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They had hit South Dakota an hour into their drive. 


Dean looked over to the passenger’s seat, saw a sleeping Sam curled up around Dean’s jacket and he smiled. He grabbed his phone from off the dashboard where he’d tossed it aside and glanced down at the search he had started earlier for abandoned or foreclosed properties and buildings in Watertown. It was a mid-size town and perfect for them to blend in to. As far as anyone knew by looking at them, they were just two average guys. Just brothers, nothing more. Dean snickered at that thought and looked down to see the listings that had popped up from his search. They needed a place secluded enough where Sam could play if or when he found his next toy, a place where no one would hear the screams and come to investigate. It was hard to know sometimes if Sam would need a toy so soon after breaking his last one but it was better to be prepared in case Same felt the urge to play. There had been times when Sam hadn’t needed to play, hadn’t seen a toy that interested him. In those times, Dean was what Sam had wanted, what he needed, and if he was honest with himself, he liked being that for Sam. He liked being the only one on whom Sam focused his attention on. Just like he knew Sam preferred his undivided attention. 


For himself, he needed an area where they could run. He preferred a densely wooded area, one that would make it a challenge when he was hunting his prey. He drove them by a couple of abandoned and overgrown areas before settling on one just outside of town. It was perfect for his needs, mature trees lining the area, blocking the view from the road. Pulling the car off to the side of the road, he got out of the car and carefully closed the door, not wanting to wake Sam. He walked the area, seeing a deep depression in the earth; perfect he thought to himself and smiled. All they had to do was drag the carcasses there and then burn them. It wouldn’t be seen from the road should anyone be passing by, not that anyone would be out here late at night. He jogged back to the car, got in, and started it up again. He looked at the next listing trying to find a place for Sam. After looking at a couple of places that just didn’t seem right, he stopped the car on the opposite side of town. It was a lonely stretch of road, mostly sad-looking buildings that had been left to crumble when businesses picked up and moved out. It was the last building, set apart from the others that caught his attention, no broken windows; they had been covered over in corrugated metal sheeting. He drove around the building and saw there were only three ways to enter, the front and back doors and a delivery area for big rigs. He parked the car around back and then gently woke Sam. 


Sam sat up, rubbing his eyes, and looked questioningly at Dean. Dean pointed at the building and watched as a smile came over Sam’s lips. “Have you gone in yet?” Sam breathed out, feeling the excitement of finding a possible play area, coursing through his body. 


“Not yet, figured we’d go together,” Dean replied in a low, whiskey-smooth voice.


With a nod, Sam slid out of the car and stood in front of the back door of the building waiting for Dean, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he waited in anticipation for Dean to join him. He loved this, exploring new places that might work for when he wanted to play. He watched as Dean looked around again, making sure there were no prying eyes before giving him the thumbs-up signal. Reaching into his back pocket, Sam produced his lock picking tools and went to work. Within less than three minutes, Sam had the old lock picked, the door open, and was entering the building with a flashlight that Dean had shoved into his hand. They searched the warehouse from top to bottom, making sure no one was squatting in what was supposed to be Sam’s play area. Satisfied that it was truly abandoned, Sam looked at Dean. “It’s perfect. We won’t even need to bring in much. There are a few tables I can use to work off of,” he announced happily, shoving the flashlight under his right arm so he could clap his hands together and bounce up and down on the balls of his feet. 


It reminded Dean of how excited Sam got when he was getting something special only for him. “Good, glad you like it. Let’s go get a room to stay in and a bite to eat,” Dean said as he threw an arm around Sam’s waist, steering him toward the door. 


“Wait, what about a place for you?” Sam asked, his face scrunching up in confusion. Why wasn’t Dean concerned about looking around for himself? He knew Dean was in need of his own sort of playtime. Dean hadn’t been on a hunt in a while, not since that couple he had helped Dean hunt at least a few weeks ago. With how in tune they were with each other, he could feel Dean’s need building in him. It would only be a matter of time before his lover got the desire to kill or become extremely irritable without the release Dean so desperately needed. He knew he could sate some of that by letting Dean have him any way he wanted. Hell, they both enjoyed a good hard fuck. But, that would only be slapping a temporary bandage over a blood-soaked wound. It wouldn’t do for long. 


“I already found a place on the other side of town. You were asleep, didn’t want to wake you. You looked so beautiful curled up with my jacket,” Dean said pressing a kiss to Sam’s frowning lips. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t like it when you frown.” 


“You sure?” Sam said, brightening slightly. He watched Dean’s movements; watched as Dean’s fingers drummed against his thigh. He could see the need to hunt was rising in his brother. He would have to figure something out and soon in order to help the man he loved. 


“Yeah, it’s all good,” Dean responded absentmindedly trying to hold back his need for some type of release. They had other things to focus on that needed to come first. 


“Okay… If you’re sure.” Sam’s response wasn’t believable even to his own ears but it garnered a smile from Dean and got them moving.  


They made sure to cover their tracks so there was no indication that they had been there before leaving to find a motel room for a couple of days. They managed to get a room at a fairly nice motel, dumped their stuff in the room, and headed out to find a place to eat. Coming upon the first diner they saw, they stopped and went inside to be greeted by a waitress and shown to a booth overlooking the street. 


Sitting across from Dean, Sam recognized the darkness in Dean’s eyes. He’d seen it there before. He recognized it because it was the same darkness that he harbored. They shared it; together he and Dean were the perfect couple in the darkness they shared. They were more than family, more than brothers, more than lovers. They were two halves of one person; you never saw one without the other and they both preferred it that way. Sam watched as Dean’s hands clenched around the mug of coffee before him on the table. His muscles were tense. Only Sam could see this, anyone else looking at Dean would see a man sitting casually, sipping his coffee. But Sam saw the subtle change in his brother. He watched as Dean’s jaw clenched; he could hear the grinding of his teeth. Sam drummed his fingers on the table trying to get Dean’s attention. Dean turned his gaze on him and smiled. The smile didn’t reach those green eyes of his. They weren’t blank, they just didn’t sparkle and Sam wanted that spark back in them. He reached out and gently dragged his fingers down Dean’s cheek and across his lips. Dean’s tongue darted out to kitten-lick his fingertips before Sam withdrew his hand. Sam reached for his own coffee and took a drink as he looked around. “Dean, you need it, don’t you?” Sam asked concern showing on his face for his brother. 


Dean smiled lovingly at the man across from him. “I’ll be alright. Don’t worry about me.” The waitress appeared with their food and Dean shut down, ending any more of their conversation. They ate in silence; Sam watched the other diners while Dean watched him or the passing cars outside as he ate. Sensing Sam’s worry for him, Dean placed his hand on Sam’s. “I’ll be fine. Just feeling a little on edge is all,” he said and then gave Sam’s hand a squeeze. 


Sam only nodded, knowing Dean was putting himself last in what he needed. Dean always put him first, making sure he had everything he needed, from food to clothing to toys to play with. He could tell Dean needed to hunt. He just wasn’t sure if what he needed to hunt was the supernatural or human prey. 


Dean felt the burn beneath his skin. It started as a slow smoldering heat but was fast approaching an overwhelming and all-consuming fire. He felt as if his skin was stretched too tight over his bones. He felt his mood darkening and he was tense, muscles coiled and ready to snap. And the last thing he wanted was to lash out at Sam. He had held off as long as he could. He had to put Sam first. He willingly did this; without him, Sam would have been found a long time ago if he hadn’t kept him safe, not only from others but himself. But now his need was growing and it would only be a matter of time before he was blinded by that need and he failed to protect Sam. He knew he had to take care of this and soon. Maybe a supernatural hunt would help, it certainly wouldn’t hurt, he figured. When they got back to their motel room, he’d ask Sam to search the internet for anything strange happening around the area. Hopefully, there was something they could look into and possibly hunt. The idea helped to calm him, if only slightly.  


Sam eyed the diners, none seemed to fit their rules. Well, the rules Dean had come up with to keep them safe. There were only a few rules they followed but they never strayed from them; never hunt children, the disabled, or the elderly; they were too easy to hunt and too breakable. Sam’s toys had to be durable, last a little while at least so he didn't feel the need for a new one right after breaking his last one. For Dean’s hunts, they had to be able to run, endurance was key for him. It was no fun for him if he couldn’t run after them to hunt them down. They never took what they wanted when there were witnesses around. It had to be done out of sight from prying eyes so they wouldn’t be caught. The bodies were always salted and burned. They didn’t need to risk having a vengeful ghost on their asses. They never took souvenirs; committing to memory their time with their prey or toy to relive another day. Souvenirs left a trail if they were discovered by a nosey maid at a motel they might stay at. And they never talked about it in public. They could reminisce in the Impala, their only safe haven. Based on those rules, he abandoned the idea that someone here would be good for Dean to hunt. Sam watched as Dean pushed his plate away and wiped his mouth with his napkin. 


