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Wake up, you lump of muscle

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Shen Wei pushed him against the door, kissing him. His arms blocking Yun Lan on both sides. Shen Wei’s body close enough to leave no space between them.

Yun Lan removed his jacket. Shen Wei’s fingers reached under his shirt, touching bare skin, leaving hot entrails in its wake. Shen Wei moved the shirt up and Yun Lan removed it as well. Shen Wei pushed him to the door, his bare chest against the other’s clothed one.

They’d had sex many times now but when Shen Wei got like this – all rough and possessive Yun Lan’s perverted brain was sent into a frenzy. There was nothing he wouldn’t give him right now.

Shen Wei kissed his neck, nibbling, biting, marking him as his. Yun Lan loved every second of it.

Shen Wei pulled him away from the door, manuvering him to the bed. His hands touching every centimetre of bare skin available to him. Yun Lan reached forward and undid his tie, dropping it on the way. Shen Wei lay him on the bed. Wildly undoing the buttons on his shirt and removing it.

Watching the usually stoic professor like this was always a treat.

And in that moment, Shen Wei collapsed on Yun Lan. Air left his lungs and Yun Lan coughed at the sudden weight on him.

He turned Shen Wei over, checking for vital signs. His heart froze when he took his finger close to Shen Wei’s nose. He wasn’t breathing. Yun Lan’s mind turned to goo. He did the first thing he could think of.

Two fingers below the centre of his chest Yun Lan started CPR. He pumped fifteen times and held the other’s jaw up to breathe air into him. He repeated the process and checked for vital signs. Shen Wei wasn’t breathing.

Tears pricked the edges of his eyes, “Come on, you lump of muscle, wake up. Wake up,” he pleaded. Shen Wei wasn’t breathing, was all he could think about as he pumped his chest again and again and again. “Wake up,” was all he could say. He repeated the words like a mantra, hoping that the pain and desperation in his voice would somehow bring Shen Wei back to him.

“Breathe, please, breathe.”

He continued the chest compressions and breathe air into his lungs. Yun Lan’s arms were sore. He wasn’t going to stop. He couldn’t. Where else was he gonna find someone like Shen Wei to tolerate him? Love him? No. despite the pain in his arms and the sinking feeling in his gut he continued chest compressions.

With a cough Shen Wei awoke and sat up. Yun Lan hugged him tightly. “You scared the hell out of me.”