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Kara really doesn’t have a good reason to be in the Biological Sciences building at 6 PM on a Friday night. She’s spent her fair share of time here, having weekly lunches with Alex in her office on the 3rd floor, but Kara knows that Alex went home hours ago, after her last lecture of the day. 

Kara knows that Alex is already home because that’s what the text on her phone says, the one saying that Esme would love to see Aunt Kara for dinner tonight, if she was free. 

And though that had tugged at Kara’s heart, she’d declined, because she had been waiting all week for Friday to arrive. 

Lena Luthor holds her office hours on Friday nights, and even though Kara doesn’t really have a credible reason to be in the Biological Sciences building at 6 PM on a Friday night, somehow she finds herself standing at it’s entrance. 

Kara adjusts the bookbag on her shoulder as the large glass doors slide open and at least two dozen students come pouring out, chatting among themselves. She squeezes herself past the group, entering the building just as the last of the stragglers are leaving the small boardroom where Professor Luthor holds court every week. 

Two girls exit last, one of them blushing so hard that Kara’s surprised there’s still blood circulating through the rest of her body. Her friend cackles beside her. 

“Dude, you are SO gay. I’ve never seen you this quiet during office hours. She asked you to stay behind to check on you because you literally never shut up!” Her laughter only ends when the flustered girl beside her punches her in the arm. 

Shut up !” The girl hisses. “God, I thought I was over this stupid crush, but then she showed up today with that turtleneck and that face. I’m definitely failing next week’s test because I don’t think I heard a single word she said all night.” Despite the supposed distress in her words, both girls are laughing as they make their way out of the building. 

A turtleneck? Kara takes a deep, steadying breath and ventures further into the building. 

As she approaches Lena’s office, Kara suddenly has the horrifying realization that she’s made a huge mistake. She’s bumped into Lena a few times, right in this building, and while Kara had felt immediately connected to her, in a way she doesn’t think she’s ever felt with another person before, what if Lena doesn’t feel the same way? What if Kara has entirely fabricated the chemistry she’s felt between them, and is about to completely ruin a friendly platonic relationship with a coworker by stalking her in her workplace? 

“Professor Danvers.” Kara feels goosebumps immediately running up her spine. While she was busy having her meltdown, the subject of said meltdown had crept up behind her unnoticed. 

“Hey!” Kara’s voice comes out in a squeak as she spins around. “Lena! What’s…” 

The words trail off as Kara sets eyes on Lena Luthor in a black turtleneck that is perfectly molded to every curve. Her hair is up in a high bun, the reddish tones highlighted under the fluorescent bulbs of the hallway. She has a pen tucked behind her right ear, drawing Kara’s eyes to the three, four, five studs piercing her ear. She follows the sharp line of Lena’s jaw down to full red lips twisted into a small smile.

“Up?” Kara’s voice comes out in a rasp, throat suddenly dry. She leans her back up against the nearby wall, hoping the movement looks as casual as she means it to be. The support turns out to be extremely helpful when Kara’s knees give an involuntary wobble as Lena’s eyes give her a quick sweep up and down.

“Not much, just have some grading to finish before the weekend.” One of her eyebrows quirks up. “What are you doing here? I saw your sister heading home hours ago.” 

“Oh, you know… Just passing through on my way home.” Even as she says it, Kara realizes how ridiculous her excuse is, given that her own office is right next to the faculty parking lot, far from the building they’re standing in now. 

“Mm-hmm.” Lena’s lips are slowly tilting up, realization dawning in her eyes as she and Kara just stare at each other.

Kara stands frozen, a surely dopey and helpless smile on her face as her brain scrambles to find some reason, any reason she’d be in the building besides just to see Lena. But just as Kara’s about to say something that would likely forever ruin Lena’s impression of her, Lena speaks, putting her out of her misery. 

“Next Friday,” Lena says, “7 PM, after my office hours. You can pick me up out front.” 

Kara clamps her mouth shut as her mind races to keep up with Lena’s words. “Pick you up?”

“For our date.” Lena pulls her pen out from behind her perfect ear, reaching out to grasp Kara’s hand. “If that’s okay with you?” 

It takes all of Kara’s resolve to keep her hands from shaking. “Yes!” She clears her throat. “Yes. That sounds lovely.”

A grin spreads across Lena’s face then, soft but radiant. She etches her phone number across Kara’s palm in red ink, looking up at Kara through thick lashes. She tucks the pen back behind her ear, smoothing her hand across Kara’s shoulder and pressing up on her toes to brush a kiss across Kara’s cheek. 

“Call me.” And then she’s walking away, leaving Kara behind to relish the sound of her red bottomed heels echoing the pounding of her heart.