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Thank God You Introduced Me To Your Sister

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Catra waited on the front porch of Adam’s house, adjusting the sleeves of her flannel. Her new friend had invited her round for some drinks, snacks, and videogames, and who was she to turn down free refreshments?

Adam appeared to be forming quite the crush on her obviously gay self, and Catra would be lying if she said she wasn’t amused. He and his friends thought they were the coolest shit to exist since sliced bread, and she knew they each played instruments.

Tonight was the perfect opportunity to expand her new rock band—and hopefully find a bassist—as well as embarrass Etheria’s golden boy in front of his buds.

Maybe she’d finally meet his golden-girl sister, too.

The door opened, and Adam pulled into a too-tight bear hug without warning.

“Hey, Cat!” He said, “You made it!” Catra ignored the less-than-desired nickname, awkwardly patting his back before pulling away and entering the house. Adam’s two friends, Jake and Conner, were lounging on the couch and surrounding beanbags, PlayStation controllers clicking furiously in their hands. Bowls of different chips and cans of beer were scattered across the coffee table, and Catra was quick to grab one and pop it open, taking a large gulp.

“Well, when I was promised free food and alcohol, I wasn’t exactly going to say no,” she said, making the boys chuckle. She took another swig of the beer before placing it back on the table. After discarding her bag and shoes, and slumped onto the couch—as far away from Jake as she could sit.

She might want to mess with Adam’s head a little, but his passe can fuck right off.

“What are you guys playing?” She asked, placing a Dorito in her mouth. Conner looked to Adam, who answered,

“GTA five. Is that alright?” He glanced between his friends, then back at Catra. Almost desperate for her approval.

She loved the effect she had on men. It was hilarious. They’d never stand a chance with her, of course, but watching them bend over backwards just so she considered them cool was something she’d never get bored of.

“Oh, fucking get in,” she said. “Yeah, that’s great. I love this game…gimme,” she snatched the remote from Jake, who didn’t hesitate to let her have it, and made work on stealing a Mercedes.

Catra successfully stole the car and got away, as the boys watched, transfixed. Soon enough, however, she handed the remote back to Jake and smirked.

“Beat that.”

The brunette boy nodded, and his face hardened as he began pressing and clicking the controller again. Catra took a swig of beer, smug. She should feel bad about taking advantage of Adam and his friends, but considering how men had treated her in the past, she couldn’t care less.

Noise came from the kitchen. At first Catra thought Adam had gone to grab more chips, but the blonde boy was still sat on a beanbag, watching his fried fail to steal a BMW on the TV screen.

That could only mean…

“Yo, Adora!” Adam called, “Bring us more Pringles whilst you’re in the kitchen, will you?”

It was time to meet Etheria’s sapphic heartthrob herself.

“Um, no,” Adora replied, from the kitchen. Her voice was smooth and slightly breathy. “If want something, get it yourself. I’m not your fucking maid, Adam.”

“You could be my maid,” Conner said, earning a laugh from Jake, and a grimace from Catra and Adam. And as Adora rounded the corner, fists clenched and jaw tight, Catra’s breath hitched.

She’d seen Adora Grayskull before.  Everyone had. She was tall, blonde, athletic, a star student as well as a football prodigy, with the most magical gray-blue eyes and wide smile.

And, right now, she looked ready to kill.    

“Care to repeat that, Conner?” She asked, fake innocence lacing her words. She cracked her knuckles, scowling at her brother’s friend. “The fact I haven’t already hurt you is a miracle. Don’t push your luck.”

A small chorus of “oooh”s echoed around the living room. Catra watched Adora sigh, and roll her beautiful eyes. She found Catra’s gaze and kept it, the relief of another female presence apparent.

The brunette gave the other woman a nod, before turning to the boys. “You can oooh and ahh all you guys want, but when you’re on the receiving end of unwanted, unnecessary sexual comments, you wouldn’t be the ones laughing.” She gave Adam a stern look. “I’m hear to laugh, drink and play video games. Not to watch some dickheads make a poor girl uncomfortable in her own home.”

Adam seemed to grow some balls, and muttered something harsh to his friends. Catra smiled at Adora, whose gratitude couldn’t have been more evident.

“’Dora,” Adam said, pouting. “Sorry about that. Will you pretty please go grab some more Pringles for us?” He gave his sister puppy-dog eyes, who just laughed.

