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Our ceramic love

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After the unfortunate event, which involved torn paper and an anxious cat, Shen Wei found himself in quite a dilemma. The only fancy tea set he had at the house he shared with Zhao Yunlan was now being swept into a neat pile to be thrown into garbage.

If he tried to comprehend what exactly happened... well, he couldn't. Zhao Yunlan was still sorting out the paperwork at the SID, Da Qing was probably there too, and the reason of this whole situation has already run away through the open window (probably the same way it came in).
All that was left for Shen Wei to do after the shards of that nice white tea set were dealt with, was do some grading and wait for Yunlan to come home. Anyway, they'll be able to discuss the ridiculous cat break in over dinner.
"Xiao Wei, did the love of my life miss me? " Zhao Yunlan practically swung the door open with a large grin and, kicking his boots near the entrance, ran to launch himself onto the sofa near Shen Wei.

"Yunlan... " Came an exasperated exhale. "You're quite early, I should go heat up something for dinner".

" Noooo Xiao Wei, how can you just leave your husband. Let's order take out and stay at the couch", Yunlan grabbed Shen Wei around the waist and refused to let go.
An answer came in the form of a soft sigh and a fond affectionate smile.
While they were eating, Shen Wei's thoughts kept straying to the broken tea set. And of course, being the observant detective he is, Zhao Yunlan sensed something was wrong.

"Xiao Wei, how was your day? "

"As always; there were less people during the office hours today though"

"Oh, is that what you're thinking of the whole evening? "
Shen Wei was stunned into silence. Had his face given away so much?

"Yes, I can see that you're worried about something, and no you didn't say anything aloud. I can see your attention drifting away, what happened? "

Shen Wei hesitatated if he should tell Yunlan about the ridiculous scene he witnessed when he came home.
After a little while though he started telling Zhao Yunlan what had happened with his precious tea set.
First reaction the story got was a loud hearty laugh. Whipping his tears Zhao Yunlan cried out: "Well, THAT'S a story".

Not quite calmed down, but not laughing anymore he continued, " Xiao Wei, so you were thinking about that tea set? " A nod was all he received as an answer. "You're so cute, it's just a tea set , although it's a pity that your favorite got smashed, we can buy another one, or maybe more than one, just in case. I'll make sure my wife has everything he wants " the last sentence was said with such a soft face, that Shen Wei felt like he was about to cry.

And if later the couple snuggled into each other and whispered sweet nothings, while making jokes about catproofing the kitchen, that's completely different story.