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Kinktober Day 19: Auction

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Derek stalked through the dimly lit hall with his uncle a perfect half step behind him as he wished he was anywhere but here. Here being a hallway whose lights flicked like something out of a horror movie. Where a rat like man had taken their tickets at the solid steel door entrance before waving them though. Here was not a pleasant place for a wolf to spend any time at—which of course, was the point. Who would suspect an illegal slave ring for werewolves to run out of a place like this?

Though—Derek thought with a grimace—you’d have to believe werewolves existed before you could know this was one of the last places on earth a werewolf would step foot in. How they kept the mundanes from asking questions was a contemplation for another time. Hunters were the ones to worry about when it came to omegas. Mundanes didn’t know how important omegas were for an Alpha to have in their pack. It was hunters who searched out these places and then destroyed them with no mercy for the innocent omegas who were processed through them.

Derek’s gut clenched and he had to remind himself that the people who created omegas now were very good at what they did. They knew how to stay off the hunter’s radar and how to operate in secret. There would be no raids today and on top of that, Derek would be leaving with his own omega very soon. This omega—his omega—would never face the terror of hunters. He’d make sure of that.

Peter hummed in his throat which brought him out of his contemplations to realize that they’d arrived. Another beta wolf—this one more mouse-like than rat—greeted them with a squeak at the door before he ushered them into a private viewing room. Derek settled into one of the chairs. He was pleased to see that this space had been thoroughly cleaned. No scents of previous alphas, betas, or omegas lingered. He felt himself relax for the first time since they’d gotten in the car and made the long drive to LA.

Peter took up position behind him, fingers close enough to brush against the sleeve of Derek’s jacket, but didn’t touch. Derek inhaled and let the bond of pack and kin center him. Peter had been his rock his entire life, his anchor when everything else failed. His uncle had stood by his side through the worst times of his life, never abandoned him and never failed him. As if sensing his thoughts, Peter’s fingers twitched forward to rest on the back of Derek’s neck. Peter was the only beta of Derek’s allowed to take such liberties—Derek didn’t trust any of the others to be this close when he was this unguarded.

Before he could decide if he should speak to Peter or not, the curtain in front of him whooshed open to reveal a raised platform. His fingers clenched on their own around the button he’d been given at the entrance. Soon he’d see them and make his choice.

The viewing rooms circled the platform. Each one with one way glass so the occupants could see the center of the room but no others. It was designed for maximum privacy. No one wanted any feuds to start if an alpha felt like they were cheated out of the omega they set their eyes on. By the time any of the alpha’s might see eachother again or see a claimed omega, they’d hopefully be in their own happy bliss with an omega and no hard feelings would linger.

He tensed as the one non-windowed door in the room slid open to reveal a beta wolf leading an omega by a silver chain. The chain would be more for show than anything else at this point. The delicate collar around the omega’s neck would also be nothing more than cheap jewelry. Something to show the alpha’s what the omega could look like once they replaced the collar with one of their own.

There was a hiss of air as a vent on the side of the window slid open. It allowed him to catch the scent of the slim figure as the beta paraded it by the alpha’s windows. Derek’s hand tightened on the arm of his chair. The scent of any omega was always amazing but his first whiff of unclaimed omega took all his willpower to stay seated. His cock hardened in the confines of his jeans as beta circled nearer with the omega.

Now Derek could tell it had originally been female—not surprising—most omegas were. It’s eyes were unfocused but it still walked with the unnatural grace of a wolf. The scent settled on his skin and he released a huff of air as he relaxed back into his seat. This one wasn’t for him. It enticed him but his instincts shied away. He’d learned through bitter lessons not to ignore his instincts.

By the eighth omega that was presented by him, his patience teetered dangerously. He’d bid on the last omega because he’d grown concerned that none would fit and at least that one had been closer to what his instincts craved. It’d be one of the rare males as well. Small, beautiful, and wide eyed as it’d been moved by him. By the mother moon—he hoped there’d be another male. They weren’t impossible but genetically improbable. It was rare for the team to even try to create a male omega. The magic and genetics had to align completely for them to attempt it.
The tenth was another female. He shifted in his seat and bit his lip to hold back a growl. None of these were right. He wanted someone with fire in their eyes and bones. An omega that he could see by his side, holding together their den and pack together with him. The door opened again and he almost didn’t look up but then a delicious scent flooded his awareness.

He hadn’t realized he’d moved until Peter’s hand slid around his waist. Peter’s lips pressed against the back of his neck and he could feel the hot puff of Peter’s breath as he spoke. “Ah, well, I won’t deny you do like the pretty ones, don’t you nephew?”