“Come on, let’s pay and get outta here,” Dean said tensely as he crumpled his napkin and dropped it into his plate. 


Sam smiled, but remained silent having heard the hard edge of Dean’s voice, and pulled out his money, dropping the needed amount on the table as he got up and followed Dean outside to the car. As Dean started to open the car door, Sam reached out and closed it. 


Dean turned to ask Sam what he was doing and found Sam crowding into his space, pushing him up against the door. Sam’s leg slotted in between his, forcing his legs apart as Sam placed his hands on either side of his shoulders, holding him against the door. Leaning in, Sam hungrily kissed him and Dean moaned giving into the heated kiss, not caring who saw them. 


Sam ghosted his lips along Dean’s jaw and up to his ear, hovering over the shell of Dean’s ear, as he whispered, “You need something to take the edge off. You can do that with me. Don’t have to be so gentle. I’m not breakable,” Sam said hungrily as he ground himself against Dean’s thigh. 


Dean growled at him and flipped him around so Sam was up against the car door. Dean bit Sam’s bottom lip. “Gonna fuck you so hard, make you scream my name. You’re gonna be begging me to stop.” He felt Sam buck against him. 


“Yeah,” Sam said, running his hands down Dean’s back, digging his nails into Dean’s shirt. “Get in the car,” Sam heard Dean huff out at him. Forcing himself to break contact with Dean, Sam rounded the car and got into the car, followed by Dean who slid behind the wheel. The Impala revved to life and pulled out of the parking lot. Inching himself up against Dean’s seated body, he placed a hand on Dean’s thigh, steadying himself as he leaned into Dean. “Show me the place you picked out for yourself,” Sam purred into Dean’s ear. He licked Dean’s earlobe with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. He bit down slightly on the skin before releasing it and resting his head on Dean’s shoulder. 


“Hmm,” Dean let out and pointed the car in the direction of the secluded area of land he’d found for his hunt. As they pulled up to the area and parked, Dean felt Sam’s hand twitching against his thigh. 


Sam looked out over the area, nodding his approval before turning his attention back to Dean. He moved his hand from Dean’s thigh to his crotch, his fingers going to the button of Dean’s jeans and undoing it and pulling down the zipper. He felt Dean shift in his seat, granting him more access to his body as he slid his hand in between Dean’s clothing and his hard cock, wrapping his fingers around it. He heard Dean hiss at the friction of his hand dragging up and down on his cock, watching as Dean leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and moaned out his name, pulling a smile from him. This was what Dean needed and he was happy to give that to his lover. “Gonna take care of you, Dean. It’s all about you right now. You always take care of me. Put me first. Not this time,” he said as he quickened his fisting of Dean’s cock. 


“Sammy,” Dean breathed out as Sam’s hand withdrew only to be replaced by his tongue and his mouth. 


Sam flicked his tongue over the head of Dean’s cock, tasting his brother, and hummed, sending little vibrations down Dean’s cock. 


Dean reached out and ran his fingers through Sam’s hair, moving it aside so he could see Sam’s lips wrapped around his dick. It was so fucking incredible watching Sam sucking him down. He felt the heat of Sam’s mouth around him, sucking him in and down the back of his throat. He watched as Sam hollowed his cheeks, swallowing him down to the base of his cock. “Sammy, gonna...” Dean’s voice cracked under Sam’s movements against his body. 

Sam pulled off him with a wet pop and smiled up at Dean with wet and shining lips. “Not done with you yet,” Sam said as he pushed open his door. He smiled slyly at Dean through the window as he closed his door and walked around the car. He fished in his front pocket for the lube packet he had stashed there earlier, pulled it out, brought it to his lips, and ripped the packet open with his teeth. He wanted to spit the foil out, but he didn’t. He took the ripped edge from his teeth and placed it in his pocket, mindful of what Dean had taught him; never leave any traces of them behind. 


Dean watched in confusion as Sam got out and walked around to his side of the car. He watched as Sam pulled his own pants down and lubed up his fingers. His mouth gaped as he watched Sam braced himself against the car with his left hand as the fingers of his right hand disappeared between his ass, opening himself up for him. Dean moaned as he watched the debauched scene in front of him before forcing himself out of the car. He pulled Sam’s fingers out and positioned his throbbing cock at Sam’s wet entrance. He pushed into Sam in one fluid motion and he groaned, feeling Sam’s tight channel around his hard cock before he pulled out, only to snap his hips in a hard thrust. He held onto Sam’s ass cheeks, separating them, watching his cock moving in and out of Sam’s body. 


Sam slammed his open hand down on the car, drawing Dean’s attention. “God, yes Dean. More! Fuck me harder. Make me scream.” 


Dean grabbed Sam by his hips and pounded into him. He was relentless in his movements, not giving Sam time to catch his breath as he pistoned in and out of him. He was lifting Sam off the ground with how hard he fucked into him, causing Sam to scream from it, begging for him for more. 


Sam didn’t care that his own hard cock was trapped between his body and the cold metal of the car. He only cared about Dean, having Dean fuck him so hard that he’d be feeling him tomorrow. “Dean, Dean,” Sam chanted. “Fuck me, make me still feel you after you’re done.” Only to hear Dean grunt in response to him and feel Dean slam into him harder than before. 


Dean gripped Sam by the hips, pulling out until only the head of his cock left Sam open before snapping his hips forward and pushing his hard cock into Sam. He knew Sam was going to have bruises on his hips in the morning and he liked the idea of that. His marks on his brother. He heard Sam screaming his name as he came. Hearing his name on his brother’s lips brought him over the edge. He came with a guttural roar and he continued to thrust into Sam until he felt like his legs were going to give out, collapsing against Sam, trapping Sam under his body and against the car. Sam turned to his head to look at him; Sam’s eyes were lust-blown and he had a blissed-out look on his face. 


Sam licked his lips before speaking, knowing it was another way to tempt Dean. “That was fucking amazing. Told you I wouldn’t break,” he managed to say before Dean was grabbing him by the chin and crushing his lips against Sam’s in a passionate kiss. 


Dean pulled out of Sam slowly, reaching down and pulling his pants up, leaving them resting on his hips. Before he dressed himself, he helped Sam with his pants, turned him around, and kissed him again. “You were fucking amazing. Taking me like that,” Dean said in a rough-sounding voice as he finished redressing and getting back into the car. 


“Anything for you.” Sam turned to Dean, a smile on his face, and leaned back into the seat. He reached out to take Dean’s hand and brought it to his chest, resting it over his heart. “You and me, we were meant to be. People say this is wrong, but for us it’s right. Never gonna leave you, unless you tell me you no longer want me,” Sam said the last part in a near whisper. 


Dean snapped his head up to look at his brother. “Sammy, that’s never gonna happen. You should know that by now. I’ve killed for you. I killed Dad to keep you with me,” Dean said, feeling his chest tightening, making it difficult to breathe. Was Sam trying to tell him something? Was Sam trying to tell him he wanted him to let him go? He would if that made Sam happy. 


Sam let go of Dean’s hand, reached over, and cupped his chin. “There’s no way I’m ever gonna stop wanting you. I’d have to die before I stopped being yours,” Sam said with determination. 


Dean felt his breathing returning to normal, Sam wasn’t leaving him. Sam was staying, and Sam wanted him. He smiled at that thought and started the car, driving them back to their motel, this time in a leisurely manner. There was no reason to rush back, he just wanted to enjoy their time together. When they reached the motel, Dean got out and unlocked the door, waiting for Sam to join him. “Hey, I’m gonna go take a shower. Can you do a search for a hunt?” 


Sam bit his lip as he listened to Dean. “Yeah, sure,” he called out to Dean as Dean disappeared into the bathroom. Hearing the shower turn on as he powered up his laptop, he started his search on supernatural happenings in the area. It wasn’t long before he settled on what seemed to be a nest of vampires in the area. He hoped it would help Dean remain calm and feed the need he was so clearly fighting. He seemed better after their detour but Sam knew it was only a matter of time before the need for Dean to hunt overtook him. Closing his laptop he got up and shed his clothes before joining Dean in the shower.  


