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yeah, i’m the trend (yeah, we’re the culprits)

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it’s not that namjoon often has stupid ideas. truthfully, kim namjoon is incredibly smart and usually comes up with actually manageable, down-to-earth plans, save for that one time in their second year when he managed to cram three textbooks in two days. yoongi still isn’t sure how that happened but the amount of money namjoon spent on coffee was no joke.

even with that, namjoon is probably the smartest kid yoongi knows but would never say it out loud in fear of his pride breaking and shattering as namjoon’s ego stomps all over it victoriously. still, namjoon didn’t skip a year in highschool for nothing and so here he is, a year younger than everyone but still in third year of college, sharing a dorm with yoongi.

times aren’t always easy and even though namjoon and yoongi don’t consider themselves big spenders, they often have to do odd jobs here and there, or live off of cheap noodle cups just to make ends meet. and that’s without the extraordinary hobby they luckily share.

it took precisely four months, two weeks and six days for the two of them to finish their mixtape and yoongi will be damned to let a lack of exactly three hundred thousand won stop them from putting it together and releasing the planned fifty copies.

it’s also the first time namjoon has no clue what to do and he sits in front of yoongi on their old but comfortable couch in the small living room, pulling at his curly hair with tan hands, grunting occasionally until yoongi tells him to shut up.

“whining and sounding like a tank engine won’t help.” he snaps and immediately regrets his words. namjoon just looks up at him “what, and pacing around the room like an angry girlfriend will?”

yoongi takes his advice and sits down next to namjoon “guess not.” namjoon doesn’t offer him a reply so yoongi tries his hardest to crack a smile at his best friend “and i don’t look like a girlfriend. i look like a badass cheetah circling his prey.” namjoon snorts, “cheetahs don’t circle, hyung. lions do.” but he’s smiling too.

“come on,” yoongi punches namjoon’s skinny upper arm with his fist and notices it’s unusually solid. damn, namjoon must’ve hit the gym more times than yoongi initially thought. “stop thinking about it for a while, you’re gonna get a headache. i’ll make you steamed eggs.”

namjoon’s eyes clear up at the mention of food and yoongi can almost see all bad thoughts being replaced in his mind. yoongi always did know how to play namjoon.

the thought still haunts yoongi, though, even days after, days full of studying and procrastinating and going to class, or at least trying to and making bland lunches because yoongi can’t cook and namjoon is a natural disaster on his own, let alone in the kitchen.

it becomes so unbearable that yoongi gets up with determination from his bed, opening his door open in a fluid motion and crossing the small hallway between his and namjoon’s room, slamming namjoon’s door open and taking a deep breath and oh my god namjoon is watching porn.

“what the fuck!” he yells out and yoongi deflates, all previous motivation leaving his body. “are you jacking off?” he asks dumbly and namjoon still looks pissed “no but i was going to. didn’t you see the fucking sock on the door knob, man?” yoongi carefully turns around, and truly, there’s a single red sock wrapped around the mead knob.

“uh.” then his brain stops flatlining “we need to figure out what we’re gonna do for the mixtape.” namjoon impatiently rolls his eyes “does this have to happen right now? i’m half hard and this girl on the way back today basically had her tits out in the open and i’d very much like to get off.”

too much information is a thing that simply does not exist in the sphere of buddy-ness that is namjoon and yoongi’s friendship.

so yoongi does the best thing, he scoffs and slaps at namjoon’s foot so he’d make room for yoongi on the bed. “stop thinking with your cock and help me out here before i go crazy.” namjoon looks like he’d most rather shoot yoongi in the foot and make him tango but he slides his laptop off his thighs, not bothering to either close the video of a girl getting fucked against a window or flip the screen down.

“alright. what’s up?” his voice doesn’t sound bothered at all and yoongi wonders in the back of his mind how namjoon can sound so professional when yoongi can actually see the slight outline of namjoon’s half hard dick against his shorts. it’s one of those traits yoongi’s jealous of but then again, can namjoon sleep for twenty hours straight? probably not, so who’s the real winner here. yoongi. that’s who.

“i’ve been busting my balls all week trying to come up with the idea for the money. but i seriously got nothing. i thought maybe cutting back on food but it’s been like three years since i last had anything brand. if i see one more box of great value rice, my intestines are gonna shrivel up.” yoongi says in a flat voice, and namjoon hums but doesn’t look up from the floor, probably still thinking about the paused video on the screen next to him.

“and then i figured out we should get jobs but we’re already in deep shit with our grades as it is, me even more so than you, because you have the brain of einstein or some shit like that.” namjoon hums again, distracted so yoongi gradually raises his voice.

“are you even listening to me? this is serious.” namjoon finally looks up, gaze falling on yoongi’s face. “i know it’s serious but i don’t understand what you want me to do. i can’t make the money up.” yoongi sighs “i know.” but namjoon continues “i dunno, hyung, let’s donate our kidneys or kidnap a kid and ask for ransom,” and now it’s yoongi’s turn to roll his eyes as namjoon pulls the laptop back on his lap and presses play “let’s make a fucking amateur porn film, i don’t know.”

yoongi’s almost out the door before namjoon speaks up again “look, i’ll think about it too. just not right now, okay?”

not okay, as it turns out because another week passes without namjoon making so much as a beep about his ideas and yoongi is tired of waiting. he really didn’t want to do this but what has to be done, has to be done. he drops himself unceremoniously on namjoon’s bed on a thursday night as namjoon sits at his desk in the corner, desperately trying to memorize fifty pages in less than two hours.

“namjoon.” namjoon lets out an indistinctive sound that doesn’t sound like “what?” nor “get out.” so yoongi tries again “namjoon.” “what.”

yoongi’s half tempted to throw a shoe in namjoon’s direction. “okay.” there’s silence for a few moments “okay what.” yoongi lets out an impatient sigh “okay, we’ll make a sex tape.”

namjoon slowly turns around in his swiveling chair, so his long legs drag behind him, and yoongi can hear the gears in his head come to a halt. “good one, yoongi.” but yoongi knows namjoon’s throat has gone dry because his voice sound like he’s talking through sandpaper.

