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You Can Give Me Just One More, Can't You, Pretty Girl?

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Your body pulsed against the mattress, a high-pitched whine ripping from your throat. The tears that had been building flooded down your cheeks. You tugged against the ropes binding you, uselessly trying to get away from the relentless sensations.

“I-I can’t,” you sobbed out, shaking your head.

It had been going on for hours—too many orgasms ripped from your body. You couldn’t keep it up. It was all just too much.

“You can give me just one more, can’t you pretty girl?” Her taunting voice called out to you. She cupped your cheek in her hand, her thumb slowly running against your quivering lips. “You’re doing so good for me.”

“I can’t, Anko,” you whimpered.

She clucked her tongue quietly. She slid off of the bed, her eyes trailing over your naked body. You stretched out further, tugging roughly against your bindings. But she had expertly tightened knots that you could never break free from.

Sometimes you regretted falling in love with the controlling woman.

She pushed your knee to the side, her fingers sliding up the inside of your leg until they brushed against your slit. With a quick flick of her fingers, she flipping the small vibrator inside of you to the highest setting. It vibrated to life within you, sending shockwaves of pleasure down your spine.

“You’re just so pretty like this.” Anko grabbed an object from the bottom of the bed and settled herself down in between your legs. She brought the object—pretty and purple, just like her hair—down against the apex of your thighs. The object buzzed to life in her hands and she affixed it to your clit. The object had a silicone opening that eagerly sucked your swollen and abused nub into the hole.

You gasped out her name, throwing your head back against her plump pillow. Anko’s cool hands brushed against your waist, wrapping straps around you. She stepped back to admire her work, the added bindings effectively holding the two sex toys snuggly against your cunt.

She hummed in thought, her head tilted to the side as she watched you. She had already brought you over the edge three times in the last two hours and every inch of your body had become overly sensitive to her every touch. She used your body like a plaything, enjoying each and every sound that fell from your lips.

“Keep that pretty little mouth open for me.”

“What, why—”

She slid onto the bed and rested her knees on either side of your head. She slid her hands up over her tanned stomach before cupping her large breasts. “Make me cum and I’ll let you rest.” She lowered herself down onto your face, brushing her lower lips against your face.

The scent of her was intoxicatingly sweet. The aroma mixed with the promise of finally being able to stop had you lurching forward, eagerly running your tongue over her slit. Even without her promise to stop her relentless use of your body, you would’ve gladly eaten her out. You only wished you could hold onto her plump ass while you sucked at her.

Your tongue dipped into her entrance, letting it dip into her walls. You searched within her, sucking in each drop leaking from her. You yearned for full mobility—desperately wishing that you could rip your hands away from the bindings so that you could stroke her, so that your fingers could slide in and out of her wet entrance.

She moaned out your name, her fingers squeezing eagerly at her own nipples. Her eyes bore into yours, a smirk playing at her plump lips. The toys relentlessly moved against your most sensitive areas, making your toes curl against the sheets and your fingers to dig into the ropes at your wrists.

Her hips bucked against your face, just as you slid your lips forward and sucked her clit into your mouth. Her scent and taste overcame your senses and you were fully enwrapped in Anko—a feeling that you would never want to go away.

You lapped eagerly at her clit, beating it back and forth. She writhed against your face, a throaty laugh escaping her. “Fuck you’re such a good girl!”

Your body sang at her praises and your inner walls fluttered around the vibrator inside of you. You moaned openly against her cunt, tongue continuing its rapid stroking of her body.

“So good at eating my cunt,” she hissed out. One of her hands came down, fingers threading into the strands of your hair. She tugged harshly against your head, holding you firmly in between her thighs.

Not that you would try to escape. Anko was the most appealing and sensual thing you had ever seen. Her back arched with a definitive buck of her hips. Her hardened nipples protruded eagerly from her large breasts, her hand squeezing them together. Her head fell backwards and her eyes squeezed shut. Her mouth fell open, curses erupting from her lips. She was so damn alluring. You had no idea how you had made this woman fall in love with you—how you could have made her want you so desperately.

All you knew was that you were so incredibly lucky to be allowed to delve into her like this. How lucky you were to find yourself buried in between her thighs. And above all, you knew that if you didn’t get her off soon, you were going to lose it from the incessant buzzing in between your legs.

You sucked desperately at her clit, letting your teeth graze it just like how she had shown you how to do. You closed your teeth around it, giving it the slightest tug. Her hips stuttered forward, a barely contained shout of your name filling the room. Her slick coated your face. She whimpered loudly as you placed a soft kiss against her clit before letting your head fall back against her pillow.

“Please,” you whispered, the muscles in your legs tightening. Everything was tightening, coiling painfully.

She panted heavily, moving back down your body. She ran a finger down your soaking slit. Her fingers dug into your needy hole and tugged the vibrator out of you. Your hips fell back against the bed, a slight relief from the absence of contact overtaking you. But the buzzing at your clit remained. Anko’s fingers slid inside your hole, curling upward and rubbing deep within you.

And that’s all it took. That tightening within your stomach broke, pleasure wrecking through your spine. Your toes dug into the mattress, pushing your hips up towards her. Her name was a desperate plea falling from your lips. The vibrations against your sensitive nub disappeared and the buzzing sound ceased.

Her fingertips rubbed against a sensitive spot inside of you, drawing out every last ounce of pleasure she could get from you. You fell back heavily against the bed, your soft whimpers filling the room.

Anko’s fingers slowly slid out from your entrance. She brought them to her lips and sucked your juices off of them. She moaned at the taste before reaching forward and quickly undoing the intricate knots at your wrists and ankles.

She threw the blanket over your naked body before slipping under the covers beside you and drawing your back to her chest. She stroked her hands over your stomach while placing kisses over your neck. “Such a good girl for me,” she mumbled against your skin.

You hummed weakly in response, too drained to do more. She stroked your body soothingly, her every loving touch bringing you closer to unconsciousness.

“So good, just for me,” she whispered, the last words you heard before you drifted off into much-needed sleep.