Turning away from Sam with a second look, he made his way into the bathroom, stripping out of his clothes as he went. Turning on the shower, he waited for the water to warm up before getting in. With a heavy sigh, he let the water run over him, washing away the day’s grime and soothing his tired muscles. Tilting his head forward, he let the heavy stream of water hit the back of his neck as his eyes slipped closed. Hearing the shower curtain being pulled aside, he cracked an eye open to see Sam climbing in behind him, and then he felt strong hands on his shoulders, turning him around and running down his body. His cock twitched and began to harden under his brother's ministrations.    


Without a world, once Sam had Dean positioned how he wanted, he dropped to his knees and reached out to take his brother’s hard cock in his hand. He ran his fingers over the swollen tip, smearing pre-come and water over it. Opening his mouth and he leaned forward, taking his brother in between his lips. He heard Dean moan and the sound of Dean’s head as it struck against the shower stall. He ran his tongue along the vein on the underside of Dean’s cock and felt Dean shudder and reach out for him as Dean ran his fingers through his wet hair, pulling him further onto his cock. He steadied himself by grabbing onto Dean’s hips before sucking the head of Dean’s cock past his lips. Relaxing his throat, he sucked Dean's hard cock in, letting it hit the back of his throat, and hummed around the hard flesh in his mouth, sending tendrils of pleasure through Dean's body. “Fuck,” he heard Dean say and he glanced up through his wet lashes to see Dean still with his head back, eyes closed and his mouth open as a moan escaped past his lips. He sucked him in hard and deep, repeatedly swallowing him until he felt Dean’s release hit the back of his throat. He continued to hollow his cheeks as he sucked him dry, not letting Dean go until Dean’s cock was limp and twitching from overstimulation. 


Dean's hips thrust forward as he felt the orgasm hit him in waves of pleasure. God, he loved the feel of Sam's warm mouth around him. He waited until his vision cleared before he released the grip he had in Sam's hair, allowing Sam to rise to his feet, helping Sam back up to his feet, and pressing him up against the wall. He started to trail his hand down Sam's muscular stomach when Sam stopped him. “I'm good. This was all for you.” Dean looked at him with confusion in his eyes. 


Sam chuckled at him. “You always put me first and put your needs last. Not this time,” Sam said as he reached for the soap to wash them both before turning off the water. Once they were both clean, he turned off the water, got out, grabbed a towel, and handed one to Dean. They dried off and dressed in t-shirts and sweatpants. Dean left the bathroom first and sat down on the bed, watching Sam as he entered the room through slitted eyelids. His body was lax after the hard fucking and two blowjobs, and while he wanted to curl up on the bed with Sam in his arms, he had a feeling Sam had something to tell him 


“Think I found a nest of vampires. We can investigate tomorrow,” Sam stated as he pushed aside the bedcovers and slid underneath. He patted the mattress next to him invitingly to Dean. He could tell just by the way Dean was sitting, loose-limbed, that it wouldn’t take Dean long to fall asleep and that Dean was only keeping himself awake so he could listen to what he had to say to him.


Dean huffed in response before laying back against the bed, getting comfortable for the night. He closed his eyes, listening to Sam’s baritone voice telling him how much Sam loved him before starting to fill him in about the possible nest as he drifted off to sleep. 


Sam looked over at his brother, he'd been expecting Dean to answer him, only to find that Dean was sound asleep. He pulled the covers up and turned the light off. Snaking an arm around Dean's waist, he pulled himself closer to Dean’s body, needing to feel the warmth of Dean’s body against his, he sighed in contentment. He lay there for a while, happy to have this time with Dean before he closed his eyes and let sleep claim him. 




Dean rolled over onto his back and groaned as he opened his eyes and was hit with the streaming light from the bedside lamp. “What time is it, Sammy?” he asked in a groggy voice. He rubbed at his eyes as he tried to focus on the warm body in bed next to him. When he was able to see without blinking owlishly, he noticed that Sam was sitting with his back against the headboard with his laptop resting against his drawn-up knees. He heard the familiar sound of Sam’s fingers tapping over the keyboard. “What are you doing?” he asked, his voice rough sounding from sleep.


Sam looked down at Dean, his hazel eyes meeting Dean’s green ones as they stared up at him. “To answer your first question, it’s around six in the morning. To answer your second question I’m going over the information I found last night. I wanted to make sure it’s legit and not some made-up story to get attention. No need to waste our time if it’s not.”


“Well, is it?” Dean asked as he stretched his arms over his head, exposing the taut skin of his stomach.


Sam’s eyes dipped down to take in the exposed skin and licked his lips. He wanted to do more than that, to just lick his lips. He wanted to lick Dean’s stomach, he wanted to hear Dean’s moans as he bit along the sensitive skin of Dean’s hips. He wanted to coax the breathy and needy moans from his brother’s sensual lips as he took Dean’s hard cock into his mouth. He wanted to feel the weight of Dean’s cock on his tongue and taste the salty, musky taste that was all Dean’s. He heard Dean’s voice calling, pulling him from his thoughts. “Huh?” he asked as he blinked, trying to focus on Dean’s words and not the tempting sight lying next to him.


“I asked you if it was worth it. If it’s legit. Should we look into it, whatever it is, that you may have found?” Dean inquired, allowing Sam to see his curiosity. He sat up, pushed aside the bedcovers, and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He glanced over his shoulder as he stood up. “Didn’t you say something about a nest of vampires last night?” 


Sam cleared his throat as he tried to clear his mind of his previous thoughts. His eyes ticked to the screen of his laptop, momentarily giving him the clarity he needed. “Yeah, looks like a possible hunt for us. People have gone missing, only to turn up dead without a drop of blood left in their bodies. Looks like something’s bleeding them dry.” He looked up from his laptop to see Dean pulling off his t-shirt. Closing his laptop and setting it aside, he raised himself up onto his knees and crawled across the bed to Dean. “Dean,” he called out in a lust-filled voice. “Rather stay in bed,” he said as he rested on his knees at the edge of the bed. 


Dean turned to Sam, letting his t-shirt drop to the floor. “Sam,” Dean cautioned. “I’d really like that, but I need some coffee. And, if you’re right, we have a job to do. Family business and all that shit,” he snickered.


Sam wanted to pout. He wanted to remind Dean that they could do as they pleased, but he didn’t. He knew this was Dean’s way of telling him he really needed to hunt and kill something, anything before the need got the best of him. While Dean needed this, he would never come out and ask for it. He rested on his haunches, watching Dean as his brother got dressed. He felt his face burn as he watched Dean strip out of his clothing only to redress as he got ready for the day. He huffed in disappointment at seeing Dean fully clothed. 


Dean’s lips quirked up into a smile and he extended a hand to Sam when he had finished buttoning the last button on his flannel shirt. “You coming?” he asked as he tilted his head to the side, taking in the flushed skin of Sam’s face. He knew why Sam was like that and he liked knowing he was the cause of Sam’s current state of arousal. 


Sam accepted Dean’s hand as he climbed off the bed and stepped closer to Dean. He found himself wrapped in Dean’s strong embrace and he leaned in, enjoying the heat of Dean’s body against his. He nuzzled at Dean’s jaw, peppering it with light kisses. “Yeah, let me get dressed.” He pulled away from Dean and started to turn toward the bed to pack up his laptop only to feel Dean’s hand wrap around his wrist, stopping him from moving away. With a questioning look, he looked over his shoulder at his brother.


“Thanks for understanding,” Dean said quietly before letting go of Sam’s wrist. He felt Sam slide his fingers along his before they broke contact.


Sam shot Dean a smile before turning to unplug his laptop and power cord and grab his clothes. As he dressed, Dean freshened up in the bathroom, and then joined Dean as Dean finished brushing his teeth. Dean handed him his own toothbrush before leaving the room so he could finish in the bathroom while Dean grabbed their discarded clothing and repacked their duffle bags. Sam watched from the doorway as Dean did this; knowing that they weren’t checking out, Dean just liked to be prepared. Dean liked to make sure that everything was ready should they need to make a hasty retreat out of town. He handed Dean their toiletry bag, turning away from Dean while Dean packed it away to grab his laptop. He shoved it into his messenger bag and followed Dean to the Impala. 