“i’m serious,” namjoon continues staring at him from the corner, mouth hanging open dumbly, and yoongi just keeps on talking, trying not to feel his heart beating in his throat and the blush spreading across his pale cheeks, “i love this mixtape and i think the world should hear it but i don’t want to lose vital organs for it. so let’s do it.”

namjoon closes his mouth, then opens it again “why not just fucking take the dean’s daughter and ask for money?” and he really does sound like he believes he found the cure for cancer but yoongi clucks his tongue “none of us own a car, where would we keep it, how would we feed it, we barely have enough food to feed ourselves.” namjoon stays silent and yoongi chuckles “’sides, have you seen how that little brat acts. the dean would fucking beg us to kill it and give us like five won for the trouble.”

namjoon still looks like yoongi just told him he has a second head and he stays there, looking like that for a good three or four minutes. it’s the first time in forever yoongi can actually feel the silence looming between them awkwardly and he kind of regrets saying anything. he tries to come up with something to say, anything really and is almost asking namjoon about homework for a class yoongi doesn’t even take when namjoon speaks up, shakily.

“but who would we call.” it’s something between a mortified statement and a confused question. “what do you mean ‘who would we call’?” namjoon moves his legs so they’re in front of him, bent at the knees, tan shins on display because namjoon owns nothing but fucking basketball shorts.

“like you’re a dude. and i’m a dude. how would that work?” he deadpans and yoongi stares at him, trying to make him see just how stupid his question is. when that doesn’t happen, yoongi carefully suggests “you know gay sex is a thing, right?”

suddenly, namjoon stands up “you want us to do a gay sex film?!” and it’s so loud yoongi thinks even seokjin, who lives alone down the hall heard it. “fucking keep it down you braindead dickface.” yoongi hastily shushes him. “you want the mixtape or nah?”

namjoon whines, sounding almost pained “i do but.” and that’s the end of the sentence because kim namjoon, status verified genius, can’t come up with the argument to back himself up. yoongi gets up, patting namjoon on the chest on his way out “then giddy up, namjoonie. beef or pork for dinner?”

yoongi lets the thought soak in namjoon’s head for a while, lets namjoon come to him first now, because namjoon often acts like a caged animal when under pressure, which doesn’t work well with his tendency to break everything breakable and some things unbreakable within reach.

they’re sitting on the couch, watching a movie yoongi doesn’t understand because namjoon, always so clumsy, forgot to download subtitles, when the younger of the two speaks up. “i looked up gay porn.” he says it like he’s stating the weather and yoongi nods “and…?” namjoon gulps lightly “didn’t exactly make me horny but it’s alright, i guess. kinda weird to think about it. who came up with the idea of putting a dick up their asshole?”

yoongi grimaces “okay, gross. stop.” he shifts so his numb arm isn’t supporting his head anymore, “it’s a one time thing, okay. we’re just doing it for the money.” and namjoon’s head whips in yoongi’s direction “so now we’re doing it?” and yoongi looks back at him, eyebrow cocked “i dunno, are we?” he can see the conflict of thoughts in namjoon’s head and namjoon swallows saliva, like he always does when he’s about to say something he thinks is important and life changing. “yeah. we are.”

the next night namjoon slams the door to yoongi’s room open and stands in the doorway until yoongi removes his earphones from his ears. namjoon’s chest is puffed up and he looks like that one time yoongi gave him a pep talk for an hour to go and ask the prettiest girl in their street on a date. of course, namjoon got rejected, but managed to fuck her best friend a good few times a couple of years later. yoongi, of course, looks unimpressed.

“what do you want, i’m reading.”

namjoon proudly lifts his right arm, fingers curled around the handles of a small, white bag.

“is that from the pharmacy. did you finally get yourself adult diapers so you’d stop peeing the bed?”

namjoon doesn’t say a word, still looking halfway between determined and constipated and he approaches yoongi’s bed, dropping the bag on yoongi’s chest. “it’s friday. i’m gonna fuck your ass.”

yoongi bursts out laughing at the uncanny similarity between his best friend and the terminator but then he looks into the bag, seeing condoms and lube and he shuts up immediately. “whoa, whoa, whoa, who said anything about you fucking my ass. it’s gonna be the other way around.”

one corner of namjoon’s mouth pulls down into a frown “no but in all the videos i’ve seen, all the bottoms look like you.” yoongi looks at him, dumbfounded “bottoms?” and namjoon nods “that’s what they call your kind on tumblr.” “my kind?” yoongi’s voice goes up an octave but namjoon sits down, continuing his speech.

“there’s no class tomorrow or sunday, so you’ll get to heal and won’t limp on monday.” yoongi lifts his hand to get namjoon to shut the fuck up. “namjoon. there is no way. you are. topping me. ever.”

namjoon looks pensive for a second “rock paper scissors for it?” and yoongi gets this urge to punch both himself and namjoon in the face at the same time “you want us to do rock paper scissors for whose dick goes up whose ass?” and namjoon shrugs, nodding like it’s the most obvious thing.

really, it kinda does make sense, now that yoongi thinks about it and he just blurts out “okay.” before sticking his hand out. they chant “kawi, bawi, bo” in unison and form their figure.

it doesn’t go in slow motion like it does in the movies, but yoongi can clearly see namjoon’s fingers curled into a fist, and he looks at his own hand, fingers spread out in a v formation, resembling scissors.

he looks up to see namjoon’s lips curling into a wolfish grin and he tries, already deeming his efforts futile “best two out of three?”

namjoon all but jumps up “i’ll get the camera” and leaves yoongi wondering what kind of shit he has gotten himself into. namjoon stomps in audibly, loose curls bouncing everywhere on his head and yoongi’s throat is suddenly dry. “you’re sure about this, right?” yoongi meekly asks and namjoon nods, not even looking up from the camera screen.

he takes off his sweatshirt, leaving himself only in a thin t-shirt and skinny jeans and justifies it with “i don’t know how much battery we have left.”

yoongi lets the book fall from his hand to the floor and notices his legs are spread on the bed. he vaguely remembers the few gay porn clips he has watched and immediately closes them. if namjoon noticed anything, he doesn’t mention it and he shoves the bag from yoongi’s chest to the bed, next to him, before leaning over. “you can still say no, yoongs.”

it’s actually the nickname that’s the tipping point. it’s a special nickname, only used by namjoon in very special situations, always whispered somewhere in yoongi’s immediate proximity and yoongi finds himself nodding. “it’s okay. i trust you.”