“Jesus Christ Adam,” she said after finally catching her breath. “You see one confident woman and all of a sudden you’re being polite to me?” The football star turned to Catra, “We should have you round more often in that case.”

“I mean,” Catra said, her cocky-yet-nonchalant snark returning, “I’m getting free beer, and I get to fucking annihilate men on GTA. Sounds like a good trade deal, Blondie.”

Adora chuckled. “Blondie?” She said, “You know my name…it was just repeated about six times.”

Catra leaned forward on her knees, unaware of if she was flirting with the popular jock, or if Adora spoke like this to everyone. She opted for the former, however, and making eye contact, said,

“Aw, but where’s the fun in that. Blondie.”

Adora’s throat bobbed as she gulped, and Catra was grateful the boys had returned their vision to the game. Fuck trying to embarrass Adam: Adora was who she wanted bending over backwards for her.

The blonde girl cleared her throat awkwardly, and looked to her brother. “I-I’ll go get you those Pringles, Adam…” she gave a very pointed look at Catra, who nodded in understanding.

Once Adora had left for the kitchen, she grabbed some empty beer cans and said, “I’ll go throw these out. Can’t have your fancy-ass living room getting littered.” The guys hummed and nodded, unsuspecting, and Catra left the living room.

The kitchen was down past the dining room, around a corner. Catra entered, and saw Adora startle a bit in response before turning around from sorting the Pringles.

Hey Adora,” she drawled, earning a small gasp from the blonde.

“Oh-um, hey…” Her blue eyes darted around as she not-subtly racked her brain for Catra’s name.  The brunette chuckled and decided to help her out.

“It’s Catra,” she said.

Adora nodded, smiling. “Thanks.”

Catra burst out laughing. “Did…did you just thank me for telling you my name?” Adora laughed along as well, before sincerity overtook her perfect features.

“Yes, I mean, kinda. I was also thanking you for standing up to Conner for me…you—” she paused. “You didn’t have to do that.”

Catra shrugged. “No, but I wanted to. I meant it. I came round to play videogames and drink beer, not watch every queer Etherian girls’ gay awakening get harassed by a creep.” It took Catra a few seconds to realise what exactly she’d said, and when she did, it was already too late.

Adora’s smirk was cocky, and so, so hot.  If anything, it only reiterated what Catra had said about her. She really was the girl to make every sapphic in Etheria High realise they weren’t straight.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, Catra,” Adora said, one hand sliding across the bare expanse of the brunette’s waist. She gasped.

Adora continued, “But I think you just admitted I was your gay awakening.” She pushed Catra back lightly, until her spine was pressing lightly into the sink, and leaned down to her ear. “I do tend to have that effect of women.”

Catra shivered, biting her lip to stop her saying any more embarrassing confessions.

“Adora! Catra!” Adam’s voiced came from the living room. “Where’d you go?”

Adora didn’t remove her hand immediately, but let it linger on Catra’s skin a second longer. “Time’s up,” she whispered.

It was like a flip of a switch. One minute, Adora was this goofy, dumb-jock dork, the next she was threatening and ready to beat up a creep, and then she was the sexiest woman Catra had ever been in the presence of.

What’s more impressive, was as soon as she’d let go of Catra’s waist, the flip had switched again, and she was back to being her previous, golden-retriever-like self.

Catra, on the other hand, needed a good minute to compose herself before finally leaving the kitchen.

When she re-entered the living room, she saw Adora sat on the edge of the couch, an arm draped over the one leg she’d propped up. Trying her hardest not to give anything away, she asked,

“Are you staying down here with us?”

The blonde shrugged, looking between the three men in the living room, then back at Catra. “Figured you could use some female company. I’d go mad if I had to spend an evening with three fuckboys…I wanted to spare you.”

Adam scoffed. “Me? A fuckboy? How am I even—”

Adora shook her head, her smile and tone betraying her insult. “How many girlfriends have you had Adam? And how quickly do you go through them? Just saying, for someone who never seems to need a grieving period between each breakup—”

“You’re just jealous I get more girls than you—”

“Sure, you tell yourself that…” Adora shared an endearing look with her brother, and Catra couldn’t help but feel warm at the obvious care they had for each other. Even if it was seemingly buried under a lot of sarcasm and bickering.

“Maybe you’d have more dates if you tried dating m—”

Adora’s smile vanished. “Conner, I swear to God, if you even think about finishing that sentence…” Catra walked past and sat down next to the blonde, wordlessly showing her, she was there to defend her again if needs be.

