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A little bit of sunshine

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Season 6 Episode 1

Five month had passed after Polly’s funeral. Five hard month for every person in Riverdale.
It was a rainy evening, something like ten pm and Jughead Jones was standing in a phone cell. The rain was coating the windows. Tears were running down Jug’s cheeks. He was holding on to the phone like it was his life. There was a long list that had got him here, into this phone cell - a very long list and every bullet point was well discussed and thought through. In fact he had spent way to long to come to terms with the result of that list. He had wasted so much time, eventhough he was such a young person still.
He had walked along sweet water river, as he realized this is were it had truly began. Because of Jason’s Blossoms murder on July Fourth on this very place, Betty had asked him to write for the Blue und Gold. Such a huge terrible and sad event had turned strangers, coming from complete opposite life’s, to friends and then to lovers. And it was his fault, like he finally came to terms with that truth, that they yet again became strangers through the last eight years.
It had been three months after the Andrews house basically blew up, but thankfully without neither Betty nor Archie getting extremely hurt. He had visited both of them in the hospital. He had seen Betty right after the accident unsconscious hooked up to some
machines laying in a bed. She had been pale like a sheet of paper. Jug had never been so worried.
However now he was there in that phone cell making that phone call, he felt like he should have done months ago.
“Tabitha?”, Jughead asked, as soon as his girlfriend picked up. He rubbed his forehead with a thump, his breath picking up. A flash of when he had last kissed Betty Cooper crossed his mind.
“Jughead?”, came it from the other side of the line, “What‘s wrong?”
“I- I can’t do this anymore. We can’t move in together”, his voice was trembling, watching the rain drops chasing down the windows.
“Why?”, she asked after a moment of silence. He could hear she was still working at Pop’s. There were guests chatting in the background and plates chattering as they were filled with the delicious food, he enjoyed so much.
“Because”, Jug took a moment to gather himself, “I love her, Tabitha.”
Another silent heartbeat past: “Oh.”
“I think”, he rubbed his eyes tiredly and as a nervous overreaction, “I think I loved her the entire time and I just closed my eyes on the subject like I didn’t want it to be true or something. I don’t-“
“Jug, it’s okay”, Tabitha stated in a calm voice.
“You are not hurt?”, he asked after a moment.
“No I am, but it’s not like I didn’t see it coming, Jug. Everyone told me you and Betty were soulmates and somehow would get back together.”
Jughead brushed a tear from his cheek looking at the rain outside the phone cell. He bit his lip.
“But you need to talk to her”, she advised him.
“She is with Archie-“, he started, feeling a sting of pain in his heart. It would always be Archie, right? Archie had been the entire reason for them to break up all those years ago.
“Doesn’t matter, she deserves to know”, with that Tabitha hangs up excusing herself to work.
Jughead took a deep breath, swallowed hard and stepped out of the phone cell walking to his motorcycle. The rain was immediately coating his clothing making him wet to the bone within seconds. He starts the engine.
The drive to the Coopers house wasn’t long and Jughead had asked himself the entire time, if this was really the right thing. She would probably still never forgive him what he had done to her, not just the voice message but just the entire package. He had probably never ever messed up so bad in his entire life.
He parked, taking the keys and walking up to the red front door. He bit his lips, calculating the situation and future discussion he was about to have with his ex-girlfriend.
It was dark in the house. Alice was probably asleep, he thought, and the twins most likely as well. So he couldn’t ring the door bell. At least he didn’t want to wake anyone. Instead he turned to walk around to Betty’s bedroom window. It did absolutely surprise him that the Coopers still had the classic old ladder next to it.
“There we go, Juliet”, he mumbled to himself taking the first step on the creaking wooden ladder.


There was a knock on the glass, that made Betty look up worried and ready to grab a gun. She was therefor relieved when she saw it was ‘only’ Jughead.
“Jug!”, she gasped, jumping up from the bed to hurry opening the window.
“Hey there”, he stated, swinging himself through the tiny window then coming face to face with Betty.
“You are soaking wet”, she stated looking him up and down. She quickly headed to grab him some dry clothes before he could even say another single word.
“Here change into that”, she offered him
a pullover and a pair of jeans, probably either from Hal or Charlie. Both he did find very unsettling.
He excused himself to the bathroom to change, when he came back she was standing in the middle of her room already awaiting him. He placed his old clothes onto her chair to dry and went to shut the window.
“May I ask what brings you to my house at these times?”, she laughs.

Jug shakes his head, trying to collect himself and figuring out where to start the conversation: “I just broke up with Tabitha.”

She raises an eyebrow: “Oh. I am sorry?”

A moment of silent passed. He felt nervous like a seventeen year old.

“I took a walk at sweet water river”, he continued, “And I kind of took a look at my life…. Do you remember the day when we went swimming before Archie got to prison? When we kissed in the water and later on we both were sitting next to the fire place…”

She nods. He noticed she had trouble following the line of the conversation.

“I- I remember how I looked at you”, he ran a hand through his hair nervously drying his hands on his pants right afterwards, “Like you were the entire world to me, which you were. I never loved someone so much like i loved you and still… kind of do.”

She looks worried trying to figure out what he wanted to say, her eyes had turned waterly. She had crossed her arms in front of her chest watching his expression carefully. She swallowed and looked up for a moment then returned to look at him.

“The dumbest mistake I have ever done was to not forgive you kissing Archie. You, Betty, forgave me every possible shit I have ever done while we were together and I couldn’t even forgive you this one singular thing, which happened while our life was totally messed up”

Betty looked away outside the window, trying to calm her nerves.

“I am sorry too”, she whispers, “For doing what I have done”, she locks her eyes to his, “Such a dumb thing.”

He shakes his head, bites his under lip. A moment of silent passes, while he tries to figure out what to say next: “I love you.”

You could have cut the silence with a knife at that point, when Betty looked back at Jughead making eye contact. She swallows heavily. He felt the lump in his throat as well.

“I am sorry, it was dumb-“, he finally said already turning to leave, thinking she didn’t feel the same.
Then Betty grabbed his arm with a soft and gentle hand, stopping him immediately.

He didn’t even know who kissed
who, but they ended up having ‘this moment’. When they parted, he ran his thump over her cheek looking in her teary eyes.

“I love you too, Jug”, she finally states, “I just thought you had never forgiven me.”

He shakes his head and kisses her forehead pulling her in for the most relieving and happy hug he had had in years.

“I forgave you a long time ago. I just thought I already had messed up to badly”, he explains.

She looks at him a small smile forming on her lips: “I missed you, Jughead Jones.”


The next morning was a cold one and it was particularly freezing in Betty’s room.
They both were cuddled up
together, him spooning her. He had wrapped an arm around her, gently holding her close.
It’s been a long time since they used to sleep like that in her childhood room. Honestly he had thought maybe the room might have changed over the years, but it didn’t. There might be a couple of new photographies, but otherwise there was still the light pink wallpaper and the girly rest of the room.
He felt conscious about her being so close to him, gently running a hand over her shoulder.
“Morning”, he said kissing her on the ear.

“Morning Jug”, she mumbled, he could hear the smile on her voice.

She shifted slightly to face him. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on her lips: “You know what I just realized?”

Betty shook her head playing with the fingers of his right hand.

“How am I gonna leave without your Mom noticing?”

Betty laughed at that and kissed him again: “I think she will be happy to see you and will interrogate me later on.”

He laughed at that gently running a hand down her arms: “I can’t eat breakfast with you guys tho.”

“Of course you can”, she ran a hand through his black hair, “Trust me, we have enough food here and breakfast isn’t really a planned out meal.”
He raises an eyebrow: “Did you just say breakfast wasn’t a real meal.”
She raises her hands with a smirk: “Nope.”
“Betty!”, they heard Alice calling her from downstairs.
“Guess that’s our call”, Jug smirks getting out of bed and putting some real clothes on.
Alice was equally as surprised by Jughead coming down the stairs of her very own house as Betty had been the night before.
“Jughead??”, she asked a plate with pancakes resting in her hand, on the edge of falling out of it. Betty quickly took it from her placing it one the table and greeting the twins who were already seated.

“Uh yes”, Jughead smiled, “I-“, he didn’t know what to even say.

“Come sit down eat with us”, Alice offered shooting her daughter a look who just smiled it off. Jughead took a seat next to Betty and Juniper.

“So Jug how is work?”, she asked making a little bit of conversation, while Jug watched Betty whispering to Dagwood he should go back up stairs and bring his school stuff down. The young eight year old excused himself and ran up the stairs quickly.

“Pretty good actually”, he answered taking a bite of his pancake, “I am working on a new book currently.”

“Uh how exciting”, Alice offered a bright smile which told Jug she was really trying.
He smiled back, seems like at least something about Alice Cooper had changed over the years.

“He is also teaching a young boy from elementary in writing”, Betty states.

“Oh really?”, Alice asks.

“Yes. They called riverdale high if we had anyone to help him and them handle his talent so they asked me to teach him twice a week. He writes incredible stories for such a young age”, Jughead takes a sip of water. Alice seemed impressed.

“So Mom”, Betty interrupted, “Should I drop Juniper and Dagwood at school or will you?”

“It would be good if you could do that”, Alice said. Betty smiled slightly. Jug knew that smile. It told him something had been off with Alice and Betty that he didn’t knew yet.

They finished eating and Jughead, Betty and the twins stepped out of the house.

“Hey guys, you can get in the car. Just a minute”, Betty told Polly’s children who quickly opened the doors of the blue van and jumped in.

Betty returned her attention to Jughead: “Look I have to talk to Archie today.”

He nodded totally understanding and gently lifted her chin up with a finger: “It’s okay.”

“Will I see you tonight?”, she asked with the smirk on her lips, he grew to love so much.

“If you want to”, he whispered gently kissing her goodbye with a short peck on the lips.

Betty smiled at him as they parted: “Good.”
He watched her get into the car and start the engine as he walked to where he had parked the motorcycle just the day before.


“You seem happy, Mister Jones”, little Tommy stated when Jughead walked into the classroom he was using to
help the young story teller with his work. He put his bag down, resting his arms on top of it looking at his student through his glasses: “That’s because I am.”

Tommy smiled happily playing with the pencil at hand.

“So…”, Jug crossed the arms in front of his chest, “What story would you like to tell today?”

“A story about a kangaroo”, he yelled excitedly.

“Okay, and what’s happening-“, Jughead was interrupted by the door opening. He took his glasses off, as the elderly receptionist walks in.

“Mister Jones?”, she asked smiling at Tommy genuinely.


“A Betty Cooper wants to talk to you”, she informed him.
“I will be right back”, he told Tommy and left to the office.


„So it’s over?“, Archie asked, he was leaning against the kitchen counter watching Betty closely.

“Yes”, she whispered, “I am sorry, Arch. I-“

“It’s okay. I understand”, Archie interrupted her raising his hand to support that.

“Mhmm you need to take Ashley out, she has a crush on you”, she smirked.

Archie raised an eyebrow when she mentions his colleague.

“Come on, Archie”, she took a step closer still smiling caringly at him, “We just aren’t meant to be.”

“I know”, he knew she was right. She was always right.

They hug. When they part Betty’s smile actually reaches her eyes: “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, see ya.”

And then Betty left Archie’s apartment which he owned since the Andrews house got a victim of a bomb.
Her feet took her directly back to her mothers house. Opening the door she already smelled the dinner being cooked in the kitchen.

“Hey Mom. I’m home”, she announced slipping out of her jacket.

“Hey, hunny”, came back.

Relieved she registered the twins were already home meaning they probably got driven home by one of the other parents.

„Jughead is coming over later“, she said walking into the kitchen.

“Okay”, Alice places the pan on the stove, “He has basically moved in, right?”

“Yeah Mom, I guess he has.”

“What does Archie say to that?”, Alice cleaned her hands on her apron.

Betty shrugged her shoulders: “He seemed okay. But it’s not like I am very good in reading him”, she let herself sit on one of the chairs.

“Oh honey a breakup is always hard. But I do think you did the right thing - after everything you and Jug have been through.”

Betty raised an eyebrow: “Wait. You approve?”

“Yes. You are at the end of your twenties and you and Jughead have something you
didn’t have with anyone else you have dated since.”

God she doesn’t even know who I dated in the past eight years, Betty thought to herself. Bless.

The door bell rings.

“That’s gotta be him”, she stood and walked over to open the door.

Jughead was wearing a black pullover, black trousers and a black jacket that went down to his knees. He looked awesome.

“Hey there, gentleman”, she smiled.

He laughed greeting her and then waving Alice.

“She approves”, Betty whispered in his ear when he hugged her causing him to smile and raise an eyebrow in shock in the same moment.

Later the evening Betty and Jug were laying on her bed hugging eachother. Betty had her head resting on his chest, while Jug ran a hand through her hair: “Hey, err, I noticed your look when you needed to drive Juniper and Dagwood to school. Is something up?”

Betty sighed: “It’s just that my mom does nothing for them but cook and clean their rooms. I get it, she is still grieving over Polly, but I am not a mother or anything and have a job and basically everything else to handle is way too much.”
Betty sighed heavily relieving the stress.
“Maybe they would be better off adopted”, he stated carefully, running a hand through her blonde curls.

“Maybe. But I don’t know anyone and wouldn’t dare to give them to anyone I didn’t know and trusted since a couple of years, you know?”

“Of course.”

She shifts slightly: “I am glad you are here, Jug.”

“Me too. I am glad I came here yesterday and told you I’d love you”, he smiled to himself pressing a kiss on her cheek, “Totally would do it again.”

She chuckles running a hand over his chin: “I am glad you did tho.”

“Of course you are. Everything other would be upsetting”, he chuckles and kissed her gently.


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Season 6 Episode 2

A year later things didn’t have changed that much. At least not for Betty and Jughead. They had both all their hands full with work to do. Especially since Alice still did so little afford for the twins had Betty crying in Jugs arms a couple of nights. She was tired, her job already taking so much from her.

Jug had fully moved in the Cooper’s house and therefor in Betty’s room. It reminded him off when the Cooper’s and Jones’ had shared this house just before his dad and Jellybean had left for Toledo.

What did change was that Ashley and Archie had gotten married a couple of weeks ago and were trying for a baby until they found out Ashley was infertile.

This little information had let them to this situation. Betty was sitting cross legged on her bed, watching her boyfriend standing in the middle of the room. It was the morning after a terrible exhausting day with the twins.

“I-“, he wasn’t sure how to address the topic, “I think.”

“We should move out”, she stated tiredly.
He raised an eyebrow, obviously caught off guard and unsure if she was being serious.

Betty smiled slightly. He automatically came closer to her and she ran a hand over his jawline: “We are both twenty nine. We shouldn’t live in the house of my mother. Besides I would love creating this-“, she made a gesture with a soft smile on her lips, “little cute home with you.”

“Okay”, he smiles.

“Okay?”, she sounds surprised.

“Okay”, he laughs then leaned in to kiss her.

They part for a second then Betty presses another kiss on his lips: “I am sorry I interrupted you on whatever you were going to say.”

He chuckles: “I don’t think you will like what I will be saying.”

Betty looks at him with that mysterious look of hers.
He sighs: “I thought about the twins. Especially when we move out…”

She nods totally ready for the conversation she knew they were about to have.

“And I thought about Archie and Ashley and how they want to have children but aren’t able to-“

“You want the Andrews to adopt Juniper and Dagwood?”, she asked surprised.

“I mean-“, he shifts on the mattress laying down next to her, “Think about it, they have finally two parents avaible. They have money and a house with a garden. They live close by and most importantly you said you wanted someone you can trust.”

Betty nods slightly getting the idea into her head: “Yeah and Dagwood would totally adore learning football from Archie…”

A moment of silent passed, both of them thinking the idea through.

“I guess Polly would have liked that”, Betty finally said with a weak voice, “I will talk to my Mom about it.”

“Do you want me to be there?”, he asked running a hand over her back comfortingly.
“No. That would just make her think it was your idea. I think that’s the classic daughter to mother talk that’s been building up over the last year.”



“Jug”?, she asked with a smile, “I know you are hungry. Let’s go get some breakfast.”

“I wonder why they didn’t came to wake us”, he chuckles standing up.

“Maybe they were afraid off what they might walk into”, she whispered with a smirk pecking him on the lips then proceeding to
open the door. Jug just grins and follows her out the door.


“Morning”, Betty greets everyone sitting on the table, which was actually just her mom.
The twins were already seated on the couch watching TV.

Betty looked annoyed, but sat down.
“Good morning, you two”, Alice smiled, handing Jug the bread. He gladly took a slice.

“Mom, we actually need to discuss something later on, when the twins are off to Malcolm’s”, Betty announced taking a sip of water and watching her mother curiously.

“They go to Malcolm today?”, Alice asked.
Betty bit her lip to avoid a harsh comment from slipping out: “Yes, they go over at three.”


When Alice went to the bathroom, Jug and Betty were cleaning the dishes.

“I thought, maybe I should go see Arch and talk about our idea”, Jug offered.
“Sounds good.”

He smiles kissing her on the cheek: “I thought this morning, then we already have everything settled when you talk to your mom.”

“Okay”, she nods.


Archie was very surprised when he opened the door at 11 am to none other then Jughead Jones.


“Archie”, Jughead stated, “Is it okay if I come in? I kind of have a topic to discuss with you and Ashley.”

“Yes of course”, Archie steps aside to let his former best friend in. They both walk over to the kitchen table.

“Hey Ashley, this is-“, Archie starts.