yoongi allows himself to stare at his best friend’s face which is at a distance that’s usually too close for comfort, really look at him, take in the small scar on namjoon’s cheek and his tan skin and deep, dark eyes and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t curious how those thick lips felt against his own. namjoon nods, giving yoongi a small, insecure smile “no homo bro.”

he turns on the camera, setting it on the nightstand next to yoongi’s bed, so it can capture both their bodies pretty well and turns around. yoongi isn’t sure what happened but in those few moments, something in namjoon changes. his eyes catch the satiny tinge of lust yoongi’s certain all the girls namjoon has fucked have seen and the thought mildly disgusts him but then namjoon’s lips are on his own, finally.

namjoon doesn’t feel nor taste like heaven, his lips are a bit too chapped for yoongi’s liking and he’s too forceful, since yoongi’s used to being the one leading the kiss, but it’s nice. definitely something yoongi could get used to.

he feels namjoon’s tongue pressing against his lower lip lightly and he has to remind himself to part his lips, let namjoon’s tongue into his own mouth and yoongi kisses back, something in him wanting to want this. namjoon bites at yoongi’s lower lip, almost too harshly, before sucking it into his mouth, soothing it with his tongue and yoongi growls out “you always this rough?” and namjoon releases his lower lip to smirk “nah, but you’re not some girl” before kissing him again and the way namjoon’s tongue feels against his own makes yoongi moan into namjoon’s mouth.

the sound goes straight to namjoon’s groin because yoongi becomes aware that what’s pressing into his thigh isn’t namjoon’s belt buckle but his dick, and yoongi feels a swell of pride and fear in his chest.

he moves down on the bed, so he’s properly lying down, namjoon’s body on top of him, between his legs and yoongi’s hips automatically move upwards, to meet namjoon’s. he slides his hand down namjoon’s sides, to a disappointing lack of breasts but the moan namjoon lets out when yoongi’s hips create much needed friction is a good compensation.

yoongi vaguely remembers that people aren’t going to want to see two boys making out so he reaches for the hem of namjoon’s white shirt, tugging on it and namjoon sits up to remove it, exposing his chest. now, there have been a bunch of times yoongi has seen namjoon’s bare torso, and a few occasions where he has even seen his dick (like one time, yoongi walked into the bathroom to wash his hands from the ink residue on his fingers from writing too many essays, apparently right on time because namjoon was just leaving the shower, completely naked. of course, because people shower completely naked. makes sense. obviously namjoon didn’t say anything but a “hey hyung” and “could you pass me that towel?” which yoongi did but not before sneaking a peek without even being aware of his actions. yoongi doesn’t think about namjoon’s dick, that’s gay. but honestly. namjoon’s solo on their album has a verse about how he’s big enough to make your girl scream and he’s really not lying.) but this is different.

this time, yoongi’s almost mesmerized by the tan skin and the defined muscle and damn, namjoon really must’ve hit that gym a lot because the sight is making yoongi pretty hard. namjoon uses the chance to unbuckle and remove his pants and that right there is the hottest thing yoongi has ever seen. ever.

namjoon’s left in his boxers when he slides between yoongi’s legs again, kissing him almost gently and pushing towards his left, so they’d turn around and yoongi finds himself on top, straddling namjoon. namjoon’s long fingers skim underneath his shirt and yoongi closes his eyes, remembering how he’s not nearly as well built as namjoon but the younger must’ve liked what he felt because yoongi’s shirt is removed seconds after.

yoongi cracks one eye open, lower lip between his teeth and beneath him, namjoon’s looking up at him with pure lust. he feels tan fingers unbuttoning his pants as namjoon licks his lips, marveling in the exposed v line and the sharp hipbones.

it’s all overwhelming and yoongi quickly moves down, so they’re kissing and namjoon’s hands are on his ass, squeezing lightly and when yoongi gasps out into his mouth, namjoon whispers “you’re really hot, yoongi.” it’s quiet and personal and yoongi’s certain the camera didn’t catch that and that assures him to allow namjoon to slide his pants along with his boxers over the flesh of his ass.

yoongi moans when he feels the waistline of his boxers get caught on the tip of his dick but namjoon shushes him, pressing yoongi’s lower back so he’d lie down on top of namjoon so the other can take his pants off completely.

there are quiet words of encouragement whispered against yoongi’s lips “you’re doing great” as namjoon moves back up so they’re both sitting, namjoon leaning against yoongi’s pillow and yoongi on top of his lightly spread legs. he reaches for the bag yoongi almost forgot about and takes out a small bottle out of it, giving yoongi a lopsided smirk as he pours the liquid generously over his fingers. “hope you like the smell of vanilla.”

the feeling of having a finger up your ass is definitely not in yoongi’s top five so he tries to focus on the rise and fall of namjoon’s chest, just barely wincing when namjoon slides another finger in. namjoon notices his discomfort because his lips find the skin of yoongi’s neck and he leaves butterfly kisses which grow into needy licks and small, harmless bites as he adds a third finger into yoongi, making him uncomfortable at first. yoongi soon adjusts, though and it’s not long before he’s moving down on namjoon’s fingers, cursing into his neck “you really did your research, asshole.”

namjoon’s fingers come dangerously close to a sensitive bundle of nerves and it makes yoongi close his eyes, opening his mouth in a loud moan and namjoon pecks his lips to shut him up, “of course” before he’s tearing open a pack of condoms and rolling one down his dick. he pours more lube over it and kisses yoongi again, whispering into his mouth “you got this hyung.”

yoongi grits his teeth and sits down. the pain is almost overwhelming and yoongi feels tears in the corners of his eyes as he lets out a hiss, allowing namjoon to fill him up completely. namjoon lets out a grunt but manages to still himself “shit okay. just tell me when to move.” it’s a little more than a pant and yoongi knows namjoon’s forcing himself because his eyes are screwed shut and he’s biting on the inside of his lip nervously.

it takes a few moments which yoongi uses to kiss namjoon again, openmouthed and messy and he makes sure to moan a little louder for the camera, until one of his moans backfires on him, making namjoon thrust shallowly, only for yoongi to find a great deal of pain has subsided.

he holds namjoon’s jawline, their faces close in front of each other and he makes sure the camera is getting this, first stealing a glance at the lens then staring right into namjoon’s dilated pupils, “fuck me.”

