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Steve And Bucky Try The EXTREME Yoga Challenge!

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Steve adjusted the angle of the tripod by a fraction of an inch, pointing the camera ever so slightly downwards, before bustling over to the lighting stands, making sure the scene was lit and framed perfectly. Bucky watched, somewhat bemused, as his boyfriend moved on to plump up some cushions on the sofa – for at least the third or fourth time. They were not even going to use the sofa, but Steve had always been something of a perfectionist.

"Remind me what we're doing, again?" said Bucky.

Steve's eyes swept over the room. Their lounge had been cleared to create a large space in the middle, with just the sofa, some plants and some wall art in the background. At last, Steve smiled, finally appearing satisfied.

"We're gonna live stream ourselves on YouTube doing the extreme yoga challenge!" said Steve. "It's kind of a viral trend right now. I want people to know that yoga is a cool and fun way to keep the mind and body healthy."

"Right..." said Bucky. "And why are we wearing nothing but skin-tight booty shorts?!"

They both looked down at their almost-naked bodies, huge swathes of bare skin and hard muscle, the tiniest of booty shorts the only stitch of clothing covering their modesty.

Steve smiled sheepishly.

"It'll help the viewers see what we're doing," he said. "You know, if they want to follow along at home. And also... it might boost views; the internet is a thirsty place."

Bucky groaned, slapping a hand theatrically against his forehead.

"Viral trend? Internet? Thirsty?" he said. "Have you heard yourself? You've gone full-on 21st century."

"It is the 21st century!" protested Steve.

"Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that Captain America finds time to be a YouTube star alongside being an Avenger," said Bucky. "I just... don't get it. Why would anyone be interested in watching us?"

"People like looking into other people's lives," shrugged Steve. "Besides, fans have been begging in the comments section for us to try the yoga challenge. Come on, Buck, it'll be fun!"

Bucky smiled, visibly bemused but willing to go along with it.

"Fine," he said. "But only because I love you."

They briefly pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss, before Steve checked the lighting one last time and headed over to the laptop to start the live stream. Bucky stared down the camera, suddenly fighting the manic urge to laugh as Steve put on a bright smile, thrust out his chest and placed his hands on his hips as he addressed the blinking red light of the camera.

"Hey there, my little Captains!" said Steve energetically. "I hope you're all happy and being kind to one another. Today, I'm joined by my boyfriend Bucky, but you may know him better as my fellow Avenger, the Winter Soldier!"

Steve turned his intense gaze to Bucky. With a smirk, Bucky held up two fingers in the peace sign and winked at the camera.

"S'up," said Bucky.

"A lot of you have been asking for this in the comments section. Bucky and I are gonna be trying the extreme yoga challenge!" said Steve. "Our fellow Avengers sent in some yoga poses. I've printed them off and put them in a bucket, and we're going to pick them out and try them at random! Oh – where's the bucket?"

They both looked around the room, realising the bucket was nowhere to be seen. The slight widening of Steve's eyes was the only outward sign of his inner panic as he darted out of the room, searching desperately for the elusive receptacle. Bucky watched him go, before sidling up to the laptop, grinning as he read some of the comments in the live chat.



capfangirl44: hiii winter soldier!

Lena S: omg they're really gonna do the yoga challenge

bobby: hey bucky

stevestevesteveilovesteve: Where's Steve?

Cool73: buckyyyyy

TheRealSpiderman: Hi everyone!


Steve returned at that moment, slightly out of breath, clutching the bucket in his hand and thrusting it in Bucky's direction.

"OK! Bucky, pick our first pose," said Steve. "And show the camera."

Bucky stuck his hand into the bucket, pulling out a random piece of paper and unfolding it to show the camera. It showed a picture of two people sat with their legs crossed, back to back, one of them leaning back as the other leant forward.

"This one was sent in by our friend Bruce Banner," said Steve, smiling as he read the name that accompanied the image. "It looks like quite a nice, relaxing one to start with."