“Jughead Jones, Betty’s boyfriend right?”, Ashley asked friendly shaking Jug’s hand with a warm smile. They had only met on hers and Archie’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.


“So what did you want to talk about, Jug?”, Archie asks while sitting down next to his wife and placing a cup of coffee in front of Jug.

“Yes…”, Jug takes a seat as well, “It’s err about Juniper and Dagwood, Polly’s twins.”

“What about them?”, Ashley asked a hint of worry in her voice.

“They are parent less and Betty and I were planning to move out. We don’t think Alice can care for them. So…”, he takes a sip of coffee, „We thought you guys might want to adopt them.“

Jughead basically dropped a bombshell on them. Archie and Ash exchanged a surprised look.

„I know you guys can’t answer that this easily. But we figured you would be perfect for it“, Jug takes out a photography of the twins handing it to Ash.

„They are cute“, Ashley smiled looking at the two redhaired children.

„Are we talking about a full like normal adoption?“, Archie asked.

„Yes. Except they would like to see Alice from time to time.“

„Of course“, Ashley quickly said, already seemed to have fallen in love with the children, „We would never keep them away from their family.“

If there was one thing he did in fact knew about Archie’s wife, it was that she was a very kind and caring person.

„We would do it in front of the judge“, Jug explains, „so the totally normal procedure.“
A beat of silence passed while Arch and Ashley were both looking at the picture Jug had handed them.

“Just give me a call, alright?“, Jug offers standing up, drinking the last sip of his coffee and placing the empty mug back on the wooden table.

„Yes“, Archie led him to the door, „And thanks, Jug.“

Jug pats him on the shoulder friendly: „Always happy to help.“


„So, Mom“, Betty and Jug were seated on the sofa opposite of the armchair Alice was sitting in with a cup of tee in hand.

„We actually have two things to discuss“, Betty starts carefully watching her mother.

„Alright, go ahead.“

„Jug and I will move out.“

Alice raises an eyebrow surprised.
„We will go look at some apartments next week“, Jug explains further.

„Well I am happy for you“, Alice said smiling, „Moving together is a huge step.“

„Yeah it is….“, Betty nods. Jug stands up to leave. He took her advice to let her handle the conversation about the adoption herself.

Betty took her mothers hands in hers: „Mom, I think Juniper and Dagwood should move in with a real family.“

Alice doesn’t look surprised at all, more like hurt or something - Betty couldn’t really put her finger on it.

“Jughead asked the Andrews this morning if they would like to adopt them and they called him an hour ago they would”, they both look into each others eyes sad, “I think”, she runs her thumps over the backs over her mothers hands, “I think Polly would have liked that.”

Alice bit her lip holding back tears and nods. Betty was on the verge of crying too. Bringing up Polly was always hard, but even harder when it came to giving her kids away to another family.

“They deserve a father and a mother”, Betty goes on wiping a tear from Alice’s cheeks, “And I fully think Archie and Ashley are the perfect choice.”

Alice nods, sobbing silently: “You are right”, she looks up, eyes watery, “They deserve it. And I think the Andrews are the right choice as well.”

Betty pulls her in a long hug: “Thank you, Mom”, she whisper, “I think it’s the right thing to do.”

“Me too”, she whispers back.


“What did she say?”, Jug asked as soon as Betty entered the door. Seeing she had just cried he quickly pulled her in a hug.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing. That was just hard”, she smiled through her tears.

“What did she say?”, Jug had his phone already in hand anxiously waiting for her to tell him the news so he could tell Archie.

“She said yes”, Betty announced.

“Why do I feel so excited about that”, Jug laughs happily searching for Archie’s number.

“Hey Arch, it’s Jug. Congratulations, you are about to be a daddy.”

The phone call was incredible short, because Archie needed to celebrate.

Betty pulled Jug in to a kiss, smiling through it: „So I guess I need to talk to the twins.“

„Do you want me too?”, he asked.

“Yes”, she pulled him out of the room and knocked on Polly’s old bedroom door which was now the ones of Juniper and Dagwood.

“Yes”, Dagwood opened the door for them.

“Hey you guys, can we have a talk with you?”, Betty asked gently.
They let them in and they say down on their bed.

“You guys have new parents”, Jughead announced. Without any explanation, Dag cried out with happiness hugging his sister which only confirmed Betty they had made the right choice.

“Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?”, Juniper asked jumping up and down on the bed excitedly.

“Do you remember the Andrews?”, Betty asked smirking.

Dagwoods eyes grew big: “REALLY?”


Dagwood jumps up and runs trough the room
only to stop to quickly to hug Betty and Jug and thanking them briefly.

As soon as they closed the door behind them later on Betty hugged Jug.

“I love you”, she tells him.
“I love you too”, he smiles, their moment gets interrupted by Alice stepping out of bathroom.
She puts her hands up: “I am sorry”, she quickly leaves downstairs.
Jughead chuckles: “We really do need to move out.”


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Season 6 Episode 3

It was early on the next morning when Betty walked up, because Jughead was walking around in their bedroom.
“Are you already leaving”, she mumbled blinking in the bright light.
“Yes. It’s Tommy’s big day”, he announced. His student had a reading for stonewall and Jug was positive they would be over the moon because of his short story.
“Tell them good luck from me”, Betty smiled kissing him goodbye.
Two hours after he left she got up as well, waking into the bathroom. She tied her hair back in a bun watching her face in the mirror - she was pale. Which wasn’t unusual, but still it raise her attention.
Archie and Ashley had figured it would be nice to drive the twins to school and they stopped by at half past seven to do so.
Since that it was like all the stress had finally lifted off of her shoulders and she could finally concentrate on herself again.
This is also why her eyes wandered to her calendar.
She ran her hands through her hair, stress hitting her like a wave against the shore.
She was late.
Betty covered her mouth with a hand, holding back a gasp.
This couldn’t be happening.
She shook her head in disbelief and decided to call the one number she was sure would pick up no matter what time it was.
„V“, she mumbled as soon as her former bestfriend picked up.
„Betty? What’s up? Are you okay?“, Veronica asked obviously bussy in one of her stores in Wall street. Betty could hear some costumers in the background.
“Do you have a minute?”, she asked tears reaching her eyes.
“Of course”, she could basically hear Veronica leaving to the back of whatever shop she was currently in, „What’s up, B? You are getting me worried.“
„I am late.“
It was that’s simple three words that did not need any further explanation for any woman.
Betty swallows hard: „I don’t feel ready to do this, like right now.“
„Shhh. B, don’t worry too much. Did you do a test already? And does Jughead know?“
„No“, Betty shakes her head and starts walking up and down the bathroom trying desperately to calm her nerves, „Oh my god, Veronica. What am I supposed to do?“
„Maybe you should go to a doctor, so you know for sure.“
Betty took a deep breath pausing to lean on the surface of the tiny desk in front of her. She placed a hand on her forehead trying to calm her breath. Something that nobody knew, except Jughead since a couple of month was that she had been pregnant before… back when she had left for college and things between her and Jughead had been so complicated.
She had lost the baby at ten weeks in a tiny car crash that had still got her into hospital.
Eventhough that was now more then a couple of years back she still felt incredible unsure about the entire situation she was in right now.
She left the bathroom and sat down on her bed: „Yeah, that’s probably the best.“
„B, everything will be alright. You and Jug are together and I assure you he will be a perfect father.“
„For sure he is“, Betty mumbled, „He’s so sweet with Tommy. You know, his student from elementary.“
„Of course, he is, Betty. He has a little sister after all.“
Betty takes a deep calming breath and closed her eyes for a moment.
„Also it’s the perfect timing. You both have a stable job, a healthy relationship, soon an own apartment…“
„Yeah, you’re right“, Betty opened her eyes again, „I will give you a call as soon as I know, okay?“
„Okay. Good luck.“
Betty hangs up.


The next day was exhausting. They had both taken a day off work to see some apartments. Jughead had a happy smile on his face that just wouldn’t wash away - Tommy had won the completion the other day and Jughead was more then proud.
They had dropped off at Pop‘s for a break. Jughead was drinking his milkshake while Betty was anxiously watching him.
„The apartments we saw where all to small anyways“, she states when Jughead mumbles about her not liking the apartments he did like.
He raises an eyebrow. A smirk on his lips: „What else would we need, Betty? We are living in your bedroom currently with your Mom next door. Every apartment would be better then our current place.“
„Yeah, but none of the apartments had a second bedroom and I don’t want to move again in between eight months.”
His second eyebrow lifts up as well: “What-?”
Betty smirks running a hand along his jawline.
“Here”, she places a small box in his hand. He slowly draws his eyes from hers and look at it then carefully opens it.
Betty had placed a tiny pair of baby shoes in it next to a sonogram picture.
Jughead’s mouth opens, he drops the box in surprise on the table next to the milkshake.
Then he looks back to her. They make eye contact. God, how much she loved him, Betty thought.
The next thing she knows is Jughead pulling her into a tight hug.
“I love you”, he whispers into her ear, so much emotions in his voice, she can barely handle her tears.
They kiss. The longest one in a long while and not only full of love but as well with happiness.
“Congratulations Daddy-to-be.”
“I know it’s cheesy…. but you really do make me the happiest man alive”, he laughs kissing her again.
Betty smiles at him: “Well, I am very glad to hear that.”
Jughead took a look at the sonogram picture, pulled her closer and pressed a kiss on top of her head.
“How far along?”
“eight weeks. I will be exactly twelve on christmas”, she explains feeling tired and resting her head on her boyfriends shoulder.
“Will we wait for that until we drop the news?”, he asked, her miscarriage form years before in mind.
Betty nods: “Yes, I want to be sure.”
He nods totally understanding.
“I like your bun by the way”, he announces playing with her hair while taking the small shoes out of the box, “Is this really how tiny they are going to be.”
“Yeah right? Can’t even imagine such a small
human being”, Betty says smiling at the thought, “The baby is currenlty the size of a strawberry.”
Jughead picks up the strawberry that had been sitting on top of his half empty milkshake and holds it out on his hand: „That’s very tiny.“
„Yes“, she laughs, „And it already has tiny feet and fingers.“
Jughead looks at the sonogram picture again, putting his glasses on. He taps his finger on one of the multiple white dots: “These are the feet, right?“
He shows her, she nods.
Jug pops the strawberry into Betty‘s mouth. She smiles at him pressing a kiss on his cheek.
“I am glad you are happy.“
He smiles: “And you are the reason why.“
“Of course-“, Betty gets interrupted by one of the new waitresses.
“Can I get you anything else?”, she asks friendly.
“Only the bill please”, Jug answers.
As soon as the waitress left he whispered
with a smirk on his lips: “And our new apartment needs a good own kitchen.”
Betty laughs in respond.
“Because I never want to get interrupted again”, he chuckles.
They pay and Jughead collects the box hiding it in his jacket.
The next apartment they wanted to take a look at was a bright one with therefor a lot
of windows. It was in the second floor giving them a great view but not too much stairs, which Jughead was very mindful of now since he knew he would need to carry a toddler up and down these stairs in a couple of months.
The floor and kitchen was wooden and the walls were white. Right in a corner next to the bathroom was space for a washmachine and the big bedroom offered just enough space for the two of them and the rest of the furniture. It was about as big as Betty’s bedroom in the Cooper’s house.
He watched Betty standing in the middle of the wooden open living room that was connected to the open kitchen. She was totally adoring the apartment. He could tell
in the look of her eyes that she was imagining their furniture and everything else finding their perfect spot here and there.
“Does the apartment have a second bedroom?”, Jug asked.
“Of course”, the seller showed him
the tiny second bedroom with a huge window directly viewing a nice oak tree.
“It’s perfect”, Betty whispers under her breath.
“We will take it”, Jughead said without any further hesitation.
“And I will absolutely sell it to you”, the man replied shaking hands with both Jughead and Betty.
“When can we move in?”, Jug asked as they were about to leave.
“Right whenever you want after you signed all the paperwork i will be sending to you tomorrow together with the keys.”
“Alright thank you”, they shake hands again and leave.
“A big day of milestones, right?”, Jug asks as they were both walking along the street. His arm pulling her closer to him.
“Absolutely”, she smiled up to him.
They walked their way home along sweet water river, enjoying the cold breeze that was announcing the winter.
Betty was totally looking forward to it. She loved winter as much as the summer.
The knocked on the red front door and Alice opened seconds later: “And?”
“We have an apartment!”, Betty cheered and her Mom hugged them both congratulating them - not knowing that she didn’t even knew the biggest news of the day yet.
“Come on, in”, she steps aside and the couple slips out of their coats sitting down on the couch.
The next hour was full of descriptions of their new apartment as well of the twins being so happy with the Andrews which made Betty impossibly happier then she already was.
Something in her just knew, Polly would have wanted it like this.
“Uh… I almost forgot to mention”, Alice sits her glass of whine aside, “FP and Gladys called. They would like to come come over for the Christmas week to celebrate.”
“Oh really?”, Jughead asked excited but surprised
“Yes and Jellybean might come as well for the second Christmas day, but isn’t sure yet.”
“That’s great Mom”, Betty hadn’t seen the Jones family in a long while.
“And I thought, maybe inviting the Andrews over for the second day as well would be a good idea. They already told me they wanted the first day alone with the twins to celebrate as a new family, which is totally understandable.”
“Yeah, that would be awesome. But I think Jug and I will spent Christmas day in our new apartment”, Betty says exchanging a loving look with her boyfriend.
“Alright, it’s settled then”, Alice stated obviously happy with the outcome of the conversation.


“Are you okay with them coming for
Christmas?”, Betty asked already in her pajamas, sitting on her bed watching Jug who was leaning against the headboard.
“It feels strangely normal. I haven’t seen them in the last years, not even for thanksgiving. I am glad I can show them the person, who I am now and not some jobless alcoholic.”
Betty crawls over to him, snuggling into his side: “They will be extremely proud of you, Jug.”
“You think so?”
“Yes. You have a stable income, teaching a price winning elementary student, have written and published a famous book, have a baby on the way and a beautiful girlfriend”, she smirked at the last bullet point leaning in to kiss
him slowly.
“I do have a beautiful girlfriend”, he smirks running a hand through her curls


Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 4

It was moving day. Not just for Betty and Jughead but for the twins as well.

Alice had dropped them off early in the morning with huge backpacks und suitcases.
Since it was now very quite in the house, Jug and Betty had decided it was time to
leave as well.

Archie and Reggie were going to help them, Veronica as well - who had returned from Wall street a couple of days ago.

The reason for Veronica was only to make sure the apartment looked beautiful and to prevent Betty from carrying any heavy stuff or literally any kind of stuff at all.

They were both seated on two boxes, sorting the items in them in the new furniture.
“How is it going with you and Reggie?”, Betty asked while sorting the spoons in the kitchen.

“Good. I mean, we are both business people. It works out well”, Veronica says walking over to her, “But you still didn’t tell me whether you told Jug already or not?”

“Yeah I did a couple of days ago”, she smiled to herself remembering his lovely reaction in Pop’s, “And he is already studying pregnancy books.”

Archie came in placing a heavy box on the floor and then left again jogging down the stairs.
“His parents are coming over for Christmas”,
Betty continues.

“Oh wow”, Veronica nodded remembering the last time Gladys Jones had visited riverdale, “How is he handling that?”

“Pretty good actually. We are planning to tell
them and my mom about the pregnancy around Christmas.”

“I bet FP will be over the moon.”

“Hey there”, Jughead came in kissing his girlfriend on the cheek while
placing a box of plates on the kitchen counter.
He wrapped his arms around her from behind whispered something in her ear, Veronica couldn’t hear from her point of view. Betty smiled tho.

“Was that the last box?”, Betty asked.

“Yup”, Jughead took a look around the apartment, “Archie already left, something about bringing Dagwood to football training.”
“We forgive him”, Veronica stated with a certain undertone.

“So, I feel like I should go to”, Veronica grabbed her bag, “Have you guys sorting out your new home.”

“Thanks for coming, Veronica”, Betty hugged her.

“Of course, B”, Veronica waved at Jug for goodbye and then proceeded to leave through the front door.

“So”, Jughead turns again to face the huge amount of still full boxes, his hands resting on his hips, “Where do we start?”

The day felt incredible long. But eventually they were finished, even the lovely Christmas tree being set up on the corner of the living room next to the window. It was in a good view from the the sofa that was framing the living room and separating it from the kitchen counter and the dinner table.

“I love it”, Betty mumbled hugging Jug from the side.

“Me too. Now the only thing we need to get is the babies stuff.”

“Yea, but we do have plenty of time for that”, Betty stated letting herself sit down on the sofa watching the tree in front of their window.
Jug sat down next to her, pulling her closer with an arm: “We do have no food in our fridge.”

“Let’s order chinese then”, Betty smiled, resting the back of her head on his lap. She was beyond exhausted and happy.

The place did truly feel like home, especially with their collection of polaroids on their kitchen wall. One of them was taken for the Blue and Gold back in high school. The other one was on a date at Pops. Some of them were together with their friends. They held so many great memories.

“Chinese it is then”, Jug states searching his pockets for his phone to make a call.
They were craddeld later on their sofa, eating chinese food while the small Tv was running in the background.

“Hey I was wondering”, Jug stated, putting his spoon back into the food box.

Betty turned her face slightly to face him.

“Next week you are twelve weeks along and that’s when we could find out the gender. Do we want that?”

Betty thought for a moment, stealing one of Jug’s instant noodles which made him shoot her an playfully angry look: “I actually would like it better if we made it a surprise. But if you would like to know earlier, it’s totally fine with me.”