“I’m just saying—”

“Hey, Adam?” Catra asked. Adora’s brother looked up at her.


“Do me a favour and put on Mario Kart.” She said, “I have a race to win against Conner.”

Adam cocked a brow before swapping the PlayStation for a Nintendo Switch. Conner laughed and rubbed his hands together competitively. “Oh, you’re on.”






After successfully winning a grand prix against Conner in Adora’s honour, Catra felt thoroughly proud of herself. As the animated trophy appeared on the screen, Catra let out a celebratory cheer and everyone except Conner applauded.

She felt movement beside her and turned to Adora. The blonde was staring right ahead at the screen, cheering with the guys. She wasn’t clapping, however. She couldn’t.

Her right hand was occupied, having somehow found its way onto Catra’s thigh.

The Latina girl sucked in a breath, trying not to react too outwardly.

“Thanks,” Adora muttered, smiling. Catra, doing her best to ignore the fact Adora’s fingers were practically stroking her thigh, replied,

“No problem. If there’s one thing I love, it’s embarrassing guys in front of their friends.” She took a risk. Winked. Lowered her voice. “But feeling like a knight in shining armour for a pretty girl…well that made it all even better.”

Adora froze for a second, but quickly one-upped Catra. “Pretty girl, huh?” she said, her words still quiet under her breath. “I’d sure hope the girl who caused your gay awakening was pretty. If not…I’d question your standards.”

Catra sighed, not breaking eye contact. “I’m never living that down, am I?”

“Nope,” Adora said, popping the “p”. They just sat there for a few seconds, gazing at each other through air as thick as tar, and Catra felt she could slice the tension with a knife.

“Are you guys ready to order pizza yet?” Adam asked. Catra looked up, and she saw Adora snap out of whatever was happening, to answer.

The hand never left her thigh.

“Yeah, sure,” Jake and Adora said simultaneously. Catra nodded, and Conner said,

“Sure, dude. I need fucking pizza after being defeated by a four-foot-tall girl.” He said it in jest, but it still pissed Catra off.

“I’ll have you fucking know,” she said to him, crossing her arms, “I’m five-two.”

“Awwww!” Adora cooed next to her. “You’re so tiny!”

“Watch it, Blondie.” Catra pointed a finger to her sternum.

“Yeah, Blondie,” Adam said, sticking his tongue out at his unimpressed sister. “Just because we’re not all fucking five-foot-eleven giants—"

“You’re literally taller than me! And you’re also blonde!”

“Is this what it’s like having a twin?” Catra cut through the squabble. “If so, thank fuck I’m an only child.”

Adam stood from the beanbag to grab his phone off the mantelpiece. On his way, he leaned over to give Adora a noogie. “You love me really, ‘Dora,” he said, as Adora gripped his wrist, vice-like, and shoved it away. “Don’t you?”

Through gritted teeth, Adora replied, “Unfortunately, yes I do.” The twins shared a laugh, before Adora pointed to the phone in Adam’s hand. “Now order the pizza, ass hat.”






The pizza order was made—two large pepperonis, and another two large margaritas—and after a fair thirty-minute wait, there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Adora said, jumping up from the couch beside Catra. The latter watched as Adora grabbed the keys from a hook on the wall and opened the door, taking all four pizza boxes in one hand from the delivery person.

They were cute, Catra noted. Feminine presenting, red-haired, mid-sized.

“That’ll be $22.69,” they said, and smiled as Adora handed them the money. The blonde smiled back, a regular smile; no flirtatiousness that Catra could pick up on.

So why did her chest pang with something akin to…envy?

Whilst the boys were guffawing at the number sixty-nine being in the order total, Catra found herself studying Adora’s movements and facial expressions as she finished the small-talk conversation with the delivery person.

The pang in her chest didn’t dissolve until Adora was seated beside her again, opening up the pizza boxes on the coffee table. Adam had already grabbed a stack of paper plates during the delivery wait, so Catra took one and loaded it with two slices of pepperoni.

She was still chewing when Adam said, “So…what did everyone think of the delivery chick? You were really hitting it off there, Adora.”

Adora laughed, a hand flying up over her mouth to ensure her food stayed in. Catra tried her hardest not to shoot daggers at Adam, as Adora finished her mouthful of pizza and replied,

“Just because you take every encounter you have with a girl as an opportunity,” she said, “doesn’t mean I have to.” The blonde shrugged and Adam’s friends made “ooh” noises. “Besides, we don’t even know if they were a girl at all. They were sweet, I guess.”

