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Allison’s point of view. 

I wasn't surprised when my father announced we were moving again. After the death of my mother. He was determined now more than ever to wipe the earth of all wolves. It was sad considering that Derek Hale killed my mother. He should have focused on finding Derek and his insane uncle Peter. With both of them on the run we left Beacon Hills. I've lived a majority of life on the West Coast. Giving the same sob story about being an army brat. I was starting to annoy myself just hearing it come out of my mouth.

If they only knew the real story. We were what avid readers read about. Hunters, wolves, and anything pertaining to the supernatural was suppose to be fiction. Wrong! It was real. Very real and I was living proof that it existed. The things that I'd encountered in Beacon Hills was bone chilling. The mundane were oblivious to it and the ones who saw it were frightened. I'm still amazed that Stiles was so nonchalant about most of it. Here I was once again getting ready to attend a new school. Being the new girl sucked. Forks, Washington was now my new home. Looking out the window of my father's Land Rover. I wondered what he had planned.

"Does the sun ever shine, dad?" I asked my father. He'd just finished talk to my aunt Kate. She would be joining us soon.

"I'm sure it does, sweetheart. I know it rains a lot here. Considering that it is now Fall. I expect cooler days." My father continued to drive towards the high school. Once we arrived I gasped at how small it was. It looked so drab and boring. What did I expect? Forks was a very small town.

"They are expecting you, Allison. I've talked to the principal and you got the same classes transferred over. You'll do just fine." I knew he meant well but I was angry. This was getting old. Getting out of the car after listening to him lecture me about my bad attitude. I got my ass in gear. Heading towards the campus. A male approached me with a smile on his face.

"Allison! Allison Argent! My name Mike Newton. I'd like..." I cut him off before he could finish talking.

"No." Walking past him in a hurry. He was left with his mouth open. Probably peeved that I'd just embarrassed him in front of others. I did not care. I'd decided that I wasn't here to make friends. Chances are I wouldn't make it to Christmas. With my schedule in hand I walked towards my first class. 

"Biology A52 Mr. Molina" Looking up at the letters and numbers on the door. I found the class. Walking inside the room, I was greeted by the teacher, and he signed my schedule.

"Can I have your attention, class? We have a new student. Her name is Allison Argent." I looked around the room. Immediately recognizing Mike who looked away.

"Allison, here is your workbook and you can take a seat next to Edward over there." Mr. Molina pointed to a table where a brunette was sitting. He looked pissed. Nodding whilst walking over to the table. I looked at Edward and sat down.

"Who pissed in your cherrios this morning?  Do you mind not staring at me like a serial killer?"