“No, i like it being a surprise. Then I can run in the hospitals waiting room and shout, I have a healthy boy or daughter”, he laughed imagining that.

“What would you like better?”, she asked.

“I don’t really have any preferences. I really don’t. As long as it’s healthy…”, he thought for a moment, “And loves eating like I do…”

Betty laughed.

“What about you?”, he asked sitting his empty box of food aside watching her closely.

“I don’t know….”

A beat of silence passed until Jughead’s voice filled it: “Hey I- we have never really talked about how this”, he makes a gesture to her belly, “is for you.”

She sighs: “I never thought I wanted this, until I told you about the pregnancy. I- really want this, Jug. I am just carefully with bringing my hopes up, since I lost the baby the last time…”

He runs a hand comfortingly through her hair.

“I am afraid I won’t be a good dad”, Jughead said. His voice was gentle, but she could hear the pain in it.

“Why?”, Betty asked making eye contact.

“Because I didn’t really have someone to copy it from. My dad was a total mess up-“

“Hey”, she interrupted him, “You told me once we were not our parents, remember? You will be a great dad, Jug. I know it.”

He smiled down at her and she knew he believed her.

They leaned in to kiss, it was slow and sweet, no stress in it and when they parted Betty asked whether they should go to bed now because she was very tired.

He carried her to bed only to wake
up the next morning from her jumping out of it and making a run for the bathroom.

He tiredly came after her, holding her hair back while she was throwing up.
When she was finished she sat back and tied her hair to a bun. Exhausted she took a few breaths.

“Morning sickness kicking in right?”, he asked getting her a glass of water.

“Mhm”, she said just before taking a sip of the water, “I am not exactly looking forward to it.”

She rested her head against his shoulder: “Are FP and Gladys coming tomorrow?”

“Yes”, Jug nodded running a hand through his girlfriends hair, making sure she wouldn’t need to throw up again.

“Do you want to see them directly?”, she asked getting up to brush her teeth, she felt Jug’s hand resting on her lower back.

“I thought maybe for dinner at Pop’s”, he looked at her through the mirror, “You don’t need to come tho.”

Betty turned around, brush still in her mouth: “No it’s okay. I have missed FP too - your mom, not so much.”

He laughed, but his voice got a bit darker: “Let’s hope she has changed.”

They decided to spend the afternoon shopping for groceries which somehow ended up in standing in the middle of cute little baby onesies.

“Jug”, Betty whispered stunned.

Jug chuckled already knowing she had instantly fell in love with every single piece that was surrounding them. She turned around to look at him: “Can we get only one please?”

He pressed a kiss on her lips: “Of course we can.”

In awe he watched as she started to look at the onesies holding them up to show him how cute or tiny they were.
It made it all to real to him that there was indeed a baby arriving in a couple of months and he felt again a wave of happiness.

“How do you like this one?”, Betty asked, he walked over to her having been caught in the moment. The onesie she was holding was white with a cute brown little illustration of a teddy bear on it.

“It’s cute”, he said in awe taking it from her to have a better look at it.

She flung her arms around his waist looking up to him: “Can we go shopping for the baby’s furniture as well?”

Of course he couldn’t say no. Which led them standing in the tiny baby’s room ready to give it a fresh coat of pain.

They had decided to keep three of the walls white and one of them in a light grey.

“Alright”, Jug took a good look at the room, optimizing his plans, “First the paint then we led it dry and afterwards we can piece the crip together.”

“Sounds good”, Betty smiled, sitting her cup of tee - which was supposed to calm her nausea and did a pretty bad job at it - aside to help him open the paint.

They were only a couple of minutes in, when she managed to get the first spot of paint on his jacket, making her instant regret it as he on purpose did the same.

Betty chuckled: “Jug, stop!”

He laughed it off pulling her into a tight hug: “This is going to be a very big mess.”

She shook her head smiling: “Oh, Mister Jones, that’s when you are so wrong. This is already a mess.”

He kissed her on the forehead, which was already sprinkled with grey paint.

He heard his phone ring in the living room: “I will go get it”

He maneuvered his way through the boxes of the baby’s furniture and the paint to the door and then over to their sofa were his phone was sitting.

He picked it up and answered: “Hey Dad?”

Betty was leaning in the doorframe of the baby’s room watching him curiously.

“Yeah okay sure, no problem”, he hang up.

“What did he say?”, Betty asked walking over to him brushing some paint of her forehead with the back of her hand.

“They want to go eat now… with us.”

“Oh”, she looked down on herself then looked up to give him a smirk, “Guess we will have to take a quick shower.”

“A very quick one”, he agreed pulling her to the bathroom with him.


They were both dressed way the elegant for something like a usual dinner at Pop’s, but Jug hadn’t seen his family in what? 6 years?
She gently ran a hand over his shoulder when she noticed how nervous he was.

“It will be okay”, she said encouraging him to open the door.

He nodded took a deep breath and opened the door. Jug looked right and then left noticing his mother and father sitting on one of the tables close to the window.

In quick steps he reached them, Betty close behind him.

“Dad”, he gasped.

“Son”, FP stood looking his son up and down noticing the new scar on his chin and the missing beanie. He pulled him into a tight hug, Betty smiled at the sweet reunion.

“Betty”, FP greeted her as soon as Jug and him parted, hugging her as well asking her how she was doing.

Jug focused on his mother who pulled him into a hug as well which he didn’t really accept.
Jug’s relationship with his Mom was even more troubled then the one with his dad. His dad had wanted him and had tried to make it up to him - his mom just rejected him every time he had asked for help.

Betty and Jug sat down next to eachother on the opposite seats of the Jones.

“I already ordered you a burger”, FP laughed giving his son a loving look.

The next two hours were passed by them catching up and Jug leaving as much out as he could possible manage without his parents noticing. He did not want to tell them about his addictions or his writer block neither about how he had let Betty down.

They seemed very interested in Betty’s and Jughead’s life, which led them telling them about their new apartment which they promised to show to them after Christmas.

They finally waved their goodbyes to eachother when FP pulled Jug to the side for a short word.

“What is it, Dad?”, he asked making eye contact.

“Betty is pregnant, isn’t she?”, he asked.

Jug raised an eyebrow: “We- er?”

“Don’t worry I will pretend like I don’t know about it until you guys decide to tell everyone…. just be there for her, Jug, okay?”

Jug looked at his father. God, he knew, he thought. FP knew how much he had messed up and failed Betty in the past.

Jug went in to hug his father, whispering in his ear: “I won’t I promise.”

Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 5

Tho the most days of the pregnancy were rather okay and manageable often even enjoyable the day two days before Christmas was the worst.

It had started early in the morning, something like 6, Betty recalled, when she felt the overwhelming feeling of nausea making her run to the bathroom immediately covering her mouth with a hand.

She knew Jug came right after her, glass of water already in hand.

She threw up something like an hour or two, and Jug grew worried. It had never been that bad. Still, he rubbed her back in calm circles and held her close in between the waves.

It was by the six wave she was so worried and exhausted the started crying while he had an arm around her chest holding her to him.

“Did you eat something wrong yesterday?”, he asked gently rubbing her neck.

Betty shakes her head. They had both eaten the same and it wasn’t anything other then the usual stuff.

“I think I am finished”, Betty announced quietly after a couple of minutes, “At least for now.”

He carefully helped her up and got her to the sofa helping her lay down.

As early in the morning the sun wasn’t even up and they were both staring in the dark morning only lighted by a couple of street lights down the road.

He ran a hand soothingly over her shoulder: “Betty?”

“Mhm”, she mumbled exhausted. She shifted a bit, watching him. Jug felt like something was going terrible wrong and he was sure of it, when she started having cramps a couple of hours later.

She was walking around in their living room stopping on the kitchen counter holding onto it while feeling slightly dizzy with the pain she still wasn’t able to tell where it was coming from.

Jug was on the other side of the room, his eyes constantly on her while he was on the phone talking to her doctor.

He quickly made his way over to her, when she gasped in pain, holding her up with an arm.
She felt tears running over her cheeks, she hadn’t been that afraid since she got captured by Tbk.

Jug hang up placing the phone next to her on the kitchen counter hugging her from behind.

“She says we should go to the hospital.“

Eventhough he tries to say it in a way that wouldn’t shock her that much, he noticed her arms shaking in fear.

He gently brushed her hair back: “It will be okay.”

“What if it won’t?”, she whispered in fear still not letting go off the counter - nails digging in it.

It was like the last time she had lost their baby back when she had just gone to college. She knew what it was like, she knew how hard it had been to gather her pieces back together afterwards.

She didn’t want to go through that ever again.

He helped her down the stairs as carefully as he could.


“Betty Cooper, I called”, Jug told the receptionist as soon a they arrived. The drive had been awful, especially to Betty who was beyond exhausted and terrified.

He noticed that right in that moment Betty’s grip on his arm tightened and then she simply fainted.

“O my god”, the receptionist gasped, shouting something to her coworkers, helping Betty on a stretcher just a second later.

Jug was right behind her, the worry filling his entire being. He couldn’t loose her nor the baby. So his feet carried him after her.

She was stirring a moment later, her eyelids fluttering.

“Hey”, he said probably a little to loud in his shock.

She searched for his hand and hold on in tight as soon as she found it.

Her eyes were still only the tiniest bit open and she looked pale and exhausted.

They entered the next avaible room and the doctor asked Jug a hell of questions which answeres he just bluttered out not even noticing what he was actually saying.

“What’s her name?”, the doctor asked.

“Betty Cooper, Elizabeth actually”, he stated still not leaving her side.

“Hey Elizabeth”, the doctor hovered over her, “Can you hear me?”

Betty nodded blinking up to the friendly face still not letting go of her boyfriends hand.

“How far along is she?”

“Just about twelve weeks.”

The doctor nodded still very close to Betty’s face: “Elizabeth, can you tell me what happened?”

“I threw up”, she mumbled, her voice barely more then a whisper.

“You threw up? In the morning, sweety?”, the doctor continued in a calm friendly voice.

Betty nodded: “Yeah, lot more then usual.”

“And then you came here?”, the nurse asked.

“I was in pain”, Betty mumbled.

“What was the pain like, Elizabeth?”

“Sharp. In waves.”

“Okay”, the doctor turned and discussed something with the nurse who was briefly leaving the room.

“And then you fainted?”, the doctor returned her attention back to her patient.

Betty nodded again, focusing on Jug’s comforting hand.

“Okay, Elizabeth. We will make a sonogram now to see if the baby is alright and then we will hook you up to an Iv to make sure you have enough fluids, alright?” Betty nodded again.

The nurse returned with the ultrasound machine. She gently lifted up Betty’s shirt and started the procedure.

“So this is the baby”, the doctor explains pointing on a few white dots on the monitore to show the parents-to-be. She moved the machine a bit, “So far it looks good.”

Jughead sighed in relief.

“The heartbeat is also okay”, the doctor shut off the machine and handed Jug a sheet to clean Betty’s tiny bump. He gently did and rested his hand a moment there, which made her feel better ever so slightly.

“So”, the doctor strapped off her gloves, “I think this is nothing serious. I will take a look at your blood tho”, the nurse already prepared a needle.

“What do you think it is then?”, Jug asked running a thump over his girlfriends belly and the back of her hand.

“I have a few guesses, but I think the fainting and the pain was caused by not getting enough fluids and of course food. When she threw up like this, the baby and the mother don’t get enough nutrients.”

Jughead nodded, not relieved.

They hooked Betty up to an Iv bag and lend her some rest while they were waiting for the blood work.

Betty gained her normal state of consciousness back after half an hour, gently rubbing with one thump over the back of his hand.

“Hey there”, he mumbled pressing a kiss on top of her head.

“Hey”, she mumbled the corner of her mouth twitching up in a weak smile.

“They hooked you up to a IV”, he explained unsure of what she had actually noticed while recovering from her passing out.

“I noticed“, she mumbled looking at her shoulder.

He had his hand still resting on her belly quite gently and she placed hers on top of his making sure he knew she was going to be okay now.

“I am sorry, I must have totally freaked you out“, she says shifting in a more comfortable position.

„It’s fine. I mean yes, you totally made me loose my calm… never do that again.“

She chuckles slightly running a finger through his dark curls: „I am not planning on doing so… Did you tell anyone I was here?“

„No“, he thought for a moment, „Should I?“

She shakes her head quickly tapping with her hand on the one that was resting on her belly: „That would have totally ruined everything.“

He smiles slightly: „Do you think they will release you today?“

She shakes her head: „Nah, I think they might keep me for the night just to be sure, but I dunno.“

Jug gently stroked her hand, making again sure she was okay: „What a day….“

Betty nodded: „Yeah and it isn’t even over yet…“

„Well I think the rest of the day might be calmer unless you have another desaster up your sleeve“, he chuckles.

The door opened and the doctor who had done the bloodwork before walked in: „So, Elizabeth how are you doing?“

„Fine“, she said lifting herself a little bit up to a sitting position, which caused Jugs hand falling off from her belly and instead resting on her hand again.

„So I have the results for you“, she announced making eyecontact with both of them, „You have a early state of hyperemesis gravidarum. That means you will have to throw up a lot more then the usual morning sickness and dehydration is a main conclusion of that.“

„So I will just have to drink a lot?“, Betty asked resting both her hands protectively on her still unnoticeable baby bump.

„Yes, that’s basically it. We can provide some medication to ease the nausea and we would advice hooking you up to an IV whenever it has been a very bad day of nausea.”

“Okay”, Jug nodded. That did sound manageable, “But the baby will be fine? And Betty as well?”

“Yes, as long as we make sure Ms. Cooper is hydrated enough there isn’t any kind of danger with that condition.”

Jughead sighed in relief gently running his finger over the back of her hand offering a comforting smile.

“We would still like to keep you here over night just to make sure everything goes smoothly”, the doctor explained.



It had been a couple of hours later when they were both in the new hospital room laying on Betty’s bed.

“Juggy?”, she asked looking up from her position craddled to his side her head resting on his shoulder, “Could you drive home and get some stuff for me?”

“I don’t want to leave you alone”, Jug stated turning to face her running a hand over her cheek, “Can I call Veronica, she has a second key right?”

Betty nodded. Veronica was the only one who even knew about her being pregnant, so there wouldn’t be any kind of unwanted reveal.

Jughead shortly dialed her number and quickly explained the situation. About half an hour later, Veronica Lodge entered the room with a worried expression on her face and a bag with Betty’s stuff in hand.

She quickly hugged both Betty and Jughead handing him the bag: “Guys, you totally caught me off guard.”

“Well we caught us off guard too”, Betty mumbled, “Thanks for getting the stuff tho, V.”

“Of course, always for my two besties. However are you both okay?”, she asked noticing the IV bag Betty was hooked up to.

“Yes”, she answered convincingly, “It was just dehydration that’s all.”

“Good”, Veronica looked around for a moment, “I will go head home then, let you rest. Call me anytime if you need anything.”

Veronica turned and proceeded to leave.

“Thanks Veronica”, Jug called after her.

He pulled Betty closer to him: “Next time we will go to the hospital it will only be for the babies birth, alright?”

“Alright”, she promised, pulling him down for a short kiss.

He ran his hands through her hair: “I am glad we will make it to the family Christmas tho…”

“Me too. I can’t wait to tell everyone”, she sighed heavily, “Eventhough I have not the slightest idea what their reaction is going to be.”

“My dad already knows”, Jug announced, “He figured it out after we met for dinner and promised to keep his mouth shut until we officially tell everyone.”

Betty chuckled: “Was he mad?”

“No, I think he liked it. Probably always wanted grandchildren, but I dunno.”

Betty rested her head again on his shoulder closing her eyes for a second: “I think my Mom already had enough work with Juniper and Dagwood.”

“Probably, but only because she was basically more of their mother then their grandmother”, Jug explained, “She will just have to buy candy for our baby and take it for a weekend or two. Like the normal kind of grandmother-stuff.”

Betty smiles: “What about your Mom, tho?”

“I don’t know”, Jug looked up to the white ceiling, “I think I don’t even know who she actually is now. It’s been a lot of years…”

Betty smirked up to him turning his face to her making him draw his eyes to hers: “I don’t either, but I think we might learn to know her again.”


The night went rather smoothly and they checked out of the hospital after a second ultrasound which gladly proofed them everything was alright. Jug was carrying Betty’s bag while she slowly walked towards the door and then to their car.

As soon as they took a seat in it, they were blended by the light of the rising sun.

„So“, Jug stated, „Do you think you are up for spending the evening with both our parents?“

„Yes“, she nods reassuring him.

Jug smirked and started the engine driving off: „Okay then.“


Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 6

They arrived at the Cooper household (or now the Smith household, since it was Alice Smith now and not Alice Cooper) at about three in the afternoon.

It had snowed the night Betty and Jug had been spending in the hospital. The sunlight made the white substance glance in a facet of tiny rainbows.

Betty was equally as excited as anxious to finally share the news with the rest of the family - at least with their parents, when they got out of the car closing the doors behind them.

Betty had to deal with Jughead in the morning, because he didn't want to wear a Christmas sweater. Still, they both were dressed just like that, when they made their way over to the front porch. They fit perfectly in with the way to overdecorated house. A cute fluffy reindeer had been positioned next to the door.

Alices favourite day must be no doubt Christmas, Jughead had joked and Betty had just drily replied he should wait until New Year's Eve.

Betty turned her head to her boyfriend: "Are you ready?".