Steve and Bucky lowered themselves onto the floor, sitting cross-legged and shuffling on their butts so that their backs were pressed together.

"Not a lot of people know this, but Bruce is really into mindfulness and meditation," said Steve. "He's big into calmness and inner peace."

"Yeah, when he's not Hulking out," snorted Bucky.

Bucky could hear, rather than see, Steve's reproachful huff. After a few seconds of murmured negotiation, Steve leant forwards and Bucky leant back, carefully putting his partial weight on Steve's back.

"You can lean your full weight on me," said Steve innocently. "Don't hold back. I can take it!"

Bucky smirked, unable to resist the temptation to lean into the innuendo. Making direct eye contact with the camera, he waggled his eyebrows suggestively and slowly let his full weight rest on Steve's back.

"Oh, don't worry," said Bucky. "I know you can take my full weight on top of you..."




Capsicle69: omg im dying, this is the chaotic energy im here for

stevestevesteveilovesteve: Steve has such a strong, beautiful, muscular back... *sighs*

Aria: bucky no

Roberto: bucky YES

Sheilagirrrrl: y'all are thirsty af


They held the pose for a couple more seconds, and then stood up, smiling at the camera.

"Thanks, Bruce!" said Steve. "I think we managed that one pretty well. But, will we succeed at challenge number two...?"

He thrust his hand into the bucket and pulled out a second piece of paper, making a show of unfolding it slowly for the camera. This one showed two people sat facing one another on the floor, their legs raised in front of them at a 45° angle, their feet touching to form a bridge. Their arms were stretched straight ahead of them, reaching towards one another, their hands clasped. Together, their raised legs and straight arms formed the shape of an "A".

"This one's been sent in by our good friend Spiderman!" said Steve. "It's called the double boat pose. Spiderman thinks it's pretty cool because from the side it looks like the Avengers 'A'."

Steve and Bucky got back down on the floor, sitting down and facing one another. Steve took another look at the reference picture.

"How do we do this?" he said.

"I guess we start by both spreading our legs wide," smirked Bucky.

Steve beamed innocently, completely oblivious to the double entendre.

"Great idea, Buck; let's spread our legs!"

"It's what the internet wants to see," said Bucky drily, grinning when Steve shot him a confused look.

They spread their legs, before shuffling towards one another clumsily on their butts, putting their feet together and slowly raising their legs as they shuffled closer. Eventually, their feet reached head height, and they reached out to grab one another's hands, as much to keep their balance as to complete the pose. They held the pose for several more seconds, the backs of their thighs burning from the unnatural position. Steve looked over to smile for the camera.



TheRealSpiderman: Woooo, thanks for doing my pose! Looks so cool!

Natasha Romanoff: When are you going to do my pose?

liliana vlogs: Why are they only wearing booty shorts lol

Jules93: i'm not complaining!

liliana vlogs: Oh, me neither, i love a good superhero booty lol

sogba koko: OMG not Bucky saying that the internet wants to see them spread their legs, why he gotta call us out like that

lexy boo: he's not wrong though hahaha

Rahul: that does look like the avengers A, nice


Bucky stuck his hand into the bucket, grinning as he pulled out their next pose. Now that he had got used to the weirdness of being on camera in front of Steve's adoring fans, he was actually quite enjoying himself. Yoga was turning out to be more challenging than he had expected. Plus, having a bit of fun with the audience by inserting (haha...) some spicy innuendos was adding a delightfully silly twist to it.

"OK, this one was sent in by Tony," said Bucky, an explosive snort of laughter escaping him as he read the text that accompanied the image. "He says, and I quote: The internet wants to see you touch butts."

He smirked as he turned around the piece of paper, showing the camera the pose Tony had requested. It showed two people standing back to back, bent over at the waist, their heads down by their knees. Their arms were outstretched between their legs and their hands clasped. Most notably of all, their legs and butts were pressed together, nice and snug, hence Tony's comment about them "touching butts".