namjoon lets out something between a guttural whine and a growl, hands holding yoongi’s hips just a bit upwards as he slides halfway out, thrusting up, making them both gasp out.

soon enough, this becomes not enough for either of them and namjoon flips them over, so yoongi’s on his back on the bed, namjoon between his legs again and he thrusts into him again, pleased when yoongi throws his head back, moaning.

making sure the camera is still filming them, he sets a pace but it proves to be futile because yoongi is so tight it’s driving namjoon insane and the way his hyung moans underneath him isn’t helping. of course, namjoon would prefer seeing a pair of tits bounce up and down in time with his thrusts but yoongi has amazing thighs and namjoon kisses him again, wrapping one of yoongi’s legs around his waist to fuck him deeper.

yoongi’s world zooms into the two of them and he becomes hyperaware of namjoon grunting into his mouth and knows the younger is about to come, namjoon gets vocal when he’s close, a lesson yoongi learned one time namjoon jerked off and yoongi’s earphones died. he can’t deny he’s feeling lightheaded too, and having the daylights fucked out of you isn’t really that bad.

yoongi himself is close too and he can feel himself clenching around namjoon, making the younger pull him down closer, arching yoongi’s back and the next thrust hits that one spot inside of yoongi, making him come instantly. namjoon comes two thrusts later, into the condom, moan spilling into yoongi’s mouth and it takes a good few moments for either of them to catch a breath, looking at each other.

namjoon finally looks away and reaches for the camera, turning it off.

the atmosphere afterwards is, as expected, awkward, as namjoon rolls the condom off and throws it in the bin under yoongi’s desk. the entire time, he can’t look yoongi in the eyes. yoongi looks at anything that’s not namjoon, as well, too flustered and fucked out to face reality right now.

namjoon leaves with a small “good night, man” and neither of them sleep that night.

the following morning, yoongi makes them breakfast and they pretend like the previous night didn’t even happen, laughing and cracking jokes like they’ve always been doing. yoongi asks namjoon if he has plans for the weekend and namjoon shakes his head “gotta pass my english test.” yoongi kinda wants to remind namjoon that he’s fluent in english but decides against. “whatever, i’m gonna shower. i smell like a brothel bathroom. no wait, that’s how you always smell.” and namjoon snorts.

yoongi takes off his shirt to see a hickey on his collarbone in the reflection. he has mixed feelings about it and ignores it with all his might, pretending it’s not there. just like he does for the two on the side of his neck.

the week rolls by slowly, with yoongi and namjoon having to sit through boring lectures about stuff neither of them particularly gives a shit about, and catching up on whatever their professor said during said classes because neither of them was paying attention.

they’re both in the cafeteria that thursday, namjoon idly eating a burger while yoongi absentmindedly munches on chips, crumbs falling into his textbook, when park jimin decides to sit at their table, right next to yoongi. namjoon stops chewing seeing the grin on jimin’s face as he moves his gaze from namjoon’s to yoongi’s face.

“um.” yoongi starts after an eternity of this strange moment, “you do know you don’t sit here, right?” and jimin nods “no, i know.” and yoongi opens his mouth “so what are you-“ “i saw your clip. man you guys are hot.” yoongi sits up and the food that was bound to go down namjoon’s throat goes into his respiratory ways instead, but jimin continues. “i always thought you two were a little too close to be just friends but taehyung was convinced you were straight. proved him wrong, huh? anyway it was really fucking hot, you should definitely do another one, okay? okay. i’m out.”

namjoon stares at yoongi and yoongi just purses his lips into a tight line “we do not speak of this ever again.” “alright.” “how much did you get?” “four and a half hundred thousand.”

yoongi mulls over the amount for a few moments. “namjoon. tonight we’re going to get actually good ramyun. my dignity has fallen for that money and i want to taste every last won.”

they end up going to a place close to their dorm run by a family. yoongi eats so much he feels like he’ll burst and on the way back, namjoon burps so loudly he scares the birds from a nearby tree. “lovely.” yoongi states and namjoon smiles “i’m just so charming, aren’t i?”

the following day, namjoon’s on his laptop, squeezing the last bits of his battery to scroll through youtube as yoongi mindlessly flips through channels when namjoon’s phone rings. the only people who ever call namjoon are his hookups, his mom and yoongi, so the older doesn’t even look up from the tv when namjoon picks up.

he does look over to his face, however, when namjoon starts using a formal tone, “yes, this is him…yeah it was me…yeah that’s also me…no, i can…tomorrow? yeah tomorrow’s good…yep, i’ll make sure…no, thank you…alright. see you then.” and then he hangs up, sitting dumbfounded on the couch for so long yoongi actually gets worried.

“okay, yo, spill, you look like they just informed you you died.” and namjoon looks at him, “um, yoongi. you know we’re best friends, right.” yoongi’s eyes widen “oh my god you failed abortion what did you do.” namjoon sheepishly smiles, surely yoongi wouldn’t hit him when his laptop is nearby, right? wrong. yoongi kicks his shin so hard namjoon counts stars and barks out “speak.”

namjoon yelps out a “the owner of the page wants to talk to us” through a whine of pain and yoongi freezes “what owner of what page? what are you talking about?” namjoon has to let out a few deep breaths for the pain to subside enough to talk, “gayhope dot com.”

yoongi looks at him speechless, not a single emotion on his face “you uploaded the video of me getting anally deflowered to a page called gayhope.” namjoon manages to move just in time for yoongi’s foot to miss landing painfully on namjoon’s other shin. “it seemed like a good idea at the time and it was the highest offer and stop hitting me.”

there’s a shift in weight when yoongi moves to sit next to namjoon, “open it, i want to see.” namjoon tries to reason with him, “yoongi, maybe we shouldn’t-“ but yoongi won’t even budge “open the goddamn page before i open your skull.”

namjoon opens the page and goes to his uploaded videos and there it is.

“’two bros doing it for the first time’? you are an idiot.”

the video starts playing, two familiar figures kissing on the bed and yoongi urges namjoon to scroll down so he could read the comments.