Once they had been seated in a booth at a diner a few miles from the motel, Sam pulled out his laptop and placed it at the far end of their table, angling it away from prying eyes. He waited until they had been served their coffee and their orders had been placed before starting to fill Dean in on what he had found. “Looks like over the past couple of weeks around three people have gone missing; all young, between twenty-five to thirty-five, only to be found dead, with puncture wounds in their necks and drained of their blood.” He scanned the file he had been reading from as he sipped his coffee. “A fourth victim managed to escape but was found in pretty bad shape.” Sam looked up from his screen as the waitress approached their booth and set their food down in front of them. He continued speaking when she had walked away. “A female victim was found unresponsive around four in the morning outside of a bar with puncture wounds to the left side of her neck. She was missing a lot of blood but no blood was found at the scene.” Sam raised his eyebrows as he read the last of the information. “Huh, maybe the bar has something to do with it. What do you think?” he asked as he picked up his fork and took a bite of his omelet.


“Sounds like a vampire. Could be a nest. Anything else about the victim? Did she survive?” Dean asked as he raised his coffee cup to his lips and took a sip.


Sam turned back to the screen and scanned the file. “Died two days later.”


“We can still check out the bar. Did they all disappear from the same bar? Did they have anything in common?”


Sam looked up from his plate and then over to his laptop. He clicked through a few files, reading the notes. “Yeah, a place called The Dive .” He heard Dean scoff at the name and smirked. He met Dean’s eyes. “Yeah, nice name.” 


“I’ve heard worse,” Dean shot back. “So, we start there and see if it leads to anything.”


“Sounds like a plan,” Sam replied as he finished his meal.


After they had finished eating and had paid for their meals, Dean drove them to The Dive . They parked across the street and sat in the Impala, watching the building. It was still early, but they could see movement from inside the red brick one-story building. “Sammy, are you seeing this?” Dean asked as he kept his eyes on the building. The bar should have been quiet since it didn’t open for at least another few hours. At least one light was on, casting shadows against one of the large glass windows. The shadows moved back and forth, giving the impression that two bodies were in movement. 


“Yeah. Should we check it out?”


“Why not?” Dean felt his body thrum with excitement. He had a feeling that they were about to walk in on a vampire and its possible meal. Together they got out of the car and went around to the trunk. Opening it, Dean began to rummage through the contents until he found what he wanted; his machete. He grabbed it and swung it back and forth before sliding it into the sheath strapped to his thigh. He handed Sam his own machete and then grabbed a couple of syringes filled with dead man’s blood before closing the trunk. They were both armed with their guns, but bullets wouldn’t put a vampire down, and that was what they were there for. Crossing the street, they circled around to the back of the building where Sam picked the lock on the backdoor. Drawing his machete, Dean entered first and surveyed the room. He determined the empty room wasn’t a threat and motioned for Sam to enter and follow him. 


Sam entered closely following Dean’s heels, quietly shutting the door, and walked behind Dean as they passed from the back room into a small hallway that led them into the bar. They stood in the shadows, watching two men and a woman speaking to each other in low voices. 


“How stupid could you be? The last blood bag got away,” the female hissed. “She was found right outside. This was supposed to be our safe haven, that’s why we work here. No one was supposed to put the bar and the missing people together. But, no, you had to fuck that up!”


The taller of the two men turned away from her. “I said I was sorry. I thought I had her secured. It won’t happen again.”


“You’re right. It won’t happen again because one of us will always be with you to make sure nothing goes wrong,” the female said in a huff.


The smaller man stood with his back to the two hunters. “Well, that’s great that you’re sorry, but I’m starving,” he whined.


“I can fix that,” Dean cut in as he took a step toward the three vampires. He watched as the three stunned vampires turned toward him. He smiled darkly at them, raised his machete, and advanced. He knew Sam was at his back, watching, and would keep him safe if there were more vampires that might arrive to help save their nest. Without a word, he raised the machete and swung, making contact with the raised arm of the smaller two male vampires and severing the arm at the junction of the elbow. The vampire howled in pain and rage. The other two vampires tried to run past him, only to be blocked by Sam who had remained standing in the doorway. He heard hissing and screaming, but remained focused on the vampire he had already injured. The vampire tried to rush at him, using his head as a battering ram to knock him over. He pivoted on his feet, raised the machete, and brought it down in a forceful blow, severing the vampire’s head from its body. He watched as the head and body fell to the floor. He would have laughed at the sight of the head rolling away if it wasn’t for the sounds of the other two vampires threatening to drain Sam.


“Fucking hunters!” the female shrieked.


“You don’t scare me. I’m going to fuck you up and then I’m going to drink you dry,” the tall male spat at Sam.


Sam chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah? My brother may have something to say about that,” he said, hitching his chin up in an indication of Dean’s presence behind them.


Turning around, Dean faced the commotion. Sam held the vampires at bay with his machete, swinging it at them to keep them in the room. He met Sam’s eyes, held their stare briefly before speaking. “One down, two to go,” he said and watched as they turned to look at him. He was covered in the blood of the decapitated vampire and he knew he would be wearing more before they left the building. The female backed down and moved off to cower against the wall. He took note of her out of his peripheral vision as the other vampire snarled at him, standing his ground. 


“You hunters think you’re so much better than us. All we’re trying to do is survive,” he said.


“Yeah, well you shouldn’t. You died. You should have stayed dead,” Dean replied coldly as he advanced on the vampire, not giving him time to attack. He raised his machete, holding it in both hands, and swung, connecting with the vampire’s shoulder. He pulled the blade free and was about to swing again when he saw the female move. He grabbed one of the syringes and tossed it to Sam. “Heads up,” he called to his brother. He saw Sam catch the syringe and then focused his attention on killing the creature in front of him, knowing that Sam would know what to do with the syringe.


Sam caught the syringe and turned toward the female. She snarled at him, extending her sharp-pointed second row of teeth at him. He waited for her to make a move. He wasn’t disappointed. She rushed at him, trying to knock him down so she could get past him to freedom. He caught her around the waist, holding her flailing body as he jammed the syringe into her neck, depressing the plunger, and flooding her system with the paralytic. Sam watched as she tried to raise her arms to clutch at the syringe and pull it free. All she managed to do was fall back against the wall when he let go of her. Taking a step back from her body, he turned his attention to see how Dean was fairing. Seeing that Dean was still standing had him smiling.


Dean had managed to swing at the vampire’s leg. The blade connected just below its knee, knocking it off balance until it fell to the ground, howling in rage and pain. He stood over the creature, raised the machete, and brought it down, slicing the head away from the rest of the body. He heard the head thunk as it hit the ground. He groaned as his body jerked with pleasure. He had taken out two of the vampires. He just needed to finish off the third; then he and Sam could clear out of the bar and go back to their motel room and the people of this town wouldn’t have to worry about another person being taken for food.


He turned around to face the last vampire. His lips quirked up into a smirk at the sight before him. It was leaning, unmoving, against the wall; almost as if it had been propped up and it looked terrified. He watched as Sam stepped back, giving him the room he needed to wield the machete; understanding that today’s kills were all his. God, how he loved Sam for understanding that he had needed this. He wanted to kiss Sam, but he was covered in blood and Sam wasn’t. He felt the need to keep Sam clean, to not taint Sam with vile vampire blood. He moved past Sam, raised the machete, and brought it down, severing the head from its body. He still felt the energy that had built up in his body coursing through him. He still needed more. He raised the machete, again and again, hacking at the body until it was in pieces and he was drained of energy, leaving him breathing a heavy sigh of relief. He felt like himself again. He rolled his head from shoulder to shoulder and heard his stiff muscles pop. The kills were good, satisfying his need for the time being but eventually, he’d need more, he’d need to hunt.


Without a word, he walked over to the bar, laid his machete down on it, and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. He poured himself a glass and one for Sam. He held out one of the glasses, offering it to Sam.


Sam walked over to Dean and accepted the offered glass. He let Dean place it in his hand; knowing Dean was trying not to get blood on him. It wasn’t necessary for Dean to treat him like this, to try and keep the blood from touching him, but he understood what Dean was doing; Dean was protecting him. “Thanks,” he said softly and then raised the glass to his lips and drank the whiskey down in one shot. He watched as Dean did the same, throwing his head back, the muscles in Dean’s were taut as he swallowed and he fought the urge to bite down on them. He placed the glass on the bar and licked his lips, tasting the whiskey and wishing it was Dean he was tasting on them. “What are we gonna do about them?” he asked as he surveyed Dean’s destruction.


