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Jongwoon was drinking his Americano when he heard the sound of his bedroom door opening, and looked up to see a sleepy Hyukjae walk out in his nightwear. A sudden smile spread across his face, a warm feeling in his heart as he realised that Hyukjae had come over without even changing his clothes, apparently so worried for him that he hadn’t even considered it. Standing up to fetch a water bottle from the refrigerator, he returned to the table to see Hyukjae slumped down in a chair, barely able to keep his eyes open.

"Good Morning, Hyukjae," he greeted the younger man, who nodded his head without opening his eyes.

"When did you wake up Hyung?" Hyukjae asked him. Jongwoon checked his phone before replying.

"I woke up two hours ago, so I did some light cleaning and took a bath. And now I'm enjoying the coffee I ordered online when you came."

"You don't have a hangover?" Hyukjae inquired curiously.

"I do have a little bit of headache, but it's manageable. I took a hangover pill that I luckily had at home. Plus I drank water in between drinks, so that might have helped as well."

Hyukjae nodded at his explanation, before opening the bottle and taking a sip of water. Jongwoon picked up a couple of take-out parcels that he’d ordered for Hyukjae to eat, unsure of how to make the food himself.

"Here, I ordered breakfast for you,” he said, placing the boxes on the table. “And this too." He handed Hyukjae a carton of strawberry milk, smiling when the younger’s face lit up at the sight of his favourite drink. Hyukjae opened the box to reveal the Jajangmyeon in it, breaking apart the chopsticks when he suddenly stopped, looking up at Jongwoon.

"Oh I forgot… where is your food, Hyung?" Hyukjae asked.

"It's in the fridge," Jongwoon told him, and hoped Hyukjae would move on from the subject, but when he just kept staring, he reluctantly took the bowl out, placing it down on the table. He tried to avoid Hyukjae’s eyes, well aware that the younger one didn't like it when he dieted.

"Hyung-" Hyukjae started, but Jongwoon cut him off.

"Dongba, I'm eating the food,” he explained, a touch exasperated. “See, there are lots of fruits here, so I'm not starving myself today."

"But that's it Hyung. Today. You aren't 'starving yourself today'. But on other days you are and the only day you do eat, all you eat are these fruits…I'm just worried about your health."

Jongwoon sighed. He had known Hyukjae would say this, which is why he hadn’t wanted to eat in front of the younger man.

He tried to argue, but stopped when Hyukjae just glared at him, proceeding to pick up a portion of his food and bringing it to the older's mouth. Jongwoon sighed again, but let Hyukjae feed him, unwilling to upset the younger after all he had done the previous night.

Hyukjae smiled after he swallowed the food, and Jongwoon couldn’t help but smile a little too, seeing that gummy smile on the younger’s face. Hyukjae continued to feed him while he ate, Jongwoon watching him wordlessly as he rambled on about random things, only responding at the right places.

"You don't have any plans today right?" Hyukjae suddenly asked. Jongwoon shook his head.

"Like I told you yesterday,” Jongwoon said. “I'm free today, but I will be very busy tomorrow onwards."

"Ah right, your special album…” Hyukjae replied. “I remember."

"Yeah that too, but the company is also planning another project in which I'm included in, plus I've been casted in a musical," Jongwoon explained.

"A new project album and a musical? Won't it get very hectic?" Hyukjae asked.

Jongwoon knew it would be rather chaotic, but he didn't want to give up on these opportunities, which was why he had agreed.

"Maybe… but I can handle it."

"Hyung, I'm worried about you after what happened yesterday.” Hyukjae finally brought up the elephant in the room. “I think your work might be getting to you."

Jongwoon sighed again. "Hyukjae, I wish I could tell you what happened yesterday, but for some reason I can't. But I promise you I won’t be like that anymore. And I will try my best to take care of myself."


Hyukjae held up his hand at this, one outstretched pinkie waiting for an answer. Jongwoon held up his own hand, interlocked his pinkie with Hyukjae’s.

“I promise.”

"Hey Hyung…” Hyukjae began hesitantly, “If you are free today, why don't you come with me to my schedule?"

"What schedule do you have?" Jongwoon asked curiously, pretty sure that it wouldn’t be a good idea to crash a variety show set.

"Nothing interesting actually... Just Donghae and Me are learning the choreography for our new album. You don't have to come if you don’t want to. I just asked because-”

Jongwoon smiled, taking Hyukjae's hand in his, effectively stopping the younger’s nervous rambling.

"I would love to crash your dance practice,” Jongwoon assured him. “Just give me some time to change. Speaking of, you should shower and get changed too, I don’t think nightwear is trendy for a dance session or a hangout,” he teased, Hyukjae protesting by pointing out that he hadn’t had time to change before he’d rushed over there. Jongwoon only smiled, tossing the food parcels into the trash before dragging Hyukjae to his bedroom to select an outfit for him from his closet.