Steve was visibly flustered, a pink blush painting his cheeks as he rubbed awkwardly at the back of his neck. He opened and closed his mouth several times, struggling for words, something that Bucky had no such problems with as he cackled with laughter.

"That's very... cheeky... of you, Tony," said Bucky, winking at the pun, "but Steve and I aren't scared of a challenge! Come on, Steve, let's give the internet what they want."

With Steve still looking slightly dazed, they stood back to back, before both bending down so that their butts were sticking out. From this position, they could see one another upside down from between their legs. Even upside down, Steve somehow managed to look like a lost puppy, something that made Bucky's shit-eating grin even wider as he shot a wink to the camera.

"Come on, Steve," said Bucky. "Back up that round, juicy, bubble butt against mine."

Steve's eyes widened with mortification, his cheeks going an even brighter shade of red as he shook his head frantically.

"Stop saying naughty stuff!" he hissed. "This is being broadcast live!"

Bucky blinked, feigning innocence.

"I'm not being naughty. The pose just demands that we put our asses together," he said. "Don't stress about it. Just think of it as an ass kiss."

"An ass kiss?!" said Steve.

"Yeah," laughed Bucky. "Like our asses need to kiss."

"Please, stop talking."

Moving slowly so as not to lose their balance, they backed up until their legs and butts were pressed together. Bucky made an obnoxious kissing noise as their butts finally met, an embarrassed groan escaping Steve's throat as he bowed his head with mortification.




Henning: the internet is a wonderful place

Margarita95: Thank you, Iron Man, for blessing us with this incredible content *chefs kiss*

WandaFan100: this is pure chaos energy and i love it eeeeek

stevestevesteveilovesteve: That ass kiss... Wow!

Jimbo McGuffin: bucky is really going in HARD with all these sex jokes, they just keep COMING, hahaha XD

Clint Barton: Just tuned in. What the fuck is going on?


Straightening up, Steve attempted to salvage what was left of his dignity by smiling politely, very deliberately not paying attention to Bucky who was sniggering and smirking beside him. He picked the next pose out of the bucket, unfolding it for the camera as he read out the name of the Avenger who had sent it in.

"This one was sent in by Natasha," he said. "She describes it as classic and elegant."

The picture showed two women looking beautifully graceful as they formed a pose together. Before Steve could continue speaking, however, Bucky had grabbed the piece of paper and was grinning as he took great delight in describing the pose in – seemingly – the most perverted way possible.

"So, with this one, one of us needs to kneel down on the floor and bend over, and the other one needs to bend over them and grab their ass," said Bucky.

Steve immediately blushed tomato red, desperately turning to his boyfriend with the most beseeching puppy dog eyes he could muster.

"Bucky, we're broadcasting live!" he said. "Please, behave!"

Bucky smiled sweetly – the little shit, thought Steve – cocking his head to the side as he blinked innocently.

"I am behaving! I'm just describing the pose, aren't I?" he said.

Steve ground his teeth together with frustration, before nodding reluctantly. Admittedly, Bucky had described the pose perfectly, albeit not in the way Steve would have chosen. Motherfucker.

"Great!" said Bucky. "So, do you want to be the one bending over on the floor, or do you want to be the ass grabber?"

Steve closed his eyes, silently urging himself to be strong as he pondered how likely it was that the ground would spontaneously open up beneath his feet and remove him from this exponentially embarrassing scenario.

"I... I don't mind," he said.

Bucky winked enthusiastically, rubbing his hands together like some cartoon caricature as he grinned manically at the camera.

"Then bend over, big boy, I want to grab America's ass!"

For a moment, Steve looked as though he might argue, before huffing and flopping down to the floor to assume the pose in the picture; kneeling down and then leaning forwards and stretching out his arms so that his torso was parallel to the floor.