“Peter, I—” His words choked in his throat as a deep need swamped his instincts. This one was his and his alone. He strained forward—cock fully hardened—to press against the class like a child at the zoo.

“Shhh, pup, you’ll get him. Can I trust you here alone for two minutes? I’ll go have a word with our host.”

“Yes, go.”

Peter’s arm tightened on him. “Don’t do something foolish, understand? You can’t have him if you do something stupid like break through the glass.”

Derek shot his uncle an impatient look. “I’m not an idiot. I know what’s at stake.”

It felt like an eternity passed from the moment Peter left until he returned. The omega had been taken away much sooner than the others and Derek hoped that meant Peter had succeeded in his talk with the host. If anyone could jump past the actual bidding to a claim it would be Peter. When Peter did return Derek whirled on him—conscious that his eyes flared red—as Peter bared his neck to his alpha with an unusual deference.

“He’s yours, alpha.” Derek stepped forward then snarled as Peter moved in his way. “Move.”

“Not when you’re like this. Let me take the edge off, alpha. If you attempt to claim your omega in this state, you’ll only hurt him.”

Derek couldn’t deny the wisdom of this so he clenched his fists together and nodded. Peter hummed and Derek scented the arousal that now wafted off him. The familiarity of that scent relaxed him as did the now sunk in knowledge that the perfect omega was his. He met Peter’s hungry gaze and met his lips in a crushing kiss. He tangled up his hands in Peter’s clothes as his lips moved down to bite at Peter’s neck.

It took a whisper of a tug on Peter’s hair for the beta to sink to his knees. Peter smirked upward as his deft hands undid Derek’s belt and buckle. “Shall I make it a quick one for you then, alpha?”

“Just get on with it.” Derek said, a growl in his words. He wanted to see his omega. He wanted his cock inside something so much better than Peter’s mouth. He closed his eyes and focused on those whiskey colored eyes and long pale limbs as Peter swallowed him down. If he hadn’t been focused on the driving urge to find and claim his mate he might have been embarrassed at how quickly Peter got him to release. As it was, Peter barely had time to back off before Derek strode out of the door.

He knew it had been a good idea to take the edge off. There were so many stories of the drugs they put the omegas under during the transition. The last stage with the alpha required that most of the behavioral drugs get taken out of their system. The alpha’s seed and mating bite would replace the artificial drugs used to do most of the body and hormonal changes prior to the claiming.

Peter caught up to him and pulled him to the back of the building. “I called the pilot and he’s preparing the plane for take off. I want you to take separate transport to the plane and I’ll meet you there with the omega.” He stopped moving and glared at Peter. “Oh don’t give me that look, pup, I can tell you’re still all riled up. Don’t worry, your new mate will be all ready for your big alpha cock as soon as I bundle it onto the plane.”

In the end, he gave in to Peter’s advice and allowed himself to be directed out of the building and into a car Peter had arranged. It was a short drive to the private airfield and it seemed that Peter had put a lot of thought into this because he’d barely arrived before Peter pulled up behind him. He hurried inside the plan and managed to force himself to sit down as Peter pulled the omega inside.

The scent was intoxicating. He thought he could sit there for hours and do nothing but breathe it in. Peter had a hand clenched around the omega’s neck as he directed into the seat across from Derek’s. The omega’s eyes skittered around the small space—seemingly unable to focus on one thing longer than a second—its hands fiddled with silver cuffs engraved with runes on its wrists.

Derek reached out and slid his fingers across the omega’s forearm. The omega froze, eyes wide as the scent of fear hit Derek’s nostrils. He pulled back, confused, and turned too look for Peter. Peter had settled into a seat a little behind and across from them. He watched them with hooded eyes and raised an eyebrow in question to Derek’s look.

“Why is it reacting this way?” Derek asked, annoyed now as he reached again for the omega and it flinched away from his grasp. Peter sighed deep and rolled his eyes before pushing himself up to sidle up behind the omega.

“From what other pack seconds tell me this is a common reaction. They’ve been completely isolated for months, Derek.” Peter slid his fingers through the omega’s hair. When it tried to pull away, his fingers tightened and jerked its head back to force it to bare its neck in front of Derek. “Once the claiming process is complete you’ll have your perfect omega, don’t worry. It just needs time to adjust.”

“I’m not an it.” The omega spat the words out as it tried to wrench away from Peter’s hand. “My name is Stiles and I’m a he, asshole.”

Peter’s eyes flashed and he yanked upward. The omega followed the pull with a yelp. It flailed with its limbs but Peter had been wrangling disobedient pups for a long time. It was a matter of seconds before he had the omega face first on the plane floor, hand on the back of its head. “You’ll speak respectfully to both me and your alpha, omega. The sooner you learn that, the better this will go for you.” The omega let out a string of garbled curse words that made Peter laugh. “Oh this will be fun. You see, it's my job to deal with misbehaving pack members. I think you’ll find out that you’ll prefer to not be under my care for too long.”