He smirked in return, taking her hand: "Always."

He reached out to ring the doorbell. Alice opened them a moment later, with a huge happy smile on her lips and of course as well wearing a Christmas hoodie: "Guys, come on it, it's cold outside."

They quickly did as they were told, greeting the Jones' immediately.

Seeing FP Jones all dressed up like a Christmas tree did surely make both of them smile.

"Let's sit in the living room", Alice suggested leading everyone to the two sofas, which had a perfect view of the huge christmas tree in front of the windows on the opposite side.

"Mom", Betty said surprised taking in all the work her mother had put into decorating the house, "You really overdid it this year."

Betty sat down next to Jug, who laid an arm around her shoulders.

"I really like how it turned out", Alice took a seat as well, beaming at the sight in front of her.

"It's beautiful, Alice", FP chuckled, but meant it. He passed Jug a look from the side and obviously looked at Betty even closer, as he wanted to see if there was already a visible pregnancy bump which there was clearly not - also duo to the fact that Betty did choose a little bigger pullover then usal.

"I heard about little Tommy winning the award for the greatest Christmas story", FP laughed raising his glass.

"Yeah, that's okay right", Jug collected himself - God, was he nervous, "He is extremly talented."

"The best author of the next generation", Alice quoted someone unknown.

"Right", Betty mumbled causing Jug to look up to check on her seeing the face he had learned was her I-am-nauseaus-face. She excused herself to the bathroom, knowing what was going to happen.

Jug desperatly wanted to follow her to make sure she was okay, but that would have totally blewn their cover and he really didn't want to tell the news, while he was holding back his girlfriend's hair while she was throwing up her breakfast.

"Jellybean called, she won't be able to make it...", Gladys announced, filling herself a new cup of coffee.

"She got invited by Clars to spent the holidays with his family", FP explained - Clars was Jellybean's boyfriend since three years and his parents didn't really accept her, so this was a huge deal - Jughead knew.

"That's totally fine", he replied, when Betty came back and sat next to him again.

He gave her a look, making sure she was okay. Betty nodded subtile and gestured him they sould probably address the elefant in the room.

Jughead returned his focus back on their parents who were in the middle of a discussion why rudolf's nose was red and not green.

"So", Jug interrupted them politly, feeling Betty's eyes on him, "Betty and I have something to announce."

Everyone was eyeing him and Betty, who lifted her head from Jug's schoulder. FP smirked, knowing what was about to happen. Gladys and Alice exchanged a worried look, knowing in what trouble converstions, that started like that, most likely ended in.

"Well, son, you have our ears", FP encouraged him.

Betty bit her lip then took a deep breath before saying: "We are", she started smiling in the round, feeling that everybodys nerves were at the edge, trying to calm them a little, "going to have a baby."

Alices eyebrows shot up, her mouth fell open. Gladys had a similar expression on her face, blinking slowly to progress the overwhelming news. FP chuckled, being the first to stand up and make his way over to the young couple.

He hugged Betty tight.

"So glad, I can finally congratulate you", he whispered in her ear as they parted he had a huge smile on his lips, causing her to return the same.

"Thank you, Mister Jones", she smiled happily.

"Call me FP", he chuckled, "You are family."

FP then turned to his son shaking his hand yet again: "I am proud of you."

Betty knew how much that five words meant to Jughead and ran a hand over his back lovingly.

Alice was still slowly forming her reaction: "I- Wow- I did not expect that, I-", she interrupted herself opening her arms to hug her daugther as well.

Alice took a good look at Betty and the smile resting on her face. God bless, Alice thought, my daugther is finally happy.

She turned to hug Jug as well: "Congratulations."

"Thank you, Alice", Jug really appreciated it, he had fought hard for any kind of acceptance of Alice Smith.

Gladys was the last one offering Betty a hand, which she gladly shook.

Her congratulations were more reserved tho. She knew very well that the soon-to-be-parents didn't really forgive her coming here to Riverdale for drug dealing a couple of years ago.

"We have to drink to that", FP shouted already searching for some kind of liquor to do so. Alice went to get some whine.

Betty turned back to Jughead, running a hand over his jawline, kissing him gently now, that the stress had finally worn off.

His hands were sitting on her waist, when FP interrupted their moment by handing Jughead a glass of whine and Betty a glass of water. Betty smiled greatfully.

"So", FP stood in the middle of the small group of people, raising his glass, "To my son and his girlfriend bringing the first gradnchild into the Jones-Cooper family."

Everyone raised their glasses and took a sip.

The hours passed by sooner as expected, and in no time it was around six. Knowing well enough, that Betty was worn out and tired, Jug was prepared that they would have to leave soon.

They had opened the windows wide, to let some fresh cool air in, giving them perfect view of the snowy backyard and it's beautiful winter landscape. A few little snow flakes were landing on the grass and the terrace.

Betty was now wearing Jug's pullover, feeling a little bit icy.

"Do you guys have sonogram pictures?", FP asked from where he was helping Alice with dinner.

"Yeah, sure. I will go get them", he gently lifted his girlfriend off his lap and made his way over to his jacket by the door.

"Here", he showed them to FP, who was already studying the small picture in awe and with big interest.

"Do you already know what gender it will be?", Alice asked, placing some plates on the table.

"No, not yet, we could have find out yesterday in the hospital-", Jug started not noticing that they did not inform any of their parents about their hospital stay.

"You were in the hospital?", Alice interrupted, causing FP to look up worried as well looking Betty up and down for any visible injury.

Betty gulped resting a hand on her belly, looking at Jughead for comfort: "Yeah, we kind of had a little pregancy scare yesterday."

Alice was already opening her mouth to respond, but Betty was faster: "Everything", she made eyecontact with both of the adults, "is okay", she made a gesture with her hand to support her sentence, "They just found-"

"What did they find?", FP asked under his breath still holding the pictures of his first grandchild.

"It's nothing bad. It literally just means, that my morning sickness is worse then usual and I need to make sure to stay hydrated", Betty explains, not wanting to name what kind of complication that was knowing very well how her mother would start to inform herself with some crappy websites.

"So it's nothing serious", Jughead added running a hand over Betty's shoulder.

Alice sighed relieved: "Thank god."

"We just went to the hospital to make sure everything was okay", Betty said.

"Totally understandable", FP nodded, "Alice went to the hospital too a couple of times while she was pregnant..."

Alice nodded in the background, opening a bottle of water: "Yeah, your brother gave me a hard time."

"Jughead did too", Gladys added, causing FP to chuckle, but it didn't quite reache his eyes.

"Why what did I do?", Jug asked.

"Gladys almost misscarried you", FP says handing the sonogram picture back to Betty with an overwhelming smile until he returned to the topic at hand, "But thankfully everything turned out okay."

Gladys ran a hand through her son's hairs while walking over to Alice, helping her with the food.

Jug ran his hand sousingly over Betty's back: "Well, I hope everything will turn out fine."

"It will", Betty gently says drinking a sip of water with the hydration in mind.

"I am sure of it", FP nodded, "Don't worry to much."

Betty answered him with a small smile: "They told us the baby would move around soon, I am excited."

Jug kissed her on the cheek at that, resting his hand on her belly for a brief second: "Me too."

"Well you be annoyed of it sooner as you would think", Alice added with a smile, "I was so exhausted from your sister, she was barely letting me sleep, but", she interrupted herself, "It's something that truly makes you bond with them."

Gladys filled the last plate with food: "Dinner is ready."

Everyone stood and took a seat at the huge dinner table. Betty thought the food looked delcious, her stomach said otherwise.

Still she managed to not throw up - she was very greatful for that.

"This is very good, Mom", she said exchaging a look with Jug who was clearly concerned about her well being.

"Thanks, Betty", she handed Jug a bowl, "Here, Jug, have some potatoes."

Jughead gladly took it, enjoying the meal very much.

"So what are you guys plans?", Gladys asked, "For the baby? Do you already have a date of birth?"

"The 24th of June", Betty said smiling at Jug, who was running her hand over her back in a casual way.

"I will mark it in my calender", FP chuckled, taking a bite of his oven potatoe, "I wanna be there."


Two hours later they were seated in the living room, discussing something about FP's work. Betty was half asleep on Jug's shoulder.

He gently pressed a kiss on her hair: "Should we head home?"

She nodded tiredly, rubbing her eye with a hand, slowly but surely proceeding to stand up.

"You guys are going home?", Gladys asked.

"Yeah, I think it's time", Jug guided Betty to the front door with a steady hand resting on her waist, helping her in her jacket equally as gentle.

Alice and FP stood at the door hugging them goodbye, telling them again how happy they were about the new family addition.

"You be careful, okay?", Alice said to her daughter after they hugged referring to her getting into hospital before.

"I will", she smiled waving Gladys goodbye as they made a step into the cold night.

They got to the car, Betty alreeady taking a seat in it.

"Drive carefully, Jug", FP yelled from the door, and waved again.

Jug waved back and then proceeded to drive them home.

Betty was more then tired, she was exhausted.

"Are you okay?", Jug asked focusing on the icy road in front of them.

She shifted slightly in her position: "Yeah, the day was just long", she made a small break to smile at him, "I am glad they are happy-"

"Me too", Jug said, taking a turn at the next green light.
He smiled genlty at her, running a finger through her hair: "You make me very happy, Betty Cooper."


Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 7

The early sunlight was shining through their alomost covered bedroom window dancing on Betty's face as she slept.

Jug had hooked her up to IV after they returned home from their evening with the Jones' and Alice Smith as a precaution.

Feeling the warm light on his face, he gently shifted a bit. He was spooning her, his hand gently resting on her belly, while she slept with a high bun.

"Merry Christmas", he whispered into her hair, wanting to wake her up as gentle as he could.

Betty opened her eyes, turning a bit to face him running a hand over his cheek: "Merry Christmas to you too, Jug", she said with a gentle voice pulling him a bit closer to kiss him.

He smiled when they parted: "How are you?"

"Okay", she nodded noticing that she for once didn't want to throw up.

Betty sat up looking down to him: "Jug?"

"Mhm?", he asked running a hand over her knee.

"I love you", Betty said with loving eyes.

"I love you too", he stated sitting up and kissing her passionatly flipping her over so he was on top their noses almost touching. She chuckled, her hands crossed behind his neck. He kissed her again taking time for it, knowing they didn't have any of this the last couple of days.

Betty smiled up to him admiring his eyes: "Are you excited for your presents?"

He laughed.

"Because I might or might not have ordered you breakfast from Pop's", she whispered.

"You did?", he asked surpirsed.

She nodded and he pecked her on the lips: "Damn, I am a very lucky man."

"Yes you are", she ran a hand over his chest and he quickly sat up, helping her to do the same.

He looked into her green eyes: "I might or might not have bought something for the baby."

She laid her head to the side wondering what that could be and smiled at him soflty.

"Let's go to the living room, can we?", she asked grabbing his hand and pulling him with her out of their bedroom.

Their cute little christmas tree had indeed some presents underneath it. Betty took a seat on the sofa, Jug helping her to unhook her from the IV and then went to grab his breakfast on the front porch.

He sat down next to her, placing his arm around her shoulders while enjoying his food.

Betty had shifted so she could rest her feet on the sofa as well and rested her back against Jug's chest.

"What did you get for the baby?", Betty asked.

He nodded, chewing his last bite and then standing up to get his present handing it over to her to unpack.

"Oh my god", she whispered lifting up the little onesie with ' Best present ever ' printed on it. It was white with some christmas elements on it as well with tiny reindeer horns on the hood that was connected to the rest of the piece.

"This is so cute", she whispered in total awe.

"I ordered it bigger so it will fit her or him next Christmas", Jug explained kissing her cheek.

"That's smart", she chuckled turning her head up to kiss him as a way of saying thank you, "I like that we are spending Christmas day here together"

"Me too", Jug says already getting up to hand her the next present.

"Jug, no, it's my turn-"

"You didn't need to buy me anything, you are already carrying my baby", Jug responded pressing the present in her hand, "Besides that I don't want you the get up from our way to comfortable couch, because you need to rest."

She rolled her eyes, opening the tiny box in her hand and taking a good look at the earrings he got her: "They are beautiful, Juggy."

He smiled happily - he still wasn't a proffessional in buying his girlfriend jewellery. He had zero idea what she might like.

"I am glad-", he interrupted himself by Betty suddenly gasping bringing a hand to her belly.

"What?", he asked worriedly, getting closer to her, "Are you hurt?"

She shook her head, lips still slighlty parted: "I think it just moved."

They both stared at eachother in shock, until Jug broke the silence and Betty sat up fully totally confused by the new feeling: "Can I-?", Jug gestures to her belly and Betty quickly nods taking his hand to rest right where her's had been.

"I don't think, you can feel it yet", she whispered.

Jug nodded, indeed not feeling anything: "The book said it would be just little flutters at the beginning."

He wasn't disappointed or anything, he was very much informed about what was going on inside Betty's belly.

Betty knitted her brows, hands still pressed on her belly: "It feels so weird."

Jug smiles slightly, gesturing her to rest back against the couch into a more comfortable position.

She shook her head, still in surprise: "Now it stopped."

Jug watched her chaos of emotions closely running a thump over her hand.

After a moment she smiles back down to him, tucking back one of his black hair strains: "I didn't expect it to feel that way-", she stopped, Jug noticing the slight greenish color flashing over her face announcing her morning sickness.

She quickly made her way to their tiny bathroom.

They spent the next couple of minutes next to the toilett, but Jug neither Betty would have changed their Christmas moring in any way -  it was just unperfectly perfect.

Only an hour later Jug was a new beanie, a soon-to-be-daddy-shirt and a wristwatch richer. Betty had even knitt the baby a tiny beanie which somehow perfectly fitted to the onesie Jug had bought.

They somehow ended up back in bed, Betty getting some much needed sleep while Jug was talking to his sister on the phone quietly.

"So how is your Christmas so far?", Jug asked running a hand though his hair looking at the camera watching his sister.

"Good, his parents are indeed a little bit crazy tho", Jellybean chuckled, "I am sorry, I won't make it tomorrow, by the way."

"All good."

"What are you doing today, why are you even still in bed?", Jellybean asked slighlty changing the angle, showing him the kitchen she was currently standing in.

"We're just chilling", Jug chuckled.

"Is Betty there too?"

Jug glanced to Betty's side of the bed, where she was still asleep.

"Yeah she is, but she isn't doing so good lately-", he got interrupted by his sister.

"What? Why? Is she sick?"

"No-", he didn't quite knew what to say. Betty and him hadn't discussed the topic of how to tell his sister since they probably wouldn't see her until easter or something, where Betty would obviously be showing.

"She is pregnant", he finally announced, JB's jaw dropped.

It was honestly a movie-like timing, when Betty just woke up at that moment eyes full of sleep turning around to rest her head on his shoulder noticing only then he was on the phone.

"Hey JB", she mumbled sleep drunken, "What's going on?", she asked Jug, at JB's shocked face.

"I told her you were pregnant", he whsipered glancing down to her. Betty smiled redirecting her attention to his phone.

"I can't believe I will be an aunt", JB said wanting to hug her brother and his girlfriend desperatly, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"That will be a surprise", Betty chuckled meeting her boyfriends eyes.

"You can't torture us like that", JB laughed, but fully seemed to understand. She was interrupted by someone talking to her from a corner neither Jug nor Betty could see from their position.

"Guys, I am so sorry, I have to go", JB explained a second later, "Congratz", with that she hang up.

Betty cuddled into his side: "I am glad everyone knows now, at least from our family."

"Me too", Jug pulled her a bit closer, "What do you think, should we go into town for a walk or something? Only if you feel like it."

"Yeah, sure", she smiled, slowly getting up as in to not cause any kind of overdue morning sickness.

Walking through riverdale they surprisingly met Reggie and Veronica coming their way.

“B!”, Veronica shouted making her way over to them, pulling her in a hug.

“Merry Christmas”, Reggie said shaking Jug’s and Betty’s hand.

“Merry Christmas”, Jug chuckled, “You guys had the same idea?”

Veronica looked around: “Seemingly, we couldn’t avoid how beautiful sweetwater river looks on Christmas morning especially with the snow… You guys want to pair up?”

“Sure”, Jug announced after exchanging a look with his girlfriend.

Betty flung an arm around his and they continued walking along the river together with their friends.
Eventually they split up into the woman and men, Jug and Reggie caught up in a long conversation about the apartment while Veronica and Betty were falling a bit behind.

“I didn’t even ask you… is everything alright since the hospital?” Veronica asked looking at her best friend worriedly.

“Yeah, everything is fine, I just need drink a lot of water to stay hydrated”, Betty assured her watching her step, “We told our families yesterday.”

“Oh really?”, Veronica sounded excited.

Betty chuckled: “They are very happy…. Are you guys planning for a baby any time soon?”

Veronica was quite for a moment, both just breathing in the cool air: “Maybe”, she said thoughtfully, “I don’t really know. It’s kind of complicated with our businesses.”

“You don’t need to have a baby just because people think that’s your way to go”, Betty mumbled, a hand resting on her belly.

“No that’s right-“, Veronica stopped noticing Betty had stopped walking as well, „Are you okay?“

Betty didn’t answer, Veronica turned to stable her with a hand and shouted for Jughead who quickly came running back to them.

“What’s wrong?”, he asked quickly pulling Betty close to him.

Betty whispered something in his ear and he rubbed her back carefully.

After a moment he flung an arm around her small shoulders and they continued walking.

“Everything okay?”, Reggie asked.