HungDaddyJoe 17:29:56
Love me some. twinks

bottom4u 18:44:39
i love this one u can really feel they love each other. this is such a deep movie, its really intimate and sweet. its more than just porn. he looks at him like hes a person and not an object  5/5 one of my faves

3427895438 18:57:03
wtf damn homos GET A GIRL S

xXKawaiiNyanHimeXx 03:12:45
KYAAAAAH SO SUGOI it’s liek one of my bishies in yaoi mangas *nosebleed*

it’s all they can read before namjoon’s screen goes black, the battery icon flashing a couple of times. namjoon groans “don’t worry, these people are brain dead.” but yoongi still isn’t moving “namjoon. why does this have almost half a million views in a week?”

namjoon tries “see, that’s the thing i was going to tell you about…” namjoon trails off but yoongi’s fuming “you have exactly a minute to get out my sight.” namjoon doesn’t feel like gambling with his life so he gets the fuck outta there, fast.

yoongi still isn’t over it the next morning at breakfast, glaring at namjoon when he tries to speak, when he takes the bread in front of yoongi, when he breathes too loud. it’s almost noon when yoongi asks the question “so who are you even meeting today?” as namjoon takes the last gulp of coke from his can, wiping his lips with the back of his hand “i told you. the owner of the porn site. he wants to talk to us about something, apparently?”

yoongi frowns “think he’s gonna want the money back?” and namjoon shakes his head “nah. ‘sides, he’s more than welcome to search the apartment for it. i’ll even help him.”

half an hour later, there’s a knock on their door and namjoon rushes to open, already curious to see what kind of person this owner might be. what greets him in the hallway is a boy his age, black haired and lanky, with a toothy smile “hi.”

namjoon expected a lot of things, but not this, so he just moves aside to let the boy in. “uh, hi. i’m namjoon.” and the boy laughs “don’t worry, i know.” he sticks his hand out for a handshake “jung hoseok, nice to meet you.” and namjoon has no choice but to awkwardly shake his hand.

hoseok seems to sense his nervousness and confusion and he nods towards the sofa in the living room “may i?” and sitting down, making himself at home after namjoon nods. “so, as you’re probably aware, your video was a real success on the internet, namjoon.” and namjoon nods again, unsure what hoseok’s hinting at. “yeah it was um. yeah.”

seemingly unfazed by the awkwardness pouring off of namjoon, hoseok continues “did you know it actually caused the servers to go down for half an hour? i had to wake up at like two in the morning to get bigger bandwidth.”

“thank you and all, but what do you want? i mean why are you here?” namjoon’s question is followed by yoongi walking into the room, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

hoseok’s reaction is immediate, he jumps up, smiling at yoongi “ah, yoongi, the star. it’s a pleasure to meet you.” yoongi looks over to namjoon, who mouths “porn site dude” back and yoongi’s mind clears “oh. you.” but hoseok wastes no time shoving yoongi down to sit next to namjoon on the couch. “okay,” his smile is back and he looks like a girl scout selling cookies, rather than an adult site owner discussing porn, “i won’t beat around the bush. you two are fucking fantastic. your video is the most successful one on my page.”

yoongi looks at him, confused “listen man, that’s great and all, but why should i give a shit?” and hoseok rolls up his sleeves “i was getting to that, if you’ll let me.” and yoongi shuts up, back hitting the soft pillows behind him. “i want you to do another video, exclusively for me.”

the protests start the second those last words leave hoseok’s mouth. “no way, that was a strictly one time thing.” “he’s my best friend, dude, we can’t do this,” “i’m not a fucking porn star i’m just trying to pay rent.” and hoseok doesn’t even look bothered. “i’m offering three million won.” and the protests grow into “well what’s one more time?” and “i guess we could do it again.”

obviously pleased, hoseok motions at them to calm down, giving them the terms and conditions “there are only two basics you have to cover on this one, besides the actual sex.” he raises his index and middle fingers in the air, wiggling them, “first,” he hooks his index finger with the one on the other hand, “you’re gonna have to move the camera around, remember, namjoon, and secondly,” he moves his index to the middle finger, “you’re gonna have to go a bit...more explicit.”

there’s a silence and no one moves until yoongi speaks up, an indistinct amount of time later “how explicit?” and hoseok still looks like he’s got every single answer in the universe “bondage and maybe breathplay, i hear that’s in now?” namjoon looks confused by the very fact there are trends in gay porn so yoongi takes it upon himself to do the thinking “it’s all safe, right?” and hoseok nods “you have to discuss it a bit between each other but it’s usually really safe.”

yoongi thinks about it for a while “alright, we’ll let you know in a few days. is that okay?” and hoseok gets up, ready to leave “sure, take your time.” and yoongi’s on his feet too, “by the way, you’re in your second year, right?” and hoseok laughs “yeah, college is hard.” and that’s what it takes to get namjoon to snap out of it and squeak out “you attend here?”

both yoongi and hoseok stare at him like he’s extremely slow “yeah,” yoongi replies first, “we’ve seen him like a bunch of times. he sits like two tables away from us at lunch, idiot.” namjoon looks and feels completely dumbstruck so hoseok adds “my boyfriend’s in your music extra curricular. it’s how i got your number.”

leaving namjoon incapable of replying, yoongi walks hoseok to the door, “we’ll try to get back to you during the week” hoseok thanks him before leaving with polite goodbyes, waving at namjoon, still on the couch and when yoongi closes the door, he sits down next to namjoon. “so.”

“so.” namjoon repeats and yoongi can’t deal with this right now so he tries to get up and play dumb but namjoon’s hand on his thigh stops him. his gaze drops at the digits curled into his sweatpants before looking up at namjoon’s face. what he sees there is nothing but certainty. namjoon leans in just a tad bit closer “yoongi, do you want to do this again?” and yoongi bites at his lower lip “i guess. we could use the money, right?”

namjoon shakes his head “forget about the money, do you want to do it?” and yoongi has to stop himself from nodding. “i guess…” he trails off and namjoon accepts that as an answer, apparently, because he’s looking straight into yoongi’s eyes “if you want, tonight, my battery should be full by then…” and yoongi understands the implication namjoon’s struggling to make. might as well get it over with. “okay. tonight. you got everything?” and namjoon shakes his head “not anything to tie you with.” yoongi says he’ll find something before getting up, ignoring the excitement fluttering in his stomach.