Bucky's feet appeared in front of him, and then he was bending over Steve, before enthusiastically grabbing two handfuls of Steve's ass to complete the pose. Steve forced himself to smile, ignoring the excruciating embarrassment as he tried to remind himself that they were simply doing a yoga pose. It was not his fault that certain people tried to make it dirty.

That was what he was thinking, anyway, when the final fragments of his dignity were shattered by Bucky's next words.

"I know what everyone's thinking, and yes – it feels just as juicy as it looks!"



Malina R: bahahaha this has descended into anarchy and im HERE for it!

Neo857: America's ass!!

turtleman: dat ass damn

stevestevesteveilovesteve: *sighs* I wish I could touch that beautiful peach. With Steve's permission, of course.

Carolina JJ: that is one juicy looking peach hahaha

Yoga Studio NYC: Came for the yoga, stayed for the unfolding disaster (and America's ass) XD

Natasha Romanoff: Thank you for doing my pose as homoerotically as possible. Where's the brain bleach? @IAmIronMan you can invent that, right?

IAmIronMan: Oh hey. Maybe? Also, this video's trending on literally every platform under the hashtag #SteveAndBuckyBreakTheInternet 


Steve and Bucky got back to their feet, Steve's face flaming red as he tried desperately not to think about how the entire audience must now be imagining the "juicy" feel of his ass. Bucky picked out the next pose from the bucket, chuckling as he read the caption and turned it around to show the camera.

"This one was sent in by Sam," he said. "Or as you may know him, the Falcon – which is appropriate since his pose looks like a bird flying."

The picture showed a man lying on his back on the floor, with his legs raised straight up in the air. On his feet was balanced a woman, who looked as though she was flying, her legs straight behind her, her arms outstretched like wings as she looked directly ahead.

"So," said Steve, without thinking, "who wants to go on top?"

Bucky immediately raised his eyebrows, smirking as he looked knowingly down the camera lens.

"It's your channel, Steve, you choose," he said. "Would you prefer to be the top or the bottom?"

The double entendre went straight over Steve's head, the blonde tapping his chin sincerely as he thought about it.

"I'd like to go on top," said Steve finally.

Bucky winked lecherously at the camera, Steve gasping with horror as he finally caught onto the innuendo.

"You heard it here first, folks. Captain America likes to go on top," said Bucky huskily. "And he's damn good at it too – just watch!"

With that, Bucky lay down on the floor, putting his feet together and then raising his legs straight up in the air to form a right angle with his body. For a moment, Steve looked as though he wanted to throttle him, before visibly composing himself with a deep, calming breath.

With the grace and precision of a dancer (and some subtle readjustments so as not to crush his junk), Steve settled his groin onto Bucky's feet, before slowly lifting his feet off the ground and finding his balance. There were a few precarious wobbles, but a short while later he was perfectly balanced on Bucky's feet, airborne, his body parallel to the ground as he stretched his arms wide like a bird in flight.


Sadie632: Wow, I don't know what's more impressive – that pose, or the fact Bucky just got Captain America to admit that he likes to go on top hahaha!

Maria RH: the skill, balance and athleticism here is off the charts, well done boys!

georgia yang: Captain America is a top, confirmed ;)

BlahBlahUsername: AND APPARENTLY HE'S DAMN GOOD AT IT TOO. i am ded. i am deceased.

Eugene: rest in peace

stevestevesteveilovesteve: I'm going to need a cold shower after this...


Steve carefully lowered himself off Bucky's feet and back onto solid ground. Bucky was sweating slightly as he stood up, before giving Steve a high five. Steve grinned, the thrill of having completed the difficult yoga position momentarily eclipsing the embarrassment of Bucky's constant smutty sex jokes.

By now, there were only three pieces of paper left in the bucket. Steve plucked one out at random, before frowning with confusion as he read the username. He had sent out a call for yoga poses only to SHIELD's Avengers mailing list. The username of the person who had sent in this pose was not, however, one that he recognised as a fellow Avenger.