Catra suppressed a chuckle at Conner’s confused face, and leaned over to Adora, “If I were you,” she said, her voice lowered, “I wouldn’t even attempt to educate this one on gender expression not equalling gender identity…from what I’ve seen so far he’s a bit—”

“Close-minded?” Adora finished for her. “Yeah, I know. I’m not sure why Adam still has him round, honestly, but I’m not here to tell my twin who he can and can’t be friends with. I can very strongly urge him, and I have, but I can’t dictate his social circle.” She took another bite of pizza. “Not my place, you know?”

Catra sighed, “Yeah I get it,” she said. “I’m an only child, so I’ve not had that exact issue, but I’ve had friends of friends where I’m like, ‘How did they put up with you for so long?’”

Adora laughed. “Fucking tell me about it.”

“Ooh, is it girl talk time?” Jake teased, his mouth full of pizza. Catra grimaced, and was about to tell him to shut his damn mouth while he ate, but Adora spoke first.

“Yeah, girl talk,” she said. “We’re talking about makeup and boys and bras and, gasp, periods…”

Catra burst out laughing, and even Adam had a smile tugging at his lips. Jake shook his head,

“Ew, wait, really?!”

This only made Catra laugh more, and Adora’s chuckles soon joined in. “No, idiot,” Catra said once she could breathe again. “We’re talking about the pizza, for God’s sake.” She finished her first slice as Adora turned to Adam.

“Brother dearest,” the blonde said, in a sickly-sweet tone, “why are all your friends fucking brainless?”

“Hey!” Adam retorted, throwing his hands in the air then gesturing them at Catra, “Catra’s my friend! Is she brainless?”

“Adora, I swear to every deity in that fucking sky, if you lump me in with these dumbasses—”

“Catra’s smarter than you, Adam. She’s not even in the equation here. When you’re in all AP classes, then you can compare her intellect and you guys’.”

Catra gaped at the girl next to her…Adora Grayskull thought she was smart. Adora fucking Grayskull just defended her, the strange, rebellious loner, to Adam fucking Grayskull!

This moment was one for her records.

Though she’d never dream of telling anyone that.

Catra spent a good minute enjoying the self-esteem boost before zoning back into the conversation. Not that there was much conversation to listen in to. The guys were talking about how much they hated their science teacher, and Adora was sat beside her, quietly eating.

She offered the blonde a grateful smile, which she returned, and went back to her pizza.

The two girls ate in comfortable silence until every pizza box was empty.






Conner was the first one to leave the gathering, and honestly, Catra was grateful. He’d reluctantly helped the group clean up the living room a bit, so it wouldn’t be out of hand by the time Adam and Adora’s parents got back at eleven, and then said his girlfriend called him saying she missed him.

“All this time he’s been trying to come on to me,” Adora had said to Catra, “he’s had a girlfriend? For fuck’s sake…”

Catra wouldn’t agree more. She was more than glad that the slimeball had left.

With Conner gone, four people remained. Her, Adora, Adam and Jake. They opened another six-pack of beers between them—Adora held her alcohol as well as Catra expected her too…she was a jock, after all—and squeezed together on the couch to play Phasmophobia.

It was only as she heard a particularly guitar-heavy song play through the Amazon Alexa, that Catra remembered her second reason for coming here.

Since the first reason kind of got chucked aside the second Catra saw Adora, however, she forgave herself.

“Hey, Adam?” she asked, grabbing her gear ready to enter the haunted house.

He glanced to her, “Mhm?”

“You play bass, right?” Catra internally rolled her eyes as she saw Adam sit straighter. He must’ve thought she was asking because she was fangirling like every straight girl at Etheria.

“I do,” Adam said. Adora didn’t need to hide how she rolled her own eyes. She turned to Catra,

“He’ll never fucking shut up about that bass now,” she said. “What have you done?”

Adam threw a Pringle at her in retaliation, but she caught it mid air with cat-like reflexes, crushing it in her grip. She smirked and raised her eyebrows at her brother, and Catra had to look away in fear of blushing.