“how much?” yoongi asks. they’re in namjoon’s room, which has been tidied for the occasion, both sprawled out on the bed, waiting for namjoon’s handheld camera to finish charging. the damn thing is ancient and takes forever, making yoongi get antsy. “five percent left.” namjoon replies, tapping away at his phone. yoongi has long given up on trying to read his book and is now staring at namjoon’s unruly black hair, which is usually styled upwards but since namjoon took a shower earlier today, it hangs in curls around his eyes.

yoongi’s foot nudges namjoon’s shoulder “hey, you okay with all this?” and yoongi actually wants to ask, wants to know if namjoon enjoys any of this but namjoon lets out a whine when yoongi’s toes dig into his skin painfully “yeah, i’m fine. you know, you’re not a bad lay at all.” yoongi breathes out a small laugh through his nose “thanks?”

namjoon squirms so his back is arched in order to look yoongi upside down “how are you hanging, dude?” and yoongi shrugs “i’m okay. public nudity and possibility of this ruining every job interview aside. this might really come back to bite us in the ass, namjoon.” and namjoon smiles “chill, it’s okay. there are thousands of porn videos. like someone’s gonna search for yours precisely. ‘sides, i’ll bite your ass if you want.” yoongi replies by throwing a pillow in namjoon’s face, effectively shutting him up.

there’s a small beep and namjoon lifts himself up on his elbows “oh, the camera. it’s full.” he looks at the device, then at yoongi, “you ready for this?” and yoongi sighs “ready as i’ll ever be.”

right after the camera is turned on, namjoon’s tongue is in yoongi’s mouth and yoongi has actually missed this, feeling eager to kiss back and his arms wrap around namjoon’s neck almost instinctively as he moves his legs so namjoon can fit between them comfortably.

it doesn’t take long for yoongi to get namjoon hard and out of his clothes and namjoon looks so fucking needy, taking off yoongi’s shirt like it’s crucial for his sanity to get yoongi as naked as he is. yoongi obliges, lifting his arms up to help namjoon slide off the shirt and namjoon leans over him, hands working on tying yoongi’s bandana around his wrists while his lips leave bites and kisses on the skin of yoongi’s neck.

a whine rips from yoongi’s lips when namjoon sits up, admiring yoongi’s exposed chest and he reaches down for the lube, maintaining eye contact with yoongi as he coats his fingers with the liquid, even as he’s two fingers inside of yoongi, scissoring him open.

yoongi feels the fire burn inside him slow and when namjoon curls his fingers in that one direction, yoongi’s back arches of the bed, begging for namjoon’s dick unintentionally in a series of pleas and moans.

thankfully, namjoon doesn’t tease him, because soon he’s filling him up, reaching up to lift yoongi’s legs so he’s bending him in half before getting the camera. yoongi opens his mouth to protest but namjoon slides out almost completely before thrusting into him roughly and he tries his best to focus the camera, zooming into yoongi’s face. the older boy has his eyes shut, lower lip between his teeth, and his hair is in sweaty strands around his face. namjoon wraps his hand around yoongi’s throat, almost too tightly and thrusts again, and again and again and yoongi lets out a small mewl every time.

namjoon moves the camera so it captures yoongi’s bitten neck between his fingers, the fast rise and fall of his sweaty chest and his stomach muscles tight between his thighs before he focuses on the way his dick slides in and out of yoongi. he’s not wearing a condom this time, so the visual is quite a thing.

still filming, he squeezes around yoongi’s neck, feeling the cartilage underneath the skin on the tip of his thumb and yoongi’s breathing gets almost dangerously shallow so namjoon releases in favor of his hand sliding over the back of yoongi’s thigh, and he’s filming the contrast between their skin tones and then yoongi moans out “namjoon…namjoon, please….”

the sight of yoongi’s flushed cheeks and glazed over eyes is so distracting namjoon forgets to bring the camera upwards, and when his brain springs back to life, he thrusts into yoongi so hard yoongi’s body slids upwards on the bed. his tied hands are scratching and clawing at the sheets and namjoon lowers his free hand to grope at yoongi’s ass to angle him properly.

the moans yoongi lets out when namjoon finds that spot are fucking incredible, better than any song namjoon could ever include on their mixtape and he zooms in on yoongi’s face, the red cheeks and the mouth open in a moan, feeling the coil in his own stomach getting tighter and tighter and he reaches up, to jerk yoongi off messily, filming his fingers wrapped around yoongi’s pale cock.

namjoon has to thrust just a few more times for yoongi to come all over his stomach and namjoon’s hand. namjoon tries to keep the camera on yoongi’s cum dripping from his fingers but he’s so close and yoongi’s so fucking tight.

he comes deep inside of yoongi and yoongi’s back lifts off the bed when he feels namjoon filling him up, gasping and namjoon is almost sorry for not warning him but the feeling is so mind-blowingly good namjoon lets out a loud, deep moan, almost dropping the camera when he drops onto yoongi’s cum-stained chest.

pressing a small button, he turns off the camera and looks up at yoongi, who looks utterly fucked out, but not mad. namjoon pulls out, untying yoongi’s wrists after leaving the camera on the nightstand. once yoongi’s free, namjoon slides next to him on the bed, wrapping an arm around his bare body “stay here tonight.”

it’s a plea whispered almost breathlessly into yoongi’s damp hair but yoongi nods slightly, shifting a little bit so his back is against namjoon’s chest and falling asleep almost immediately, soft snores lulling namjoon into a deep sleep.

when he wakes up, he’s alone in his bed and yoongi’s side has long ago grown cold.

this time, though, yoongi addresses the whole ordeal at breakfast “don’t call hoseok right away.” namjoon looks up, wide eyed, from his bowl of cereal and yoongi deadpans “duh. you’re gonna come off as desperate.” namjoon tries to reply but milk drips down his chin and yoongi makes a face, repulsed. “but i am desperate,” namjoon states after swallowing the cereal and milk he had in his mouth and cleaning his face, “this milk? it expired like a week ago.”

yoongi gasps, getting up and taking the milk and the bowl in front of namjoon to spill everything in the sink “don’t eat that!” and namjoon sadly looks at the remains of his breakfast being thrown down the drain but yoongi continues “and don’t call hoseok right away. being thirsty isn’t cute.”

they end up getting paid on wednesday, a day after namjoon had called, splitting it fifty-fifty and both of them are more than content.

classes kick in full gear then, and namjoon almost doesn’t get to see yoongi if they’re not in a classroom. yoongi’s still doing the final touch ups on their mixtape, informing namjoon of every slight change he made, like a bridge being sped up by half a second and the font on the cover being changed. for most part, namjoon couldn’t care less.