“What we always do, salt and burn,” Dean replied as he turned on the faucet at the sink under the bartop. He washed his hands first, then grabbed his machete to clean it of any traces of blood. He looked down at his clothing; they were a lost cause. There was no way to save them and he really wanted to strip them off. They felt tacky against his skin from the blood and they’d only get stiffer as the blood dried. He huffed in irritation. “I’ll take care of this,” he said as he waved a hand in the direction of the bodies, “Can you get me something to wear from the car?” he asked as he slid the keys over to Sam. He went back to washing the blood off his skin as Sam grabbed the keys.


Sam smiled brightly at Dean. “Of course,” he replied as he grabbed the keys and disappeared in the direction they had come from, carefully stepping over body parts and around puddles of blood. Sam made his way around the building and to the car, pulled out clean clothes from the trunk for Dean, and then returned to Dean with them; making sure that he hadn’t been watched. “Here,” he said as he laid the clothes on the bartop. His eyes raked over Dean’s nearly naked body. Dean had removed his clothing and was standing at the sink in only his boxer briefs and his socks. In one hand, he held one of his leather boots, and with the other, he was using a bar towel to wipe away the blood. Dean looked up at him and flashed him a smile. Dean’s eyes sparkled and Sam sucked in a breath, feeling his cock twitch at the sight before him. 


Dean looked so relaxed and he wished they had time for a quick fuck, but he knew they didn’t. He closed his eyes, imaging himself leaning over the bar, the wood surface cooling his heated skin as Dean pounded into him. He bit his bottom lip to stifle the groan that was threatening to escape his throat. He heard the water being shut off and he opened his eyes. To his disappointment, he realized that Dean had gotten dressed. They couldn’t chance taking the time to fuck; they had no idea who actually owned the bar or when someone might happen by. It was better to finish the job and get out of there before they were found. 


With a frustrated sigh, he walked around to the back of the bar and began to rummage through the glasses and other items until he found what he was looking for; salt and matches. Most bars had at least one box of salt to rim a shot of Tequila with. And matches, for whatever reason, seemed to be abundant at bars. He stood to his full height and placed the items on the bar. “Got the salt and matches. We can use the alcohol to fuel the fire,” he suggested.


“Always thinking,” Dean purred into Sam’s ear as he stood behind him and wrapped his arms around the taller man’s waist. He licked a stripe up Sam’s neck and heard Sam groan. He felt Sam grind his ass against his own denim-clad cock. “So needy, and sexy,” he breathed out before pulling away from Sam’s warm body. They needed to finish up and get out of the bar. He couldn’t allow them to give in to their carnal desires, even though he wanted the same thing Sam did. Turning toward the back of the bar, grabbed a couple of bottles of alcohol, and walked away. He didn’t bother to look back at his brother; he knew Sam would only pout at him, trying to get what he wanted. “Come on, Sam.” He lowered his voice in warning to the younger man, letting him know he wasn’t about to give in to what Sam wanted. They’d have plenty of time for that later. 


Walking over to the body of the first vampire he had killed, Dean opened one of the bottles and doused it with the alcohol. He moved to the next body and repeated his actions. As he poured alcohol on the last of the bodies he looked over to see Sam pouring salt over the bodies, following the route he had taken. He let the bottles drop to the floor, not caring if they broke. The fire would melt the shards, destroy the bodies and any evidence they might have left behind. He pulled Sam toward the back door and watched as Sam light a match, letting it fall to the alcohol-sodden floor. They both stepped back as the alcohol caught fire and the bodies and the bar began to burn. He entwined his fingers with Sam’s and pulled him along until they were both outside. 


Once they were safely outside and seated in their respective seats in the car, Dean leaned over, placed his hand on the back of Sam’s neck, and pulled Sam toward his body, closing any space between them. “Thank you for finding this hunt for me,” he breathed out before licking his dry lips. He inched his face closer to Sam and kissed Sam’s lips until they were red and swollen, knowing that his lips would match the state of Sam’s when he was finished. He bit down on Sam’s bottom lip before he pulled away from Sam, giving them some space. He turned away from Sam, fitted the key into the ignition, and started the car. He let the Impala idle for a moment before he pulled away from the curb as flames began to lick along the large tinted window of the bar. A wide satisfied smile spread across his face as the car turned the corner, cutting off the bar from their view.


“Where to?” Sam asked as he ran his fingers over his kiss-swollen lips. 


Dean shot Sam a quick glance before focusing his attention back on the road ahead of them. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Built up an appetite after that workout.”


Sam smirked at his brother’s reference to the hunt and kill of the three vampires as a workout. Well, to be honest, when Dean had been hacking up the last vampire’s body, it really had been a workout for him. But, at that moment, he chose to remain silent. There were times when silence was the safer route to take. Dean, like himself, could be quick to anger and he wasn’t in the mood for a fight, unless it led to make-up sex. He shook his head yes in response to Dean’s words. “Food sounds good,” he said as he closed his eyes and settled into his seat. If he fell asleep, Dean would wake him when they stopped for something to eat.




Even though Dean had hunted and killed the vampire nest the day before, he was moody, irritable, and becoming nasty, even to Sam. He was on edge and had snapped at Sam on more than one occasion. The first time had been when they were at the diner that morning having breakfast. Sam had been drumming his fingers on the tabletop and the sound had grated against his already frayed nerves. He should have been fine after the hunt. Usually, he was, but not this time. This hunt, even though he had been able to take out all three vampires on his own, gave him some release when he was able to hack up one of the bodies, but it hadn’t sated his need. He could feel it just under his skin. It was like electricity was coursing through his veins instead of blood. He couldn’t stop it. When he had heard the sound of Sam’s long fingers tapping against the table, he had snapped. He had growled at Sam to knock it off or he was going to do something that Sam wouldn’t like and then he’d end up regretting what he had done to the man he loved. Sam had looked at him with so much hurt in his eyes, looking like a kicked puppy and he had wanted to kick himself for it. He had mumbled ‘Sorry’ to his brother, dropped enough money on the table to cover their breakfast, and fled the diner for the safety and quiet of the Impala. 


Things had been tense between them, or at least that’s how he had felt. His jaw ached from how hard he was clenching it. He would open his mouth to say something, only to snap it shut again because he knew what he was going to say would be said in cruel and angry words directed at Sam. He had actually left their motel room to take a walk, hoping that would help settle to himself. It hadn’t. All he wanted to do was pull out his hunting knife and slash at every person he passed. He snorted remembering the look on Sam’s face when he had grabbed his jacket. “I’m going for a walk,” he had grunted out. 


Sam had looked up from the book he had been reading, his brows furrowed in confusion. “You’re going... Walk... A what?” he had asked in disbelief. Clearly, he had heard Dean wrong. A drive yes, a bar sure. But a walk? Dean’s green eyes had flashed in anger at him and he bit his tongue from asking Dean anything else. 


“What, I can’t go for a fucking walk?” Dean had yelled as he yanked on his jacket. “I’ll be back later,” he said as he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind himself, and stomping off.


“Okay, sure, whatever you need,” Sam had called out after Dean, despite the door having been slammed shut and Dean had left him alone in the room. 


Hunger had drawn Dean back to the motel. He wasn’t sure how long he had been gone, and he didn’t give a shit. He just hoped that Sam hadn’t gone off the rails in his absence. That would be a whole other world of shit for him to deal with. He pushed open the door to their room to find Sam still sitting in the same spot on their bed, with the same book in his hands. He huffed at the sight and kicked the door closed. He stood there, watching Sam as his brother raised his head to look up at him. 


“Finished your walk?” Sam had asked casually then let his eyes fall back to his book, picking up from where he had stopped reading.


“Finished your walk?” Dean had mimicked and then clenched his jaw shut. He didn’t miss the sharp look Sam threw him before Sam closed his book and stood up. 


“You hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s go grab something to eat,” Sam had suggested, keeping his tone nonchalant.


“What-the-fuck-ever,” Dean had gritted out between clenched teeth. He turned and pulled the door open, walking out of their room without a backward glance to his brother as he got into the Impala and slammed the door. A moment later, he was joined by Sam and started the car, driving in silence to the diner. 


The silence didn’t break, even through their meal. They ate in silence, the only words being spoken had been to their waitress, not each other. 


Sam had been careful to not drum his fingers on the table. He knew Dean was already in a foul mood, he didn’t want to irk him more. It wasn’t until they were back in the car that Sam had decided to break the all-encompassing silence. Sam turned in his seat to look at Dean. “You know what you need, Dean?” Sam asked casually because he already knew, he just hoped that Dean was on board. 