“Peter.” Derek couldn’t take the mewling cry any longer. He reached down and grabbed the omega by the neck. Peter shrugged and stepped back. The omega kicked out in some vague attempt to fight back. Derek ignored the flailing to drag the omega into his lap and bury his face in its dark hair. The omega shuddered against him and went limp. He smiled—even a fighter like this was unable to fight back when an alpha got this close.

The auction house had dressed the omega in a simple tunic. It was an easy thing to rip off the trembling body in his arms. A haze settled over him and he couldn’t resist pressing two fingers up into the omega’s already dripping hole. It whined and squirmed at the intrusion but the hole opened easily—the omega’s body knew what its mind hadn’t accepted—that it belonged to Derek now.

“That’s it, good omega.” Derek murmured in its ear with a groan as his fingers spread out and up into the omega’s insides. The tight wet heat felt so good on his fingers. He couldn’t wait to get his cock in to replace them.

“No, please…” The omega whimpered and sagged forward. Derek shifted his weight with a hum as he fished out his cock. “I don’t want this.”

“You will. This is what you were created to do.” Derek licked up the back of the omega’s neck. “This is what you're for now. You’ll love this—getting filled with my cum, locked up on my cock.”

He shifted his weight again to raise the omega up. It fought him again but its movements were weak and ineffectual. His cock sunk easily into the waiting hole. His balls slapped up against the omega’s ass and his fingers tightened on its sides. He pressed his nose into the back of its neck and breathed in the heady cocktail of scents.

This would be a quick and dirty fuck. He could feel his knot as it began to unfurl. He wrapped both arms around the omega’s torso and started a fast and punishing upward rhythm. The omega continued to struggle, its movements only spurred him on faster. He wanted the omega claimed and sated, then it would stop fighting him. It would know who it belonged to and be completely his. He slammed in hard and fastened his teeth on the side of the omega’s neck. It screamed as blood burst into his mouth.

A hot flame ignited within him. He threw back his head and howled with triumph. The omega was his now. His cock pulsed as his knot took and his cum flooded the omega’s insides.

The omega relaxed and it melded its body against Derek’s own. He lapped up the trickles of blood and pressed a kiss to its cheek. It gasped as Derek ground his knot further up into its body.

Peter stood over him sometime later, a hand held out with a wet cloth. He growled up at his uncle. Couldn’t the man see he was busy? Peter chuckled and poked him in the forehead. If any of the other betas had done that they would have lost the finger. For Peter all he did was give a halfhearted snap of teeth.

“We’ve begun the descent and I can tell your knot is coming down. Let’s get you up and ready to depart. I’ll see to your mate.” Derek scowled. He didn’t want to pull out of the omega. What if any of his precious seed was lost? He needed all of it to stay inside—where it belonged. Peter sighed and poked him again. “I have a plug. We just need to get him to the pack house, then we’ll all have our turns with him for the pack bonds to cement and then you’ll get to play with your new toy all night long.”

The trip out of the plane and into the pack house happened in a blur of sensations and needs. He was hyper aware of his mate’s presence and state of being. He could feel the connection between them and knew it needed more to strengthen it. The pack thrummed with anticipation as they entered the main room. A bench had been prepped for the omega and Peter settled it in with sure movements.

The omega struggled again, still weak but more aware. It glared around the room but seemed incapable of speech. Derek was the first to settle in behind the bench. He played with the plug first, enjoying the little mewls and whimpers he pulled out of the omega as its scent went soft with need and arousal. He stripped then leaned forward and settled in, skin to skin. “See how much better this is? How you feel right now is how it's supposed to be. Don’t fight this, it’ll be so good when we’re through.”

He took his time now—letting the build up come slow and steady. In and out the drag of his cock against the omega’s walls filled him with pleasure. He didn’t knot this time. Instead he drove his cum in again and again as he came in hot waves. The rest of the pack’s arousal grew as he worked the omega over. He pulled out and gestured for Peter.

Peter had already stripped and had slowly been working his cock over as he watched the proceedings. Now, he strode forward and replaced Derek with one thrust. Derek backed up and settled into one of the large chairs. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He wanted to savor every moment of this. The pleading mewls of the omega, the grunts of Peter, and the wave upon wave of need that rose up from his pack. He already felt the pack bonds settle and weave their way around the omega, binding it to them.

He watched through red tinged eyes as Peter finished and was replaced by another. A grin stretched across his face. His pack’s fortunes were turning. He had an omega mate now, his pack would grow strong with them to lead it.