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Secret Stick and Poke

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"Okay, Bells, are you ready?"

"Yes Em, now hurry up. We don't have long until Edward gets suspicious. I think he's started to catch onto our 'hunting' behaviours."

"Fine, I'll do it. Are you sure you just want a smiley face?"

I nod as Emmett leans over my forearm, assessing.

"Are you going to keep stalling or do you want me to try and do yours first?"

"I can do it Bella, geesh. It's just if we're right, this will actually be permanent."

"I know, Em, I know. I really don't mind."

Emmett lined his ink-dipped tooth up with my arm and jabbed me. He repeated the process over and over, every now and then re-inking, with such slow and precise movements, I'm shocked he's even able to manage it. After half an hour, he stops.

"Okay, Bells, I think I've done it... How did it feel?" He runs his hand over my arm, admiring his work.

"I didn't feel a thing, and I can't feel a surge of venom, so I think its a success. Hows it looking?"

"Let me show you," Emmett proceeds to rip my arm off and I jolt slightly from his strength, "Here, take a peek."

I admire the simple smiley, and begin to laugh.

"Em, this looks like a five-year-old did this."

Emmett's appalled face has me in even more stitches.

"It does not!"

I grab my arm back from him and proceed to lick along the shoulder joint when I hear movement.

"Oh shit, I think Edward's found us." I look at Emmett, slightly panicked. 

We both turn to face the direction we can hear him running from, and I hastily hide my arm behind me.

"Act... natural." Emmett hisses at me, as though it wasn't obvious.

"Bella, love, I've been looking everywhere for you."

Edward stops right in front of me, concern lacing his features.

"Sorry honey, Em and I have been hunting.

"Really? Again? You guys have been doing that together a lot lately. I know that you guys being asked to stay out of public view hasn't been easy, but I think... Bella! What happened to your arm?"

Edwards' eyes lock onto my exposed shoulder, and I wave my loose arm at him with my other one.

"We decided to arm wrestle and Emmett got a bit carried away. He was about to help me reattach it, weren't you Em?"

"Oh, yeah, I was. Give it here, Bells."

I let Emmett take my arm back and he reattaches it perfectly.

"Bella, why do you have your shield up on Emmett? What have you two been up to?"

"Nothing, I swear Edward. Em and I are just hunting."

Edward looks between us, and we both smile at Edward... which was a mistake in of its self.

"Emmett! You're missing a tooth, where is it?"

Sheepishly, Emmett reveals his tooth in his hand, whittled down to a needle-like shape.

"Why is it a needle... Bella, show me your arm, please."

"Edward, it's nothing, I was just seeing how strong our teeth are."

Edward glares at Emmett, and I kind of feel bad. I look at Emmett and shrug.

"He was going to find out eventually, Em, I may as well show him."

I roll my sleeve back up over my shoulder and show Edward my tattoo.

"You have got to be kidding me, Bella. A tattoo? You know it's just going to be absorbed by the venom."

"Well you see, Edward, honey, Em and I have been trying for a while and we think we developed a permanent method of tattooing, using our venom."

"Honestly, Edward, it's not that big of a deal!"

Emmett pulls me into his side, hugging me.

"Edward, say something? Please?"

Sighing, Edward looks me straight in the eye, disappointment shining through.

"I knew I should have said something when I realised I couldn't hear Emmett's constant commentary and monologue of sex jokes... I don't think Rose will be pleased, either."

"Edward, come on. It's just a tattoo." I raise my voice at him, pissed off that he's so offended by this.

Edward just shakes his head and rushes off.

"Shit... is he going to dob us in to Carlisle?" I look at Emmett, panicked.

"Maybe, but it's not going to change anything... Ready to give me mine?"

I grin at Emmett, glad he's not backing out of this on me.

"Of course, I know just what to do to you."

Grinning, I take his tooth from him and proceed to give him his tattoo.


The suns setting by the time Emmett and I get back to the house, and we find Carlise, Rose and Edward waiting for us.

"Hey, did you miss us?"

We grin widely at each other before we face the others, only to realise that both Edward and Rose wear a pissed-off expression. Carlise looks far more at ease.

"Bella, Em, Edward tells me you two have been up to no good again. Do you want to explain yourselves?"

"Honestly, Carlise, I think what we were doing is perfectly okay. RIght Em?"

"Exactly, Bells. We were just doing everyday things..."

"Everyday things such as..." Carlisle raises his brows in honest intrigue.

Feeling a little crestfallen, I roll my sleeve up again, Emmett doing the same.

"Are they what I think they are?" Rose and Carlisle both come up to us and have a look.

"Tattoos that should remain permanent!" Emmett exclaims proudly.

Carlisle smiles at us, seeming pleased.

"When Edward said you two were scheming, I was worried it would be something we'd have to run interference on... but matching tattoos? This is revolutionary, guys. I'm really proud of you."

Carlisle pats us both on the shoulder and leaves, muttering to Edward that he's just being overdramatic.

Rose, however, doesn't seem overly enthused.

"You guys couldn't go for something more... tasteful? If you're going to mark yourself permanently, at least make it look good. This smiley face looks like something a kid would do."

"Wow, harsh babe. I worked hard on Mr Smiley."

Rose's mouth tips up a little when she realises we're both wearing Emmetts design.

"I suppose it could have been worse... come on Em, clearly Edward still needs to come around to the idea."

"Thanks Rose. Maybe you can let Emmett or I give you a tattoo? I'm sure you can design something more tasteful."

Laughing, Rose shakes her head, before leading Emmett away. I drop my shield from him as he goes.

I jump onto Edward, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Don't tell me you're actually mad about the tattoos! You heard Carlilse, this is revolutionary."

"Sure, Bella... I just don't understand why you felt it was necessary to mark yourself like this."

"Because, Edward, tattoos are cool. That's all there is to it..." i could tell he wasn't pleased with that response, "At least, that's all there is to it for Em and I. But some people do choose to get them for more meaningful purposes. Like some people get rings tattooed on their fingers instead of having a physical wedding ring. Or they pay tribute to someone they lost. Plus, Jacob is now no longer the only family member to have one. Emmett's been envying his pack tattoo for quite some time..."

"Bella, I think I can come to accept your tattoo... but please do not suggest we all get one."

"Edward, wheres the fun in that? I could scribe Clair De Lune into your back... OH! You could write out my lullaby for me. The possibilities are limitless."

Edward looks at me, then smiles.

"Limitless? I think you'll find a limit since you can't use colour. Everything's going to be plain white."

I look at my shoulder, and frown, realising the colour we extracted from flowers didn't stick.

"Damn... my tattoo was yellow originally."