“What?” Dean asked, suspicion coloring his voice. He stared straight ahead, not taking his eyes off the road to look at his brother. 


“A beer. Let’s stop at the next bar we see. We can grab a couple of beers, shoot some pool, and check out the locals...” Sam let his voice trail off as he turned to look at Dean. He saw Dean’s lips twitching into a small smirk as he thought about the idea. 


“Yeah, sure sounds good, Sammy,” Dean said in a tight voice. They both knew he needed something to take the edge off, he was wound too tight. Maybe a few beers and a couple of games of pool would settle his nerves, soothe the ache he felt in his bones. 


Twenty minutes later, they were pulling into the Ozone’s parking lot. Sam got out, stood by the car waiting for Dean to join him. He bounced up and down on the balls of his feet like an excited child. Dean took one look at him and couldn’t help but smile. 


“I’ll stay at the bar while you look around, see if anyone strikes your interest, even if it’s just a few games of pool to hustle some cash,” Sam said before turning and walking in with Dean close on his heels. As they entered the bar, they were met with lowlights, loud music, and the smell of stale beer. Dean wrinkled his nose and closed his eyes, trying to calm the thrumming in his body. He watched as Sam took an empty barstool and ordered himself a beer. Dean walked around to the other side of the bar and found himself an empty tool and ordered a beer. They sat on opposite sides, looking at each other before Dean broke eye contact, turned on his stool, and surveyed their surroundings.


Dean wasn’t disappointed with what he saw. The place had a U-shaped bar surrounded by stools. There were several tables scattered across what looked like an old dance floor and a beat-up jukebox off to one side. Past that there were two worn-looking pool tables. They were both empty; easy enough for Dean to get a game going. He heard the familiar clatter of the beer bottle being set down against the wooden surface of the bar and he turned slightly to pick up the bottle. Raising the bottle to his lips, he tilted his head back, exposing the long column of flesh and muscle as he swallowed his drink. Keeping his beer in his hand, Dean looked around the bar, with a smile on his face as he met the eyes of a few of the women and men looking at him. He knew what was going through their minds when they saw him; a tall, muscular man who had an athletic build, with short-cropped, light brown hair that he just kept tousled, not really putting any effort into a real hairstyle. His skin was pale and dotted with freckles. He had bow-shaped lips and piercing green eyes framed by dark lashes which gave the impression that he was angelic looking. He wasn’t stupid and he knew how to use his looks to his advantage. Had he been alone, he wouldn’t lack for company. If they only knew... He let his thoughts drift off before setting his sights on the pool tables again. 


He slid effortlessly off his stool, sauntered over to the pool table, and picked up a pool cue from the rack hanging on the wall. He racked the balls before bending over the side of the table to break them. Dean held the cue stick in his right hand, with his left, he brought the cube of chalk to the tip and chalked it before pursing his lips together and gingerly blowing off the excess. He held the pool cue in his right hand with his right foot in front of his left. He felt for the spot on the wrap where the cue was evenly balanced and gripped the cue behind that. He placed his left hand on the table and made a circle with his thumb and index finger and placed the cue between them, resting it on his middle finger. He spread out his middle finger to his pinky, making a tripod-like support. He pulled the cue parallel to the table for control, gradually accelerating his arm back as if he was making a swimmer’s stroke. His cue didn’t slow down until the tip hit the ball. He stayed down in order to analyze his shot and the angle of the ball., waiting for the ball to hit the pocket. When it didn’t, deliberately missing the shot, he looked over his shoulder to find that two men were eyeing him. He smiled coyly and shook his ass at them. 


One of them smiled, stood, and patted his buddy on the shoulder before walking over to join him. “Hey. Name’s Mitch. You want someone to play against?” 


Dean eyed him, one hand on his hip, the other holding his pool stick. Dean looked from the pool table to Mitch than to his buddy before settling back on Mitch. “How does your friend feel about this?” Dean asked as he cocked his head to the side and smiled at the guy still sitting at the bar. 


Mitch shrugged. “Don’t know, don’t care. Didn’t ask him.” 


Dean eyed his brother and saw Sam nodding to him. These were the two he settled on and he felt his body thrum with contentment. These were the ones Dean wanted to hunt. He smiled at Sam and watched as Sam returned the smile. They were both in silent agreement and the rapid beating of his heart slowed. They were tonight’s prey, Mitch and his friend. With that determination, he set his plan in motion. Be charming, funny, and sexy. Put on a show for this guy and his friend, that he could do. That would be easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.


Mitch came around the side of the pool table and stood behind Dean as Dean leaned over the table, stick in hand. “Sugar, you’re doing it wrong,” Mitch said. 


Dean looked over his shoulder at the man and quirked an eyebrow. “Am I? Then you better show me how,” Dean said huskily and felt Mitch drape himself over his body. Feeling Mitch’s cock harden as he came in contact with his muscular thigh, he hummed in satisfaction with the knowledge that the man was interested in him. That would make it easier for him to charm Mitch and lure him into a false sense of safety. Mitch’s arms were on him and then around him as Mitch helped move him into the right position to take his shot. Dean pulled the cue back and then let it go, hitting the cue ball and sinking the ball he’d been aiming for. “Huh, look at that,” Dean said and smiled at Mitch. 


Dean looked up from the pool table at Sam, seeing the anger flashing in his brother’s eyes, and Dean smiled at him. Sam was a possessive bastard he thought to himself. But then again this guy was touching him and rubbing himself against his body, uninvited as he was. He was going to learn the hard way that no one put a hand on him unless it was Sam. He dropped the cue on the table and turned to face Mitch. “Why don’t we take this somewhere more private?” he asked, cocking his head and smiling slyly at him, watching as the guy’s eyes widened, recognizing what he was offering. 


Mitch licked his lips and looked Dean up and down before nodding. “Yeah, I like the sound of that. But, I came here with my buddy,” he said as he hitched his thumb toward the bar. 


Dean looked over his shoulder at the guy watching them. “That’s okay, I came here with my brother. We can go back to where we’re staying. We can get to know each other better and Sam can hang with your friend,” Dean offered, licking his lips and giving the guy a slight pout on those lips that Mitch hadn’t taken his eyes off of since he had brought up the idea of leaving. 


Mitch smiled a sly smile, not realizing just who he was dealing with. He pulled Dean in for a kiss, shoving his tongue into Dean’s mouth before pulling back. “Yeah, one condition. I want to see you on your knees with those lips wrapped around my dick. They were made for sucking cock,” he said, running his thumb over Dean’s kiss swollen lips. 


Dean smiled at him. “I promise, you’re not gonna be disappointed.” Dean nodded to Sam and watched as he slammed down the bottle of beer he’d been nursing and stood up from his bar stool. He chuckled as Mitch let go of him to walk over to his friend and Sam came up to him, a dark and brooding look on his face. 


“What the fuck?” Sam asked in an even tone, keeping the rage he was seething with in check. He was angry that the guy had touched Dean but he wasn’t about to fuck this up for his brother. 


Dean wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then looked at Sam, his green eyes shining with mischief. “Don’t worry, Sam, I’m just reeling him in. I’ll drive my car, you drive theirs. You know what to do,” Dean said before they walked over to join the two guys, letting Mitch introduce them to his friend, Zack while Dean introduced them to Sam before they left to go to their cars. “Why don’t you let Sam drive? It’ll be easier that way than trying to follow us or give directions. That way, you and I can ride together and spend some alone time,” Dean suggested as he ran a hand down Mitch’s bicep. Mitch just nodded and handed his keys to Sam. 


“Dude . . .” Zach started but was cut off by Sam. 


“Don’t bother. My brother always gets what he wants,” Sam said with a smirk. “Why don’t you show me which car it is.” 


Zach huffed and walked away to Mitch’s car as Dean grabbed Mitch’s hand, pulled the keys from his hand, and tossed them to Sam before he pulled Mitch along to the Impala.


Sam slid in behind the wheel of Mitch’s jeep as Zach slammed his door shut. He eyed the man as he started the engine and pulled out, following Dean the Impala. 


“Your brother always does this? Pick some random guy up and take him back to wherever it is you’re staying? Must suck for you,” Zach said in an irritated tone.


“No, hardly ever. He just needed to blow off some steam. And, I’m cool with it. Whatever he needs, he knows I’m there for him.”


“Well, aren’t you the understanding type,” Zach shot back. 


