since Catra and... since Catra was a kid. 


[Big Sis]:

You coming to your birthday this year?






 you must be insane


[Big Sis]:

It’s been four years, you still come on ADORA’s birthday

And every other holiday

Razz will be sad if any more of her birthday cakes for you go to waste



ok thats playing dirty

you can’t just threaten me with making Razz sad

thats not fair


[Big Sis]:

Too bad.

Because I am.


Catra—because it really was unfair to use Razz—groaned. Catra thought of Razz and Mara as her actual family, her actual sister and grandma— unlike whatever the hell sorry excuse for a person The Witch was to her. Mara, she could blow off; but Razz? She couldn’t do something bad like that to her. She could just see it; for the past three birthdays she’d missed, Razz making a cake and having presents all ready to go for when Catra showed up, giving a few slices to Mara, waiting with it the whole day, putting it in the fridge when Catra doesn’t show, and giving it to Mara to take home and finish so it doesn’t go bad.


She got herself cleaned up and into a nice outfit. A black button-up, a pair of dark blue-grey slacks, as well as their matching suit jacket. Also— because Catra truly didn't give a shit— and fuck it, it's HER birthday — Catra slipped on her black crocs (she got them not because of the emo angsty bullshit, but because they're slightly nicer and can be worn with anything), and started the journey from her suite in the high-end side of town over to Razz's. 




When Adora walked into the doors of Razz's shop, she was immediately shoved into the staff break room with a filled tote bag and told to "get ready".


Adora emptied the bag to find a dress that was the same gradient of steel-blue as her own eyes. When she tried to knock on the door and ask why Razz just scolded her to "Hurry up and change! Or else I'll have to get my broom!"


So, of course, Adora got changed as quickly as humanly possible. The dress showed off her arms, and thus her tattoos, as well as pretty much perfectly framing her body. Adora swore on the stars that Razz was some sort of Eldritch Being because she had never, not once , bought something for Adora or Catra that wasn't perfect . Her timing? Impeccable. The fitting? Felt like it was tailored. Durability? Mithril . Razz never got a present wrong, and this dress was no exception. Hell, it looked great even though Adora was wearing old, worn-out, beat-up fucking sneakers.  


When Adora, in her new dress, left the room, she noticed the whole place was done up. The tables had little, thin, decorative clothes over their middles— and their table, Catra and Adora’s table, had two little menus on it. Like always. Adora's heart tightened, knowing that Razz was hoping just as much as Adora that Catra would actually show up this year. 


The only difference is that Adora had accepted that she wouldn't. 


Adora sat down on her side of the table, picked up her menu, and looked at the jumbled mess of letters on it. There were no real words on the nice, thick, piece of paper; except the word “Menu” at the top. Everything else was just scribbles from Razz that you could almost mistake as actual cursive writing— but was really just mumbo jumbo. Razz always knew what to make for Adora and Catra, always knew exactly what they wanted and needed that time— even if they didn't. She never needed a menu at Razz's, but on their birthdays the old lady liked to be a little extra for them. 


Adora looked over to the wall, at all the pictures of her and Catra’s shared childhood, still hung up and kept in pristine condition (Adora knew Mara kept digital copies in like three different places so they could keep the wall prints in mint condition and never lose any of the pictures), and she felt her chest tighten. Would another picture ever be hung on that wall? Would she ever get to even see or talk to Catra again? If she did, would she ever get to— 


The bell on the door rang, and Adora whipped her head around and froze


Catra. It was Catra who walked through the door. Adora immediately stopped breathing. She forgot how to . Her heart was beating so fast in her chest it felt like it wasn’t beating at all. She watched as Catra’s ears flicked over to her, followed by her eyes. Her eyes, which still looked as cosmically stunning as the first time she saw them. Her eyes, which drew Adora in like an abyss of light and wonder and hopes and dreams. Her right eye, blue like the Caribbean ocean; like the endless soaring sky, deep and free and endless; clear, Adora could fall into the depths of that eye and never hit the ground. Her left eye, golden like a candle’s flame that wafts calming scents into the air at night; like pools of liquid gold, shimmering and bright and warm and dangerous; sharp, Adora could be seen so deeply and cut so harshly by a simple glare from that eye.