the next friday though, namjoon gets a date. yoongi’s in the living room, flipping through channels on the tv again as namjoon gets ready and the older’s responses to anything namjoon says have been curt at most. “okay so i have like a ninety percent chance to get it in with this girl so please please don’t be drunk out of your mind when we come back?” namjoon’s looking right at yoongi and yoongi just shrugs indifferently “fine.” namjoon tries his best to ignore how yoongi’s acting and by the time he’s finally out the door, his morale is dangerously low.

still, when he comes back, leading a giggly girl to his room, while pressing kisses into her hair and reaching for her ass, he can’t help but notice that yoongi isn’t in the apartment piss drunk. he isn’t there at all.

their relationship is straining and namjoon doesn’t understand why. he’s gone on a plethora of dates before so why is yoongi acting a bitter ex? he doesn’t talk to namjoon normally at all and most namjoon sees him is during lunch, and even then, yoongi’s pretending like namjoon simply isn’t there.

it’s exhausting, being ignored by your best friend, namjoon decides when yoongi silently goes to his room after dinner for the fourth night in a row. he’s not sure how much more of this silent treatment he can take.

what breaks the monotony is his english literature class, one of the two yoongi doesn’t take with him and namjoon spends the entire time doodling and writing unrelated words on the margins of the paper that should be filled with notes from the lesson but isn’t. finally, when class is dismissed, namjoon packs his notebook and his blue pen and heads for the door but the professor’s voice stops him, asking him to stay after class.

“yeah, you wanted to see me?” namjoon’s pretty clueless, since choi ikje doesn’t usually stick around after class. he’s their youngest teacher and a student favorite, since he doesn’t really make their life a living hell with boring lectures and impossible deadlines. ikje just takes off his glasses, looking around to make sure no one’s in the room except for the two of them and smiles.

“i saw your video, namjoon.” and namjoon feels his heart coming to a stop. that’s it. he’ll just have to live the rest of his miserable, shameful life under a rock, with absolutely no circulation of blood. ikje, however, senses his discomfort and assures him quickly, “don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone.” namjoon still looks like he died three days ago so ikje pats his shoulder “i just wanted to tell you it was one of the better videos i’ve seen on that site. keep it up.”

namjoon still won’t move so ikje shoves him lightly “now move along, i want to have lunch before my next class. go on. move.”

namjoon exists the building only to see hoseok pecking a tall boy on the lips, smiling and looking completely innocent, like only hoseok can and namjoon recognizes his boyfriend as one of the guys in his class. he’s only on a first name basis with him and has probably never talked to him alone but hoseok catches his gaze then, lifting his right hand to greet namjoon and namjoon vaguely waves back, lost right as the light turns green and both hoseok and his tall boyfriend cross the street, hoseok safely tucked in under his boyfriend’s arm. something pulls at namjoon’s heartstrings. do he and yoongi look like that when namjoon drapes his lanky arm over yoongi’s narrow shoulders as they walk home?

that night, yoongi and namjoon sit across from each other at their worn table, eating dinner. namjoon would sit next to yoongi but that chair is broken and they both mostly use it for clothes, so he settles for this. yoongi’s softly blowing into his noodles, trying to cool them down at least slightly before slurping them into his mouth hungrily and the whole image is so unflattering, it’s actually endearing.

namjoon tentatively tries, “ikje seonsaengnim stopped me today in class.” and yoongi hums uninterestedly, and namjoon continues “he said he saw the video.” that gets yoongi’s attention and he drops his chopsticks into the bowl “what.” namjoon nods “yeah. i know.”

yoongi still looks disturbed to hell and back, “your teacher saw an amateur porn movie. an amateur porn movie which was filmed by you. which one did he watch?” namjoon shrugs “i dunno yo, i didn’t discuss my amateur porn movie with my teacher.” yoongi just looks offended “our amateur porn video. don’t be an attention hog.” the conversation dies down there because namjoon doesn’t know what to say but thankfully yoongi speaks up again.

“hunchul saw it too.” and now it’s namjoon’s turn to get fucked up. “excuse me.” and yoongi’s nodding, with a small smile on his lips, and namjoon still isn’t recovering “what the fuck.” yoongi shrugs “he stopped me yesterday to tell me that i looked really good in that one video. i got the hell outta there before he could say anything else though.” namjoon laughs “hunchul doesn’t even own a computer” and yoongi’s laughing too.

when the laughter dies down, namjoon confesses “i miss you yoongi. i don’t like this weird situation.” and yoongi looks straight at him, eyes content “yeah. you’d think i’d come around but obviously i’m braindead because i miss you too.” namjoon tries to reply with something witty but yoongi jumps up with a “hold on, i forgot about something.” he runs into his own room, leaving namjoon wondering what just happened.

when yoongi comes back, he’s holding a small black square which he unceremoniously shoves into namjoon’s hands “here.”

namjoon lifts it up and there it is. their mixtape. the cover is a picture of the two of them on stage, taken a year ago, when they were just namjoon and yoongi, in love with music and everything was so easy. next to him, yoongi looks proud as hell “it’s one of the one hundred copies i had made.” and namjoon looks up “one hundred?” but yoongi nods, proud smile gracing his face “yeah. million and a half won, remember?”

namjoon really feels like kissing yoongi right now but he opts for a hug, wrapping his arms around yoongi in their small kitchen “thank you. this is huge, yoongi. i love you, bro.” yoongi replies by hugging him back, “i love you too. now get off, don’t go all gay on me.”

it’s another all nighter for namjoon a few days after that, spent cramming and practically inhaling coffee, when yoongi comes into his room, a blanket wrapped around his body, and hair sticking out in all possible directions. he looks tired and like he spent the last couple of hours twisting and turning in bed, which namjoon knows he did because he heard the creak of yoongi’s bed every time the older boy moved. not that namjoon was listening to what yoongi’s doing.

“i can’t sleep.” is yoongi’s greeting of choice and namjoon absentmindedly pats the bed next to him, motioning for yoongi to sit, which yoongi does, asking him what he’s studying and namjoon shrugs “i don’t even know anymore. i’m sick and tired of it and i think at least twenty percent of my blood is caffeine.” yoongi snorts “then take a break with me. come on.” and who is namjoon to say no to procrastinating.

they talk about school and chores and upcoming performances and even the weather before yoongi gathers the courage to speak his mind. “namjoon, there’s something i have to tell you.” thoughts of yoongi having a terminal disease or a kid fly through namjoon’s head before he remembers that yoongi never even had a serious cold, or went out with a girl in the past month, so he prepares himself.