Ignoring how stupidly attractive Adora was, Catra continued talking to the other Grayskull. “Great,” she said. “I do guitar. Would you want to, I don’t know, jam out some time?” Before it could sound like she was asking him out, she added, “I’m trying to dip my foot in the industry. You know, get something going whilst I’m in high school so that when I’ve graduated it’s already been going strong for a bit? I kind of, really, really need a bassist to help record something…”

Adam’s eyes widened, and he nodded. “Yeah!” When Adora giggled at his enthusiasm, he backtracked. “I-I just mean that would be pretty sick, you know. Being part of something real—instead of just playing on my own in the garage.”

“Please,” Adora said, “For the love of God, do not leave the garage with that bass, Adam. Some of us have important shit to do after school—”

“Music is important—”

“Never said it wasn’t,” Adora smiled. “Music is very important. But whatever the fuck goes on to make those painful noises in that garage is not, at all, more important than my homework.”

Catra and Jake looked at each other across the couch and shrugged, silently deciding to just let the twins get on with it.

Adam threw his hands up, “My music is not painful! What is painful, is hearing the floorboards creaking and thudding at sunrise because someone insists five a.m. is the perfect workout time!”

“Last time I checked, I’m more ripped than you,” Adora flexed her bicep in her brother’s face, who huffed. “So clearly, my workout routine is doing just peachy.”

It took everything in Catra to not stare at Adora’s arms after that, or imagine her in the glow of dawn in shorts and a sports bra, doing push-ups and squats and—

“His music isn’t actually painful, Catra,” Adora leaned over to her. “I’m just fulfilling my role as the annoying younger sister.”

Catra frowned. “Aren’t you guys twins?”

“Yes, we are,” Adam said. “But I was born four minutes before Adora, so I get the older sibling privileges, and she gets to be an annoying little shit in return.”

Adora flashed him an overly cheesy smile. “Aww, Adam,” she cooed. “You’re welcome!”

All four of them began to laugh, a contagious kind of laugh that lasted way longer than necessary. The game of Phasmo started up again, and Catra was getting more of a kick out of watching Adora be scared than she’d like to admit. Something about jocks not being confident about something was quite entertaining.

And it helped that Adora was incredibly cute when screaming at jump scares.  

They lost track of time on the horror game, and the next time Catra glanced at the clock on the wall, it read 9:47. It was become apparently clear to Catra that she’d had too much alcohol to safely ride her motorcycle home: she was laughing at smaller things than usual, and the fuzzy feeling of being tipsy had clouded her head.

She was sober enough to play games and speak coherently, but she was not sober enough to drive. Catra prided herself on being a heavyweight drinker, but even she wasn’t stupid enough to risk her life.

“Yo, Adam?” She asked, taking her final swig of beer from her can.


“Mind if I crash here tonight?” Catra gestured to the alcohol dotted around the living room, “It wouldn’t be safe for me to drive home semi-drunk, and I don’t exactly feel like dying tonight.” Adam opened his mouth to answer, but it was Adora who suggested next,

“You could stay in my room, if you wanted?” Her goofy, beautiful face had split into an excited grin, and she clapped her hands together like an excited child. It was rather endearing. “It’s been so long since I had a sleepover!”   

For a brief moment, Catra’s throat went dry. Did…did Adora Grayskull just ask her to sleepover? In her room? At her house?

“Oh-um, yeah!” She replied, standing up so no one could see her blush. She grabbed the empty chip bowls and beer cans, and said, “Sounds great, thanks Adora. I’ll go put these away…do we want more chips?”

Adam scratched his head. “I’m not sure we have any more, honestly.” He said, “Also, are you sure that’s okay with you, Dora? I’d feel bad inviting my friends round and now they have to take your room…”

Catra met Adora’s gaze, and the blonde smiled. “I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t fine with it. She’s more than welcome; a lot funnier than the usual friends you bring round, anyway. She’ll be fun company.” She gave Catra a look…one that made her stomach flutter and cheeks flush.

Fun company…

Catra had a feeling Adora meant that in more ways than one…

“I-uh, thanks! I owe you one,” she said, rushing out of the living room. She heard Adora chuckling as she left, and let out a shaky breath.

What had she gotten herself into?






As she washed her hands, Catra double checked her appearance in the mirror. She wasn’t one to wear much makeup, just some concealer and eyeliner, but still, she wanted to make sure she didn’t look stupid.

After deciding her makeup was fine, she dried her hands, and left the bathroom. Her breath hitched as she saw Adora was right there, behind the door, waiting for her.