Sam made a noncommittal noise in the back of his throat but otherwise remained silent. He didn’t want to talk to this guy, get to know him. All he wanted was to give Dean what he needed. Sam drove, watching Zach out of the corner of his eye. Zach would soon find out he was no match for him or his brother. Neither of them would be when it came to his and Dean’s hunting abilities. He’d let Dean play with them for a while, a cat with a mouse, well two mice, before they went in for the kill. He was humming as he drove, seeing that Zach was distracted, Sam made his move. He reached over, grabbed the man by his hair, and repeatedly slammed his head against the dashboard until the man stopped fighting him. Zach had never seen the blitz attack coming until it was past the point of too late. His head connected with the dashboard before he could react. The pain caused his vision to blur. He wanted to yell at the guy. What the fuck was he doing? But, his head kept being slammed down until his vision whited out and he slumped forward, unconscious. Sam smiled and continued to hum as he drove the car, following Dean in the Impala.




“Where are we going?” Mitch asked as Dean drove them out of town. 


“Some place where we won’t be disturbed. Just gotta get something,” Dean said as he reached over to the glove box. He opened it and grabbed his pistol by the barrel. With lightning-fast reflexes, he slammed the butt of the pistol into Mitch’s face before the guy even knew what was happening. Mitch slumped against the door as Dean smiled in satisfaction. He hoped Sam had the same success as he had. Sam was already pissed off that Mitch had touched what was his. He didn’t want to have to deal with Sam if he was in a rage because Zach had fought back.


Dean pulled the Impala along the side of the road, he eyed the rearview mirror, making sure Sam was the only one who had been following him before getting out. He waited for Sam to park and join him. Sam slammed the door shut and stalked over to Dean. He didn't say anything, just put his hand on Dean's shoulders, pulling him in for a needy kiss. Sam needed to mark him, needed to cover the smell of that asshole who'd dared to touch Dean. Sam bit down on Dean's neck, not hard enough to break the skin but used just enough pressure to leave a mark. He licked along Dean's jaw before laying claim to his lips. He forced his tongue into Dean's mouth, trying to wipe away any trace of Mitch. Sam pulled back, his dark eyes regarding his brother. His lips were still twitched into a grimace with the thought that someone else had kissed Dean, had touched his lover. He wanted to end the bastard right there and then, but he knew he couldn’t. Dean needed to hunt and he wouldn’t take that away from him. 


Dean reached up and cupped Sam’s face. “Always yours. It didn't mean anything,” Dean said in a raspy voice. He had to calm Sam down before Sam did something they would both regret. 


“Don't care. He put his hands on you. He had his lips on yours, his tongue in your mouth. Probably thought he was gonna fuck you,” Sam spat out, anger laced his voice as he recalled seeing the man kiss his brother. 


Dean quirked a smile at Sam’s possessiveness and then motioned to the unconscious form in the car that Sam had driven. “Did he give you any trouble?” 


Sam gave him a cold laugh. “Course not,” Sam said, anger still resonating in his voice. He looked over at the car and then back at Dean. “Like he’d be able to. Never saw me coming and I was sitting in the same car.” He chuckled as he remembered the stunned look on Zach’s face. He wiped the back of his hand over his mouth. “You?”


“No. Let’s get them out of the cars,” Dean said as he walked over to Mitch’s car and pulled open the passenger side door. Zach’s body tumbled out, his torso on the ground while his legs flopped onto the seat. Together, Sam and Dean grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him out, letting him drop on the cold, hard ground. 


Dean crouched down to survey the unconscious man. “Damn Sam, that’s a lot of blood. Must have broken his nose,” Dean said as he looked at Zack and then the dashboard. He raised to his full height and turned to meet Sam’s eyes.


Sam shrugged and leaned over to close the door. “What?” Sam asked as he shrugged his shoulders. “I was mad,” Sam said and bent down to grab Zach’s arms. He looked up at Dean. “Help me; grab his feet,” he said as he jutted his chin out. He watched as Dean bent down and grabbed the man’s ankles. Together they dragged the unconscious man to the Impala and dropped his body next to it. Sam watched Dean wipe his hands together and then walked over to the passenger’s side door of the Impala and opened the door, letting Mitch’s body fall out, hitting the ground with a heavy thud. Dean walked over and helped him pull Mitch’s body free of the car and closed the door. Sam kicked the man’s leg as a satisfied smile graced his lips. Dean looked at him and shook his head. Sam looked back at him, confusion registering on his features. “What?” he huffed out.


Dean chuckled, hearing the exasperation in Sam’s voice. “Sometimes you can be a possessive little bitch,” Dean said and winked at Sam. 


Sam smiled, turned his back to Dean and he walked around the car to the trunk. “Whatever, jerk. Besides, you know you love it when I show my possessive side. You’re mine,” Sam’s voice was gruff, belying the smile he had on his face. Dean joined him as they searched through their weapons hidden underneath a false bottom in the Impala’s trunk. Dean picked up a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun and handed it to Sam before retrieving his own. They grabbed a few extra rounds and a bottle of water before closing the trunk. 


Opening the water, Dean walked over to the car and crouched down next to the unconscious bodies, and poured some of the water on his prey, bringing them back to consciousness. The two men sputtered at the water being poured on them and snapped up into a sitting position. Dean moved back from them and crouched down to speak to them. “This is what’s gonna happen.” He was cut off by Zack’s protests.


“What the fuck!” Zach yelled out as he looked up into Dean’s dark eyes. 


“I’d shut up if I were you,” Dean said in a casual tone. “I’m only gonna say this once, so listen up. You’re gonna run and we’re gonna hunt you. We catch you, you die. You manage to get away, get back here and get into your car, you live. Simple as that.” Dean stood, a smile on his face. “Oh, nearly forgot, keys are in the ignition, and I’ll let you know when to run.” He looked down at his watch, tuning out the two men who were trying to speak to him. He waited until the time hit midnight, looked up, and announced the game was on. “You better run boys,” Dean said as he slid the shotgun shells into the chambers, readying it to take his first shot. He waited for the men to move, his irritation rising when they just stared at him. “Time is of the essence, boys,” he huffed out and then raised the shotgun at his targets, ready to pull the trigger, even if he didn’t get the chase he was looking for. He’d be annoyed with that outcome and most likely be in need of another hunt sooner rather than later but he’d make do with killing his prey and disposing of their carcasses if he had to and then move on from the town he and Sam were currently staying in. 


“You’re not playing the game right,” Sam warned in a dark voice as he came to stand just behind Dean. “My brother’s growing impatient and that’s not really fair to him.” 


A wide smile appeared on Dean’s face when he heard Sam’s voice. He hummed in contentment when he felt Sam’s body pressing against his and he turned to look at Sam, letting Sam steal a kiss from him. 


The two terrified men watched as the brother’s exchanged a heated kiss. With Sam and Dean not watching them, Mitch urged Zach to run. He didn’t turn back to the men when he heard them calling after them, urging them to run and try to survive.  


“Run! Make it good for me!” Dean called out, watching as the two men managed to put some distance between them. 


“How long are you gonna let them go before chasing them?” Sam asked, cocking his head to the side to regard Dean. He could see Dean rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet and sense Dean’s anticipation; amping up his own. He loved to watch Dean in action; how Dean ran down his prey and allowed him to participate.  


Dean smirked at Sam. “Not much longer,” he said and then forced his eyes off his brother and the running figures in the distance. He counted to ten and then nodded to himself. “Thinks it’s about time.” As soon as he’d finished speaking he took off running after his prey. He heard Sam’s footfalls following him but he chose to focus on the task at hand; running down his prey. With little effort, he managed to do that, reaching Zach and using his shotgun to trip him. 


Zach scrambled in an attempt to not lose his footing as something slammed against his legs. Losing his balance, he went down on one knee, slamming it into the hard earth, and then tried to regain his footing only to find himself being spun around by a hand tightly grasping his shoulder and fingers digging into his muscle. He let out a pained gasp when he realized it was Dean and then jerked himself free of the man’s grasp. 


Holding the shotgun in the reverse position, Dean raised it and brought it down against the side of the man’s face. The shotgun connected with the man’s left temple, snapping his head back, a gash appeared over his eye, and blood ran down his face as the man crumpled to the ground. Dean let out a satisfied grunt and looked down at the body before him. He raised his foot, pulled it back, and brought it forward, connecting with the man’s side with a powerful kick. The man made a sound but didn’t react. Dean kicked at him again, moving him onto his stomach. Dean reached into his back pocket and pulled out a zip tie. Handcuffs were for fucking amateurs. They were easy to get out of. Both he and Sam had proven that theory several times over. Zip ties were a bitch to get out of. They dug into your skin the more you tried to loosen them. They cut the tender flesh, making it bleed. Dean tugged on the zip tie, satisfied it was secure, he left the man there to go after the other prey. He’d come back for Zach, right now he had to find Sam and Mitch. 