Betty nodded, Jug did too.

“Sorry the babies movements are just so weird at the moment”, Betty explained calmly.



Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 8

“I am tired, Juggy”, Betty mumbled as she sat down next to her boyfriend snuggling closer to him.

Jug war wrapping up Juniper’s and Dagwood’s presents and was beyond annoyed of the result. Still he sat it aside and rubbed Betty’s back. He gently ran a hand over her chin and pulled her face a bit up so he could study it. Considering her small smile, she was probably okay - he figured. However, after they had returned from their walk with Reggie and Veronica she had been a little bit dehydrated and that’s how they had been seated on this very sofa trying to get some fluids into her.

“Do you need an IV today?”, Jug asked almost in a whisper.

Betty considered it for a moment then nodded slowly.

“I will go get it”, Jug said standing up while Betty shifted to where he had sit leaning her head against the pillows.

He returned with the bag and the needle offering her a comforting smile knowing very well how much she hated needles.

Carefully he lowered the volume of the christmas music to a faint background sound. He then proceeded to kneel in front of her opening the package and taking out the needle holding it up against the light.

Betty prepared her arm as he hit her lip and he carefully poked her: “All good it’s over”, he reassured her.

He set up the IV bag next to their sofa and sat down again cuddling her closer to him with an arm. Betty smiled had him faintly. ‘Last Christmas’ was playing in the background.

“Jug?”, Betty asked after a while.


“We need to finish the presents”, she mumbled. Jug huffed and chuckled a moment later picking up the poorly wrapped present he had been working on for the last twenty minutes.

Betty took it out of his hand and started to fix in on the verge of laughing. He just watched her amazed.

She held it out to him as soon she figured it was good enough for a child ripping it apart the next morning.

“That’s really good”, Jug laughed.

“Yeah right, pretty talented, aren’t I?”, she chuckled running a hand over his cheek.


“Absolutely”, he leaned down to peck her lips then stood up to put all the presents in their bag. They had decided to spent the night at the Cooper house the next day when everyone was visiting including the Andrews family. Therefor they had packed two bags, which Jug didn’t allow Betty to carry.

He went in the kitchen to make her and himself a cup of tea and returned a couple of minutes later sitting both of the mugs on the table.

He cradled back on the couch and kissed her deeply, her hands wrapping themselves around his neck pulling him impossibly closer.

“Let’s go the bedroom, okay?”, she whispered as they parted.




“Jughead. Betty”, Alice opened the door next morning.

Jug and Betty were awkwardly standing in the cold, Jughead having problems to carry both their bags, but since he insisted on her not even touching one of them, she didn’t feel at all guilty.

“Merry Christmas, Mom”, Betty smiled hugging Alice and then walking into the house taking off her jacket.

Jug sat the bags down, they could carry them up later - or he could.

Betty was immediately dragged to the living room while Archie came over to greet Jughead: “Hey man.”

Jug smiled: “Hey Arch. How is it going with the twins?”

The fell into an easy kind of conversation. So easy that Jug could almost forget that Archie Andrews was part of why he left through hell the past years till he finally told Betty he still loved her.

They joined the rest in the living room. The Jones’ were seated in a sofa together with Ashley Andrews, the twins were running around the christmas tree, Archie took a seat next to Alice which left only one free seat available for the young couple.

They made it work by Betty finding a seat on his lap, while watching Juniper chasing Dagwood with some Christmas decorations.

“So now Jug and Betty are here, what do you guys think of baking some cookies?”, Alice asked the kids mainly to prevent them from thanking down the Christmas tree with them.

Both came to stop nodding briefly and following their grandmother in the kitchen.

“I will help”, Jug offered wanting to get out of their compromising position since Gladys was already eying him.

Betty sat back down when he left to join the rest in the family.

“So Betty”, Betty raised both her eyebrows in concentration and turned to Archie, who was sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Archie” she smiled respectfully, while eying Jug in the kitchen who was joking around with Dagwood which made her heart flutter. She felt like she was stepping on thin ice while talking to Archie, not because of their passed relationship but mainly because she got pregnant - which he didn’t knew - and Ashley did not.

She shifted uncomfortably self conscious whether Archie could somehow see that she got a bun in the oven. She brushed a hand over her belly, which clearly didn’t help.

Still they fell in an easy chat about the twins and Christmas presents and of course work.

She didn’t even notice him until Jug was right in front of her holding out his hand to her with a smirk: “Here you go, milady.”

It’s a freshly baked Christmas cookie in reindeer form with very wrong used color’s.

“You painted it green?”, she asked in confusion und laughed taking it from him.

“Well”, he sits down next to her pulling her on top of him again. She leans back against his chest taking a bite of the cookie.

“Betty and I have just been talking about the new FbI office down Elm street”, Archie informed his former best friend.

“Oh right. I heard it will be a lot bigger then the last one”, Jug nodded rubbing Betty’s arms noticing how tense she was while enjoying her Christmas cookie.

“I mean my office right now”, Betty huffed in between two bites, “is way to small. Not even a real murder board fits in there. At least not the size I would need it.”

Archie chuckles until he get interrupted by Juniper running over to them with a cookie showing it to her new dad.

Archie picked her up and let her explain why she specifically used pink for santa clause and why she had added a third eye.

Betty and Jug couldn’t hide a chuckle, while Archie observed the cookie in question with a calming seriousness.

They both stood when Ashley came over as well offering the new family some space and walked in the kitchen.

“Stop stop stop”, Alice pointed upwards with her free hand, the other one holding a plate of

Betty and Jug both looked up.

“A mistletoe”, Jug chuckled, “Of course.”

“It’s tradition, Betty”, Alice said turning around to add another two or three cookies to the mountain she had already build on the plate.

Betty roled her eyes but leaned in for a short kiss anyways.

“So”, Alice said placing her hands on her hips, “Just to inform you, we are planning lunch as a buffet around two and dinner at eight. So”, she took a caring look at her daughter who had her arms flung around her chest leading into Jughead, “You guys should get settled. You need some rest Betty.”

Betty was short off before rolling her eyes, but her mother was right. The pregnancy was really pulling at her energy.

Jug carried their bags upstairs, while Betty let herself sit on her childhood bed.

“Are you okay. You seemed kind of tense down there?”, Jug asked concerned putting their bags down.

“I am good, Juggie, no worries”, she rests her hand on her belly which Jug noticed, she did a lot today.

He comes over gently taking both her hands in his: “I feel something is up, don’t lie to me.”

Betty took a deep breath and withdrew her hands to rub her eyes. She looks on the verge to cry when he sees her eyes again. She places a hand on his shoulder massaging it with a thumb to signal him she was okay.

“It’s just- I don’t know”, she let her hand fall from his shoulder again, “I know it shouldn’t be that way, but the babies movements are kind of freaking me out.”

She couldn’t pinpoint the reason for that, she thought a lot about it. It was possible because the small flutters in her belly were just a completely new sensation - would have been the easiest explanation. Still she figured, it was probably because she had lost a baby once and now if became way to real for her.

He runs his fingers over her jawline: “That’s okay”, he says honestly.

She locked eyes with him: “Sorry my emotions just seem to be over the moon”, she rubs her eyes again.

“How about”, he takes a moment to think, “You lay down and take a nap. I mean it, Betty”, he added at her look.

“Can you stay?”, she asked quietly.

“Of course”, as simple as that they both layer down for a good hour, taking some much needed sleep.

Jug was the first to wake, but didn’t want to wake her up, except he needed to. Lunch would be ready in half an hour and knowing her she would want to get ready for it first.

He turned slightly so he was on top of her. He gently placed his hands on her belly watching her sleep peacefully.

Jug gently lifted her pullover a bit running his hand over her belly expecting nothing had changed which wasn’t true as he discovered. Seemingly overnight a tiny out curve had build which he now placed his palm on to running a thumb over it.

Betty awoke running a hand through his black curls.

“What are you doing?”, she mumbled sleep drunken not even registering his motions on her newly produces baby bump.

“You are showing”, he whispered.

“What?”, she mumbled a hand subconsciously coming to rest on where his hands were.

Jug noticed how she was suddenly very awake when she felt it too, he fingers ghosting over the tiny out curve.

“Jug, that’s-”, she didn’t know what to say. She focused on his warm comforting hands on her soft belly and his calm breathing. They both went quiet just savouring the moment.

“Oh my god”, she suddenly gasped her hand stilled on top of his. He looked up to her worriedly.

She sat up pulling him with her so they were now seated opposite of eachother.

“What is it, Betty?”, he asked running a hand through his messy hair.

“What if they see it, Jug?”, she asked worriedly tucking back a hair strain behind her ear.

“I am pretty sure they can’t, it’s such a small difference to before”, he added looking down at her making sure he indeed couldn’t see the change through the fabric of her shirt.

“But we need to tell Archie and Ashley soon” he added, “Or we won’t have to anymore”, he rubbed his hand over her belly again gently lifting her chin up to look on her worried eyes, “They will be happy for us, Betty. No doubt.”

She nodded then gently ran her hands over his his shoulders: “We should go downstairs. Lunch should be ready soon.”

Jug nodded and helped her up.




Lunch went smoothly, no nausea for Betty and
the twins actually enjoyed the meat, despite not liking the vegetables.

“You know what I just realized”, Betty whispers in Jug’s right ear when they both took a seat on the sofa with their plates and a bottle of water.

“No?”, he asked taking a bite from the sausages.

“Cheryl will be sad if we don’t tell her soon.”

Jughead almost choked on the sausage. She gently patted his back.

Before he could respond Ashley interrupted them by sitting down one the armchair right next to them.

Both smiled like they didn’t just have a conversation about a pregnancy announcement in the publicity of their family.

“Present time”, Alice announced, the twins excitedly ran over to the tree, while FP made his camera ready.

“Get ours first”, Jug said - he had discreetly placed them there when the twins had made a snow man outside after colouring the cookies.

Juniper quickly got the light red one Jug had spend twenty minutes wrapping up.

Archie was sitting on the floor as well helping her and Dagwood who was excitedly looking over his sisters shoulder.

It was a picture book, Betty had found in Polly’s boxes after she had packed all her dead sisters stuff up for the funeral.
The photographies in it showed Polly and Jason after the hand engaged and the first ultrasound picture of the twins and a couple of other once Betty thought Polly would have liked her children to have.

She noticed Archie’s look, but didn’t say anything.

The twins were of course the ones who got the most presents. Still FP and Gladys gifted Jug and her with a present that, quote, they should open later the night, which they did and it was money for the baby, a lot of money.

Archie excused himself around ten to go outside to get some fresh air, Betty followed him.

They both sat on the stairs in front of the red front door.

“I hope you didn’t mind Jug and my present?”, Betty asked worriedly, she wrapped Jug’s jacket around her feeling cold, her breath coming out in white mist.

“No not at all”, he shakes his head, “Honestly whatever stuff you have left of the twins parents and you feel like they should have, you can give it to them… Ashley and I don’t want to cover up their past or anything. I know”, he makes a break to breath, “how happy I am
every time I find anything related to my dad which I didn’t find yet. It makes me feel like I got another small piece of him left. So no, your present was nice, thank Jug from me.”

Betty nodded raising her shoulders from the cold: “I am very happy that the twins are with you and Ashley now.”

He nods and makes eye contact: “Me too.”

Betty gulped: “Look i would love to chat longer, but I am cold.”

He laughed: “No worries, Betty. We need to leave anyways, twins are getting tired.”

She nodded and they both returned inside. Archie lifted up Dagwood playfully and waved in the round: “Guys it was lovely to be here, but we really should go.”

“Of course”, Alice said understanding hugging her grandchildren fro good bye and handing Ashley the big amount of presents the twins had received tonight.

After the Andrews has left it became a lot quieter and calmer with no little
children running around in the living room.

FP, Alice and Gladys were drinking some whine while Jug enlightened them with a funny story about his recent book release.

Betty had laid down on the couch head resting on his thigh. It had taken her a long time to be this comfortable with her relationship around their parents, but they were at the end of their twenties after all.

She didn’t notice her eyelids getting heavy until she finally fell asleep.

Jug continued running his finger through her hair and carry the conversation until something like midnight.

“So guys”, FP stretched, “Gladys and I have to hit the streets early tomorrow, we should probably go to bed.”

“Mhm”, Alice hummed in agreement and purée herself another glass of whine.

Jug gently ran a hand over her cheek which caused Betty to wake up and tiredly take in her surroundings.

“Time to go to bed, Betty”, FP chuckled, “You seem tired.”

Betty smirked tiredly getting up slowly noticing Jug’s look on her. She really did have a hard time getting used to his overprotective way of acting. He was like a guardian angle over her and they both knew they forgot about the IV. And in the look they shared Betty knew she had also forgotten to drink enough water today.

Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 9

„Alright, Miss Cooper, you are going to get through all of this water”, the female doctor made a gesture to the four water bottles lined up on the table next to Betty, “or else we do need you get poked.”

Betty nodded. She was upright sitting in a hospital bed, Jug’s hoodie on and her hair back into a high bun keeping it out of the way whenever she needed to make a run to the bathroom.


—- a couple of hours before —-


They had decided to go upstairs and hook her up to the IV, Jug never letting her out of his eye sight. Eventually Betty hugged him from behind: “Jug, I think we should go to the hospital.”

He nodded slowly: “I just didn’t think we would need to go there again in such a short time.”

“I know”, she pressed a kiss on his cheek knowing how deeply he had worried about his child and her just a couple of days ago.

He turned around to face her gently running his hands up and down her arms: “Are you okay?”

“Yeah”, she nodded slowly getting out of bed a hand firmly pressed on her belly throughout the movement.

She noticed his look while he grabbed his keys: “Jug, I am fine, really. I just want to make sure it stays that way.”

Jug nods. They both leave Betty’s childhood room a moment later. Betty gently knocked on the guest rooms door where the Jones had been staying.

FP opened up a moment later: “Betty? what can I do for you? Everything alright?”

Betty nodded: “We are getting to the hospital, I didn’t drink enough today.”

FP looks worried, and notices his son standing at the staircase waiting for them: “Should I drive you?”

“No”, Betty leaned against the doorframe, “It’s alright FP, you guys wanted to leave early tomorrow.”

He shakes his head: “We won’t leave while you are in hospital.”

FP grabs his leather jacket before Betty or Jug were able to stop him. At the end they were indeed grateful for the help.

Already known to the doctors Betty was able to check in quite easily and soon she was seated in a two-bed room (the second bed was empty) and listening to the doctor.

Jug reassuringly rubbed her back helping her explain the entire situation.

And that’s how they had ended here in front of the line up of water bottles Betty had to drink.

She had thrown up twice before, which led Jug to give her his hoodie since her’s got dirty.

Betty was surprisingly very much awake
focusing on sipping the water bottles without kissing her stomach content again.

The doctor had left.

FP, who had kept his distance for the time being, came closer and sat down on the chair next to Betty’s bed: “All the water, you heard the doctor.”

Betty just nodded with a small smile sipping slowly on the second bottle: “I am very happy when this will finally stop in a couple of days.”

“Me too”, Jug sighed. He didn’t have time to
brush his hair before they left for
the hospital and it was looking like a mess. He ran a hand through it.

Normally Betty would be the tired one of the couple, today it was him.

“Come on, Jug, I’ll grab the two of us a coffee”, FP chuckled and stood to leave.

Jughead cheered when she held up the empty second bottle, she had just finished with a smile.

They did hook her up to an IV a couple of hours later just to make sure. Betty was fumbling with Jug’s hair while he was sipping on his coffee.

FP drove home to get Betty some things since she would spent the next three days here.


Staying at hospital in general wasn’t at all something funny you could do. For Betty and Jug it meant some alone time tho - much needed alone time.

They ended up trying to catch blueberry’s with the mouth and tried out every single avaible sandwish from the cafeteria. If the stay did one thing for Betty, it was rest.

She felt like she somehow gathered a new energy source that somehow got lost since she had learned she was pregnant.

Just a day before New Year’s Eve the doctor happily announced her morning sickness was finally declared as ended such like her getting poked for an IV.

They left the hotel with a happy smile enjoying a walk along the river back to the Coopers to
say goodbye to Jones who had stayed until her release.

“I hope we will see the two of you again soon”, FP said hugging his son for goodbyes

“Definitely, dad”, Jug promised watching his father hug his girlfriend as well.

Gladys waved friendly in both their directions. Then both got into their car and quickly drove away down the road.

Jug pulled Betty closer by an arm: “Maybe we can go visit them in Toledo in summer or something.”

“Sounds good, Betty nods”, shivering slightly.

“Look, today my new colleague arrives, I wanna make sure the office looks good”, Betty explained intervening her hand with his when they continued walking.

“Alright. What’s his name?”, Jug asked.

“Agent Ted Winstore”, Betty said, “The famous guy who caught TBK a couple of months ago”

“He is?”, Jug said stunned.

Betty grabbed her keys and unlocked the door to their freshly painted new FBI office.

She quickly started to sort some papers on her desk away, while Jug took a good look around admiring her murder board concerning the newly killings down road 54.

The door bell rang only a moment later, Jug who had been closest to the door quickly opened.

A man, maybe one or two years younger then them was standing on the door step, all in an FBI jacket.

“You must be Ted”, Jug said shaking the guys hands and the introducing himself and Betty.

“So this is the modern office I was promised”, Ted chuckled.

“Indeed” Betty smiled showing him his new desk. Ted quickly put his back down next to it and took of his jacket.