Adora watched— still, like a deer in headlights— as Catra approached her. It probably took half a second for her to take the almost five steps to their table, but time had slowed for Adora. Catra’s footsteps, which Adora knows were near silent, were like fireworks to her ears. Adora couldn’t look away from her eyes; those eyes, that face, the person they belonged to that she knew every aspect of better than her own— that she used to know every aspect of better than her own.


Catra’s mouth moved, but her voice was muffled to Adora’s ears. Catra reached out with her hands to grab Adora by the cheeks and—

“ADORA. BREATHE. ” Catra’s voice was a command, clear and harsh and— 


Adora took a deep breath; then promptly started coughing as she regained her ability to breathe because oh dear stars how fucking long was she not breathing for her vision was getting spotty and she felt light-headed .


Catra pulled back once Adora was breathing again and crossed her arms, looking down at Adora from the other side of their table.


Her eyes were slits, her tail was lashing— but not angrily, rather it was weaving? anxiously instead.


“Hey, Adora. Didn’t think I’d see you here.” Her voice— to anyone else— probably sounded cold, harsh, and cutting. But Adora could hear the slight waver in her tone; the notes of genuine confusion and worry and warmth in Catra’s words. Her ears were pricked forward, telling Adora that she had Catra’s full attention.


“I’m always here today. It’s the one day every year I make absolutely certain to come down here, regardless of what my family or co-workers might be doing.” Adora replies, simple and honest.


And then came the silence. It wasn’t really awkward, but it also wasn’t comfortable. There was a certain intensity to it, all the weight of everything between them— but the safety of it being them, of it being Catra and Adora, Adora and Catra— they knew so much, and yet so little about each other at that moment. What was the same? What had changed?


Where to start ?


“Catra! Sit! Sit down!” Razz thundered in like a bulldozer, broom in hand, swatting at Catra’s feet. With a yelp and hiss, Catra scrambled into her seat— directly across from Adora— and only then Razz huffed in satisfaction. “How are you going to eat if you don’t sit down, hmm? Years you’ve missed your own birthday, and you try to tell me that I’M the one going senile in my old age!”

“Razz I—” Catra got THWACKED! on the head with the broom, “Ow! What the Fu—” THWACK!


“Hush! No talk-backs! And no cursing! You’ve missed your birthday and Adora’s trips here AND my birthday pies too many times!” The old lady scolded Catra, Adora couldn’t help but start to laugh at it all and— 




“OW!” Adora yelled, holding her head.

“You don’t get to laugh! You need to make more time for Old Razz and Mara! You come down for Catra’s birthday but not your own! How bad is your brain to flip your birthdays hm? Now you two sit here and behave while Madame Razz gets Pie and Presents!” She bellowed at the girls, her voice filled the otherwise empty space, before turning on her heel and disappearing into the kitchen.


“Always good to see Razz hasn’t changed,” Adora chuckled lightly as she rubbed the back of her head.


“I swear she was born senile, I can feel it in my bones ,” Catra whispers, looking down at her palms and flexing her claws out for extra emphasis to her point.


“She was born something alright, but that’s what makes her Razz,” Adora agreed.


There was a pause, a comfortable lull; before Catra shifted in her seat and asked:


“...So, you never come down for your birthday?”


Their eyes were locked again, Adora felt herself relax a little under Catra’s gaze, “Today is much more important than my birthday.”


Catra’s ear twitched. She looked away. Adora’s heart sank. She could feel the lump in her throat, the pressure on her breath, the tightness in her chest— 


Catra’s hand, holding hers.


“I’m not— I’m not mad at you, Adora,” Catra reassured her, voice quivering at the confession— and Adora knew it was a confession, because anger is what Catra uses as a mask to protect herself and her emotions. “I’m just— I’m— AHRG I’m fucking— I’m hurt ,” Catra grumbled, stumbling over her words as she tried to properly communicate with Adora. A new skill she must’ve started to finally cultivate in the few years they’ve been apart. "You just— you left, Adora, and I didn't know what to do . You're the first thing I can remember, and where my life begins. You were everything, my world, my home, I'd never slept without you by my side. Hell, I can't remember anything from before the moment I took your hand that first day at Weaver's— I just… When I found out you were being adopted, suddenly I realized that I would be alone . I would be sleeping alone , at Weaver's . You never really protected me, that bitch used us against each other, but once you were gone? There was nothing between her and me to stop her shit until I aged out.” 


