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Save me

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It was Dinner time at the Mercer’s House. Daphne had just prepared Alex's favorite dinner and they sat down on the table. “How was school darling?” Daphne asked, as she set the dishes and the rest on the table. "It was fine, nothing special tho. Oh by the way I got my maths test back and got an A++ !", Alex replied. "I'm proud of you, son!", Mitchell exclaimed and gave his son a kiss on the forehead and proudly petting his shoulder. “Did you hear…turns out the new neighbors kid.. is gay.” She sat down, next to her husband now. “Yeah..I heard that…..” Mitchells tone was slightly annoyed. “Everyone talks about it….did you see the way he presents it when walking down the street….he looks so…so…so proud being…that.” Mitchells face was filled with disgust.. Alex had a hard time swallowing the bite, he just took. “What would you do..if it was me.” He then said, with a quiet voice. The anxiety in him rising and his heart beating in faster paces now. “Don’t be silly my dear, you would never be someone like him, we raised you better than that.” His mom answered him. He didn’t know what to say to that. “Well….maybe I am…like him.” Both their eyes grew wide, Mitchell dropping his fork in shock at the words that just came out of his sons mouth. “No you’re not! I did not raise my son to be come a…a….a faggot.” The fathers voice grew louder throughout the sentence and as he stood up with a fist formed into his hands, Daphne held her husband back. "Mitchell don't. He's not worth it." Making a short pause, she turned to her son. "Alexander, go to your room. This dinner is over.", Daphne stated coldly. Alex stood up, whipping a quick tear of his cheek before running up to his room and quietly closing it, not wanting to create more tension between his parents and him. 


“Lock the room Daphne!” Mitchell started whispering as he heard the door. “ We can’t get sick either! We need to find a way to get the demon out of our son!” Daphne ran as quietly as she could, to her son's room looking it, while Mitchell turned Alex's phone off. Meanwhile Alex heard his door clicking. "Mommy?" He softly whispered. No reply. "Mommy I know you're here, please don't do this to me. I'm still your son." His voice broke. He tried to open the door, but figured it was locked. His tears started to fall, as he slid down the door, brought his knees up to his chest and laid his head on them. "It's still me. Don't lock me away like some sort of monster..." The footsteps got quieter, Alex was alone again, filled with emptiness and hurt that the ones, who loved him all his life, now turned against him. Standing up and looking out the window, seeing the rain fall down and hit the glass he started to wonder about a life where his parents actually accepted him for who he was. "I just wish they would understand.", he sighed. “What are we going to do now…”  Daphne paced around the room. “He’s going to ruin us…people can’t know.” Mitchells face light up, as an idea popped into his head.  “My colleague’s cousin was one of them and he told me about this…this camp they sent him to and as he came back he was cured. I could call him and ask for the application, so we can send him there tomorrow.” “Yes, but they can’t know its our so-..him.” she pointed upstairs. “Don't worry sweetheart, it will be taken care of.” giving her a kiss, before going into the office to call him. 


“He said, he’s sending me everything over right now and wished us good luck!” The mom let out a relieved sigh. “Oh thank the lord, he’s giving it to us." Daphne looked over to a Family photo of the three of them, a young Alex brightly smiling at them, playing the drums. Mitchell had his arm on his sons shoulder, while Daphnes had her hand in Alex's hair. "We looked so happy, a perfect little family.", she stared sobbing. "It will be alright, he will be the old Alex we always have known. This phase of his will be over by the end of the camp, I promise that to you." He hugged her tightly, giving her more hope. Both flinched at the sound of the phone ringing. "I'll get it.", Daphne said and picked it up. "Mercer speaking.", she answered the phone. "Hi Mom!", Allison exclaimed happily. "Hello my dear! How are you? How's the business trip in Europe?" Daphnes voice now sounding a thousand times happier than before. "Ugh you know, it's work, so nothing too special. How are you guys? How's Lexi? I mean it's his last year of school, I remember how stressful it was for me." The sister explained. "Well he is... doing fine. It's stressful indeed and he has lots of stuff to do.", Daphne replied hesitantly. "Yeah, I guessed so. Can I talk to him? He didn't really reply to my texts." There was a short silence. "Mom?", Allison asked again. "Uhm sorry honey, I had a bad connection could you maybe... repeat what you said?" Putting the phone on speaker she looked at her husband in a panicking face. "Yeah I want to talk to Lexi please, he hasn't been answering to my messages." Mitchell took the lead now. "Hi Alli, like your mom already said, he has much work to do and he had a bad grade so we took his phone. Kids these days." He tried to overshadow the insecurity about getting caught in a lie with a laughter. "Oh... okay. Well then give him a kiss and a hug from me and hopefully I can talk to him soon. I love you guys!", Allison exclaimed. "We Love you too honey!" And with that the phone call ended. 

After a few moments of silence, they heard some rumbling upstairs and so they went there. “Mommy? Daddy?….please let me out….I’m still me….please….anyone there?” His voice sounds tired, as if he’s been calling out for a long time. “Please….you can’t just say… love me and then lock me up the next minute….” When Daphne heard that, tears came into her eyes. Even though she couldn’t support him with this “lifestyle” he chose, she was still his mother and it hurled her to see him suffering like that. She went up to the door, putting a hand on it while whispering, “your phase will be over soon…everything will be fine.” Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Mitchell stood behind her. "Let's go to bed. The sooner we sleep, the sooner this nightmare will be over for us too." Giving her a kiss on the back of her head he walked over to their room followed by Daphne. In his room, Alex was leaning his head against the door, weakly hitting against it. "Please..." he whispered. Hearing them laughing and giggling in the other room made him doubt in the love of his parents. 'Do they really hate me so much? Do I even have any worth to them? Maybe they are right and I am that disgusting thing they call a faggot...' Cuddling himself into a blanket he listened to the sound of the rain hitting the glass, hoping that the next day might bring some clarity into his life. Imagining his mother giving him a kiss goodnight on the forehead, Alex closed his eyes, drifting off to a dream reality, where he didn't feel alone anymore.