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8:30 A. M. Pacific Time. May 2nd, 2020.
La Push, Quileute Reservation, Washington State, USA.
Leah Clearwater was asleep, dreaming about something pleasant or other when her younger brother, Seth, knocked on her door.
“It’s breakfast time!”
“Aren’t you hungry?”
“Mm, yeah. But I’m also super tired.”
“Dad made pancakes. You’d better beat me downstairs if you don’t want me to get the first one.”
Leah opened her eyes.
“Not on your life!”
Leah was sitting at the breakfast table, happily eating up the first pancake out of the pan when her mother asked:
“Leah, when was the last time you went out on patrol with Jacob?”
“Oh, goodness. It’s been over a week.”
“Thathe’s guh’a ee tho pithed. Ou k’ow he hathe’ o’in’ i a’ by hiththelth.”
“Gross, Seth. Don’t talk with your mouth open, you know everyone hates it when you do that shit.” Leah said, super annoyed. “We probably have to do wolf patrol sometime later today or tomorrow.”
“Wolf patrol!” sang Seth, who had finished his mouthful of pancake. He’d decided that it would be funny to alter the Paw Patrol theme song. It was for his own amusement, really. The rest of the pack hated it when he sang the song.
After Seth and Leah had had their third pancakes, there was a knock at the door. Leah got up to answer it. It was Jake, no surprise there.
“Hey, Leah.”
“Hi, Jake. I assume that this means we have wolf patrol with you?”
“Wolf patrol!” Seth began to sing. Jacob instantly grew quite a bit annoyed, and not without reason. The song was annoying as hell and the pack was subjected to it any time that one of them mistakenly said the phrase in Seth’s presence while in his human form.
“Seth.” Seth stopped doing his air guitar routine.
“Stop.” No amount of puppy eyes succeded in swaying Jake.
“Fine.” Seth said sadly. It was almost enough to make a person feel remorse. Almost.
“I’ll see you when I get back!” Leah called to her parents, running out the door and phasing into her wolf form.
7:00 P. M. Central European Time. May 2nd, 2020.
Rome and surrounding towns, Italy.
Jane and Alec Tevolo had been sent to track down some troublemakers. The nerve that these vampires had, misbehaving on Volturi territory. They were not remotely difficult to track, they hadn’t even bothered to try to cover their trail. They had attracted human attention, since they were hunting too much in one area.
Jane and Alec followed their trail to an abandoned cabin in the woods. They had been tracking two scents coming here, but there were clearly three in the cabin. The door opened, and they all came spilling out of it. Jane wanted to torture them, all of them. Make them suffer. She decided against it, however. It was too risky. She’d hurt the next prey she hunted.
“Any trouble?” The stronger smelling one of the initial duo asked.
“We were just checking in.” Alec said.
“Ah. Anything we can help with?”
“No.” Said Alec, with a small smile. The vampire in the middle began to twist around, as though trying to orient himself. Alec had probably blinded the man, and likely disabled his sense of hearing and smell, as well.
“What are you doing?” One of the two women demanded. She rushed at Alec, trying to stop him from numbing the man’s senses. I beat her to it and she screamed as Jane projected burning pain into her senses. Alec and Jane shared a short glance, before charging the third vampire together. They seperated her head from the rest of her, and Alec started a fire, burning her beheaded body in it.
They killed the other two just as quickly, doused the fire, and returned to the Volturi headquarters victorious.
“So, how did it go?” Marcia asked them conversationally when they got back.
“Well. We had managed to deal with another troublemaker as well. Jane wanted to torture them but…” (Jane lifted a menacing eyebrow at her brother.) “What?”
“They were causing too much trouble, but they won’t be causing any anymore.” Jane finished coldly.
Once she and Alec were alone later, she rounded on him.
“Alec. Don’t tell them that stuff about me. People always judge what they’re not used to. I don’t want them to think that I’m an untrustworthy sadist.”
“They won’t. Gaius has always been cool with who everyone is and what they want to do here, and you know that Aro will care for you no matter what.”
“I know.” Jane sighed. “Don’t tell them stuff that isn’t your buisness again, Alec. Alright? I don’t tell them stuff that’s yours.”
“Okay.” said Alec.
12:00 P. M. Pacific Time. May 2nd, 2020.
La Push, Quileute Reservation and surrounding European-occupied Quileute homeland, Washington State, USA.
Wolf Patrol with Jake was Leah’s favorite part of being a shapeshifter. The only bad thing about it was that she had to share a mind connection with Seth. Her brother was annoying enough in his human form, but she had only truly began to appreciate the level of editing that Seth did when they both began to phase and Leah was suddenly subjected to far more of her younger brother’s inner monologue than she would ever need or want.
Hey, Seth, how about you come over here? Jake asked.
Leah, you go around, survey the south side and tells me if you run into anything strange, and we’ll all report back here in half an hour. Sound good?
Sure. Leah said.
Alright. Said Seth.
Leah was running in the woods for a few hours when she suddenly realized how hungry she was. She stopped monitoring to tackle a deer and eat its insides out. Then she got a drink. And kept patrolling around for a bit more.
She stopped when she got to the otter cliffs on the western side of Quileute territory and hiked up them, looking down at the sea in all of its gorgeous black depths.
Suddenly, she caught an unpleasant smell. Vampires. More than one of them, for sure, and none were vegetarians like the Cullens. Leah backed down the hill, making sure that none of them would smell her or follow her and ran down to the cliffs, making it back safely to the south side where Seth was.

After Leah had gotten the pack back together, she described to them what she had smelled and asked them what they thought.
“I think I want more pancakes before I can think again.” Said Seth. They had all phased back into their human forms and were sitting on the ground of a redwood clearing.