Adora froze, she caught the way Catra’s voice sounded— it was wobbling and Catra wasn’t even taking a pause to breathe, the words tumbling out of her mouth so fast Adora’s mind was scrambling to keep up.


"Everything I had ever known was falling through my fingers like dry sand, and I had no idea what would happen. You had— have a family! You have people who have been looking out for you, who care for you— where could I possibly fit in that life? Your aunt walked in with an army of lawyers and money and whisked you away to live in her home, safe with her daughter. You got a family and new best friends all wrapped up in a nice little package, moving stars-only-know how fucking far away, and I was stuck here. With her. Without you." Catra took a shuddering breath and turned to meet Adora's eyes, her own brimming with tears, ready to fall at any second. Adora wanted to kiss them off and hold her and card her fingers through her hair as they talked— but she didn't know if she could, so she fisted her hands in the skirt of her dress. 


"I was alone, with Weaver, and you were gone , starting a new, brighter life— without me . And I was just… So hurt, so scared— "


"Catra." Adora cut her off, her eyes were burning. She could feel her own intensity by the twitch of Catra's ear, "there is nothing that could ever replace you, in ANY capacity. I was so fucking lost when I got there— I was so terrified of my aunt for the longest time, not sure when the other shoe would drop and she might turn into another Weaver. My cousin treated me like scum for the first few days before she found out I was "actually intelligent" and how that was a "miracle" since I was raised by the system. Rich people are fucking ruthless , and I was so lost and felt so fucking alone. My cousin, Glimmer, and her queerplatonic boyfriend Bow tried to help me, but they don't know . Four years later and they still don't fucking know my tells and only just recently figured out that I have panic attacks and some of their triggers. Glimmer was born with a diamond spoon up her ass— she's nice, supportive, and has helped me adjust and stuff— but that doesn't change the fact she was born and raised by the 1%. And, that life is so fucking far removed from how we grew up. She doesn't think anything she does is wrong— she's sent me out on dates without telling me and I had to be the one to break it to the poor girls after that I had no fucking clue it was a date and already h—" Adora cut herself off and looked away for a second, fidgeting with her dress. "I was the one who had to tell them I wasn't interested in dating anyone."




"I know you were hurt, and scared, but do you know where we've lived? These past few years? Four hours away. Four fucking hours away . We could have been seeing each other all the time— you had Weaver, and that sucked ass— I know that— but you also had this," Adora gestured to the restaurant, "and Razz, and Mara, and all our friends, and everyone we knew growing up. I was gone, but everything else was the same. I had fucking nothing . I got people I'd never met calling me family and the money that came with them. People befriend me for political benefits, Catra. I have no fucking clue who or what is genuine, my bed is different, there's not a single fucking trace of home or you there, and I— it's been hard for me too, Catra." Adora could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks. 


Adora watched as Catra got up from her seat and walked over to Adora as she felt that her breathing had become more shallow and her chest tight— constricting and oh stars oh fuck she wasn’t supposed to go off on Catra she was supposed to remedy things now she's just made things worse and she's never going to have Catra back and


Soft hands cupped her cheeks,  "Shhh, Adora, look at me," Catra's voice was soft; a gentle, almost silent purr tingeing at its edges. Catra sat herself in Adora's lap and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Breathe with me, Dummy," she said, almost a whisper, "it's ok, shit has happened, I know you hate me for—"


"I never hated you. I could never hate you. I've never stopped missing you." Adora felt Catra's purr rise to a steady rumble at the words. 


Catra wrapped herself around Adora, nuzzling into the crook of her neck as Adora clung to her like she'd been breathing smog her whole life and Catra was an open field of fresh air. 


"I know you're hurt—"


"So are you, I'm sorry,"


"Don't apologize Dummy, we were both hurt,"


"I left you,"


"You didn't really have a choice, I was the one who broke us up,"


"You were scared, it's okay,"


"It's not okay , nothing about it was acceptable,"


"Well, I forgive you."


"Thank you…” She took a deep breath. In. Out. “I forgive you, too."


"Are we ok now?" Adora asked, tucked as tightly against Catra as she could physically achieve while dressed like this and at their table. 