“yeah?” and yoongi automatically looks down to his thighs, wrapped in a blanket, “namjoon, the things we did…” he trails off but namjoon lets him continue, “they kind of meant something to me. this is fucked up and i like girls and you like girls and i like you.”

namjoon swallows, trying to come to terms with everything yoongi just said and holy shit yoongi likes him. he fucking likes him. “you, uh, like me?” namjoon asks, sounding like yoongi told him cows fly. yoongi bites on the inside of his lower lip nervously before replying “yeah, i like you. i like you a lot.” but namjoon has to make sure what he’s hearing is what he’s thinking “in the no homo bro way?” yoongi just stares at him, looking mildly pissed off “in the all the homo way.”

yeah, namjoon can work like this.

“this way?” he whispers before kissing yoongi lightly, just lips softly pressed against lips and yoongi shakes his head, “no, more like this way” and then he’s full on kissing namjoon, hand on the back of namjoon’s neck to pull him close and namjoon shifts so he’s leaning over yoongi’s lap to kiss him deeply.

when they part, yoongi admits, “it’s been kinda weird ever since the first time but i haven’t stopped thinking about it. i’m not sure but i think i might sort of be in love with you.”

yoongi isn’t a girl and he doesn’t have cute tits or rounded hips and he’s loud and lazy and a slob and he’s namjoon’s best friend and all namjoon wants to do is kiss him stupid, so it’s what he does. “likewise.”

yoongi cracks a smile, looking over at namjoon’s textbooks, discarded and forgotten on the floor and over the desk “how deep in shit would you be if you failed this exam?” and namjoon shrugs “very,” and he kisses yoongi again, dipping his tongue into yoongi’s mouth this time, “so you better make it worthwhile.”

it’s probably past eleven am when yoongi wakes up, naked and sore and content, in namjoon’s arms. he turns around to look at his best friend, still asleep and memories from last night flood his mind, how gentle and loving namjoon was with him and how they fucked two times and how namjoon came inside of him again, holding his hand this time and the many kisses they shared, intimate and loving. images of namjoon buried deep inside of him, telling him praises and words of love against his skin, adorned with kisses and bitemarks dance in front of his eyes, making his cheeks flush the slightest. the first two times can’t even compare to last night and yoongi pecks namjoon’s lips “come on, get up, we’re skipping class today.”

it’s different, obviously, the atmosphere between them no longer tense and full of open affection and yoongi can’t say he minds when namjoon pins him to the counter, kissing him like there’s nothing he’d rather be doing. he minds, however, when that gesture makes him burn breakfast but namjoon doesn’t say anything, too stupidly giddy to have any sort of negative feelings.

“yoongi.” namjoon calls out that afternoon, as yoongi’s using his laptop to look up their missed classes and the older hums in response, so namjoon continues “are we boyfriends now?” yoongi shrugs, looking at namjoon “i guess? do you want us to be?” and namjoon nods “i think so.” yoongi returns his gaze to the screen of namjoon’s laptop “then we’re boyfriends.”

namjoon looks at him, a lopsided smirk playing on his lips “you’re not gonna come over and kiss your boyfriend in celebration?” yoongi breathes out through his nose, puffing his cheeks, making himself look like a disgruntled baby bear before closing the laptop, sliding it off his thighs and draping himself over namjoon so he can kiss him deeply.

namjoon’s hands find yoongi’s hips and he pulls him down, so their bodies are pressed against each other properly and yoongi’s kisses move from namjoon’s lips to his neck, kissing and nipping at the skin there, leaving featherlight bites, making namjoon hiss slightly and yoongi smiles “how’s this for a celebration?” but namjoon pulls him back in for another kiss “good, now keep going.”

when namjoon’s hands slide over yoongi’s ass, yoongi accidentally moans a curse into namjoon’s mouth and namjoon replies by biting down on yoongi’s already abused lower lip, almost drawing blood before licking over it gently and yoongi’s once again reminded that his boyfriend can be pretty rough. for some reason, that thought excites him and he moves his hips against namjoon’s carefully at first, then harder when he sees the way namjoon responds to the action, with a groan and another bite. namjoon’s fingertips dig into the soft flesh of yoongi’s ass in response and yoongi feels himself growing hard.

who knows where they would have gotten if namjoon’s phone didn’t ring at that time and yoongi groans “don’t pick it up.” namjoon had no intention of doing so anyway but the damn thing keeps ringing, making yoongi growl impatiently into namjoon’s mouth and namjoon is trying his best to focus on how pliant yoongi is under his hands and how warm his body is and how soft his skin feels to the touch and how hard he against namjoon’s thigh and how the ringing gets louder and louder, like it’s ringing directly into his brain and namjoon sighs.

yoongi shushes him, telling him to concentrate just as the ringing dies down. it’s a peaceful minute, in which only the sound of kissing and quiet moans are audible until namjoon’s phone starts ringing again, just as loud and persistent as it was the first time. yoongi mutters “i hate your stupid phone so much. your ringtone fucking sucks.” but none of them have to suffer for much longer because the ringing stops, a lot quicker this time.

namjoon’s grateful they can both relax until there’s a message notification and yoongi lifts himself up “you know what. go check it. someone better have died or something or otherwise i’ll kill a person.”

moving around until one of his arms is free, namjoon reaches for his phone, wincing at the sudden burst of light coming from his screen. yoongi curls up on his chest, waiting, staring at namjoon’s face and namjoon opens the incoming message, eyes carefully going over every letter in the short message, ignoring yoongi’s questions of “who is it?” and “what do they want?”

by the time yoongi’s questions turn to whines of “namjoooooon”, namjoon puts his phone back to its original place, on the table by the books yoongi’s planning on reading in the foreseeable future and reaches up to cup yoongi’s face so he can kiss him again.

yoongi still wants to know so he asks “well? who was it?” between kisses, causing namjoon to pull away to look at him with a slight smirk on his lips. “hoseok” and yoongi’s eyes widen in understanding as namjoon continues “how would you like to make two million won?”