"Uhh, so this one was sent in by someone called... stevestevesteveilovesteve," said Steve. "They call this pose the wheelbarrow."

His confusion deepened as he gazed at the pose. It showed one person standing up, whilst the other person was taking on the role of the wheelbarrow, their legs wrapped around the standing person's waist, their hands bracing themselves off the floor. It was not a yoga pose Steve had ever come across in his life – although it was, he believed, a rather athletic sex position.

He showed it surreptitiously to Bucky, angling the paper so the pose could not be seen by the camera.

"Do we want to do this one?" muttered Steve.

Bucky gave a hoot of delight, grabbing the piece of paper and turning it around to show the camera as he guffawed with laughter.

"Hell, yeah!" said Bucky. "Get on the floor and open your legs, Captain Wheelbarrow!"

Steve spluttered indignantly, his face flushed red as he watched the last remains of his tattered dignity disappear down the proverbial drain.

"I don't think it's appropriate," he said, with as much decorum as he could muster.

"But it's a yoga pose!" pouted Bucky. "According to stevestevesteveilovesteve, anyway."

Steve was suddenly taken by the paralysis of uncertainty. What if the wheelbarrow really was a legitimate yoga position? What if he were the pervert for thinking it was anything otherwise?

With that terrible thought bouncing around his head, he got down on the floor as if he were about to do some press-ups, and then hopped his legs up so that they were wrapped around Bucky's waist. Bucky's crotch fit snugly against his ass, his boyfriend sniggering behind him as he grabbed Steve's legs to help hold him in place.

Steve's cheeks burned. He prayed to God that they were demonstrating an actual yoga pose and not just an advanced sex position.



Kaylin Dallas: omg omg omg omg

Ella2000: Hold up, that's not yoga. That's just a sex position??

aimee tinkerbell: steve and bucky try EXTREME sex positions challenge hahahaha!!!

Pornhub Gay (Parody Account): @Captain America let us know if you'd like to collab ;)

Clint Barton: OK, something is bothering me... When Steve asked us to send in yoga poses for him and Bucky to try, I'm pretty sure he only emailed the SHIELD Avengers mailing list, right @Natasha Romanoff? How did "stevestevesteveilovesteve" get access to that?

Natasha Romanoff: Good point. @IAmIronMan – has there been a security breach at SHIELD?? It looks like SHIELD's email system has been compromised. Can you look into that?

IAmIronMan: Already on it. JARVIS should be able to tell us the identity of stevestevesteveilovesteve very soon.

stevestevesteveilovesteve: Wait, hang on.


Still trying (and bless his soul, did he fucking try) to look dignified, Steve got to his feet, staunchly ignoring the snorts and giggles coming from his boyfriend beside him. With as great an air of authority as he could muster, he held out the bucket for Bucky to select the next pose. There were only two pieces of paper left now. Bucky thrust his hand in and picked one blindly, unfolding it for the camera.

"This is another one from stevestevesteveilovesteve!" said Bucky, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise. "They call it the wave rider. It looks like another, uh, intimate one."

"What?!" said Steve, snatching the paper off him in horror.

This pose showed a man lying flat on his back on the floor. On top of him, a woman was straddling his crotch, her legs spread so wide she was almost doing the splits. They both stared at the pose for several long seconds, speechless with shock, before Bucky's face split into a wide grin, his eyes twinkling with delighted mischief.

"Lie down," said Bucky. "It's time to show your viewers that the Winter Soldier has some mad flexibility!"

"You know who refers to themselves in the third person?" muttered Steve. "Crazy people."

Nevertheless, Steve lay down, staring at the ceiling in mortification as he felt Bucky straddle his crotch, a position he never thought he would be in whilst being watched by countless fans via the internet. As promised, Bucky demonstrated his impressive flexibility, easily settling down into the splits and preening as he grinned for the camera.