“So I guess we have a case to work on?”, he asks friendly noticing the murder board.

“Yea”, Betty exchanged a look with Jug who took his key to leave them alone. Betty was officially not allowed to let him or anyone else who wasn’t part of the FBI in on her cases except it was part of the research or interrogation.




“I think we have someone who drives down that road”, Ted leaned back in his chair watching his colleague for a moment. Betty nodded eyebrows knitted in concentration.

“Maybe we should start taking down license plates then”, she said fidgeting with her pen then putting it down abruptly.

She managed her way over to the murder board, hand testing protectively on her belly as she looked down the riverdale map.

Ted stood up with a red marker and started circling specific parts of the road: “Whoever wants to enter road 50, needs to pass one of those points” he gestured to the red circles.

Betty takes the marker from him and circles another locations he had missed: “That means we need four people to cover those.”

Ted nods: “Do you happen to know two?”

Betty chuckled: “Yeah of course. I have some contacts. However we need three.”

“Why? Because you don’t trust me enough yet?”, he grins placing the red marker down on the desk.

“No, because I won’t be going”, she noticed his confused lack of an answer, “I am pregnant”, she explains.

“Oh”, he gaps understanding, “That probably why i got sent here. Congratulations tho.”

“Thank you”, Betty smiled friendly back, “I will make some calls.”

Ted nods looking at the clock. It had been already a couple of hours they had discussed the case: “Do you want me to get some food?”


“Alright”, he grabs his jacket and Betty notices something sticking out of his pocket.

“You are related to Tommy?”, she asks quietly.

Ted stops in tracks and nods: “Yeah”, he looks down and notices the sheet of paper that had made her suspicious, “That’s my reason for being here. My brother, Tommy’s dad, died.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”, she truly meant it.


He nods slowly: “That want me to take care of him… I don’t think I can.”

Betty figured Ted must have had some
difficult past. It was just a feeling in her gut. Loss, she thought.

Ted smiled softly with a sad glimmer i his eyes: “Anyways. Where do I get food?”

“Pop’s is right down the road.”

“Alright. I’ll be back in a few”, he leaves pulling his jacket over.

Betty sighed heavily then took her phone out to dial Jugs number: “Hey.”

“Hey. Is everything alright?”, Jug asks worriedly.

“Did you know Tommy’s dad died?”, Betty asked.

“Yes”, he made a break, “He had a car crash.”

Betty rubbed her hand over her belly feeling the small flutters again: “Ted is his brother.”

“Oh man”, a moment of silence passed, “ I am so sorry.”

“It’s horrible.”

“Yes. I will talk to him after the holdiays”, a moment of silent passed, “When do you want me to pick you up?”

“In two hours if that’s okay?”

“Alright. See you then”, he hangs up. Just in that moment Ted reenters the FBI office placing the food on his work desk with a smile: “Pops is nice.”

“It sure is”, Betty smiles friendly sitting down next to him starting to unpack, “It’s the heart of the town.”





Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 10

“Just as big as an apple”, Jug announces. He’d had been reading out loud to Betty from the pregnancy book, while she was in the kitchen taking notes on what errands they would need to buy later the day.

“That’s big”, she mumbles, running a hand through her blonde hair leaning on the kitchen counter watching him while he laying on the couch.

“Indeed”, Betty had started to show quite obviously - the problem: except their family and Veronica and of course Agent Ted nobody knew. Which was also precisely why Betty had started wearing his sweatshirts as they perfectly covered her bump. Fifteen weeks was extraordinary.

Betty went to sit down with a yoghurt on the opposite side of the couch both of them puzzling their feet together in the middle.

„So she is now ten centimetres“, Jug smiles his eyes consuming the book.

Betty wordlessly added some salt to the yoghurt, her craving obviously having kicked in by now.

„She?“, she asks smiling teasing him.

„Yeah, I don’t like calling the baby it anymore“, Jug laughs. Running a hand lovingly over his girlfriend‘s bump.

„Look I hate bothering you about work, but-“, he starts but she simply nods.

“I should go on maternity leave, I know. There haven’t been any new murders on road fifty in the past weeks and Ted has everything covers so…Yeah, I think you’re right.”

“Good”, he leans back again pulling her with him so she can rest against his chest while enjoying her yoghurt and listening to him.

“Didn’t she start hearing now?”, Betty asks mindlessly running a thump over the belly.

“Yes”, Jug nods. Betty thought he looked like a professor or something who was trying to teach her, “And she starts to move around more.”

Betty smiles: “Meaning I will have even more struggle to sleep right?”


Betty looks up to him smiling softly: “You do know i will start ordering back massages at that point, right?”

He chuckles: “I will happily do as you say.”

They both are quit for a few seconds just enjoying the moment and the beautiful misty morning in front of their windows.

“Are you okay with meeting Arch and Ashley tonight?”, he asks worriedly.

“Yeah, we just need to make sure they don’t get suspicious”, she chuckles whipping some yoghurt from the corner of her lips and then proceeds to stand up with slight trouble to the newly added weight to make
herself over the garbage to throw the empty yoghurt away.

“We will be drinking”, he simply states.

“Yeah, so we will need to get me water instead”, Betty chuckles coming back over to him taking the book from him and placing it
on the nearby counter.

“I’ll be okay, Juggy”, she assures him.




They made is surprisingly nice through the beginning of the night. They had met at a club wanting to party a bit - the dimmed lights gladly provided Betty of the mich needed cover up of her belly.

Jug had always gotten the drinks making sure to ask the bartender for water in a shot glas and tasted it before handing it to Betty.

Seh just smiled off - her talent in lying was intimidating at least for Jughead.

Archie and Ashley were talking a lot about the twins and how they gladly without further problems became an actual family.

“I am teaching Dag football. He loves it”, Archie said precisely in that moment sharing a loving glance with his wife before taking a sip from his beer.

“That’s great, Arch”, Betty smiled. She was glad she indeed made the right decision by letting her sisters children get adopted. Sometimes hard decisions were also the right ones.

Jug silently silently slipped on his drink while following the conversation with little focus.

To be honest it wasn’t because he didn’t feel like it wasn’t interesting or something. He just got totally caught up in the moment watching her, Betty. How the smile rested on her lips while listening and slipping in little few words of kindness and interest. Her blonde waves perfectly framed her slightly paler face and a hand came to rest ever so slightly on her little baby bump. Once her eyes darted back to him making sure he was still there and noticing his eyes on her made her smile widen even a little bit more. God, was he happy. He couldn’t even put it into words, it was just a feeling. He could even pinpoint it with the term ‘love’. It wasn’t just love it was so much more. She was the entire world to him. Ever since he had first seen her, while he had been playing on the streets with some friends and had noticed the Cooper family passing by to shop errands. He had noticed the girl in his age with the blonde ponytail. Later on in school, she helped him with maths. She was the only one wanting to sit next to him, the only one talking to him like he wasn’t some kind of weirdo from the southside.

Betty had always been kind, and he must have been in love with her from the early beginning, eventhough it probably had been a very childish and unexperienced kind of love. They had gone through so much together leading up to when he kissed her - honestly something he would recall as his proudest moment. It even got him more surprised when she kissed him back and when she let him into her complicated live and let him and wanted him to be a part of that.

And now, years later, here he was with her as his girlfriend and mother of his unborn child in the middle of a bar in riverdale with an old and an new friend and he was the luckiest man on the entire planet.

He gently wrapped an arm around her taking a sip of his drink again and making a mental note to get her some new water within the next fifteen minutes to hold up their cover.

“What do you guys think?”, Archie asked, “A weekend, just the four of us? The twins will be over at Alice’s anyway.”

Betty exchanged a look with Jug. There wasn’t a particular reason for them to say no. They had kept their holidays as free as possible and everyone knew that.

“Okay”, Betty said after a moment with the kind smile of hers.

“Sure”, Jug nodded rubbing a hand over her back and then returning it to his glass.

“Do you still have that old cabin?”, Archie asked Ashley, who nodded desperately.

“Yes, four bedrooms. Way enough space for all of us”, she announced.

“Let’s toast to that then”, Arch said, “I’ll get another round.”

Jug opened his mouth to say something exchanging a look with Betty who leaned close to his ear and whispered: “We will just swap them in a distracted moment.”

Jug nods kissing her cheek as she returned back to her original position and made friendly small talk with Ashley.

Jug let out a breath when they finally left the local and stepped in the cold air and on the icy steps in front of the door.

He quickly handed her his jacket noticing she was freezing: “Just take it, I’ll be fine”, he said before she could even say something.

She just smiled it off: “Such a gentle man.”

“Always”, he lend her his arm so she would slip and fall. They carefully managed their way over to the car.

Jug started the engine: “The weekend will be fun.”

“Yeah…”, she shook her head thinking of what they just got themselfes into, “Hiding a pregnancy will be totally fun.”

“Well that will probably be the stories we’ll tell her when she is born”, he chuckles taking a turn.

He parked right in front of their apartment house and both got out of the car in a hurry to get warm inside.

Betty smiled when they entered their cozy apartment. She quickly sat down on the couch pulling him with her to cuddle.


She was gently running a hand through his black curls taking in his beautiful eyes: “This feels good.”

“Mhm?”, he mumbles his face gently pressed just underneath her chin.

“Us”, she whispers and he goes up a bit to watch her eyes.

“It does”, he agrees while she gently runs a few fingers over his jawline.

There weren’t any other words exchanged that night. At some point they both fell asleep on the middle of the couch only to Jug waking up a couple of hours later and carry her to bed bridal style. She immediately cuddled close to him as he lay down on his side of the bed hiding her features in the crook of his neck.

“I love you, Jug”, she whispers sleeply just the second before he passed out.



“So this is it”, Jug commented when the four of them all got out of the taxi taking a look at the cabin.

“It looks sweet”, Betty complied.

Ashley just smiled brightly while helping her husband with their bags. Jug, the gentle man that he was, carried his and Betty’s stuff.

“How about we all settle in our rooms and meet here”, Ashley gestures around as she stands in the middle of a tiny wooden living room inbetween two green sofas, “In let’s say two hours?”

“Yeah, perfect”, Betty agrees following Jug to their room which was thankfully right next to the sofa while Archie and Ashley went up the small staircase.

Betty fell on the bed exhausted: “Jug? Am I fat?”

He was totally caught off guard by the question and chuckled hovering over her small body gently cupping her face: “Why would you think that. You aren’t fat, Betty.”

“I am huge”, she gestured to her bump which was far from ‘huge’ for Jughead, “And it will get worse.”

“You are carrying a baby, Betty”, he leaned even closer, “Our little wonder”, he whispered making her grin ever so slightly and pulling him closer with her arms tangled around his neck.

“I love your bump”, Jug continued rubbing his hand over it, Betty’s hand coming to join him a second later.

“I hope you packed some of your huge sweaters”, Betty whispered.

“Yup”, he pecked her on the lips then stood to open one of the suitcases handing her the dark blue hoodie that was fitting her perfectly at the moment and during to the dark colour hid her belly even from photographies.

He pulled it over her head then went back to the suitcase to change into something more comfortable as well.

“If you feel like anything isn’t okay, just give me your intense stare, alright?”, he chuckled, but there was an obvious seriousness swinging with.

“I will, I promise”, she smiled wrapping the blanket around herself.

“What are you doing?”, Jug chuckled taking of his glasses and putting them in the nightstand.

“Sleeping”, she whispered her eyes closed.

“Alright then. I’ll be back”, he said wanting to take a look at the house. Betty’s hand creeped up from underneath the blanket taking his wrist, “Please stay.”

Jug smiled to himself then let her drag him back to bed with her without complaining.



They met two hours later on the dot. Betty even managed to not look like she just slept like a baby.

They sat in the living room playing some cards and casually chatting about work, which was a talk Betty was usually very quite about. While Jug and Archie had their stories to tell about writing, couching, teaching and whatsoever, nobody wanted her murder stories to ruin the day. Speaking off - Betty’s phone rang.

Seeing it was Teds number: “Sorry I need to get this one.”

She quickly stood already answering the call and stepping aside in Jug and her room: “Ted! What’s up? Did anything happen?”

“Yes and no”, she heard Ted on the other side of the line, “I am not calling about work. I am calling about Tommy.”

“Did something happen to him?”, Betty asked a hand protectively resting on her belly, which she knew was a bad idea when it came to hiding a pregnancy.

“He is grieving and I don’t really know how to get though to him. I know Jughead is teaching him in writing..”

“I’ll make him call you back in just a second alright?”, she briefly said.

“Yeah that would be awesome.”

Betty ended the call quickly walking back into the living room hugging her boyfriend from behind and telling him the news. He quickly got
up, took her phone and left as well.

Betty sat back down with a huff having problems to calculate her actions with the added weight.

“Are you okay, Betty?”, Archie asked and gave her almost an heart attack.

“Yeah it was just my colleague who called”, she answered leaning forward to get her glass of water” His nephews father died a couple of days ago and he is grieving pretty badly as it seems.”

Knowing what it was like to live without a father, Archie nodded with a sad face resting a hand on Ashley’s shoulder: “I am so sorry for him.”

“Hey Tommy, it’s Mister Jones”, Jug said as soon as Ted had handed the phone over to his young student.

He heard a sop: “Mister Jones?”

“Yeah, buddy, I am right here.”

“It’s- Daddy”, he sopped even louder causing Jug to sigh in pure sorry.

“I know, Tommy, and it’s hard. It’s so hard to loose someone we love and at some point all of
us do in life. It’s part of it.”

“Did you loose someone too?”, Tommy asked.

“Yes. I thought I lost someone and I did loose her for a couple of years but now I have her back, Tommy. Nothing we let go will be lost forever.”

“Does that mean Daddy comes back?”, the young boy audible whipped at his tears.

“No it means he is already there. He is always with you, Tommy. And he will always be with you. No matter where you go, you’ll make
him proud and he sent you his brother to take care of you for him. Can you understand that?”, Jug makes a small break and then says slowly, “He is there to help. Do you understand that?”

“Yes”, Tommy whispers.

“So let him help you, Tommy. If you want to feel closer to your dad, think of what he would have wanted. He wants you and your uncle Ted to be together. Because the two of you both lost someone extremely important to you and you can get over it. Together.”

A brief moment of silence passed, but Jug knew he had reached Tommy even from so far away.

“Thank you, Mister Jones”, Tommy said after a while blowing his nose.

“You are welcome, buddy. I’ll see you at school next week, okay? I have a great idea for you to write at”, he said cheerfully.

“I am looking forward to it, Bye Mister Jones”, Tommy said and hang up a moment later.

Jug took a deep breath for a moment then returned back into the house only to witness a moment they hadn’t planned on.

Betty was sitting on the sofa in the opposite side of the Andrews and a hand was resting on her belly. Her face spoke books. The baby was kicking her, hard and it was only a matter of time until the Andrews would notice her sudden change of behaviour.

Jug casually sat down next to Betty. Placing an arm around her and pulling her a bit closer. Then he figured they would need a good excuse to leave: “How about Betty and I prepare dinner. We have some recipes we would really like to test on you.”

“Sure. But don’t you want any help?”, Ashley offered.

“Honestly, a kitchen of four people is way to full to work and Archie can’t cook”, Betty chuckled letting Jug help her up.

Ashley chuckled while Archie looked offended but smiled.

In the kitchen Betty let out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

“How was the talk with Tommy?”, she asked.

“Okay. He’ll be fine. It will just take some time”, Jug explains gently getting closer to her as she leans her back against the kitchen counter for support.

Her eye suddenly grew bigger ever so slightly: “I think she just kicked, like a real kick, Jug!”

He gasped his hands immediately coming underneath her hoodie to rest on her bump just above where hand was resting pulling the hoodie up a bit. And then he felt
it. Just a little flutter, nothing more, and he was still blown away.

He glances up into her eyes in pure shock and aw: “This is amazing.”

Betty rests her hand against his cheek while watching the proud daddy-to-be witness the first real movements of their baby.

The moment was interrupted by Archie opening the kitchen door: “We just wanted to make sure-“, he stops in tracks taking in the situation in front of him, “you didn’t need any help”, he splutters out in shock.

Jug and Betty didn’t even have a particular reaction it just went so fast.

“You are pregnant!”, Archie figured staring at the young couple in front of him.

“Who is pregnant?”, they heard Ashley from the distance and she joined the room only a couple of seconds later stopping in tracks just next to her husband.

It still only took her a brief second before quickly making her way over to the soon-to-be-parents and pulling Betty into a tight hug: “Congratulations!”

“Thank you!”, Betty smiled watching Ashley hug Jughead too.

Andrews joined them just a second later: “God, I had no idea.”

“We tried to keep it a secret”, Betty mumbled her hand resting on her bump in a try to calm the baby.

“But we failed”, Jug chuckled, hugging Archie again.

“We are so happy for you guys”, Archie announced, “We really are.”

They spent the rest of the evening cooking and eating and later on playing some board games. Betty excused herself to bed at ten feeling tired and exhausted from the events of the day.
The rest of the group kept going for another two hours until Jug joined her later on in bed spooning her from behind, making sure she wasn’t freezing.

Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 11

Betty was now at the middle of her pregnancy. She kind of got along with it, she didn’t really have a choice, but still the added weight on her belly was bothering her. The checkup just a couple of days ago came out completely fine, to both Jug and her relief. They entire pregnancy went rather smoothly from what they had been used too from her first trimester.

Betty was seated in the couch, Veronica was paying her a visit while Jug had his first day back to teach Tommy and it was expected to take some time since he wanted to rebuild some of the boys strength since his father had died.

