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Broken Rose Tinted Glasses

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Chapter 1: World falling into pieces

Harry watched the corpse of Dumbledore free falling from on top of the astronomy tower. Barely registering the spell that Dumbledore had placed on him is now gone, frozen as a statue, in shock as he was. It was like everything moved in slow motion, from Draco Malfoy's shocked, weary, horror struck face, Severus Snape's somberly expression, Bellatrix's crazed, shocked, elated expression and to the remaining death eaters relief expressions.  

Then everything starts to move fast again, the death eaters cheered, congratulating Draco for completing the dark lord's task. Bellatrix hugging her nephew roughly in her arms, laughing and messing up his white blond hair. They were all cheering on that the old fool Dumbledore is dead, and that they have basically already won the war. None of them knowing that he's there, the entire time watching everything that has just happened.

They all turned their backs already leaving the scene to celebrate later and tell all their friends, the other death eaters, the downfall of the great Albus too many name Dumbledore. All congratulating the young malfoy heir, they all secretly or loudly, as in Bellatrix case thought that the young malfoy heir didn't have it in him. They all viewed him as a mini copied version of his father, weak, cowardly, all show and not much action. 

They all made it outside, passing carnage, blood on the ground, ceilings and bodies lining the floors. Bodies of children, adults, order of the phoenix members and their own brothers and sisters in the death eater circle. The cold brisk breeze touched their faces, pulling shivers from their bodies. It doesn't bother them tho, the bright future of the dark side winning the war and the rewards from their master keeps them warm. 

Bellatrix pulled out her wand of 12¾ long walnut, with a dragon heartstring core to cast " Morsmordre ". Its an incarnation of a dark charm used to conjure image of the dark mark, the skull and the serpent sign used by Lord Voldemort and his death eaters, in the sky. It showed that they were there and that they have killed. The death eaters start to separate from each other to disapparate to their destinations, to finish other given tasks or waiting for others to be given. Severus, Bellatrix and Draco malfoy were left. 

The god father/son due wanted to leave immediately, but Bellatrix wasn't in any hurry, leisurely skipping, dancing and crackling in over elated joy. Severus has an impassive expression, different from his earlier soberly one of killing his master, mentor and friend, unknowingly to Lord Voldemort, the death eaters and the wizarding world at large. Draco has gotten over his shock, and now has grimly accepted his fate and his actions that will go with it. They were about to reach the apparition ward to leave, until they heard a voice, shouting at them. It sounded furious, depressed, shocked and gut wrenching. It was Harry Potter, the boy who lived and he was coming towards them.