Yuki-chan: Is this meant to be YouTube or Pornhub hahaha

daisy hill: omfg it's like they're not even trying to pretend it's yoga anymore. i love it XD

Willy William Williamson: willy likey

Patrick3000: mine too ;)

Fleur G: Hahaha wtf these are just straight up sex positions. Whoever you are, stevestevesteveilovesteve, you are a fucking mad legend!

Clint Barton: @IAmIronMan, do we know who this "stevestevesteveilovesteve" person is yet?

stevestevesteveilovesteve: Please! You don't need to investigate me! I'm not a threat to SHIELD, I promise!

Natasha Romanoff: I don't get it. Why would someone hack into SHIELD servers and the Avengers mailing list and use that immense power to just... get Steve and Bucky to do sexy yoga poses?

stevestevesteveilovesteve : I'm not a hacker! PLEASE, believe me!

IAmIronMan: JARVIS is closing in on the user's IP address right now.

stevestevesteveilovesteve: STOP! You don't need to do this! Please! STOP!

JARVIS: Task completed. It is good news. There has been no security breach at SHIELD. stevestevesteveilovesteve has been identified as Agent Phil Coulson.

IAmIronMan: ...Phil?

Natasha Romanoff: PHIL?!



Steve and Bucky got back to their feet, Bucky pumped from having just demonstrated his impressive ability to do the splits, Steve tomato red from the fact he was 99.9% certain that "the wave rider" was not a legitimate yoga position but one altogether more sexual.

Looking slightly desperate for the ground to open up and swallow him whole, Steve picked out the final piece of paper from the bucket, smiling widely in a way that he hoped did not reveal his inner hysteria.

"Wow, I can't believe we're nearly at the end already!" he said. "Here's the final pose for our extreme yoga challenge. This one was sent in by... oh, Jesus Christ, stevestevesteveilovesteve, again?!"

He stared at the picture of the final pose, utterly mortified. Bucky craned his neck to see the photograph, immediately dissolving into a fit of explosive giggles when he saw it. This one showed what could only be described as a standing 69 position, one man standing up, holding up the other who was upside down, their faces level with one another's crotches.

"This is... This is..." said Steve, struggling to speak.

Porn, he wanted to say.

"This is a very athletic-looking yoga pose," Bucky interrupted smoothly. "We're going to need some serious strength and balance to pull this one off!"

Steve let the picture flutter to the ground, turning to face Bucky, barely able to believe what they were about to do.

"How about I stand up, and you go upside down?" said Bucky. "Don't worry, I won't let you fall. I've got you."

There was something about Bucky's surprisingly tender I've got you that soothed the fraying edges of Steve's increasingly hysterical psyche. With Bucky's support, the embarrassment of what they were about to do dimmed sufficiently that it went from unbearable to bearable.

Taking a deep breath before he could chicken out of it, he swung his legs up so that he was doing a handstand, before turning around on his hands so that he was facing Bucky. Bucky's hands reached out to grasp him firmly by the hips, hoisting him up so that Steve's crotch was directly in front of Bucky's face and vice versa. Steve wrapped his arms around Bucky's waist and back, clinging on for dear life, the blood rushing to his head as he stared at Bucky's skin-tight booty shorts mere inches away from his face.

At last, the end is in sight, Steve thought jubilantly. The worst of the embarrassment was over.

Famous last words. Suddenly, he found himself with his face pressed hard against the sizeable squishiness of his boyfriend's cock, spluttering against the thin material of Bucky's booty shorts. Steve was not sure if he himself had wobbled or if Bucky's grip on his hips had slipped, but the end result was the same – both of them were suddenly grappling to hold on to one another as they attempted to safely get out of the pose, their crotches smushed into one another's faces.