Veronica was beyond excited for the baby: “We have to throw a baby shower!”

“No, V, please. I would rather go through this smoothly and without bigger festivals until the birth. We won’t even have a gender reveal so it doesn’t make any sense”, Betty rubbed her belly and took her mug from the stand to drink a sip of tea.

Veronica was seriously considering whether to just make the announcement of the baby shower and then leave right away or stop and be fine with her will. She had learned to listen to her friends since Betty had thrown Jug a birthday party which landed their relationship in a short disaster.

“Fine. But, I want to be the first one to know the gender”, Veronica complied with a proud smile straightening her elegant pullover.

“Fine”, Betty chuckled. They were interrupted by her phone ringing. She quickly picked it up and answered.

“Betty”, she heard FP’s friendly and well known voice and a moment later they both also got to see his face, “Oh hey Veronica!”

“Hey Mister Jones”, Veronica waved in the camera.

“I am sorry if the time isn’t right, I can call later-“, FP for quickly interrupted by Veronica: “Not at all. You stay.”

“Okay”, FP chuckled and redirected his attention to Betty, “How are you doing? How is my little grandson or daughter?”

“Very good. The constant kicking is annoying me a bit and the food craving- but it’s fine. We are fine”, Betty smiled gently running a hand over the bump. She quickly angled the phone so Jug’s dad was able to see it.

“I can’t wait to finally have her born”, FP announced in aw, “I remember how excited I was for Jug and Jellybean.”

“How is she doing by the way?”, Betty asked. Redirecting the camera to her and Veronica’s faces.

“Very good. She really regrets not seeing you in person for neither Christmas nor New Year’s Eve.”

“We missed her too. But it’s totally fine. We’ll see each other at Easter or to the birth”, Betty explained. She had noticed how it had Jug bothered to haven’t seen his sister in such a long time. He didn’t even knew who her boyfriend was, hadn’t visited her apartment or feed her cat. Jug felt like he had somehow missed an important part of being a big brother.

“Yeah. That sound about right. So girls, I don’t want to interrupt your talk. Can Jughead call me back, when he gets home from work?”

“Of course. I’ll make sure he does”, Betty smiles waving in the camera and then ending the call.

“He really wants to be a grandfather doesn’t he?”, Veronica nodded.

“Yeah. I guess, he feels like he has missed already so much of the life of his own children… I think he will be good tho.”

“Of course he will.”


Jug’s day of work had been hard so far, but it only got worse when he entered Riverdale’s elementary school to see Tommy.
The boy had changed throughout his fathers loss, what made him happy was that he was getting along well with his uncle Ted and that’s about all Jug could have wanted for the boy. He had witnessed Archie loosing his father, but he had been twice Tommy’s age. He had seen the twins loosing their mother, but they had still eachother. Tommy had been completely alone, no close family member in reach except of his uncle he’d didn’t even know until the funeral of
his dad.

So when Jug entered the building throughout the entrance he knew the next hour would be harder then pulling open the heavy doors.

“Mister Jones!”, he heard the quite familiar voice of his young student as soon as he entered the classroom.

“Tommy. There you are”, Jug smiled weakly noticing how tired Tommy looked.

“So to get right to the point. I want you to write, Tommy. I know you gave up writing throughout the holidays because of your dad… which is why I want you to write about him.”

“Write about him?”, Tommy asked running his forehead and turning the pencil in his hands.

“Yes. Write about who he was for you”, Jug explains with a gesture leaning against his desk, “What you felt when he passed. How he made you feel when he was still there. I know it’s not easy, but it’s important to confront yourself with your emojis instead of keeping them bottled up”, Jug makes a break gathering himself, “You are also very young, Tom. When you will be twentyone, you’d already lived twelve years without him. It’s important that your memories don’t die, buddy. To keep them alive. And that we will do through writing.”

“Okay”, Tommy nods getting the idea into his head.

“And I want it to be a real story. Not a short story or something. Like a longer one, bring in interviews and stuff. Show everyone who reads them ‘this is what it’s like to loose a parent’”, Jug explained his own excitement getting the best out of him.

“Go ahead”, he nodded, “As we practiced: First-“

“Structure”, Tommy ended his sentence.

“Correct. You’ve got twenty minutes”, Jug sat down and opened his laptop to continue writing on his new novel. He had almost finished it, just a couple of pages left.

Tommy pulled him out of his flow fifteen minutes later having stood up from his seat and now directly looking into his teachers eyes: “I have some people to interview.”


“I want to interview you too”, Tommy explains, “Do you have a few minutes, Sir?”

“Of course I do”,
Jug chuckled following the young boy over to his former seat.

“Okay. So thank you for taking part in this interview.”

“You are welcome”, Jug said encouragingly.

“My first question would be: Do you ever went through the loss of a parent?”

“No, I didn’t. But my mom left me alone with my dad when I was very young and I didn’t want to live with him, so I lived in the streets for a couple of years.”

Tommy quickly scribbled down his notes: “And…”, he looks up from his sheet, “Why did your mother leave you, Mister Jones?”

“I guess she just wanted a better life for her and my sister and maybe I was just not in that plan.”

“And why didn’t you want to stay with your father?”, Tommy asked.

“My father was an alcoholic. Do you know what that is, Tommy?”

“Yeah. Someone who drinks a lot, right?”

“Yes. Someone who is addicted to drinking. My father didn’t even have a job, drank himself
through the day and so on. That’s why I left.”

Tommy continued writing: “Do you have any kind of personal situation where you came in contact with loss? Any kind of loss?”

“Yes. Multiple times actually”, he crossed his arms in front of his chest, “My girlfriend-“

“Miss Cooper?”, Tommy interrupted him
shortly and nodded when he got the answer.

“lost her father”, he was considering whether he should tell the boy the complete and brutal truth or limited the information; he decided for something in between, “She sadly needed to watch him die. I was right there with her”, Jug remembered the moment like it was happening right now, “And i pulled her into my arms and felt how broken she was and I just wanted to
fix it for her…”

A beat of silence passed only interrupted by Tommy making notes.

“Afterwards you realize you need to value every little moment with the people around you, because they are sooner gone then we
expect…”, Jug sighed relocating his glasses.

Tommy nods: “That’s true. Do you think I can interview Miss Cooper too?”

“Sure. I’ll ask her for you”, Jug offered mentally shaking off the heavy talk they just had.

“Enough for today, little man. Continue your story at home, will you?”, Jug asked walking back to the front.



Jug came home around five, when Veronica had already left. Betty was standing in the kitchen eating an apple while reading some kind of a magazine.

“Hey”, Jug made himself known as he made his way over to her kissing her cheek from behind and then opening the fridge to find himself so food too.

“How was your day?”, Betty asked finally putting down the magazine and turning to her boyfriend leaning in for a short but loving kiss.

“Good. There were some hard elements, but in general it was good”, he kissed her back once again then turned to the stove to make
themselfes some spaghetti.

“FP called, he wanted to talk to you”, Betty announced taking another bite of her apple. She gently runs an arm over his shoulder leaning into his comforting chest. He gently pulls her closer ever so slightly.

“Alright, I’ll give him a call”, he nodded searching for his phone. Betty simply handed him hers and he dialed the recent number.

“Hey dad what’s up?”, he asked as soon as FP picked up watching Betty part from him to sit down on the couch opening her laptop to take a look at the documents Agent Ted had send her.

“Nah, my boy, how are you?”, FP chuckled, “Do you have a minute to discuss something?”

“Sure”, Jug didn’t feel like it was serious talk he needed to hide from Betty, but he also didn’t want to distract her from work so he quickly went over into the baby’s room and looked outside the window.

“So it’s not really a big deal”, FP started, “But we decided to move up to Canada.”

“That is a big thing, dad”, he laughed rubbing his forehead in surprise.

“Yeah, sort of. We’ll be moving close to Toronto.”

“Sounds nice, dad. I hope the house has a guest room, because Betty and I definitely want to come and visit you.”

“Sure thing, boy.”

“Do you want me to help moving? , Jug offered noticing that Betty had finally sorted the baby clothes. They had as well already packed a hospital bag. “Just in case”, Betty had said.

“Aren’t you like a busy author, teacher and boyfriend”, FP switches the phone to his other ear.

“Nah. I think I could spare a weekend.”

“What ever you say. I’ll sent you an address as soon as we have one.”


“What did he say?”, Betty asked as soon as Jug returned back into their living room.

“That he and my mother are moving to Toronto”, he sighed sitting down next to her.

Betty looked merily up but he could clearly see a hint of surprise. She finally closed the document and sat her laptop aside to full concentrate on her boyfriend.

“Well you need to help them move”, she smiled softly.

“Yea. I already offered”, Jug sighed again.

The baby kicked and Betty quickly took his hand and placed it on her belly for him to feel. It always made him smile.

“Good”, she tucked back a hair strain of his.

“Are you ready for the babies check up tomorrow”, Jug asked withdrawing his hand from her bump and caressing her cheek.

“I am nervous as always, but everything will be alright”, it sounded like she was convincing herself not him.

He runs a hand over her back.

“I am sorry”, she says after a moment, “It’s just, after the last time back in college I am so afraid I might loose the baby again.”

“I totally understand”, he gently pulls her closer so she can lean against his chest and then whispered, “But it will be alright.”

“Only four months to go”, Betty chuckled grabbing in his tshirt for comfort.

“I am excited to meet him or her”, Jug states and I hope I will be a good father.”

“Of course you will, Juggy”, she knitted her eyebrows, “I just know.”

He kisses her softly to thank her for her believe in him.

Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 12

“I feel like a whale”, Bett stated exhaustedly. At 35 weeks she was beyond ready for the baby to finally being born.

Jug however was sitting int babies room since an hour trying to piece the crib together he had previously given up too.

He looked up to her from his uncomfortable position on the floor. Betty was seated in the armchair they had bought for the babies room, a hand caressing her bump while she watched her boyfriend in awe as he manly failed to set up the furniture.

“No you don’t. And if you did, you’d be the most beautiful whale to exist. I love whales”, he says cutely crawling over to her getting on his knees and the pressing a gently kiss on her bump while placing his hands on the left and right side.

Betty smiled softly running a hand through his black curls: “That was sweet.”

“I am always sweet”, Jug huffs with a smile then fiddled with the hammer on the floor.

“Of course you are”, Betty chuckled letting him return to his project.

“How late is it?”, she asked after a moment causing Jug to take a good look on his wrist watch.

“It’s around two”, he announces picking up a nail and holding it under to ceiling light to see if their was any chance he could tell whether this was supposed to be nail one or nail two.

“So Ted and Tommy are coming over in an hour”, Betty nodded shifting slightly when the baby kicked especially hard against her rips. She releases a breath she didn’t know she was hiding.

“He or she will be into sports, I can tell.”

Jug laughs: “Yeah probably. But don’t all those parents say exactly that?”

“You have a point. Jug, I think nail number one is for the left side not for the top”, she corrects him.

Jug looks confused: “This is nail number one?”

“Yes”, Betty bites her lip hiding a smile and then carefully lifted herself into a standing position, “Come on let me help you.”

Jug already considered saying no, but she was very much better in those kind of things then he was so he quickly handed her the nail.

Betty took it from him and showed him
where to place it. It took them only something like fifteen minutes and the crib was standing.

Jug runs a hand through his black hair with a happy sigh: “Thank god. I was already given up”, he turns to Betty and presses a soft kiss on her lips, “Thank you.”

“Always happy to help Mister Jones”, she chuckles as he pulls her closer with an arm as a they stare at their finished project.

The doorbell rang.

“They seem to be earlier then expected”, Jug smiles pulling her with him to open the door and let Agent Ted and little Tommy in.

“Hey Mister Jones”, Tommy smiled showing off a new missing teeth.

Ted shakes Jug’s hand and greets Betty with a formal nod.

“Come on in, guys”, Betty invited them friendly stepping aside.

While Jug gave Ted a short walk around the apartment, Tommy was here to interview Betty for his loss-project. He’d come very far already, but missed some more personal touches here and there.

Betty took a seat on the sofa while the young boy sat next to her, his feet not able to touch the floor and opened his college block.

“Thank you for your time, Miss Cooper”, he smiles again.

“Of course, Tommy. It’s a pleasure.”

“So my project is concerning the loss of parents and I have a couple of questions for you”, he opened his pen and read out loud his first note, “Did you ever loose a parent?”

“Yes. My father died when I was still a teenager”, she explains watching the young boy in awe as he scribbled down his notes in motivation. Betty got, why Jug loved to teach him.

“How did you feel then and how do you feel now?”

Betty thought for a moment: “I think I pretty much thought it wasn’t really happening. It felt so surreal, something out of a nightmare, but I healed. Very fast actually, because so much was going on back then. But-“, she managed a friendly smile, “There is always this feeling when I enter my childhood home that someone is just missing.”

Tommy nodded completely understanding what she was saying. She noticed his interesting look on her belly.

“If you want to you can try to feel the baby kick”, she invited.

Tommy nodded happily and crawled over to her pressing his finger hands on her belly. His eyes grew big when he felt a kick and his hands quickly left in shock then he pressed them there once again.

“Amazing right?”, Betty smiled weakly watching the boys impression.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”, he asks still with big eyes.

“We don’t know yet. We want it to be a surprise for when the baby is going to be born”, Betty explains.

She noticed in the corner her eye that Jug and Ted were finished with their tour and Jug took some photos of the scene in front of them.

“I’ve wanted a sibling too”, Tommy says slightly shifting his hand and laughed when the baby kicked again.

“You know, you can come around whenever you want to see the baby”, Betty offered noticing Ted’s nod of agreement in the background.

“That would be cool”, Tommy announces in excitement and lifts his hands, “Maybe so I could read the baby the stories.”

Betty chuckles: “I’m sure the baby will love to hear them.”

The baby kicked again chasing both of them
to chuckle.

“See, a clear kick of agreement”, Betty smiles as the boy sat back to his original position and grabbed his college block.

“Would it be okay if I left him here for an hour?”, Ted asked, “I just want to check on the Agents along road eighty.”

“Yes of course”, Betty quickly agreed.

Ted smiled great fully, took his FBI jacket and left a second later.

“So, buddy, what would you like to do?”, Jug asks, “Play some board games?”


Betty smiled softly as they changed to the dinner table and Jug chose one of the two avaible board games they owned.

They played for what felt like a second, but actually was an hour. Tommy was extremely happy. So happy that you could almost forget he didn’t have any parents anymore.

“Five points! I won”, Tommy shouts overwhelmed by his own luck.

“Good job, buddy”, Jug high fives him.

Ted returned a few moments later with a box in hand.

“I hope this is not what I think it is?”, Betty asked knowing as a FBI agent what things could possible be in such a box. She did not want to handle a cut of hand or something today.

“Relax, Agent Cooper. I just got Tommy a present. Want to open it up?”

Tommy quickly took it and opened it then his eyes widened similar to when he first felt the baby kick: “No!”

Jug looked in the box: “Oh man. You getting a puppy?”


That landed them on one of this dog-selling-events or whatever you might call it. Betty and Jug had decided to come with since Betty adored cute puppies.

“Which one are we getting?”, Tommy asked jumping around Ted in excitement.

“I don’t know. What do you want?”, Ted chuckled.

“This one!”, he yelled running over to a puppy box with a tiny little golden retriever in it.

Betty swung her arms around Jug’ side watching Tommy and his uncle look at the puppy with a small happy smile.

“You want one too, don’t you?”, Jug whispered causing her to look up to him.

“Maybe. But not now, maybe in a couple of years”, she whispered pecking him on the lips.

“Is it okay if we went back home?”, she asks in the round when they left the
property together with the tiny puppy.

“Sure”, Ted nods, “I think we will
be busy with settling this guy in anyways, right buddy?”

Tommy nods happily as he jumped into the back of his uncles car. He waved Betty and Jug just before he closed the door.

Ted smiles and says his goodbyes too.

“Would you be okay if we made a stop to buy some coffee?” Jug asks.

“Sure”, she laughs kissing his cheek.

They settled in bed a couple of minutes later, Jug with his coffee, Betty with some
crime scene report she needed to take
a look at.

It was very peaceful until there was a mysterious noise interrupting the silence. A knock on the door.




Chapter Text

Season 6 Episode 13

The knock in the door actually resulted into a very excited Alice Smith entering their tiny clean apartment to show of her newest baby gadget they just needed to buy.

Jug was rather unimpressed. Betty was annoyed.

It was more then welcomed when she decided to leave.

“Are you sure you will be okay with the families dinner?”, Jug asked while they were both cleaning up the dishes after dinner.

Betty bit her lip leaning against the kitchen counter supporting the weight of her belly with a firm hand: “Yeah. It will be fine and besides we haven’t seen your parents and Jellybean for like month.”

“True”, he makes eye contact, “But we can leave whenever you would like to, okay?”

She nods reassuringly.

They decided to bring a simple bottle of whine because Betty didn’t want to prepare a salad or an actual meal and Jug wasn’t in the mood for it.

They showed up on the ex-Cooper house something like eight p.m. The twins, FP, JB and Alice were already there.

JB quickly made his way over to her brother and pulled him into a tight and loving hug as soon as Alice had opened the door.

Betty just smiled it of: “Here Mom, we thought a bottle of whine would be useful.”

Her mother gave a her an undefined glare which FP seemed to notice: “Yeah of course, that’s very kind”, he took the bottle and opened it in the kitchen.