Hey Adora,” she purred. Adora’s eyes fluttered shut briefly—then she grabbed Catra’s hand and lead her into the room next door.

Her bedroom.

Catra was hot, burning with anticipation as Adora made sure Adam and Jake were still in the living room. They’d turned on Call of Duty and were still playing and laughing and shouting, as they had been fifteen minutes ago when the girls agreed to turn in for the night.

Or at least, that’s what they told the boys they’d do.

Adora shut the door and Catra heard the click of a lock. The blonde turned around and looked Catra up and down.

“You okay?” She asked. Catra smiled at the consideration,

“Great, actually,” she replied. She sauntered over to Adora, trailing fingers over a buff arm. Adora licked her lips and gasped, empowering Catra to lean up and pull her into a kiss.

Adora didn’t hesitate to reciprocate the kiss, her lips moving against Catra’s in a way so delicious the brunette felt dizzy. Her hands crawled up Adora’s arms and chest, ultimately winding themselves around the blonde’s neck and tugging her down further, deepening their contact.

In a three-second blur, Catra felt herself being moved, shoved almost. Her back hit the door—rough enough to make her moan, but still gentle so she didn’t get hurt. Then Adora was kissing her again, faster and harder than before.

Catra kissed back feverishly, her eyes squeezed shut and heart pounding. This was not how she’d expected hanging out with Adam and his friends to go…

Not that she was complaining.

Adora’s lips trailed from Catra’s mouth to her jaw, and the brunette hissed when they reached her neck. She threw her head back and to the side, giving Adora as much space as possible to explore and kiss and nip. Catra squeaked when teeth grazed her pulse point, and bit her lip to keep herself quiet.

As Adora continued to pepper kisses down Catra’s neck, Catra let her hands wander all over the blonde. Lean-yet-pronounced muscles bulged under her palms, and Catra ran her nails lightly over them.

“Fuck…” Adora groaned, moving down to kiss at Catra’s collarbone. She moved the fabric of Catra’s shirt out of the way, and let her lips roam the tanned-girl’s upper-chest.

Catra’s breathing all but stopped for a second, when she felt Adora’s lips and breath against her sternum, and instinctively she reached down to squeeze the blonde’s abs. She ran her hands further up, under Adora’s tank top, until she felt the band of sports bra beneath them.

“Is this…okay?” She gasped, breathless. Adora pulled away from her collar bone, to meet Catra’s gaze, and Catra’s knees almost buckled when she saw the lust painted across her face.

“More than,” the blonde said, pulling Catra in for another kiss.

Catra deepened the kiss, mouth opening to make room for Adora’s tongue. She tasted like beer and salt and Catra couldn’t get enough.

She pulled at the hem of Adora’s tank top, urging Adora to help her take it off. She did, and Catra moaned at the sight of Adora’s six-pack. The blonde gave her a look that said, “your turn”, and of course, Catra listened, removing her flannel first, then the cropped white t-shirt beneath it to reveal her black bralette.

“You’re…stunning…” Adora breathed, splaying her large hands on Catra’s naked waist and kissing her yet again. Catra gasped as Adora’s breasts pressed against hers with their closeness,

“Speak for…ah—yourself…” She struggled to stifle her moans when she felt Adora reach behind her to unclasp her bralette. The blonde paused with her hand on the fastening, however, and looked Catra in the eyes again.

“Are you sure this is alright?” She said, panting. Catra chuckled, endeared. It was sweet how considerate Adora was with her, even if in her mind she’d already given her explicit consent.

She reached behind herself and undid the bralette herself, shrugging it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. Adora’s blue-gray eyes were blown wide, her mouth slightly agape.

“I’m 100-percent sure, Adora,” she confirmed. “Are you?”

The blonde swallowed thickly; her eyes still stuck on Catra’s bare chest. “Yeah…I am.” Catra leaned up and placed a kiss to her earlobe.

“Well then,” she whispered, congratulating herself when Adora shivered. “What are we waiting for?”






She woke up to loud knocking on her door, and Adam’s voice. “Dora? Catra? Are you guys…alive?”

Adora stirred beside her in bed, and Catra’s heart swelled as the blonde’s eyes fluttered open. “Fuck off Adam,” she groaned.

“God, fine!” Adam said from behind the door. “Pardon me for being concerned that you haven’t left your room yet…You do know that its past eleven, right?”