With far less grace than either of them would have liked, they managed to tumble to the floor without squashing or injuring one another. They lay panting on the floor for several stunned seconds, before helping one another to their feet. Steve's cheeks were on fire as he imagined the countless GIFs that would inevitably be created of Steve and Bucky with their faces rubbing in each other's crotches.

Steve closed his eyes, unable to look at the blinking red light of the camera, the knowledge that their antics had just been broadcast live making him cringe so hard he felt he might rupture something.

"I'm never doing a live stream ever again!" said Steve, putting a hand over his face in despair.

"Are you kidding?!" said Bucky. "I had a great time! Who knew yoga could be so much fun? Hey, everyone, give us a heart in the live chat if you've enjoyed today's video!"

Steve dared to peek from behind his fingers, surprise and happiness blossoming in his chest as he caught sight of the live chat on his laptop screen. From this distance, the exact words were too small to read, but his soul was warmed by the flurry of red hearts that appeared as viewers expressed their love for the video.

He smiled, suddenly feeling the anxiety lift from his shoulders. Perhaps today's video had not been such a total fuck-up, after all. He put his hands on his hips, addressing the camera with more confidence now.

"Thank you to everyone for watching!" he said. "I hope you've enjoyed today's extreme yoga challenge. Are you going to give yoga a go? Let me know in the comments section! It's a really great way to improve your physical and mental health – and as you saw today, you can have a lot of fun doing it too! See you later, my little Captains!"

He smiled and waved for several long seconds, before turning to Bucky, exhaling heavily as he shook his head with embarrassment.

"Those last ones were just straight up sex positions, weren't they?" said Steve. "I can't believe we just did that in front of the entire internet!"

"Don't worry about it, everyone loved it," said Bucky, grinning. "It was fun!"

Steve twisted his hands together, some of the anxiety beginning to creep back as the adrenaline began to fade. Suddenly, he felt crushed by self-doubt.

"I looked like an idiot," said Steve. "What if I've damaged the image of the Avengers? Or of guys like us? What if I've let everyone down?"

"Hey," said Bucky, frowning with concern as he cupped Steve's face in his hands. "You've not let anyone down. You don't have to be 100% serious, 100% of the time; you know that, right? Everyone still loves you. I love you. It's OK to make dumb jokes sometimes."

Steve smiled weakly, meeting Bucky's eye as he remembered Bucky's ridiculous joke from earlier.

"Like your ass kissing joke?" he said.

"Exactly!" laughed Bucky, making that obnoxious kissing noise again. "Did you like that yoga position? Both of us bending over and making our asses kiss?"

Steve smirked, the adrenaline dump suddenly making him feel frisky. He pulled Bucky closer, giving him a long, sensual kiss, before smiling against his mouth.

"I prefer it when we really kiss ass," said Steve.

Bucky raised an eyebrow, his eyes electric blue and sparkling beneath the bright lights.

"Oh yeah, like this?" he said, reaching around to grab Steve's ass and give it a delicious squeeze.

"Mmm, yeah..."

With that, they stumbled over to the sofa in the background, kissing passionately, their hands all over one another, tugging off each other's booty shorts. They were so engrossed in one another's bodies, concentrating solely on showering one another with love and kisses, that neither of them noticed what was happening on Steve's laptop screen.



nikki doo dah: omg, what's happening


Natasha Romanoff: @Captain America, you're still live streaming!!

avinoam92: Wait, is this going to turn into an actual porno now?


Zoeeee vlogs: that IS america's ass


C Fong: America's asssssss

Clint Barton: Fuck fuck fuck, their phones are off! @IAmIronMan do something!

IAmIronMan: What the fuck am I meant to do? Send over one of the suits to bust in through the window and turn the camera off??

Clint Barton: YES.


claire bear: oh my god, are they actually going to... you know?

Jordan K: THEY ARE

stevestevesteveilovesteve: O.O

IAmIronMan: @JARVIS, I'm giving you permission to hack YouTube's servers

JARVIS: Thank you, sir.

JARVIS has ended the live stream.