“Juggy, do you want some?”, FP almost shouted since the Juniper and Dagwood were so loud.

“No thanks dad”, Jug smiled helping Betty out of her jacket and sit down on the sofa.

While keeping soft conversation with his father Jug watched in the corner of his eyes how Juniper and Dagwood were excited for their cousin and Betty gently showed them the baby’s kicks. They both chuckled and pulled
their hands away as soon as they felt one.

Jug adored that moment.

“Ready to become a father, son?”, FP teased.

“Always”, he let out a nervous chuckle.

“It’s completely normal to be nervous”, Alice
said from her position at the slicing board, “Hal nearly passed out when I went into labor with Polly.”

Jug sadly smiles knowing how hard it was for
both Betty and Alice to talk about the missing part of the family.

Betty later on started helping her mouther in the kitchen while watching Jug play with Juniper and Dagwood while FP chuckled from time to time from his position in the armchair.

She almost dropped the knife when she felt an overwhelming pain strike through her lower back.

Not. Now.

Betty controlled her breathing making sure nobody had noticed something and continued slicing the carrots.

About 15 minutes went until Alice turned around and have her a look: “Betty? Are you okay?”

Betty couldn’t even speak because just in that moment another contraction hit her and she doubled over her hands gripping onto the kitchen counter turning white.

Alice quickly progressed the situation then placed her hands comfortingly on each of Betty’s shoulders getting her head close to Betty’s ear: “How long did you have them?”

“I don’t know something like two hours?”, she figured glancing up at the clock, “I thought they were just braxton hicks contractions again but those feel-“

She didn’t even need to finish her sentence. Her mother knew what she meant.

“How far are they apart?”

“Ten minutes maybe?”, she figured still supporting herself on the kitchen counter not moving an inch.

“Okay. What we are going to do… we keep the situation as calm as possible. You rest until you are at a solid six minutes. Then we can take of time he hospital”, Alice suggest gently running her hand over Betty’s back and then stepping away to let her stand up probably.

“Okay”, Betty nodded taking a deep breath. There was something like panic controlling her thoughts for a few seconds until she pushed them aside. She was prepared. Everything would work out just the right way.

Chapter Text

To be honest there is something like pure excitement when you are actually about to meet the human you helped create and carried around for months.
It felt very important for Betty. Still she was worried about the pain and whether everything would turn out fine. The fear washed over her from time to time and at some point she simply decided to take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand: breathing through the contractions.

While having her mother’s worried eyes on her every move FP didn’t seem to notice while casually chatting to her. Jug was still occupied with playing with the kids but he glanced at her from time to time - he knew that something happened.

Betty inhaled and really tried to focus on FP’s words about how JB would be an excellent ingenuer one day.

Jug - finally able to rip himself of from the twins - came over to her to casually take his jacket and leaned close to her ear.

„Are you okay?“, he whispered.

Betty nodded: „Yeah. But be prepared to be called a baby-daddy today“, she chuckled and then bit her lip when the next contraction hit her like a wave against the shore.

He grabbed her arm to stop her from clenching her fists to hat together: „You sure, we shouldn’t go to the hospital immediately?“

Betty nodded and he didn’t ask further questions instead got dragged back to the game by the twins but she noticed how much attention he from now on payed.

Betty excused herself to the bathroom for a minute. Her fingers dug into the clean surface of the furniture while suffering through another one.

She met her own eyes in the mirror. To be honest she had expected to look a lot worse but didn’t. She swallowed a hand coming to rest on her belly. With the free hand she washed her face to just concentrate on something else then the pain ripping her apart.

The door opened - she hadn’t locked - and Jug came in.

„I remember sneaking into a ladies bathroom for a whole lot other reasons“, he chuckles to lighten the mood then stands behind her his head resting in the crouch of her neck while his skilled fingers massaged her arching lower back.

Betty weakly smiled up to him tieing her hair back into a messy bun already feeling sweaty.

She felt him kiss her neck softly then looked up to meet her eyes through the mirrors: „How far are they?“

She shook her head: „My mom‘s been counting them. She’ll tell us when it’s time to leave.“

„Okay“, he nods understandingly and continues the motion on her back.

Betty deeply exhaled looking in his beautiful eyes she could get lost in for hours. She had never thought they would actually get to this point; back in highschool with all the murdering going on a future with a house and own children seemed so far away and now it was there. They actually made it. They came a long way from the lost southside boy and the perfect girl next door he’d thought he could never have.

„I love you“, he whispered in a raspy voice and kisses her ear then gently turns her around so she was able to hug him.

They felt the baby kick and both chuckled for a few second: „I’ll be very happy to meet our little one.“

„God, I’m too“, she says exhausted rubbing the side of her nose with a free hand, „Totally worth it…. bet i won’t be saying this in the next few hours.“

„I’ll make sure to remind you of that“, he kisses her softly then holds her close through the next wave of pain.

„Back to the sofa?“, he asked noticing the exhausted state she was already in.

He carefully guided her back in the living room helping her sit down next to Jellybean who was eating some snacks while listening to her father rambling about some kind of money issue.

Betty didn’t know how many hours had passed since the contractions started but GOD WAS SHE DONE WITH THIS.

No position was very comfortable. Her movements were full a shifting from side to side until she eventually ended up leaning against Jug‘s chest while resting her feet on the other aide of the sofa.

The only ones who were still in the dark about Betty going into labor were the children including Jellybean.

It got dark outside and Betty was half asleep in Jug‘s arms when someone announced dinner.

Betty didn’t want to but her mother basically forced the meal down her throat saying she would need all the energy she could get. Jug didn’t eat tho. That must have been something you mark in a calendar - the very Jughead Jones III was to nervous to eat.

“How about we play a board game”, Jellybean says and the twins immediately cheer in.

They went for a basic card game and Betty decided just to watch everyone else playing since she really did not want to sit up from the one and only comfortable position she’d been able to find.

At some point Dagwood rises from
his seat on the floor: „Can I feel the baby?“

Jug didn’t even blink before answering: „I don’t think that’s a very good moment, buddy“

„It’s okay“, Betty interrupted him.

She reached out for Dagwood’s hand and carefully pulled him to her gently resting his hand on her huge belly.

“Wow”, his eyes were glowing by excitement.

Betty smiles sweetly until her mother grabbed the boys attention again wanting both the twins to draw with JB in the kitchen.

Alice then took a seat opposite from the young couple: “So Betty you are almost there. Whenever you guys would like to go to the hospital, we can go.”

Betty looks up to change Jug’s eyes in silent agreement: “‘Think we should wait a little longer.”

“We make sure to tell you guys when we’ leavin’”, Jug adds.

FP nods silently: “We can drive you?”

“No, no it’s fine, dad. Betty and I will take our car and you can come with us right away or we will give you a call”, Jug suggests.

“Don’t think we can leave JB with the kids”, FP chuckled.

Something like 35 minutes later Betty was leaning against the kitchen counter when Jug stepped in front of her his hands coming to rest on her waist. They both knew just from the look they shared…

“Time to go, huh?”, he asks peacefully and comforting.

Betty nods and he gently presses a kiss on her temple.

Chapter Text

The drive to the hospital was calm. Jug focused on driving even though he kept Betty in the corner of his eye.

He didn’t really know how to explain it, but she was beautiful that way. Her head gently resting against the soft leather of the car while looking out the windshield, her knees pulled up to her chest trying to make the contractions a bit easier on her. Her hair was pulled up in a tight bun while some sweat covered her forehead. She had her hands in tight fists while sinking deeper into his jacket she found so comfortable.

Jug for himself looked like a mess - not really tho. Betty thought the way his hair was messy and the curls standing in every direction and his warm sweatshirt that covered his chests in just the right way was beautiful.

Jug for himself just had eyes for her. She hides her chin and lips in the jacket with a groan whenever another wave of pain hits her.

“Do we even have the hospital bag?”, Betty asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry I or my father can get it later on”, he announces.

Betty nods her eyes meeting hers for a brief second.

“Will Alice bring the twins?”

“I don’t think so. Guess they will drop them
off to Arch”, Jug suggests taking a turn on the next green light, “We are almost there”

Betty nods slightly relieved but still anxious.

He perfectly parked their car and opened the door for her supporting her with his hands on her lower arms to a standing position.

The slowly made their way to the hospital. His hands never quit leaving her back - ever staying in contact.

“Betty Cooper, I called”, Jug explains to the receptionist.

“Of course”, the woman gives Betty a very kind look and quickly filed their paper work so Betty was quickly able to sit down in a waiting chair.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a room free yet. But there should be in half an hour”, the receptionist explains with soft voice, “Odes that work for you?”

Jug turns to wait for her reaction and she simply nods. Leaning back into the chair a few moment later hands coming to rest on her belly.

Jug rests a hand on hers and then makes her lay down knowing very well it was more
comfortable for her: “Hope they don’t let us
wait to long.”

Betty just grunts i’m agreement suffering through another contraction: “This is not

“Agreed”, Jug said chuckling slightly freeing her forehead from tiny hair strains.
She glances up to him her lips coming up in her “God-I-love-this-man-smile.”

He presses a kiss on her temple while continuing his motions calmly.

Jug had read a lot about this. You could even say he was informed. Still he wondered what it felt like for her.

It took like forever - 20 minutes - till they got called by a doctor and lead to the now free room.

The nurse introduced herself gentle. With a big smile she told Jug her work would only focus on Betty’s well-being and whenever he had questions her should talk to the doctor.

So when the nurse helped Betty get dressed he kept his mouth shut and tried to help here and there as best as he could.

He didn’t want to make anything in any kind of way more complicated then it already was.

Betty deeply sighed when she was finally able to lay down on the bed. Jug took his seat on a chair next to her holding her hand while the nurse explained Betty some kind of medicaid terms.

Betty just nodded and asked some
questions while the nurse handed Jughead a bottle of water instruction him to make sure Betty would stay hydrated and her forehead cool.

Jug took that work very seriously.

The doc was equally friendly like the nurse. She was in a very good mood and talked a lot with Betty as well about her birth plan and the time
in between the contractions.

During the talk Betty rested her head as close to Jug as she could while keeping a hold on his hand - letting him know she really needed him and was glad to have him there with her.

“Are you excited?”, the doctor asked Jug while preparing herself for the first examination.

“Yes”, Jug nods probably sounding like a child on christmas day.

“All right to be”, the nurse smiles, “It’s a magic moment.”

“I’ll be sure to savour it”, Jug smiles running his thump lovingly over the back of Betty’s hand while pushing one of his curls behind his ear.

“So Betty. You are at a solid eight. We need you to be on then inches”, the doctor announces, “Guess we will have to wait a little bit. I and your nurse will leave you now and check in every once in a while. The daddy-to-be can always press that red button to sent someone here right away”, she explains motioning to stand up.

Jug nods watching the two leave and then fully concentrating back on his girlfriend.

“We’ll be good”, he whispers and Betty nods with closed eyes, “I’ll call my dad so he can drop of you stuff alright?”

“Yea”, Betty nods shifting slightly resting her forehead against his arm, “I’ try an’ sleep”

“Okay”, he presses a kiss on her hand and then moves over to the window to dial his fathers number.

Chapter Text

The birth took the turn for the worst - at least pain wise. Betty was pressing her teeth together and suffered though it. Jug almost looked as bad as her with his worried eyes wishing to stop her pain.

“How often are they now?”, Betty asked in between two contractions resting her head against his arm while still holding on to his hand.

“About seven minutes”, he explained.

Betty gasped annoyed: “I really want this baby out of me now.”

Jug nodded. He tried to keep his mouth shut so no dump comments would slip out. He wanted to be helpful not part of her pain.

She exhaled then looked at him with loving eyes.

A moment of silence passed until Betty suddenly propped herself up in the bed with knitted eyebrows.

“What is it?”, he asked.

“I think you can press that button now”, she mumbles laying back down staring in dead in the eyes, “My water just broke.”

“Okay then”, the nurse and the doctor when in the room rather quickly examine the state of the labor.

“Very well. You are almost at a ten. How’s the pain?”

“Annoying”, Betty mumbled and tensed up when another contraction hit her.

“Then you should prepare for it to get a lot more annoying.”

“Yay”, Betty gasped holding onto Jugs hand.

“I think it’s only going to be half an hour until you two have your little baby in your arms.”

Jug smiled hopefully. For that matter neither the nurse or the doctor left the room again. For Betty that was a sign she would be finally soon over with this.

“Perfect”, the nurse stated after a hard couple of minutes, “You are now at a then. With the next contraction i want you to push.”

Chapter Text

Betty wasn’t able to recall anything that happened in between the most pain she had ever been in and the happiest moment of her life which was defined by the doctor handing her a perfectly healthy little baby girl.

She also could precisely recall how deeply exhausted she was in her bones butt he adrenaline and the joy was covering it up pretty well.

The look on Jughead’s face was warm and loving and of total disbelief. She looked right back at him, meeting his beautiful eyes for a brief moment until finally risking a look on their newborn baby.

She was taken away by how awesome that moment was. They had made this human. She carried it. They had waited so long for that moment - sometimes didn’t even believe they would actually get to have it. Through all the struggle and up and downs they have met and managed for the better or worse they still ended up right there in this moment. It felt surreal and then suddenly extremely real. Like this was always supposed to be. The baby in arms wasn’t suddenly a stranger, she felt like she had known her for years.

“She is absolut gorgeous”, Jug whispered close to both of their faces.

He was stunned. Betty smiled at him
with overwhelming happiness.

Just a few moments later the felt the exhaustion in her bones tho again. Tiredly she rested her forehead against his. He cupped her cheek with his free hand that wasn’t resting on their baby’s back.

“I am tired”, she whispered.

She felt him nod.

The nurse made herself known: “How about I help the newly mother take a shower and clean up and the father goes to check the little baby in on the front desk?”

Jug nods. A brief wave of excitement going through him when he suddenly realized he would get to hold his baby daughter for the first time.

Betty handed him the baby quite carefully making sure to support the head and then when she was sure let the nurse help her stand up and slowly waddled towards to tiny bathroom.

She was extremely thankful for the help. Batty felt like she could simply pass out under the water strain standing.

Probably the most exhausted she had ever been.

The nurse helped her dress in a comfortable price of clothing and helped her return in her cleaned bed.

Betty carefully said down on the mattress immediately feeling the pain in her sore back shooting though her body. Slightly wincing she got under the covers resting her head against a pillow.

“So, your boyfriend will probably be back soon. If anything comes up just press the red button. I will be coming back in 1 and a half hour to check on you and help you nurse the baby. We are allowing guests in here with you after I did the checkup.”

“Okay. Thank you”, Betty mumbled tiredly. Her eyelids felt heavy.


She was half asleep when Jughead returned. He was walking slowly still new to the newborn in his arms.

He waved with the birth certificate tho: “There she is. Rosalie Polly Jughead-Cooper.”

Betty smiled opening her eyes a little bit. The baby wailed.

“Is she fine?”, Betty asked sleep drunken.

“Yes. The nurse told me to hold her so she and you get some sleep”, he told her setting away the papers and slowly sitting down into the armchair that had been his place while the labor had produced.

“How are you?”, he asked carrieng.

“Happy but tired”, she looked up at him from her position supporting her arching back with a pillow and the mattress’ surface.

Jug smiles briefly brushing away a happy tear that had escaped his eyes.

“You just made me the happiest person alive, you know that?”, He asks lovingly moving his face closer to hers.

She runs her fingers over his chin for a second: “It was totally worth it.”

“If you say so”, he grinned pecking her
in the lips but then quickly choose to distance himself and give her the ich needed rest.

He was tired too. But wouldn’t want to fall asleep in any case. That’s my daughter, the thought over and over again while taking in her face features.

One hour later, Betty was still soundly asleep, Jug started comparing. Figuring his daughter would have her mothers hair eventhough she had his eyes. And then nose seemed to be passed on by FP. He could also sense the slight Cooper curves in the tiny bit of hair that was crowing her head.

“Rosie”, he said in awe when she moved her tiny fists and opened her mouth slightly robot to close it yet again.

“You have no idea, how much we love you”, he whispers.


“What are you telling her?”, Betty whispered when she finally woke up a bit later.

“I have just been telling her how I kissed you in your bedroom for the first time after sneaking in through your window”, Jud told before standing up and handing Rosie to his girlfriend.

Betty was still overwhelmed by the new family addition.

It seemed like it was exactly the right timing for Betty to wake up, ‘cause the nurse came in a few minutes later teaching her through the nursing Rosie process and then having a talk with both of the parents about basic things they should know and take care of especially in the first couple of days. At the end she asked if they would be ready for their first guests and Jughead nodded friendly after exchanging a look with Betty too who was now again completely drained handing a well fed baby back to her loving partner.

The first to enter where FP and Alice both of them complete in awe - such as basically everyone else who entered later on.

FP was proud to have his first grandchildren in his arms, a gentle smirk resting on his lips.

“How are you?”, Alice asked.

“Good, I still need to catch a lot of sleep later on tho”, she redirected her attention to her mother again, “Juggy will make sure of it.”

“Yup”, Jug smiled while watching his father through the new experience.

“Thank you”, FP said after a moment of just watching his granddaughter.

Betty looked up in question.

“For gifting me a grandchild”, FP chuckled but their was a emotional part swinging with. Jug thought that maybe his father had also never thought about this opportunities; a happy family life. There had been a time where Jug would have probably not even told his father about this or kept him out of it as good as he was able too.

But now everything was okay….

until it wasn’t anymore.