Sam had Mitch pinned against a tree, begging for his life. “Beg me again.” Dean heard Sam bark out as he made his way over to his brother who was only a few yards away from him. 


“Please, just let us go. I won’t say anything,” Mitch begged in a terrified sounding voice to Sam. “We won’t say a word. It’ll be like it never happened.”


Sam laughed at the words; it was a cruel and hollow laugh. “You might have had a chance at mercy if you hadn’t put your hands on my brother.” Sam’s voice was low, seething with anger. “But, you did. So, now you have to pay for touching what’s mine. He’s not yours. His lips, they only suck my cock,” Sam said as he punched the man in the face. Mitch’s eyes widened in fear, hearing the words spoken to him, knowing he was going to die tonight. “I know Dean’s beautiful, he’s a work of art. I know what some men and women want when they look at him. Think you can paw at him? That he’ll put out for you?” Sam said as he wagged a finger at the cowering man. “He’s not something you can taint. He’s mine and I’m his,” Sam said as he punched Mitch in the gut, causing him to double over in pain. 


Dean walked up to the two men, heard Mitch’s pleas in between his sobs. Dean reached out, grabbed Mitch by his hair, and dragged him up into a standing position. He handed Sam his shotgun and reached into his jacket for something. What he held it in his hand, it glinted in the moonlight and Dean saw the moment Mitch realized he was holding up a hunting knife. “Sorry, gotta make him happy,” Dean said as he sliced the tender skin of Mitch’s neck from ear to ear. Dean let Mitch’s body drop to the ground as he and Sam watched while Mitch brought his hands up to his throat, trying to stop his lifeblood from flowing out of his body. Dean turned as Sam stepped closer to him, leaning in for a kiss. The last thing Mitch’s eyes saw as the life drained from his body was Sam passionately kissing Dean. “Come on, we gotta take care of this and the other one,” Dean said as he kicked the body in front of them. 


“You. It’s what you need. I’ll take care of this carcass. You go put your other prey out of its misery,” Sam said as he nipped at Dean’s bottom lip before turning away to deal with what was before him. 


Dean smiled, turned, and took off in the direction he’d just come from. He found Zach in the same position he’d left him in; he had been sure that his prey would have tried to get away. Seeing that, he felt a calmness wash over his body. He heard groaning coming from the prey and watched it as it struggled to get its hands free. Its feet thrashed at the ground and it tried to roll over, only to knock itself back onto its stomach. Dean strode over to his prey and grabbed it by the back of its jacket, hauling it up onto its knees. 


“What the fuck . . .” Zach sputtered in surprise as Dean grabbed him and hauled him up.


Dean didn’t give his prey any more time to protest. He stabbed it repeatedly in the chest, letting his pent-up energy out, no longer having to bottle it up, before he sliced its throat. He heard the gurgling sound his prey made as it tried to speak. The stupid animal hadn’t realized yet that it was dead. The mind and body hadn’t connected as it tried to move its lips, making wet sounds. As its movements ceased, Dean dropped it to the ground and rolled it over. Dead eyes stared up into the night sky. With a calming sigh, Dean grabbed it by the ankles and began to drag it to the area he’d just come from. He needed to meet up with Sam so they could salt and burn the bodies before the rain moved in. The rain would wash away any traces of blood they’d left behind. He huffed to himself, it was a good thing he had checked the weather forecast before indulging in a hunt tonight. They had the cleaning products in the trunk of the Impala but he hated having to take the extra time to clean away the evidence when they were outside. It was too much of a risk trying to clean up the ground; they could easily be seen if someone happened by. As it was, they would have to clean Mitch’s car of all traces of blood and of themselves before dumping it where it would take a while to be found. 


Joining Sam at the ditch where they would salt and burn the carcasses, he watched as Sam rolled Mitch’s body down into the ditch and he followed by doing the same to Zack’s. Sam reached into the bag he’d been carrying and pulled out the box of salt. He poured the contents over the carcasses and then tossed the box in after it, and then grabbed the gasoline can and poured that over the carcasses, saturating them before lighting a book of matches and letting that fall into the ditch. Together they watched as the gas caught fire, flames spreading over the bodies, burning away any evidence of who they were, what had been done to them, and who had done it. They stayed until the fire began to burn out, satisfied that it had done its job before returning to the cars. 


After a heated kiss, Sam got into Mitch’s car and followed Dean to another area of town to abandon the car; the drive didn’t take long and all he could think about was how Dean’s need had been taken care of, and how Dean had been taken care of for a change. As he pulled up behind the Impala he watched as Dean came toward him, cleaning supplies in hand. He got out and joined his brother, grabbing a bleach-covered rag from Dean’s outstretched hand. Together, they meticulously began to clean Mitch’s car; wiping down all traces of blood, and destroying any evidence of themselves and what had taken place in the car before abandoning it there. On the way back to the motel, Sam wiped down the keys and tossed them out the passenger’s side window of the Impala. 


As the first of the rain started, Dean realized he felt tired from the night’s escapade; his muscles ached and he smiled at the burn. He needed to release his pent-up energy which the hunt had helped with more than the killing of the vampire nest. He looked over at Sam and saw half-lidded eyes looking at him. Reaching out, he ran a hand across Sam’s cheek, loving the feel of his brother’s skin against his. He couldn’t wait to get back to their room and stretch out on the bed, with Sam curled up next to him. 


Sam sighed in contentment at the touch. He loved the tender touches from Dean just as much as the hard fucking Dean gave him. Right now, he wanted to lay down and curl himself around Dean and fall asleep in his arms. He noticed that the sky was still dark as they pulled into the motel’s parking lot and wondered what time it was; his eyes were too bleary to even try to look at his watch. Wearily, they both pulled themselves from the car and walked the short distance to their room. As he was about to follow Dean inside, the sound of a door closing caught Sam’s attention and he turned to see what was going on. Intrigued, he watched as a woman with a suitcase emerged from a room two doors down from theirs.


Dean heard Sam’s breath hitch and he turned to see what Sam’s looking at. A pretty, long-legged brunette was loading a suitcase into the trunk of a car. She looked at them and smiled at them, causing Dean to place a hand on Sam's shoulder, tightening his grip. He had seen that look before in those hazel eyes. The ‘I want to play with that’ look. And he knew he had to reel Sam in this one time. “No, Sammy. It's too soon. We have to distance ourselves from the last toy.” He saw the look of anger flash across Sam's face. He had never told Sam no before. “Sam, it's for your own good and our safety,” he said in a stern voice, warning his brother off of any possible pleading for what he wanted. Dean watched as Sam's anger subsided and Sam turned to pout at him. “Don't give me that lost puppy dog look. I'm doing this for us. We can't risk it. Besides, I know another way we can play.” A wicked smile appeared on Dean's face, green eyes lit with lust as he looked over Sam’s body. Suddenly, he wasn’t as tired as he had first thought. 


A slow smile came to Sam's lips as the words registered in his mind. “Yeah, I wanna play with you,” Sam said, his voice full of lust as he pictured his brother’s naked body under his. Oh, the things he wants to do to Dean, and with Dean sent a shiver down his spine. He licked his lips in anticipation and followed his brother’s lead, knowing there would be another day he could find a toy and play with it to his heart’s content. Dean would make sure of that, there was no doubt in his mind. As they made their way into the motel room, Sam's desired toy was forgotten in the wake of his lust for Dean as he kicked the door closed behind himself. 


Dean hardly had time to drop his jacket before Sam was on him; pulling at his clothes, lifting his shirt up and over his chest, one hand snaking down to his throbbing cock. He could already feel Sam’s hardness against him as Sam ground his body against him in anticipation. 


Sam moaned at the friction he had caused by his movements. “Want you,” Sam breathed out as he pulled Dean’s shirt off him and let it drop to the floor, followed by his own. 


Dean breathed out a sigh of relief, one that Sam took as desire, happy he was able to distract Sam with this version of play. He would do anything to keep them safe for another day; let Sam have him any way he wanted. They were made for each other, they were two sides of a warped coin. And, he couldn’t lie to himself, he wouldn’t have it any other way.