Adora shot up at that, sitting completely straight and grabbing the phone on her nightstand. Catra leaned her head on the blonde’s shoulder, checking the time with her. Sure enough, it was 11:20.

“You tired me out good, kitten,” Adora said, placing a kiss to Catra’s head. “It’s not often I sleep in.”

Catra chuckled, “Should I let that go to my head, or—”

“Please do,” Adora said, her voice lowering. She placed her phone back down and met Catra’s gaze. “Cocky Catra is unbelievably hot…”

Adam knocked on the door again, forcing Catra to scramble out of bed and put some clothes on. Adora did too, and both girls made sure they didn’t look like they’d hooked-up all last night before opening the wooden door.

“Ah, she’s alive!” Adam gasped, with enough sarcasm in his voice to make Catra once again grateful she was an only child.  

“Oh, piss off,” Adora mumbled, rubbing her eyes. “How are you this chirpy anyway,” she prodded a finger to her brother’s chest. “Last time I checked; you drank more beer than me. How are you not hungover?”

Adam looked at Catra before flexing his biceps. “Well, when you’re as ripped as me, the alcohol doesn’t affect you as much—”

“Pah! I’m more ripped than you, asshole! And if I’m feeling the effects, you sure as hell are.” She cocked an eyebrow, and smirked. “What?” She teased, “You embarrassed? Aww, poor baby…”

As Catra tried to ignore how that voice made her feel, Adora continued to taunt her twin. The brunette smiled to herself, endeared.

She left the siblings to bicker, and gathered up her small number of belongings. She’d just dropped a text to her adoptive sister, Scorpia, saying she was alright and that she’d be home soon, when she was tapped on the shoulder.

“You trying to run away, already?” Adora asked with a ridiculously cute pout. Catra gave her a sympathetic look,

“I can’t just, like, stay here forever, Adora,” she said, fiddling with the baby hairs on the blonde’s forehead. “As fun as that sounds, I have shit to do.”

Adora nodded. “I know, I know…” she whined. Yet again, Catra was stunned at just how many different sides to her personality Adora had. “But, please stay for breakfast? At least a coffee?”

Catra really did have things to do back home, but Adora’s blue eyes were so hopeful and pleading; she just couldn’t decline.

“Sure, dummy,” she finally sighed. “I’ll stay for one coffee. Then I really do need to go…”

“Yay!” Adora grinned at her like an idiot, and Catra’s heart grew ten times fuller. The grin faltered briefly, however, and the blonde glanced to the floor. “Also, um,” she stammered. “You’re fine to say no and all that, but I was just thinking…maybe…”

Catra chuckled. “Use your words, Adora,” she said, softly. “Come on, out with it, dumbass.” She raised her eyebrows and brushed her hand against Adora’s.

“Could I maybe have your number? I—I don’t know what you normally do after hook-ups, but I don’t usually hook-up at all, and I think maybe that means you’re special, and I want—would like—to be able to keep in contact. We don’t really have the same social circles at school, and I don’t want the only time I see you to be because you’re here for my brother and—”

“Adora?” Catra cut her off.

The blonde snapped out of her rambling and blushed. Gods, she was adorable.


Catra opened up her contacts and handed Adora her phone, to enter her number into. She smiled, “I’d like that.”






It was now one in the afternoon, and Catra was exactly where she’d been the day before. On her motorcycle outside the Grayskulls’ house. Except this time, a certain dumb, hot blonde girl was waving and grinning at her through the window. Catra waved back, fastening her helmet in place.

“I’m not going off to war, Adora,” she called, loud enough for the blonde in question to hear through the open window. “You don’t have to wave that much.”

Adora rolled her eyes playfully, and shouted back, “Fine. I guess I’ll just go away then and not wave to you at all then—”

“Wait,no! No…um…you can keep waving,” Catra was grateful the helmet hid the embarrassingly strong blush on her cheeks. “It’s…sweet.”

“Aww, I knew you liked me really!” Adora stuck her tongue out, making Catra giggle.

The brunette turned on the engine to her motorcycle, and offered Adora one last wave. Adam had just come to the window too, and called,

“Bye, Cat! I had fun; hope you did too…” He glanced down, hands in pockets.  

Catra shook her head laughing. The boy was fucking blind if he couldn’t see that Catra was clearly not into him…quite the opposite, in fact. And as she revved the engine before speeding off, one thought consumed her mind.

Bye Adam…

Thank God you introduced me to your sister.