“Seth.” Said Jacob. Seth made puppy eyes at him, the second time today. It had just as much effect the second time as it did the first.
“I’m hungry, too.” Leah consoled him. “But this is serious. What are we going to do about unpredictable, human-eating vampires that are new to the area?”
“Talk to the resident, annoyingly predictable, animal-eating vampires that are not new to the area?” Seth suggested.
“That sounds good.” Said Jacob.
“No.” Said Leah.
“No? Why?” Asked Seth.
“Because I hate the Cullens. Vampires are supposed to be our enemies.” Leah said disgustedly.
“It would be a chance to annoy Rosalie.” Seth offered. Leah considered this.
“Deal.” She said.
12:00 A. M. Central European Time. May 3rd, 2020.
Volterra, Italy.
Jane was spending time with her chosen family. They were having a good afternoon. Mind you, no one had said anything just yet, but they were all there, just being together. And that was when Jane was at her happiest. The door at the end of the rectangular room opened, and a human wearing a pencil dress walked in. She was carrying a letter, which she handed to Gaius. They opened it, and began to read:
“C'è una forza non identificata di vampiri nel Pacifico nord-occidentale degli Stati Uniti.” There is an unidentified force of vampires in the pacific northwest of the United States.
“Hanno attirato troppa attenzione da parte degli esseri umani. Si prega di avvisarci.” They have been attracting too much attention from the humans. Please advise us.
“That’s it?” Asked Demi. “That’s all they send us? I’ve been tracking these vampires for a while and they were last on the territory of the Cullen clan.”
“So, we call the Cullens, ask them if they know anything about the recent disurbances in the area. If they don’t know anything, then we’ll contact the Denali Coven. If they do… well, then we’ll see what they have to say.”
“All right.” Says Marcia, picking up the phone. She dials the Cullens.
“This is Marcia of the Volturi.”
“I would like to be put in contact with Carlisle Cullen.”
“Okay, thank you!”
5:00 P. M. Pacific Time. May 2nd, 2020.
Forks, Washington, USA.
Leah, Seth, and Jake had decided to go talk with the Cullens. They ran in wolf form to the border of the Quileute territory, and phased back into human form, riding motorcycles the rest of the way there.
The Cullens anticipated them coming. Whether it was the distinctive wolf smell, the sound of the motorcycles, or if Alice had a vision again, but they knew. The entire Cullen clan was assembled outside the house when the shapeshifters arrived.
“You.” Said Rosalie.
“Could we have a meeting?” Seth asked.
“Jacob!” said Renesmee, waving.
“Would you like to come in?” Asked Esme.
“Do we have to?” Asked Leah.
“Yes.” Said Jasper.
“Don’t make us drag you!” Emmett called over his shoulder.
Then they were in the living room of the Cullen household. Esme had served them all human food. A commodity that the Cullens did not used to have before Bella gave birth to Renesmee.
Once Leah, Jake and Seth had eaten, they sat down on the couches in the Cullens’ living room.
“Rosalie, we came here to discuss something we smelled in the woods. Where are Carlisle, Alice, Edward, and Bella? We need to have the full coven here when I describe what I- what we smelled.”
It took a while to get the full coven back to the house, since Edward was in his room, sulking about something or another, not willing to come out, Alice and Bella were out shopping for more clothes, and Carlisle was currently working a shift at the hospital.
A few hours later, however, they were all sitting in the Cullens’ living room.
“So, we smelled something in the woods.” Seth started off.
“I smelled something weird in the woods.” Corrected Leah, clearly annoyed with her brother and doing nothing to hide it. “When I was partolling in the woods, smelled different vampires. Vampires that had dared to come onto Quileute territory. They were clearly not vegetarian, and my guess is that they came down south after a brief interaction with the Denali coven. Do you know of any rumors of them in the vampire community.”
“No, I’m afraid not.” Replied Esme sadly. “You see, rumors imply a lack of confirmation.” At the Quileutes’ confused explanations, Esme elaborated. “Earlier today, we got a call from the Volturi, they’re sort of like our government. They asked us if we’d heard or seen anything about a hostile, human-eating vampire coven of three that might be journeying down from Alaska. They’ve apparently killed so many humans that they’ve started to attract the attention of the media.”
“They’re the Surrey killers?” Jacob asked, leaning forward, wide-eyed.
“Surrey killers?” Asked Seth, who Leah had conveniently forgotten to let in on the fact that there were serial killers loose near their territory.
“Don’t worry about it.” Said Leah, shooting Jake a glance and making a slashing motion across her throat as she said it. Jake had opened his mouth after Seth had asked and was probably going to tell Seth more than he needed to know about the detals of the cases and such.
“Anyway, we have problematic vampires on the loose, and your pack currently consists of how many shapeshifters?” Rosalie snapped.
“Well, there’s me, Leah, Seth, Emily, Embry, Quinn, Paila, and Jared. And Sam can also shapeshift, she just hates to, and therefore usually doesn’t.” Jake responded.
“Well, then we have eight and a half vampires, and eight and a half shapeshifters. Perfect!” Said Alice.
“I think that it would probably be most practical if we were to join you in your patrolling.” Said Jasper. “It would be safest to have an extra pair of ears or two.”
“We’re capable of managing our own lands, thank you.” Leah replied curtly. “How about you take care of your territory, and we’ll take care of ours?”
“Actually.” Said Jake, cutting Leah a look that clearly read you’re not helping. “Some extra help would be quite welcome.”
“Well, we’d gladly help you put these assholes in their place.” Said Emmett.
“Alright, we’ll consider this a one-time exception to the border legislations, and once we check in with the elders and get full permission, we can begin.” Said Jake.