"Pie is ready!" The girls were startled out of their own little world at Razz's announcement and sudden appearance at the table. Catra turned around in Adora's lap in order to partially face the table. Two slices of pumpkin pie cheesecake with a fudge drizzle and whipped cream were set down in front of them. Adora got a fork-full of one of the slices and brought it up to Catra— who happily took the bite— and then she ate a bite herself from the other slice of the dessert. 


A peaceful silence washed over them as Adora fed them both their slices. Catra never left Adora's lap or went to reach for her own fork to start eating by herself, letting Adora continue as she went. 


They were healing.




Adora woke up to the feeling and sound of her girlfriend purring on top of her. Her arms wrapped around Catra, cuddling deeper into her floofy mane of hair. She was so warm and Adora didn't know how she could ever survive without waking up to the sensation of loving rumbling and a soft, warm, body against hers. 


She felt Catra's purring ramp up from rumbling to engine as she noticed Adora's waking movements.

“Morning, beautiful,” Catra rasped, turning to slowly kiss Adora along her jaw. Adora hummed at the affection, soaking in her beloved’s attention, as she slowly blinked her eyes halfway open. Catra chuckled softly against her before shifting away— not far, just enough so that Catra was straddling her oh fucking stars above — and gently holding Adora’s chin in one hand while the other held herself up from Adora’s abdomen. Adora’s hands fell to Catra’s hips and smiled softly as Catra tilted her chin up as she bent down to kiss Adora’s lips. It was a soft, chaste, but long kiss.


Adora bathed in the luxury of Catra’s attentive affection. It flooded her mind and heart and soul every time she remembered she could have this— that Catra wanted her like this too, and it wasn’t her own selfish desires or a guilty thought or dream filling her mind like in her youth. She stared into those eyes— so breath-taking and life-giving at the same time— that she’d seen every time she’d closed her eyes since they first met.


“Good morning, Beloved,” Adora smiled as she also rasped the greeting. She brought her arms back up to loop around Catra’s neck and bring her in for another kiss. 


Stars, she would never get tired of the feeling of Catra against her lips— or Catra’s lips against her, for that matter.


Catra’s purr ramped up even more, if that were possible, the vibrations settled into her bones like the thump of the bass at a live concert. The feeling tickled a bit against her lips, a giggle bubbling out of her chest and into Catra. 


Adora loved mornings; waking up just a bit early so she could spend extra time cuddling with Catra on their regular schedules was perfect . But today, they didn't have to worry about such things. Adora extended her cuddling with Catra until almost noon. Neither had anything planned until the evening. Adora wasn’t allowed to know exactly what , but she had full trust in Catra, Mara, and Razz with whatever they were doing for her.


When Catra and Adora finally got out of bed they got ready for the day together, eating a light breakfast (of strawberries, yogurt, and oats), brushing their teeth, showering together, and getting dressed for the event that afternoon… evening… Adora never knew where one ended and the other began with Catra around. 


What Adora did know, however, was that they looked hot . Adora was wearing a white, open-back, sleeveless dress that tied around her neck with simple golden accents, showing off her tattoos. She liked to wear dresses to show off her muscles, as she knew Catra wouldn't be able to resist staring at them. Catra, not being one to be outdone, was in a grey-blue pinstriped dress with a matching vest. Her lean, strong, arms also on display. She might not necessarily look strong, but Adora knew Catra could lift her up like she was air if she wanted to. 


And had done so in the shower. 


Catra held the door open, escorted Adora to their car, and then proceeded to drive them to Razz's. Adora tried to protest, saying that she could at the very least drive them there or something, but—


"Ah ah ah! It's your day, Princess, let me take care of you ," Catra purred into her ear, rendering her absolutely useless. She was all too happy to give into Catra's… everythings


Before she got out of the car Catra wrapped a silk blindfold over her eyes, as to 'elevate the surprise'.


Catra held her hand tenderly, their fingers interlaced, as she guided Adora into Razz’s and to their table. She held her free hand out to feel her way as Catra nudged her into the seat without letting her fall over or flip the table or anything. Adora was buzzing with excitement, her leg bouncing quickly under the table as she felt her love cover her eyes with her hand, removing the blindfold. 


Catra kissed her behind her ear, "You ready?" she purred. 




Catra gave a small, low, chuckle before she removed her hand from Adora's eyes and shifted to the other side of the table. She took the server tray— one of those fancy stainless steel ones, with a cover to boot, the kind you see in movies— and set it down in front of Adora. She threw a knowing smirk Adora's way before she removed the lid. 


In front of Adora was the best-looking steak she'd ever seen, as well as being the one she knew would absolutely ruin steak for her if she had it anywhere else. On the side were halved and baked potatoes. Adora didn't know what the sauce was and, frankly, she didn't give a shit— her mouth had only watered more and more since the food was revealed. She glanced away to see that on the other side of the table Catra had the same set-up but with salmon. 


When Adora took her first bite she groaned . It was so fucking good


Adora tried to savor it, but she was never good at eating slow, especially when she really liked something. Catra just laughed at her from the other side of the table. She looked so soft , and every bit of her just spelled the words "in love". The affection was blatant in her eyes and the barely audible purr rumbling from her as they ate. 


Once they finished dinner, Razz came out and brought her the best-looking cookie Adora had ever seen. For one, the thing was fucking massive , and two, it was her favorite kind: chocolate chunk. It was obviously freshly baked, still perfectly cooked but soft, gooey, the chocolate all melty. Catra had her own, albeit smaller, chocolate chunk cookie. Adora inhaled the fucker in the same amount of time it took Catra to eat her normally large cookie. 


Once all the food was gone, Adora took in her surroundings. There were candles at her table, and she realized the reason she hadn't been blinded when the blindfold was removed was probably because of the low lighting. Along the window were strips of what Adora thought were probably firefly lights, with pictures of her and Catra from childhood up until probably last week hanging from them. 


She hadn't noticed her girlfriend moving off the seat and to the side of the table.


"Hey, Adora," her voice was soft— a bit nervous even, if her restless tail was any indication and Adora quickly whipped around to meet her gaze. Those beautiful eyes


"Hey Catra," Adora replied, she could feel her own absolutely smitten smile as she spoke. 


"Adora, you're my entire world— you always have been. You are where life begins and ends. Where purpose rises with the sun, and stress sets. For a time, I learned to live without you. Knowing it’s possible is great, I know I don't necessarily need you to survive or even thrive, financially at least— but it was the worst part of my life. We both benefited from the time apart, I know, but I can say without a doubt I never want to not be with you, beside you. I never want to wake up or go to sleep in a bed without you, in a bed that isn't ours, ever again. I never want to live in a house that you don't live in too." Catra's ears, which had been almost pinned backwards when she started, were at attention as Catra got more and more confident and the nerves started to fall away— her tail absolutely lashing behind her like a whip. 


Catra gulped almost imperceptibly, and then took a couple calming breaths. Then she got down on one knee wait what the fu— HOLY FUCKING STARS—


"Adora," she said, a slight smirk on her lips, "will you marry me?"






Adora was absolutely ruined. Her heart was about to burst out of her chest and impale itself on the sword trying to reach Catra. 


Adora stood from her seat, grabbed the sword from Catra and set it down delicately on the table, turned back to her love, grabbed her by the lapels of her vest, and tugged her up from her knee into a searing kiss. 


Catra Mrrp!' d in surprise into the kiss, but soon the two were clinging onto each other and Catra was purring into the kiss. Adora could feel the rumble reverberating through her entire body as she held Catra flush against her. 


Eventually, they had to part for air, and Catra propped them apart by cupping Adora's face with her hands, her ears drooped a little while her tail thwap 'd against Adora's hip. 


She smiled. 


" Yes , an infinite times yes , Catra!"


Catra's purr grew loud , a big smile on her face as she rested their foreheads together. After a few soft kisses, Catra moved back to her side of the table and kissed Adora once more from across it. 


They smiled like idiots, in love as they were. Razz and Mara and the other workers who had watched them grow up together off to the sides, patiently waiting for the two to process, presents in hand. 


Mara's camera captured all the moments that adorned the restaurant's walls, and she knew when it came to the wedding she would organize all of the most important and her favorites into an album. She also already knew what she was going to title it, with the name all the workers and regulars had called the girls throughout the years. 





















When Mara showed Catra and Adora the finished album during the wedding planning, Catra hissed and her tail lashed as a dark blush settled on her cheeks. Adora blushed too, but made no effort to hide her overflowing happiness. 


No matter what anyone said or did, the proof was in the pudding. Catra had always loved Adora, and Adora had always loved her back.